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Indomitable Spirit
Bangalore, Aug 28 2010
Updated on Aug 30 2010
Published bywww.abdulkalam.com
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I was swimming in the sea,
Waves came one after the other
I was swimming and swimming to reach my destination.
But one wave, a powerful wave, overpowered me;
It took me along in its own direction,
I was pulled long and along.
When I was about to lose amidst the sea wave power,
One thought flashed to me, yes, that is courage
Courage to reach my goal, courage to defeat the powerful force and succeed;
With courage in my mind, indomitable spirit engulfed me,
With indomitable spirit in mind and action,
I regained lost confidence
I can win, win and win
Strength came back to me, overpowered the sea wave
I reached the destination, my mission.

(This poem was composed during a flight from New Delhi to Bangalore on 28th August 2010. This poem emanated as an answer to a number of questions posed to me from the youth on various issues and problems like, poverty, disorder in the family, invasion on Indian culture, mistrust, corruption, violence, terrorism and Maoism, distrust, unconfidence and fear that are prevailing among the youth. This poem is mainly to address the fears among the youth.)

By, Dr. APJ Abdulkalam

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User Comments :
226   ArulappanPosted OnJul 31 2015 06:13:56
Sir, I recall the poem whenever I am in trouble. I admire it. It helps me to motivate my students too. Thank you, May Your Soul Rest in Peace, your are a Great Soul who lived for others (The Youth of the Nation)

225   Ilaiyaraja ArchanaPosted OnJul 30 2015 11:30:11
Sir you are the only role model forever to India.

224   srinivasan jsPosted OnJul 30 2015 01:02:43
you are the one on of the inspiration and motivation speech in the India..... i salute u sir.... I love too much and i love too much your speech....

223   MahizhaPosted OnJul 25 2015 22:36:24
As a teacher of panchayat union school I invite you to our school as your visit will definitely inspire all our (1000) children &teachers. Surely another scientist will come up as it happened in a panchayat union school Rameswaram. Our children will be very happy to see you and they will be motivated that they too can come up as scientists

222   PriyanjanaPosted OnJul 24 2015 23:59:48
Mindblowing poem Sire, I on behalf of all my countrymen, I salute you, deeply respect you from my heart, adore you like my family, you've been inspiration not only to me, to my soul also.... With lots of love, regards and respect....

221   DINESH KUMAR YADAVPosted OnJul 21 2015 15:14:44
Respected Sir, you are great in my heart, and also i feel and thinking your thought always. you are my inspiration and motivation.

220   Shraddha ChoughulePosted OnJul 08 2015 12:21:44
Respected Sir in this poem in simple words you have describe a great meaning of living successful life by facing different odds in the journey of life.

219   SudhanrajPosted OnJun 20 2015 22:38:05
Respected sir, this is an inspiring poem that make me to regain confidence and power to continue with my goal... Thank you sir.. Love you so much...

218   Guttula SureshPosted OnJun 04 2015 15:47:51
This indomitable spirit is inspire me in life . Thank you Abdul sir

217   Sandeep KumarPosted OnMay 26 2015 08:47:21
Dear Sir, do.....did........done.........

216   RonakPosted OnApr 24 2015 18:57:21
Sir you are truely very inspiring to not only me but for my all frnds also.... On hearing you it made me feel vry happy.... I hope u come again... . Thank you sir... JAI HIND.....

215   sakeena banu Syed Posted OnApr 06 2015 10:16:35
Sir, your just simply awesome. You have been an inspirational guide not only to me but to my entire family.Thanku you so much sir..with your inspiration i have gained alot and lot of courage and confidence..

214   HarikaPosted OnMar 28 2015 13:39:03
Heart touching!Sir you are my inspiration from my childhood, your words guide me through my like i am so thankful to you and a big salute to you

213   vandana jhaPosted OnMar 13 2015 16:41:32
Sir u are always the true inspiration for children and youth as well .Thank you sir for such a great thoughts which motivate our generation to fight and win.

212   Rajesh Jain Posted OnDec 14 2014 21:46:33
Sir , people like you inspire and motivate a lot of young man in this country and abroad . superb lines ...just reading your book ..."Forge your future" . warm regards ...take care

211   gerardin JayamPosted OnDec 03 2014 09:29:03
It was an inspiration for me to move farward in life inspite of my inability to travel and do my personal work as I want.

210   SATYENDRA VISHNU WADEKARPosted OnOct 22 2014 22:47:10
I always feel that I am fortunate to born in a country where great personality like you is born. I have your photo in my study room which inspires me everyday & these poem too,thank you Sir.

209   GunaPosted OnOct 10 2014 09:41:47
Nice meaning, grate example, I like very much...

208   Vijay Vishwakarma Posted OnOct 08 2014 17:25:00
First of all I salute you.Your every word makes a real & cooperative sense to everybody alike.I am also amongst the billionth saplings who loves to eat your word as a delicious Pakwan.

207   vinay negiPosted OnSep 08 2014 13:50:47
simple,static & motivated lines....

206   mayank dwivediPosted OnSep 07 2014 01:12:38
with ur words i am able to recollect my strength again and chase my dreams.... i am stricken by failures, i lost my strength ...but i make sure i wont lose my courage untill i reach my goal.....thanks sir people like u are messengers of god...to revive humanity...

205   mohanPosted OnSep 01 2014 12:46:15
I felt proud to be born in india sir. Bcz you have given so much inspiration words to our youth.

204   Naga brahmamPosted OnAug 24 2014 22:41:17
Respected Sir,you are really wonderful man. This poem is really an inspiration to me and also for all youth, thank you sir .

203   R.KUMUDHAPosted OnAug 19 2014 20:00:14
Good Evening Sir, I'm feeling very great after reading your poem named"INDOMITABLE SPIRIT"...It really engulfed me with a lot of spirit. Thank You sir...

202   S VARUVEL RAJAPosted OnAug 16 2014 08:58:34
Dear Sir, We are really blessed that we had an amazing personality as our President from 2002 - 2007. Thank you for the motivative lines which will empower us to fight against crimes, violence and make our country a modernized and developed INDIA. Jai Hind

201   RajveerPosted OnJul 22 2014 22:33:17
Hello sir Thank you so much me and my friends to inspire us...this poem very inspirable poem...every day we read this poem in the morning time when we start our day...again and again thank you so much sir... When Me and my friends talk with each other, we talk that we want to be a good and successful person as u

200   mahi venuPosted OnJul 17 2014 07:13:24
Dear Sir, Thank you so much for these lines. You are really a wonderful man,a great inspiration to the youth.

199   SHIVA PRASAD POLOJUPosted OnJul 15 2014 20:57:27

198   YAMINI SINGHPosted OnJun 22 2014 21:55:01
Respected sir, I'm always inspired by you and your words.Indomitable Spirit also inspired me. this poem helped me to cope up with many difficulties. Thank You.

197   Ayushi JaiswalPosted OnJun 12 2014 18:07:24
Sir, reading your articles, your compositions, listening your interviews, always inspires me.I, we feel proud to have you for us , for our nation. When you speak of nobility in management, I dream to achieve that. I am not sure of the end, but will keep this message of yours to me, myself always and keep possessing the same.

196   Arun kumar RavindranPosted OnMay 11 2014 06:48:15
Respected Sir, You are a Role Model for me and my brothers & Sisters.One can surely get succeed in his/her life by only listening our words and following your path.I am very proud to be an Indian as you are a honored and responsible son of my mother land. Jai Hind

195   bhavanaPosted OnMay 03 2014 12:58:20
sir u and ur words are inspiration to the yout of today

194   yasavant kumarPosted OnApr 15 2014 05:11:40
thank you sir the words are motivated me.

193   R.SwethasriPosted OnApr 02 2014 10:09:48
Sir,u r my role model sir..thanq for giving us this poem sir..i want to talk to u sir whenever u r free..

192   ChandrakalaPosted OnMar 26 2014 06:55:07
sometime life is too hard... to struggle with it we need some powerful words to boost our confident.. Dr. Abdul Kalam...you are the best evidence for us to move on in our life Thanks to be for us!!!!

191   keerthana SelvanPosted OnMar 19 2014 11:55:18
sir thanks for your precious words which you have given to us.you have been a inspiration and a role model for the youths of India.your words should travel a long long way and should give a power to the youths.we respect you, want you for more and more years.WE LOVE YOU SIR.

190   Abdul RahmanPosted OnFeb 20 2014 17:58:28
Fantastic Poem. Inspiring. Help us to introspect and develop our endurance and ability to face challenges.

189   BhargaviPosted OnFeb 14 2014 11:22:25
Hi sir i like you so much.and i had a problem in speaking english sir.Do you have any suggestions for me?

188   Prashant SinghPosted OnJan 22 2014 21:34:19
Life without courage is like Fish without water. Its like (Life - Courage) = A lone soul in the body. Sir, your life story which is not only a story but a true life has a great amount of courage, dedication towards goal and a heap of hard toil to reach the goal.

187   lovaraju.APosted OnDec 13 2013 12:02:09
Sir,really its a necessary thing i.e.,courage without this the man will die in the case of river.if we consider the real life without courage nothing is possible because it the initial step for anything to start.

186   GAURAV OMBHASEPosted OnNov 20 2013 15:42:51
sir.Abdul kalam is my idol persons. they inspired to all his goal and couragemake us a successfull person

185   Avinash PhadPosted OnNov 07 2013 13:46:31
These are the words which are always encouraging me to move towards my goal. I m very thankful to U Sir...!!! Salute to u sir

184   RajuPosted OnNov 07 2013 10:44:32
The poem is very inspirational and it well serves the purpose, it dispels the fear from the mind and gives a kind of confident and courage to reach the goal. Thank you sir for sharing this poem with us.

183   Akanksha PardeshiPosted OnNov 06 2013 15:27:57
Hello Sir! I am a student of class 9 and you are my role model. I always read your poems, books and speeches. I like indomitable spirit the most. I always tries to think and do things like you. I hope you will share more and more such inspirational poems with us. Thank You

182   Arun KrishnanPosted OnOct 21 2013 11:46:09
Dr Kalam is indeed an inspiration for the millions of young people in this country. He will always be remembered as someone who lives by example.

181   Krupesh LaiyaPosted OnOct 16 2013 15:15:49
The great poem written by great spiritual power we all are thankful to that supereme power who gift to this world such great person(Dr. A.P.J. Kalam). --Thank you.

180   tabassum shaikhPosted OnOct 07 2013 17:08:05
Resp.sir,i salute u.iam speechless.u have given valuable inspiration to us,sir...

179   ARIF NISAR MALIKPosted OnOct 04 2013 16:21:11

178   Ajit SinghPosted OnSep 07 2013 12:16:48
respected sir ,i love you ..i follow you ..i respect you..born in 1986 so miss the great opportunity of living in era of GANDHI JI,,but this very deficit upto alarge extent fulfilled by living in the era of yours ,,,THE PEOPLES PRESIDENT.sir my life greatly influenced by yours idea and vision,.i met you once in delhi at conference.during 2008 period global meltdown..i get an opportunity to hug you and touch it was just a dream come true i still remember those days as divine touch and really all time i desperately feeling of meeting you and discussing a lot with you ..if you by luck go through this post please shower yours kind blessing on me giving a little time to discuss and meet you personally... i am a student preparing for civil services exam for two time i fail..but still going on from reference of your life ..i have devoted my life to service to humanity.with a conviction to observe this till my last breath sir please provide me guidance and opportunity to discuss with you personally in hope of yours reply ,,yours truly indian son ,,ajit kumar singh

177   Ajit SinghPosted OnSep 07 2013 11:20:42
respected sir ,i love you ..i follow you ..i respect you..born in 1986 so miss the great opportunity of living in era of GANDHI JI,,but this very deficit upto alarge extent fulfilled by living in the era of yours ,,,THE PEOPLES PRESIDENT.sir my life greatly influenced by yours idea and vision,.i met you once in delhi at conference.during 2008 period global meltdown..i get an opportunity to hug you and touch it was just a dream come true i still remember those days as divine touch and really all time i desperately feeling of meeting you and discussing a lot with you ..if you by luck go through this post please shower yours kind blessing on me giving a little time to discuss and meet you personally... i am a student preparing for civil services exam for two time i fail..but still going on from reference of your life ..i have devoted my life to service to humanity.with a conviction to observe this till my last breath sir please provide me guidance and opportunity to discuss with you personally in hope of yours reply ,,yours truly indian son ,,ajit kumar singh

176   Ranjit Ranjan LenkaPosted OnSep 02 2013 11:14:11
Sir ,i am very much inspire through you which i cant forgot till my death,But sir we are helpless by the system. We all want u back sir. We miss you sir

175   VIKAS KUMAR SINGHPosted OnAug 24 2013 11:59:40

174   Dr. Ramesh RaliyaPosted OnAug 14 2013 11:37:19
Excellent and Inspirable..every word fills me a full of strength to run/move/crawl towards success of satisfaction. Thank you Sir.

173   RAMBABUPosted OnAug 12 2013 14:48:36
He only the meaning of the word victioy

172   AasiaPosted OnAug 09 2013 16:56:19
Only person with beautiful soul can write such an inspiring poem.. May god bless you

171   ha'umanta Posted OnAug 07 2013 11:38:39
Hello sir namaskara its an excellent poem we need ur beautiful thoughts to drive our nation

170   eswararaoPosted OnJun 22 2013 14:20:33
you are only inspiration of 120 cores people in india Mr.Abdual kalam sir

169   M.PRABAHARANPosted OnJun 19 2013 01:39:12
U r only role model for me mr.scientist sir.

168   Garima PandeyPosted OnMay 17 2013 18:21:45
It is the most inspiring poem i had ever read. Thank you Sir!

167   Sai Kiran KolaPosted OnMar 14 2013 16:34:08
The most inspirational poem in recent days. Kalam sir gives fire of progress to the Nation with the help of the fuel of confidence to the People of it. The life of Kalamji is live example for this poem. Really its true that one can learn a lesson from his failure. There is a great saying "Victory introduces us to the world. But failure introduces the world to us." Kalam sir, bless us to follow your preaches.

166   Rashmi MehtaPosted OnMar 10 2013 23:49:16
A handful of words, so strong that they give boost to positive thoughts in my mind... feel enthusiastic to start again... thank you Sir

165   maheshPosted OnMar 09 2013 20:46:59
sir...its just awesome......actually ur my hero

164   Ravindran NagarajanPosted OnJan 30 2013 23:41:41
In this the word "Courage" clearly depicts "The Belief". I would say that in this sea swimming lesson the belief in "I" was important.

163   shilpa.s.metiPosted OnJan 28 2013 11:50:26
No words in me to define it sir.It's awesome and i thank god for giving me a wonderful gift called Dr.Abdul Kalam sir. Thank u sir u r my inspiration.

162   Ashok mittePosted OnJan 27 2013 15:36:29
I was inspired by you allot sir..

161   MADHUMITA SPosted OnJan 18 2013 10:56:32
It is really very inspiring sir. Thank you very much sir

160   ajay kumarPosted OnJan 12 2013 12:40:56
thank u so much sir for such encouraging lines...

159   AfreenPosted OnJan 07 2013 21:09:44
It is really very inspiring sir .thank you so much

158   AfreenPosted OnJan 07 2013 20:54:36
It is really very inspiring sir .thank you so much

157   Stuti SharmaPosted OnJan 04 2013 13:21:21
Respected Sir....I have viewed ur website fr d first time n am so much inspired to view d contents... Thanks to you for posting such great n encouraging words......Simply loved em...

156   Col D N BhutiaPosted OnJan 02 2013 17:48:36
Beautifully coined poem, Sir. Firstly, a very happy new year once again. Regards,

155   Shalini G EPosted OnDec 26 2012 15:18:25
What a Inspiration Thinking sir...........

154   janakiPosted OnDec 24 2012 12:54:50
Great lines helps to reach their dream in their life

153   NITHIN THAMPI MPosted OnDec 21 2012 19:52:07
yes sir, 'indomitable spirit' has answer for many problems especially faced by youth during his/her transition period,,,,, great sir.

152   navadip bhuyanPosted OnDec 13 2012 01:11:20
Thanks for writing,sir. It inspires me a lot.

151   G.EdvinPosted OnNov 27 2012 21:31:27
i like you very much sir.this is very useful to me.because my family situation was very poor,i am studying bca,live in thanjavur clg poondi pushpam clg.please help or reply with me sir.thanking you.

150   BHARGAVPosted OnNov 20 2012 20:55:53
simply awesome.......... you are ultimately the best sir.......

149   Shiwani munduiyaPosted OnNov 18 2012 07:48:43
that was a truly inspirational poem sir. you have always inspired me and have been a gr8 motivating person for me and for all....

148   hemaPosted OnNov 14 2012 14:46:18
its very inspirable sir......thank you so much .

147   Snehal MhatrePosted OnNov 14 2012 12:46:29
Thank You sir.... very much inspiring

146   Ravi priya ranjanPosted OnNov 06 2012 10:01:11
This is a great poem in my life .Myself being failure this poem gives me a way of success..

145   KG PRAKASHPosted OnNov 03 2012 09:22:36
Even if I'm there with people who indirectly teach us that it is a competitive world, when I study these kind of inspiring quotes from very eminent personalities like you, It makes me wake up early in the morning to dedicate all my valuable works for our nation. Thanking You Ji...

144   Niranjan Borah.Posted OnOct 28 2012 11:50:04
I am living by as It concept,Thats why my courage in my heart. I am live even I am have a uncureable disease since 2 year. As it concept should we give who never heard before,who never used to his life. 18year,from-Assam.

143   AbhayPosted OnOct 24 2012 22:36:29
Thank you sir.

142   PraveenPosted OnOct 18 2012 17:01:32
Thank you so much sir :)

141   remyaPosted OnSep 28 2012 12:02:27
thank you sir.......... thank you.............

140   JayakumarPosted OnSep 26 2012 01:30:25
My heart full and sincere wishes to you sir, i got great inspiration on your speeches, Thanking you

139   Lal B SinghPosted OnSep 15 2012 16:15:09
You and this poem direct all of us towards the RIGHT path, You have enlighten our BRAINS, We carry forward the Vision of Yours.., We definitely, Courageous about the GOAL which we have to reach.., We have already assumed your BLESSINGS to the entire Youths and Other visionary Citizen to fulfill your Vision-2020.

138   shegin thomasPosted OnSep 07 2012 11:59:22
i have heard or read lot of quotes, poems, stories, incidents....etc....But your words really push me to be active and do something more than what i am capable of doing............

137   Yogesh ChincholePosted OnAug 19 2012 09:47:47
Dear Guruji, As a teacher you have shown the brightness in the dark shades. A dream of urs is the dream of evry youth and we will strive our best to make it possible. Thank you.

136   bhanu pratapPosted OnAug 13 2012 19:45:39
sir your words are very inspiring for us

135   amitzodge Posted OnAug 04 2012 10:58:48
best words to build courage and confidance

134   PARIS JAMALPosted OnJul 29 2012 17:11:33
The poem Indomitable Spirite inspires, guides and encourages every one to reach his \ her goal of life. This Poem should be translated in all Indian and world Languages and spread all over the Worled. PARIS jAMAL, fOUNDER PRESIDENT, FRANCE TAMIL SANGAM, PARIS, FRANCE.

133   NagarajPosted OnJul 28 2012 14:02:15
Dear sir,I'm very much inspired with this poem and you are my inspiration.We(all students) love you a lot. Thank you very much sir.

132   Shahid NoorPosted OnJul 25 2012 15:56:26
Very inspirational poem sir. Thank you.

131   Vipul Rajput MahiyanPosted OnJul 24 2012 18:50:04
dear sir, really these lines are very inspired

130   nikita guptaPosted OnJul 22 2012 14:36:53
true to its fullest.... you have enlighten my path again.....thank u

129   Arpit singhalPosted OnJul 19 2012 09:53:57
its a very very inspirational............

128   Phani KumarPosted OnJul 12 2012 23:20:31
well said sir these words are very inspirational sir

127   Jeetendra SharmaPosted OnJul 12 2012 09:14:54
Very well said, Sir! A very good poem and inspirational words.

126   PriyadarsananPosted OnJul 06 2012 12:08:27
This is one of the best poems I have ever read. Shows the value of perseverance and will. Should be an eye-opener for the pessimists.

125   Abdul SaleemPosted OnJul 05 2012 11:21:16
The inspirational piece by Dr. Kalamsahib is not only relevant for present day youth but also those who feel helplessness in moving ahead in life.

124   Alexander JPosted OnJun 28 2012 17:49:16
It is truly inspiring..........

123   aniket dighePosted OnJun 27 2012 17:05:42
this poem of abdul kalam is graet whih gives us more things to learn

122   shashi nawabPosted OnJun 24 2012 15:42:52
What a great inspirational poem.l salute you Kalam sir.

121   shashi nawabPosted OnJun 24 2012 15:41:04
What a great inspirational poem.l salute you Kalam sir.

120   BikramPosted OnJun 23 2012 22:52:56
the best poem i read as an inspiration.......every youth must know this poem.. A lot of thanks sir for the golden lines you wrote.

119   nitishPosted OnJun 23 2012 20:04:58
really,it is inspirale.

118   srivatsaPosted OnJun 23 2012 15:29:48
It is truly inspiring.It helped me to come out of my difficulties

117   Sumit JhaPosted OnJun 20 2012 18:17:51
Truely class it is. hats off

116   rafi shaikPosted OnJun 20 2012 15:19:32
A salute to you sir , this poem is amazing one like you , anyway the word amazing is very small infront of you

115   Stanely InbarajPosted OnJun 20 2012 00:33:33
Dear Mr.ABDUL KALAM, INDIA(N) should improve 'like you, should guide all of our INDIANS'

114   umesh hengadePosted OnJun 16 2012 09:27:28
sir, you are the icon for all youths.your inspiring thoughts motivate us to move forward in life.

113   srinivasanPosted OnJun 14 2012 19:16:27
Really very touching and inspiring one

112   akhilPosted OnJun 12 2012 23:16:11
truly inspiring a salute to u sir

111   AsraPosted OnJun 09 2012 16:55:47
It actually gave me strenght and courage to overcome from my hard situations.... Super Awesome.. Thanks Sir for your Inspiration!!!!!!!!!!!!

110   Priyal TawadePosted OnJun 09 2012 14:07:45
I was going through a lot but probably this wonderful poem got me a way out of it.I listened to your speech live during your short haul to Dombivli.It was great too.We all look forward to more of your inspirational articles..... Thank you Sir.

109   VibhaPosted OnMay 22 2012 20:38:47
it is wonderful

108   Aman kumarPosted OnMay 15 2012 18:28:24
At last, I got what I was looking for. Thank you. My all questions have been answered.

107   rahul raviPosted OnMay 15 2012 17:30:56
Thanks you...

106   Vetrivel. MPosted OnMay 15 2012 09:39:33
Hello sir, I like u so much sir,you are the best Indian in our country.i have problem in speech English sir.

105   Jignesh SinghPosted OnMay 05 2012 09:47:14
Sir,The Poetry{Indomitable Spirit} You Have Written is Such A awesome Poetry.It's Not Only Inspired Me But Also Inspired The Whole Young Generation Of INDIA. And I'm So Thankful For This Poetry. At The Last I Would Like To Say That Please Become The President Of INDIA Again. Sir,You Are The Appropriate Person For This Post{It's Not Just A Post.It's A Rank And It's The Responsibility Of INDIA.} And No One Can Understand This Thing Better Than You.

104   kasi viswanathPosted OnMay 05 2012 00:06:30
his words makes me inspired..i want to give this poem INDOMITABLE SPIRIT as a birthday gift to my friend..i wanna inspire her through this.

103   S. MuthukrishnanPosted OnMay 04 2012 11:10:19
Sir, Your poems portray the spirit with which to walk through the ocean of life. I have admired your spirit, hard work and charisma. You are an inspiration to younger generation. Thank you, Sir.

102   SANTOSH SAMANTHPosted OnMay 03 2012 19:53:53
sir I'm very greatful to you for giving such a inspiring poem.

101   NAMAN GUPTAPosted OnApr 30 2012 18:23:24
I don't feel it to be a poem. I feel it to be a boost which gives us extra energy.... After Reading This poem, i really encouraged to do the things to Whom i make fullstop due to loosing confidence.. And i am Sure I'll Succeed. Thanks Sir, It really Inspired Youths.

100   Madhu MitaPosted OnApr 17 2012 22:46:34
I don't feel it to be a poem. I feel it to be a boost which gives us extra energy....

99   Ashis Kumar PatraPosted OnApr 17 2012 15:04:59
Sir, I feel inspired by reading this poem .which guides us to work for national development.Be with us for ever,guide us for ever.

98   sangeetaPosted OnApr 01 2012 13:10:10

97   suraj Posted OnMar 31 2012 11:37:55
Dear Sir, Thankyou so much for giving us a dream. For raising our strength, and for making us believe in ourself. You are so dear to million of us like me. May God give you a long and healthy life. I want you back as President of India!!! It is only the most suitable position for you.

96   ManikandanPosted OnMar 28 2012 17:58:23
Sir , U r like a god to me .. I was in a bad situation , but after reading this poem I regained my confidence . . I WILL WIN . . :) Thank u Sir . .

95   sucharu sharmaPosted OnMar 24 2012 10:31:37
After Reading This poem, i really encouraged to do the things to Whom i make fullstop due to loosing confidence.. And i am Sure I'll Succeed. Thanks Sir, It really Inspired Youths.

94   masudPosted OnMar 22 2012 23:00:13
wat a great man sir iz the second gandhi of india who thnk about a powerful india thnk u sir

93   Urme Binte SalamPosted OnMar 22 2012 13:04:10
It's really an wonderful poem to inspire the young generation...feeling great to read it.

92   sindhugsPosted OnMar 20 2012 20:18:55
This really enlightened me sir.....Thank you for giving such an encouraging poem.....

91   swathiPosted OnMar 18 2012 13:33:55
great inspiration to youths sir.proud to be read this poem.

90   amrendra tripathiPosted OnMar 17 2012 21:05:30
awesome poem sir

89   kshitijPosted OnMar 17 2012 01:12:10
good one i love it..

88   dibyaPosted OnMar 10 2012 18:34:27
This will act as great propulsion among indians.sir , waves can no more restrict our mission.

87   GANAPATHYPosted OnMar 03 2012 18:33:14
This poem is similar to a fish which does not swim in the direction of the wave . This is because that the fish feels that it is dead when it swims in the direction of wave. It wants to be unique and so it swims against the wave .awesome sir . jai hindh........

86   vedanand saketPosted OnFeb 28 2012 22:17:35
awsome sir

85   raghavPosted OnFeb 27 2012 23:43:25
very motivational poem great sir

84   anuj guptaPosted OnFeb 27 2012 10:15:52
sir one i will do .

83   lokesh sainiPosted OnFeb 26 2012 23:34:10
sir poem is very nice touching heart.

82   Girish rajPosted OnFeb 26 2012 16:56:29
very nice sir

81   shobha raniPosted OnFeb 16 2012 15:20:04
I'm very greatful to you sir for giving such a inspiring poem.

80   rajeshPosted OnFeb 10 2012 15:46:44
thank you so much sir... for your gud inspiring poem

79   Tej KumarPosted OnFeb 10 2012 13:00:07
Sir, Great Message. We truly inspire you!! Let us move together for better India. We will be with you sir....... tejkumar

78   sunilPosted OnFeb 01 2012 15:16:15
I am heardly respect for my idol J P J abdul kalam

77   Jayanta Kumar MalakarPosted OnJan 28 2012 08:23:19
This is not a poem, Sir.This is a reflection of your self.Too short a poem in words but too long in thoughts.Thank you, Sir.

76   RAJAN KUMAR DAS. Posted OnJan 25 2012 23:36:32
only person like you can tell like this. I feel inspired to read it .

75   Lovish SinglaPosted OnJan 23 2012 22:06:58
Great words by the Great Leader :) I derive a lot of inspiration from you Sir.

74   sachin londhePosted OnJan 10 2012 17:05:11
sir ur my inspiration u r my guru...we r very glad that such a person like u is there in india..thanks god!

73   poojaPosted OnDec 29 2011 20:20:24
sir, really awesome & inspiring poem...

72   Rohith PoduvalPosted OnDec 29 2011 12:52:40
Sir i can't help guessing you are an incarnation of divinity.I just moved by your books,poems and speeches. Hail you Sir...May you live in eternity ....

71   NUTANPosted OnDec 28 2011 13:06:35
we all are the creature made by the nature,we all have specific jobs to do,and our jobs are co-related to each other,but some great person only enhanced the rest of the world by their jobs. Sir you are the person not only strange the world by your great work but also you call the other to wake up by your every move. Thank you sir.

70   sayaliPosted OnDec 19 2011 11:45:37
this poem is really very motivating.. :)

69   juveriaPosted OnNov 21 2011 18:58:01
hello sir, you are truly an inspiration sir.you are my ideal personality sir.I just wish to meet you once in my life!!!!! thank you,for the inspiration and motivation that you have given to the youth and children of INDIA through your speeches,books and poetry.i just cant express my gratitude towards you sir,....i have no words!!!!!

68   OwaisPosted OnNov 16 2011 09:14:42
Sir? U r my idol person. I want to tel u sir. Plz guide & suggest my life missions. Sir i have a dream in life 'to talk & sugest by u sir? U r my world's likest person after my ALLAH:Before parents. Sir...

67   Ms.Farhat BakhshPosted OnNov 14 2011 09:45:14
Very inspiring poem indeed! you won't believe I wrote a poem almost similar to this.Happy!

66   arnaveePosted OnNov 06 2011 17:47:54
sir the poem really touched the core of my heart and creates a sense of inspiration in . Now I feel I can achieve my goal no matter what comes in the way.

65   Ganichelvam.BPosted OnNov 05 2011 05:53:12
This poem is really an inspiration to me and also for all indians.. Thank u sir...

64   Nikhil PasalkarPosted OnOct 31 2011 12:49:20
Sir this poem inspired me alot and also inspires all youths . Let these showers of inspiration fall on us forever!!

63   Ramesh YerramallaPosted OnOct 23 2011 15:52:03
It is solution to all the problems being faced by india.we should have courage to face and find the solution.That is idomitable courage.

62   ShrutiPosted OnOct 19 2011 12:08:03
Thank you so much much sir. This poem has really encouraged me alot.

61   sompaPosted OnOct 16 2011 14:22:03
Hello Sir, I wish you a very happy birthday. You are one of my inspiration sir. Sir as you know every Diwali due to crackers a lot of pollution in air occurs. Hence I am trying to spread an awareness through social networks like facebook and through friends and family about the disastrous effects of using them and therefore spreading a message for safe and ecofriendly Diwali celebration. I am also spreading an idea of how we can help the poor people thid Diwali. I shall personally give a gift pack containing a decorated diya, sweets, some colours for decoration and give these to atleast one poor family to help them celebrate this Diwali. I just need your blessings and your contribution to this thought please send me your feedback sir. Thank you. From Sompa Rakshit.

60   LakshmiVijayaPosted OnOct 16 2011 12:31:46
Hi Sir, Belated Wishes for you.

59   LakshmiVijayaPosted OnOct 16 2011 12:29:40
Hi Sir, Belated Wishes for you.

58   GUDUPosted OnOct 15 2011 07:40:11
i want to follow u sir.give ur blessings.happy birth day u sir.

57   S.TRUSHNAPosted OnOct 15 2011 07:28:44
reverend Dr.kalam,u r notonly a great son of mother INDIA butalso a perennial source of inspiration to the crores of students(the burgeoning buds )with lots of wishes on your auspicious birthday...........................

56   sister nibeditaPosted OnOct 15 2011 07:06:15
the lines have dragged me from mild depression and enable me to stand and fight to achive my goal.iam really indebt to u sir{dr.kalam}.happy birth day to u sir.

55   aditya kumar singhPosted OnOct 14 2011 22:52:05
its really a touching poem from my idol , it's inspirational and motivating and making me to move more closer to his thoughts !and i really respect his way of leading his life !!!

54   sadiqpashaPosted OnOct 12 2011 15:56:26
I Like this Poem by APJ Kalam....This is the Inspiring poem to all the students who fear in their life.

53   bharat temkarPosted OnOct 11 2011 21:54:40
sir, this poem is giving a lot to me. it is so energetic and very helpful to remove the negative thinking.

52   N.DINESH KUMARPosted OnOct 03 2011 20:00:58
sir... reaily we people are following your foot prints to lead our india with sucessfull nation your dream ........sorry......our dream will sucess one day sir till that we people will not close the eyes for rest.........

51   harish bandhePosted OnSep 30 2011 17:14:42
sir i am fan of you .i think that this type of poem help to our country to developed a great nation INDIA

50   kumar gauravPosted OnSep 23 2011 23:17:00
dear sir, my mind is clouded.. i want to study but am unable to.. i am addicted to many vices. plss tell me how should i overcome them.plss

49   Navin kumarPosted OnSep 03 2011 16:21:13
Respected sir, i belong to normal family and having many problems always. But whenever i see myself to lose, i try to ignite the fire in me, i try to give the wings to my fire. Sir, you are God for me. A real God, a lovely God.

48   Gangaram vorrePosted OnAug 29 2011 01:42:44
i am lucky sir after one year on sameday i saw your spirit poem many thanks sir i geting sprit your letter rite to asian news for expresidet after one year , that:work with integrity - succed with integrity same i am following then ofter i am getting result in our job again millians of thanks

47   SIO NASIFPosted OnAug 28 2011 19:58:16
Assalamualaikum, Abdul Kalam Ji,mai aap ka bohut bada fan hun ,muje aap jesa banna hai.mujhe bhi rocket engineer banna,I wanna make something diffrnt ,So any tips You Can Give me.. BEST REGARDS, from SIO...NASIF

46   ABDUL KHANIYA. M.A.Posted OnAug 28 2011 15:36:36
Indomitable Spirit is a good poem. it is really interesting and also peoples of India will be really appreciated for your valuable directions. thank you very much sir.

45   sajal sarkarPosted OnAug 28 2011 14:43:36
hi sir, how are you? sir you are the best best best.

44   Dr.Timmareddy.KatarakiPosted OnAug 15 2011 16:37:48
Wonderful and truly inspirational.The effect is more because I heard you speak live at our medical college in Chitradurga a few hours before.

43   AKSHAYA KUMARPosted OnAug 15 2011 11:31:33
really inspiring poem sir.

42   GOPI PRAKASHPosted OnAug 08 2011 11:51:34
hi sir, this poem is an absolute super for present youth.i am the one of the fan for u and u r my roll model sir. take care of your health.

41   ranjuthaPosted OnAug 05 2011 19:43:15
I heartly thank for your inspiring words sir.it really motivate the readers a lot.

40   vivekPosted OnAug 03 2011 19:08:14
thank you sir .................for ur ur motivation

39   Shobhana ShrivastavaPosted OnJul 31 2011 08:50:30
Thank you, Sir ,now its my turn to muster up all courage from within and do it...

38   SanjithPosted OnJul 15 2011 11:41:10
Dear Sir, I am from Trivandrum, the land where you worked along with one of the greatest minds, Vikram sarabhai..I became a fan after the most golden chance to meet You and salute at President's house in 2006 Jan..as my life is suffering a lot of issues I inspired by your thoughts and biography, which is supporting my mind to burst out and urge for what i wish to be...i wish once again to meet You and just 2 minutes of your valuable time, for getting a moral support......

37   Syeda ayesha unnisaPosted OnJul 13 2011 21:58:13
Hai sir i am great fan of you.you are my favourite personality.after reading this poem i have inspired a lot.

36   Beena MishraPosted OnJul 06 2011 16:23:52
Hi Sir, Thanks for sharing these precious words, these are really very motivating. I am fan of your words.

35   R.AbithaPosted OnJun 26 2011 18:25:59
It is so energetic sir.U must write more poems like this for the youths..

34   abhijitPosted OnJun 24 2011 17:06:37
thank you sir for giving these valuable words to us i am thanking you for this memorable encouraging poem

33   RajNarayanan.KPosted OnJun 20 2011 16:34:29
Its really motivates me for climbing better heights

32   Manikandan SankaranPosted OnJun 18 2011 23:53:18
This sails me to a good destination!!! Thanks a lot Sir!!!

31   MohanaPosted OnJun 17 2011 17:28:39
It is building more confident within me...Thank a lot:-)

30   Sachin NagtilakPosted OnJun 09 2011 17:02:35
I proud to be an Indian, I think that is our luck to we have a great personality like honourable Dr.APJ Abdul kalaam;This is a very inspirational poem for everone either it is indian or not.Thanx a lot sir....

29   sushmaPosted OnJun 06 2011 20:01:34
This words are motivated me.This poem helps me to reach my goal.It gives courage to me

28   ashwini kasatPosted OnMay 23 2011 15:08:22
I m speechless to speak about this great guy. whole sky is small for writing about this person.

27   JAGARTI DIKSHITPosted OnApr 20 2011 15:16:21
Hello India, I am proud to be an Indian and being a great fan of honourable APJ Abdul Kalam. He himself is a person of Inspiration and again these words add value to that spirit. Thankx alot.

26   JAGARTI DIKSHITPosted OnApr 20 2011 15:12:45
Hello India, I am proud to be an Indian and being a great fan of honourable APJ Abdul Kalam. He himself is a person of Inspiration and again these words add value to that spirit. Thankx alot.

25   JAGARTI DIKSHITPosted OnApr 20 2011 15:11:20
Hello India, I am proud to be an Indian and being a great fan of honourable APJ Abdul Kalam. He himself is a person of Inspiration and again these words add value to that spirit. Thankx alot.

24   rohitPosted OnApr 15 2011 23:34:16
i read this poem,and really this is encouraging for me now i'm feeling more confident . i understand that i have to work hardly for success ,have not to see behind just concentrate in my work... i woulsd like to read this poem again and again... SIR.

23   mangeshPosted OnMar 25 2011 10:14:33
sir, 2day i m reading this poem when i was very fustrated,i under tension bt this gvs me confidence sir. nw i m ready to fight

22   rachnaPosted OnMar 10 2011 14:29:13
thanks a lot sir all words are very touching which touch my spirit and encourage me a lot

21   Abhishek ShuklaPosted OnMar 07 2011 14:18:49
Sir I would like to thank you for this miracle words, because this words are generating lots of working power for myself. now every work is possible for me. Thank You sir.

20   Santanu BhattacharyaPosted OnFeb 24 2011 12:17:42
This poem resemble the thought of Swami Vivekananda-"Strength is life. Weakness is death"

19   Chhavi SharmaPosted OnFeb 14 2011 12:54:27
This poem should be read by all the youths of the nation especially those who think of giving up in the most difficult times, actually it is only in the most difficult times that you learn the most, Thanks Mr. Kalam for sharing for precious thoughts with us. The nation can never forgot what you have given to us.

18   Navin SundarPosted OnFeb 12 2011 15:22:01
Sir, your words seem to rekindle the extinguished embers of truth and strength that were instilled in us during childhood. It is so surprising that your words of wisdom do not seem to be foreign yet they remind us of the subtle yet unfathomable sense of power within each of us.

17   NavnathPosted OnFeb 07 2011 15:19:22
It is very motivetional.it gives inspiration to go forward.

16   DeepakPosted OnFeb 07 2011 11:21:19
Thank You sir.....I got my answer!!!

15   Sudeep shettyPosted OnJan 28 2011 22:53:41
I hopped to reach my destination. I know its a great poem of great man. Thank you sir...

14   Ganesemoorthy TharmalingamPosted OnJan 21 2011 21:50:43
The Most Honorable His Excellency Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam,Sir your words of wisdom has inspired millions you a TRULY a GIFT OF GOD TO HUMANITY. GOD BLESS YOU

13   Gopala krishna BNPosted OnJan 03 2011 19:02:10
Superb... very insprative

12   Krystle DawnPosted OnNov 30 2010 09:54:24
soul touching :)

11   yadvendra singh Posted OnNov 22 2010 14:40:22
awesome motivation ,

10   Naveen Kumar.MPosted OnOct 26 2010 16:15:40
He is the Reformer of Modern INDIA and a Inspiring Fire in all Indian(true patriot) Hearts.

9   Naveen Kumar.MPosted OnOct 26 2010 16:12:52
He is the Reformer of Modern INDIA and a Inspiring Fire in all Indian(true patriot) Hearts.

8   Jabir AnsariPosted OnOct 20 2010 13:02:17
I think he is the real indian who always think about india's progress. Our bad politicians make each and everything worst to our india. They just think that india is a puppet as you want you move it. So it is very shameful for us that we youth unable to anything with these people.

7   rajesh kumarPosted OnSep 18 2010 08:47:35
There is a person which try to developed my country. and there in parallel side politician to play as a game with my nation. Every politician never want to say that the next president of india again dr.apj abdul kalam will be for building the nation......... i am verry sorrrrry

6   SabuPosted OnSep 13 2010 15:53:03
The poem is very inspirational and it well serves the purpose, it dispels the fear from the mind and gives a kind of confident and courage to reach the goal.

5   praneethPosted OnSep 10 2010 13:26:53
Beautiful,awesome and inspiring thoughts have been share here in a wonderful summarizing way.

4   dilipPosted OnSep 07 2010 17:24:28

3   pradeep dubeyPosted OnSep 02 2010 21:48:11
a masterpiece full of motivation and commitment.....must read for all indian youth......

2   Ajay kumarPosted OnSep 02 2010 12:50:12
very good poem which give us a great energy to face the problems and move forward.

1   Vinaya JosephPosted OnAug 31 2010 11:58:22
Spelling of Spirit is incoreect. Please correct it. Beautiful thoughts summarised in a simple manner.

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