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My Mother
Aug 1 2008
Updated on Aug 1 2008
Published bywww.abdulkalam.com
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Embodiment of Love

During the II world war in 1941, it was a difficult time for our family at Rameswaram. I was a ten year old boy then. War had almost reached our doors of Rameswaram since the cloud of war had already reached Colombo. Almost everything was a rarity from food articles to anything. Ours was a large joint family. The size of our family was five sons and five daughters and three of whom had families. I used to see in my house anytime three cradles. My grandmother and mother were almost managing this large contingent. The environment in the home alternated by happiness and sadness. I used to get up at four in the morning, take bath and went to my teacher Swamiyar for learning mathematics. He will not accept students if they had not taken bath. He was a unique mathematics teacher and he used to take only five students for free tuition in a year. My mother used to get up before me, and gave bath to me and prepared me to go for the tuition. I use to comeback at 5:30 when my father would be waiting for taking me to the Namaz and Koran Sharif learning in Arabic school. After that I used to go to Rameswaram Road Railway station, three kilometers away to collect newspaper. Madras Dhanushkodi Mail will pass through the station but will not stop, since it was war time. The newspaper bundle will be thrown from the running train to the platform.

I used to collect the paper and run around the Rameswaram town and be the first one to distribute the newspapers in the town. My elder cousin brother was the agent who went away to Sri Lanka in search of better livelihood. After distribution, I used to come home at 8 AM. My mother will give me a simple breakfast with a special quota compared to other children because I was studying and working simultaneously. After the school gets over in the evening, again I will go around Rameswaran for collection of dues from customers. I still remember an incident which I would like to share with you. As a young boy I was walking, running and studying all together. One day, when all my brothers and sisters were sitting and eating, my mother went on giving me chapattis (even though we are rice eaters only, wheat was rationed). When I finished eating, my elder brother called me privately and scolded "Kalam do you know what was happening? You went on eating Chappati, and mother went on giving you. She has given all her chappatis to you. It is difficult time. Be a responsible son and do not make your mother starve". First time I had a shivering sensation and I could not control myself. I rushed to my mother and hugged her. Even though I was studying in 5th class, I had a special place in my home because I was the last guy in the family. There used to be no electricity. Our house was lit by the kerosene lamp that too between 7 to 9 PM. My mother specially gave me a small kerosene lamp so that I can study up to 11 PM. I still remember my mother in a full moon night which has been portrayed with the title "mother" in my book "Wings of Fire".

"I still remember the day when I was ten,
Sleeping on your lap to the envy of my elder brothers and sisters.
It was full moon night, my world only you knew Mother!, My Mother!
When at midnight, I woke with tears falling on my knee
You knew the pain of your child, My Mother.
Your caring hands, tenderly removing the pain
Your love, your care, your faith gave me strength,
To face the world without fear and with His strength.
We will meet again on the great Judgment Day. My Mother!

This is the story of my mother who lived ninety three years, a woman of love, a woman of kindness and above all a woman of divine nature. My mother performed Namaz five times everyday. During Namaz, my mother always looked angelic. Every time I saw her during Namaz I was inspired and moved.

By, Dr. APJ Abdulkalam

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899   Gopal Chandra JhaPosted OnJul 04 2015 22:47:14
A big SALUTE to you, Sir !

898   Madasamy B SC.,Posted OnJul 01 2015 15:00:11

897   LankaPosted OnJun 25 2015 08:30:36
Thank You, dear sir, for the ever inspiring story!

896   Thomson paul Posted OnJun 21 2015 17:19:48
Thank you sir for this great inspirational story..........

895   Thomson paul Posted OnJun 21 2015 15:53:34
Thank you sir for this great inspirational story..........

894   rajesh kumar katrePosted OnJun 21 2015 11:39:23
Dear sir warm greetings of the day, do something so that this things reach to each youth on our village.

893   Bhuneshwar PaswanPosted OnJun 14 2015 16:16:31
Dear Sir, you and your life have always been an inspiration for me, during my difficult times.

892   Naveenraj MPosted OnJun 05 2015 16:45:36
Dear sir, we always respect you & we are proud that you are from INDIA

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890   kannanPosted OnMay 28 2015 00:12:15
Hi Sir, Below noticed poem especially deticate to you sir,,,, Thanks and regards kannan

889   KannanPosted OnMay 28 2015 00:07:21
Hi sir,,,, அறியாமை:- கடவுள் உன் முன்னால் தோன்றினால் ! வேண்டிக்கொள் ! உனது தந்தையும், தாயுடனும் ஆயுள் முழுவதும் வாழ வேண்டும் என்று ! காரணம் ! சொர்க்கத்தை தேடி அலைய தேவையில்லை ! BY கவி கண்ணன் for more tamil poems http://www.pratilipi.com/kavi-kannan Thanks and regards kannan kirubakaran

888   Md. Shohud Hossain (Puplo)Posted OnMay 12 2015 14:12:08
One of the most famous News Paper of BANGLADESH post this (for MOTHER'S DAY) . But they edited this, Shame on PROTHOM ALO................

887   M. A. Khomany SarkerPosted OnMay 11 2015 16:39:16
Dear abdul kalam we are greatful to see as beloved of mother. Now a days its rear. You are right person to follow. May you live long Allah bless you. For your kind attention, Populer Bangladeshi Newspaper #Prothom-alo that your note rewrite a column in bangla meaning but they had wrong bangla meaning. Please take some action.

886   AHM MiltonPosted OnMay 11 2015 16:28:39
Like mother like son

885   krishnaPosted OnMay 10 2015 13:18:47
-MAA- O Maa! Forget the Evening Prayer When the evening Sun sets Forget the daily tolling, conch blower When the twilight fading gets. Forget the flowering the God When whole the world gets awakened When other mothers of village folk had trod With lamps and incense sticks quintessenced. O Maa! Forget the making of dinner, Which have you daily made for me Forget the lighting Oily lamp sooner When Kerosene beckons fee. Come Maa! Come and let me see you, Let me see you, the only GOD I knew, When the cheeks of your face, I face in glee In glee I be in Heaven when O thee! You caress me in your lap. And I find peace. Forget all or I will take your lamp away Your incenced stick and give your prayer a miss And whimper all along and all the way. Come O Mom, come and fondle me, Your Heavenly Healing touch what I crave the most I can expense the whole world for ye- For a motherly touch, the affection most. Forget all and tell me the stories so sweet Your voice so sweet and enthralling, And love me today what I chase in pursuit You forgot all and I stopped whining. O Maa I look for you, I look for you, You are so far and far away that I miss you.

884   krishnaPosted OnMay 10 2015 13:15:34
-MAA- O Maa! Forget the Evening Prayer When the evening Sun sets Forget the daily tolling, conch blower When the twilight fading gets. Forget the flowering the God When whole the world gets awakened When other mothers of village folk had trod With lamps and incense sticks quintessenced. O Maa! Forget the making of dinner, Which have you daily made for me Forget the lighting Oily lamp sooner When Kerosene beckons fee. Come Maa! Come and let me see you, Let me see you, the only GOD I knew, When the cheeks of your face, I face in glee In glee I be in Heaven when O thee! You caress me in your lap. And I find peace. Forget all or I will take your lamp away Your incenced stick and give your prayer a miss And whimper all along and all the way. Come O Mom, come and fondle me, Your Heavenly Healing touch what I crave the most I can expense the whole world for ye- For a motherly touch, the affection most. Forget all and tell me the stories so sweet Your voice so sweet and enthralling, And love me today what I chase in pursuit You forgot all and I stopped whining. O Maa I look for you, I look for you, You are so far and far away that I miss you.

883   MasudPosted OnMay 10 2015 10:06:22
A write up with great thought, insight, and love for us to love our mother..........

882   anbuchelianPosted OnMay 06 2015 15:14:02
yes i like this

881   Haresh Dolatray PatelPosted OnApr 24 2015 19:11:06
It's heart touching story and remember my past life and my Mother efforts to serve and devoted life for my family total members Thirteen including six Brothers and three sister and in life turned unexpectedly and My mother got lots of hurts...but Mother always Mother and still hurts absorbing continuously at age of 77 years today.

880   DR. VINAYAKUMAR SUDHAKAR SONAVANEPosted OnApr 15 2015 20:03:35

879   Zohara Abdul RubPosted OnApr 08 2015 16:16:09
so so heart touchy, i love my mother she also struggled a lot to gave better life for me and my two sister and one brother.

878   vijayamalaPosted OnApr 03 2015 09:24:01
By reading kalam's story ....i am badly missing my mother ,coz i am far from her ,,missing you mom,,,love u :)

877   BHARAT SARENPosted OnMar 29 2015 23:06:44
made me shivering too while reading & feeling energized which i never felt.

876   navyaPosted OnMar 29 2015 10:01:02
mother is a god gift

875   soniaPosted OnMar 29 2015 09:59:07
mother is a great person in the world

874   achyuthaPosted OnMar 28 2015 21:20:11
mother is a god

873   navyaPosted OnMar 28 2015 21:18:09
i love my mother

872   rojaPosted OnMar 28 2015 21:16:46
mother is great

871   meghanaPosted OnMar 28 2015 21:14:41
i love my mother

870   poojithaPosted OnMar 28 2015 20:43:59
mother is a great person in the world

869   navyaPosted OnMar 28 2015 20:41:36
mother is a idol of god

868   navyaPosted OnMar 28 2015 20:40:04
mother is the one of the best friend in our life

867   ghanshyam rayPosted OnMar 20 2015 11:17:06
i salute u sir what u did for us.

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865   KALPANA SHEKHAR DIVEKARPosted OnMar 11 2015 09:43:00

864   venkatesanPosted OnMar 10 2015 21:02:33
Realy I see a god

863   sriramPosted OnMar 07 2015 16:11:58
Dear sir. i am your fan sir

862   rojaPosted OnMar 06 2015 14:19:50
there is no big gift which god givesto us as mother

861   Dr.N.GunasekaranPosted OnFeb 26 2015 18:41:27
Respected Prof.Kalam Sir,You have done a lot to our country (through your Mother's blessings only).

860   shirishaPosted OnFeb 23 2015 16:08:29
mother's is the great gift that god gives to us

859   navyaPosted OnFeb 23 2015 15:58:49
mother is the very very great and real lover in the world.

858   sravaniPosted OnFeb 21 2015 16:27:24
i never seen such a big and great mother lover in the world.

857   manjunathaPosted OnFeb 19 2015 18:55:15
thanku very much teacher

856   Dr Vinay HazareyPosted OnFeb 19 2015 13:49:58
REAL MOTHER INDIA...SIR Proud to have been blessed by a person whose mother is divine like mine. DIVINE MOTHERS. Dr Vinay Hazarey Dean Govt Dental College & Hospital Nagpur 440003 Received Science Promotion Award at the hands Of Sir in2010.

855   Dr.K.Suresh, M.Sc,M.Phil,Ph.DPosted OnFeb 18 2015 18:48:21
Dear Sir, I am working as Assistant Professor in the Dept Botany,S.N College,Madurai. Since 2006 i am great fan of you sir,when i read ignited minds book with in 13 hr without having food,it helps me to realise the value of hard work,perseverance which he help me to reach higher position life.

854   JayPosted OnFeb 07 2015 20:35:03
Sir i salute u becoz u r da roll model to me..every 1 inspired by u.

853   DIWAKAR CHATURVEDIPosted OnJan 28 2015 16:02:34
Aspirations can never be fulfilled without intense Inspirations because they are directly propotional to each other infact. And u are the great motivational speaker cum booster not for mine even for so large youths of our country. you are my role model and reigns into the heart of millions. I have immense proud to have you as fellow citizen. Thankyou Thankyou thankyou for your mindblowing thoughts which inspire all of us. your child: Diwakar chaturvedi

852   sanku mukherjeePosted OnJan 24 2015 20:55:21
respected my dear guru i read u r tow books in bengali verson. please give a chence one time i want meet u please this is my small request. u r student. amar pranam neben guru ji.

851   swathiPosted OnJan 16 2015 19:19:32
By reading this,,,everyone can understand the love of mother,,,,,,,(pure love we can get from our mother only)

850   NirmalaPosted OnJan 06 2015 13:41:47
Thank you very much sir for sharing your stories with us, this is really very inspiring and motivating us. You are our Role Model.Keep inspiring us!!

849   NamdevPosted OnJan 04 2015 20:18:56
Thank you sir. Its wonderful inspiration to me.

848   Riyaz A KokilooPosted OnJan 01 2015 19:18:04

847   Sankar.K - ErodePosted OnDec 26 2014 12:27:44
I'm really honoured to post my comment in your page sir. I really love this article. Mother's love always special to all...

846   Mahalakshmi Posted OnDec 10 2014 14:19:45
Respected sir, I really like u.you are my inspired person.please bless me.In my life I want to meet atleast once

845   Varsha BhosalePosted OnDec 10 2014 11:18:03
There are very few who realise the love and contribution of a Mother.The Mother is really blessed having such Children.

844   Deepika JaiswalPosted OnDec 09 2014 10:54:19
A great salute to you sir,thank you so much for sharing your life with us.

843   PRABHU K VPosted OnNov 13 2014 10:09:29
Great family & Indians While reading this my mother it was appeared that, I was watching the real film on the screen. We are blessed by God to have a birth in this country as a Indian - Prabhu K V

842   INDIRA SAMANTAPosted OnNov 11 2014 22:30:50

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839   nitesh kumarPosted OnOct 21 2014 23:42:15
ican't describe how heart touching stenzas these are. it alive my mother's love.

838   Chittranjan KumarPosted OnSep 28 2014 13:20:40
Sir, I read. So inspiring and touching. Correlate your life-struggle with my father who also used to awake @4AM,feed cattle do homejob and then left on foot by eating whatever in home-by 5AM for 15km college (which he could not complete,) and again come back on foot after attending classes by 7PM. Now after 30 Yrs in Army Retd Officer and Chairman of companies. With your kind permission I ma going to post your given story at my face-book (also in Asia Pacific Instt)to let others know your dedication,committment and more about sacrifice by a great Mother.I salam to your great mother who gave India a son like you.Regards.Jai Hind

837   santwana patiPosted OnSep 25 2014 17:18:35
Sir you have been the greatest inspiration for our country. I cant express my immense respect and love for you. The poem " My Mother" filled my eyes with tears.

836   C v singhPosted OnSep 12 2014 14:58:30
Sir your really blessed one. You are born to teach a lession to every one. You are a living god. We salute u wish u happy long life

835   Mr Ford LucasPosted OnSep 02 2014 03:41:19
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834   Mohammed RizvanullaPosted OnAug 27 2014 13:21:15
Assalaam Wa Laikum Wa Rahmathullahi Wa Barakathahoo Sir, Just I want to say Human with his commitments to his family, society, country last but not least the world... Hats of to you Sir...

833   Anupam David SamratPosted OnAug 26 2014 21:47:03
sir, u r the great person the most inspirational thing to me in ur life is that in ur childhood u did not get any ranks i.e 1st or 2nd ranks even then u became the great president of india I honourly salute to u and ur mother

832   farhanaPosted OnAug 09 2014 21:02:02
As a mother dotes on her children. Sir, you are doing a fine job of character building, for the youth and children of this country. Children are a national asset. We got a much needed hero and a living legend in you. Kindly, accept our request of talk for school children of Aligarh. Your visit will not only boost the morale of our students, staff and management but the whole Aligarh will be overjoyed by your visit. Please, continue this sadaqh e jariya.

831   Murugan SubramaniPosted OnAug 03 2014 18:21:39
Dear Sir, I can feel the gravity of things that are described here.. Because Me & My brother (10Yrs elder than me) was sailing in the same boat with bit improved situation in 1989. Being a First generation Engineers, I could see situations that grew and growing unbalanced. Poor is always poor.. Rich is always becoming richer...Huge gap between Rich and Poor. My little contribution that I can & want to do for our Nation is..."Want to build an Engineering Community Network that bridges the gap between an Engineers, Institution and Industry relationship". Before I begin I want to meet you to get your blessings and advise. Being a Student of Ramakrishna Mission, I would continue my travel of nurturing my dream "ARISE, AWAKE STOP NOT TILL THE GOAL REACHED". It is my duty of handing over my relay stick to my next generation! VAZHGA VALAMUDUAN....

830   Ismail HussainPosted OnJul 29 2014 00:21:06
You are luckh person

829   Nalla EBENEZERPosted OnJul 28 2014 21:31:23
sir,my mother got very much inspired by your mother i pray for your mother for giving us such good inspiration in the form of "KALM"

828   swetaPosted OnJul 27 2014 20:44:19
Respected sir, I am really very encouraged by you.I read in class 8. Your great deeds inspired me a lot. In my English book i read your poem "my mother". You have mentioned your life's truth there. Today i wanted to know more about you and started searching for your life struggle and finally got it. Really we all Indians are proud for you. We all salute you for your deeds for our nation,our INDIA and our HOME. Thanking you yours Faithfully sweta Nabanita Tripathy

827   DURGESH KUMAR YADAVPosted OnJul 19 2014 10:50:47
Respected sir,We salute you and admire most of your effort of life.You are great source of inspiration for me and all indian youths.##

826   SuriyasagaPosted OnJul 12 2014 10:28:28
Dear Sir , கண்களிலே கோபம் ?? வாங்கிவிட்ட சாபம்??.. கொன்றுகுவித்த ஈன நரி (ராஜபக்சே) ஒழியவே...! மண்ணை விட்டு துரத்தி , மானபங்கபடுத்தி கைகள் தட்டும் நரிக்கூட்டம் அழியவே?..! "ஈழம்" இனி நம் நாடு, ஐநாவையும் கூப்பிடு?.! கேள்வி கேட்க்கும் எவன் தலையும் அறுப்போமே?.. தமிழன் என்றால் தலைப்பாகும், "தமிழே" என்றால் தலையாகும் எழுந்து நின்று தலைவணங்கும் உலகமே?..! நம்மை கடுகாய் பார்க்கும் உலகம்?.. வெடித்தால் தூளாய் போகும்... பெரும் சக்திக்கொண்டு வெடிப்போம்....வெடிப்போம்?..! உங்கள் நடிப்பால் தம்மை மறந்தோம், சதியால் மண்ணில் சரிந்தோம், இருந்தும் அனுவாய் " பிறந்தூம்......வெடிப்போம்"?.! (கண்களிலே கோபம் ??..) கரம் கொடுத்தால், நாங்கள் தரம் பார்த்தா "நட்பு" கரங்களை கொடுக்கிறோம்??. அயல் தேசம் என்று அன்புக்கொண்டு-எங்கள் தேசத்தில் வழிவிட்டோம்?? சுயநலத்தால், உங்கள் சுயநலத்தால்-எங்கள் தேசமே அடிமயாய்?!-இனி பலிகொடுத்தால், உம்மை பலிகொடுத்தால் எங்கள் தேசமே மகிழ்ச்சியாய்??.! கரம் கொண்டு , தரம் கண்டு, சிரம் அறு எதிர்காலத்தில் உறவென்று எமன் வந்தும் வழிமறி நம் தேசத்தில்??? கார்கிலிலும்,கலைகளிலும் நாம் சாதனை படைத்திட்டோம் அனுஆற்றல்,சிறு விளையாட்டில் நாம் உலகிற்கே சவால் விட்டோம் சுயநலத்தால் எம்மை வீழ்த்தியது ....... உங்கள் வெற்றியின் ரகசியமா? களைவீழ்ந்தால் ஆலமரம் இருக்கே உங்கள் கரம் என்ன புடுங்குமா? Br, Suriyasaga........

825   Zaheer Abbas Posted OnJun 24 2014 11:27:08
Sir, Really the story is heart touching. As I also have lost my Mother at the age of Fourteen Years. Before that at the age of 10 years I have lost my the only elder brother who was killed by the Militants in 2002.

824   Pabba Veera Venkata Jai PrakashPosted OnJun 23 2014 10:36:23
Mother was great person, which we can seen and unseen.I believe my parents more than the God because they can only do anything for us, than fake God. From your life also i understood that too clearly and confirmed. PARENTAL LOVE IS PRECIOUS THAN REST OF WORLD.

823   shailendra kumar bharadwajPosted OnJun 18 2014 17:10:04
Hi sir, whenever I read any article related to you or its written by you every time the circulation of blood get fast, and I always wish that you alive 1000 of year for India because a person like you born once in a millions of year.We all proud of you sir. your work is incredible for Bharat.

822   Anil KumarPosted OnMay 29 2014 15:30:41
Dear Sir, you are my source of inspiration and great soul of Our nation. Aapko mera sat sat Naman .... Best regards, Anil Kumar

821   Arvind BabuPosted OnMay 22 2014 21:50:32
Dear sir, Greetings, I admire you so much, very much proud to see the person of your kind. I am just wordless after reading the blog. Truly yours, Dr A Babu.

820   Niranjan KalePosted OnMay 20 2014 21:17:58
Sir, You have been great inspiration to millions and millions of indian.

819   kumarswamyPosted OnMay 16 2014 23:29:57
my name is kumar.i have complete my btech and have one year compelted dn't get any job i have lot of prblms and lot of family prblms these prblms distube my mind.than that time i followed ur website once i read ur famiy background and your life just compare with my life.when i read ur poeams and qoutes just change my mindset tnqqq so much sir..now im every confident.definitly i reached my goal..

818   R.RajasekaranPosted OnMay 08 2014 14:40:21
Respected Sir, We are proud of you Sir. Mother is Greatest Sir. Thanking You, With respectful regards, R.Rajasekaran

817   Rajesh RPosted OnMay 08 2014 12:13:53
Dear Sir, Ur are a Gem of this country.. After reading about Mother, Felt like crying.. Hats off.. with respect..

816   dr. pawan Posted OnApr 22 2014 22:22:19
Respected sir, Really mother's are great..........

815   MARCEL Antony SundaramPosted OnApr 21 2014 20:59:24
Sir, I am an Indian living in France with my family. You are a great inspiration to us all. I show you as a model to my childrens and I'm proud of that. We feel so proud, when we spend long hours on weekends explaining our children your life history and speeches. You are a real hero in our family. We love you.

814   MOHD IRFAN ARIFPosted OnApr 17 2014 00:45:07
This is my feeling about successful persons in this world are made and blessed by their parents.their Strength,power and honesty comes only from the mother's milk given them in their childhood. no doubt I and our Nation will always be grateful and honer the great Mother of Dr.A.P.J Abdul Kalam.May Allah bless her place in Zannatul firdaush."Aameen".

813   Ashish UpadhyayPosted OnApr 14 2014 23:01:15
I love my parents also.

812   NAVYAPosted OnApr 10 2014 08:30:04
This was a really heart touching story about your mother. Everyone who had read the story would have finished it with tears from their eyes.SIR Dr A P J ABDUL KALAM I am a great fan of yours .My greatest DREAM is to meet you and to get your autograph .if you are reading this please send me your autograph and blessings on my email address. I will be eagerly waiting for your mail. Thank you for reading. Navya

811   NAVYAPosted OnApr 10 2014 08:27:39
This was a really heart touching story about your mother. Everyone who had read the story would have finished it with tears from their eyes.SIR Dr A P J ABDUL KALAM I am a great fan of yours .My greatest DREAM is to meet you and to get your autograph .if you are reading this please send me your autograph and blessings on my email address. I will be eagerly waiting for your mail. Thank you for reading. Navya

810   NavyaPosted OnApr 09 2014 22:38:53
This was a very moving story.sir Dr.Abdul KALAM I am a great fan of yours.

809   NavyaPosted OnApr 09 2014 22:37:58
This was a very moving story.sir Dr.Abdul KALAM I am a great fan of yours.

808   NavyaPosted OnApr 09 2014 22:37:03
This was a very moving story.sir Dr.Abdul KALAM I am a great fan of yours.

807   JayaramanPosted OnApr 06 2014 09:52:32
Sir, My family joins me in saluting you. Please accept our namaskarams. You are our guiding light. We have not met, but me and my wife visited your home at Rameshwaram just to feel the atmosphere near your home. It has lots of positive energy. Your simple writings and valuable direction will immensely help the present generation and the future generations. We do not know how to thank you. We also wish to thank your mother and father for instilling values and principles in you during your youth. It has in turn helped our country very much. Sir, we pray almighty to give you strength, good health and longevity so that you continue to inspire millions in India and across the globe. Sir, your tree plantation drive will help in reducing global warming and help our country to be green and self reliant. I can keep writing, but I will stop here. Once again conveying our namaskarams to you Sir. With respects, Jayaraman and family, Mumbai - mob: 09820012136

806   d.ramuPosted OnApr 05 2014 18:26:44
sir,you mother story ,my mom and you mom same sir hard work never fail

805   MadhukarPosted OnMar 15 2014 14:29:40
About our Election system in India , Date:15th March 2014 Dear Sir, Reg: Election in democracy and its impact The preamble of our Indian Constitution starts with: ?WE, THE PEOPLE OF INDIA, having solemnly resolved to constitute India into a SOVEREIGN SOCIALIST SECULAR DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC and to secure to all its citizens?, Justice, Equality, and Fraternity. While facilitating the above to the common man of Indian economy it is necessary to channelize the government revenue in according to the order of priority in society. This could be done only through proper utilization of government funds for development, and reduce the inadmissible expenditure by applying technology. As per the website information India is making an amount of Rs.100billion towards conducting lok sabha election, which could be utilized for development activities. By virtue of electronic and communication this expenditure could be reduced by bringing online voting system like internet banking, phone banking. At least in major capital cities of 29 states and industrial areas, by providing a facility to vote by biometric machine like ATM using thumb finger print and swipe a electronic digital voting card any one could be allowed for vote from any part of India. Security password and user ID could be sent by an SMS to their respective mobiles after swiping the card according to the information given to voting authority and thereby avoid crowd at election polls, reduce manpower, unusual expenditure, which could in turn strengthen our economic growth. So that why not we look for a change for our progress? This is very much important to developing democratic countries like India, to bring free and fair elections, so that any body can vote from any part of India, Website facility could be given like internet banking system to NRI Indians staying abroad so that they can vote from internet by providing user ID and password to them by email based on their VISA information in Passport. Hence this will also help the security personnel, Para militants who are not in home town. So that they can discharge their fundamental duty as the citizens of the state or nation. One for all and all for one. (Jai Hind) (Madhukar)

804   Govind rajuluPosted OnMar 05 2014 15:36:57
Thanking you sir for giving the past events that will helps to all for inspiration

803   M.K.SENTHIL KUMARPosted OnFeb 07 2014 12:57:12

802   G.JAGANNATHANPosted OnFeb 05 2014 15:05:46
sir,i do no english writing speaking anything but i ask one question sir............... neutron,proton,electron..... electron blasting possible or not sir.

801   srinivasaraoPosted OnFeb 02 2014 13:45:29
respected sir,i want to know your parents names & your dreams.

800   Kannan VPosted OnFeb 01 2014 14:21:18
His Excellency If I could have wrongly understood or commented on this page please forgive me. But help me to achieve in my career and a peaceful life. Yours faithfully, V. Kannan 9566385041

799   Saravanakumar KPosted OnJan 31 2014 18:18:35
Dear COSMIC Sir, The information given by you about your's Mom is really an ice breaking one and I'm sure about that whoever reads this article is going to have a much better deep love for their mother before reading this one.

798   devi yantiPosted OnJan 27 2014 08:01:49
Dear Sir, I am indonesian and I am a senior high school English teacher. I really did not know u before. One day, a friend from Chennai talked about you with full of proud and after knowing you I get the same proud feeling. I start to love you, and I talk much about you to my students in the class room. I also talked about you when I was as a flag ceremony inspector at my school, I share your "oath to the youth" and I can see the same proud on their young face when I did my speech about you. Thank you so much Sir, U inspire my teaching a lot.

797   Sk Imtiaz AliPosted OnDec 30 2013 15:54:56
mother is the only valuable person for me next to my father. I love her from my core of heart. No one is parallel to mother. I salute your mother.

796   RashmiPosted OnDec 18 2013 20:00:45
fill with emotion

795   s kavyaaPosted OnDec 12 2013 18:25:04
sir, i really wanted someone like you for me as my best friend sir you made me love everything in this world sir may all the people love everything they have and happy with what they have thank you S KAVYAA KENDRIYA VIDYALAYA 14 YRS

794   Suma PrakashPosted OnDec 10 2013 14:21:03
How many children of current generation think of their mothers? I think numbers can be counted! I would say lucky mother to have a loving son!

793   irfan sheikhPosted OnDec 04 2013 20:14:24
its a realy heart touching story. I love the thoughts of our ex. presedent.that is why I want to salute u sir.

792   Pushpa christyPosted OnDec 01 2013 17:57:07
Dear Sir, I could imagine the feeling about your mother. Its a great lesson to all the children in this world. Mother's love and kindness, we cannot have from another person's affection. My mother had 9 children. She also took care of us in such a way. She gave education to all of us. We are blessed by her care. She took care of my paraliysed Dad for 12 years. When my Dad died, she fall sick and she wanted to cared by one of the child at home. She asked, and I was there for her. She lived up to 83 years, I carried her like a baby and served in Canada for 3years and gave her to God by my hand on 31/08/12. I worked full time, and my children age of 18,15 and my husband help me to take care of her, without others help. She left me with lots of memories. Even she encourage me to publish some of my poems as a book. I did published last on Oct. 27th 2013 in Toronto. She was my first critic, my adviser my mentor, everything, though she studied only gr. 6. Today we all missing her in our lives. Your "mother" touched our heart. Pushpa Christy

791   sreenivasulu reddyPosted OnNov 30 2013 22:47:56
hello sir,you cant imagine the way you are inspiring us.The way you are respecting ur mother must be given to every mother.we can feel ur situation when ur explaining.If every student can understand their parents situation and struggle every student will be an acheiver.we want your guidance forever.

790   GunaPosted OnNov 19 2013 12:39:09
Thumba danyavadagalu sir

789   Anu RavichanderanPosted OnNov 13 2013 22:25:26
Respected sir... Am a die hearted fan and follower of you all the time sir..my wall paper, screen saver the first pages of my book all resembles and reflects the quotes of you sir...I cried a lot by reading the story of your mother sir i felt so much because i lost my mother in my 10th std itself sir.... now am doing my EEE final year in coimbatore....my greatest aim is to get autograph from u sir...thank you for your inspirational thoughts for us sir..you are the real hero.... sir......

788   Chandan Kumar SharmaPosted OnNov 11 2013 11:00:22
A Great Salute to Yours as well as All Mothers

787   Chandan Kumar SharmaPosted OnNov 11 2013 11:00:22
A Great Salute to Yours as well as All Mothers

786   saimaPosted OnNov 08 2013 20:17:02
mashallah with abdulkalamAZAD

785   sameenaPosted OnOct 20 2013 14:25:32
Assalamu Alaikum! Its an immense pleasure to know that you are waiting to meet her on the Day of Judgment! Almighty may bless both of you to meet in paradise! My prayers for you!allah hafiz.

784   Shiv Kumar DwivediPosted OnOct 19 2013 11:48:43
i accept that such as mother. so i feeling now that all mother be like your's mother.

783   DineshPosted OnOct 15 2013 12:38:32
your my inspiration towards politics sir.

782   LomaPosted OnOct 15 2013 07:07:16
You are true son of Mother India, you inspire everyone with your wonderful thoughts and experience.You are a great teacher.....May You keep on inspiring us always&your thought reach to everyone!!!

781   satyanarayanaPosted OnOct 13 2013 17:20:13
Salute your parents sir.They given one wonderful president who inspired in all over the world. Thank Q sir.

780   satyanarayanaPosted OnOct 13 2013 17:20:13
Salute your parents sir.They given one wonderful president who inspired in all over the world. Thank Q sir.

779   Rajani ShakyaPosted OnOct 04 2013 15:46:22
sir, you are really very much inspiring person.your simplicity your thoughts even your lecture inspire us.MY MOTHER is very wonderful story which inspire us alot.

778   Nupur JainPosted OnOct 02 2013 13:15:11
dear sir, you are the inspiration to all.. really we inspired by you... heartily touching sir.... really your mother is too great and you are the greatest son of her....

777   R.BhuvaneswariPosted OnSep 29 2013 05:08:59
Honourable Sir, a very touching article. This will help me in guiding my children in this highly volatile environment. I am blessed to have taken a oath under your guidance at one of your book release function alongwith Sri Y.S.Rajan at Delhi Tamil sangam. With sadaar pranam bhuvana

776   Rajesh Kumar beheraPosted OnSep 27 2013 19:34:14
Hats off you sir for your, i dont have any words to say about you and great mother.

775   Dr.Syed GousPosted OnSep 23 2013 12:49:08
Dear sir, You are inspiration to our nation, 'My Mother' explain heart touching relation with a mother,It is rightly said" paradise lies beneath the feet of the mother". Regards.

774   AR SURENDRANPosted OnSep 19 2013 22:16:31
Sir, You send messages to remember my mother, she used to woke up me at 4:30 / 5 a.m and ask me to take revision of my lessons all I studied on the previous day in the light of kerosene lamp as there was no electric power connection at my home. after studying I used take bath and get ready to take milk which milked from our cow to near by shop 1k.m distance, on return she gives me a light break fast ( Kanji) and get ready my Lunch Box for the School. In the evening after coming from school I have to get Grass and fodder for cows and at 6.p.m I have to attend prayer for an hour and later for Home Work. After my Matriculation I had to struggle a lot to reach today's position and now I devoted my life in creation better generation through better education and I am the Chairman of SREE NARAYANA INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, KAYAMKULAM, ALAPPUZHA, KERALA. aiming to make more institutions to make every one number one.

773   Pooja RaoPosted OnSep 18 2013 20:34:50
Respected Sir,you always remind me of my late grandfather....Lots to learn from people like you Sir...I hope and wish that i am able to practice at least some of the qualities that you possess Sir...Thank You Sir for being what you are!!

772   sharifPosted OnSep 15 2013 12:58:54
i want to salute you and i wish your life history will not encourage only Indian also be encourage to Bangladeshi people to grow up sir... sharif from Bangladesh sharifmunna2002@gmail.com skype sharifmunna2002

771   sakthivelPosted OnSep 13 2013 13:19:08
This is very inspired me sir and made me to touch my heart deeply ...

770   santhanPosted OnSep 05 2013 19:32:04
Sir,your life is our lesson that to be teached in our schools.I like your way of life, the way you respect your elders,the way you see your friends,the way you learnt from your teachers.I like your childhood articles very much.your concern towards your Mother is really great.

769   MuthukumarPosted OnSep 03 2013 17:05:23
Dear Sir You are great person. I wish you should live longer than any other person in this universe. I never read this many comments for any article and I am really happy to write my first comment for such great person?s article in my life time. Nothing to say, my friends already honored below a lot. Thank you so much sir for your inspirational articles and your support to our nation. Never stop?????? I wish another 130 crore readers to post their comments. Thank you

768   Dr.Ashok SubramaniamPosted OnSep 01 2013 17:50:09
You saw your mother angelic during Namaz.We see your Mother as Holy Mother Mary,since she had given birth to a child,Dr.APJ who is guiding the youth of this world to a bright future like the Lord Jesus Christ.U r our living GOD.

767   DEEPAKPosted OnAug 31 2013 21:54:17
After reading your article i will change my attitude towards my mother and change the way i communicate and understand my mother.Thank you SIR

766   Bhaskar NaikPosted OnAug 31 2013 10:53:00
Only 3 sweet words....We Love you.

765   PRASANTH KRISHNA GPosted OnAug 31 2013 10:22:24
Sir, Very touching and motivating incident. Thankyou sir. We are very proud of you sir.

764   Smitha NizarPosted OnAug 30 2013 16:44:34
Assalamu Alaikkum! Its an immense pleasure to know that you are waiting to meet her on the Day of Judgment! Almighty may bless both of you to meet in paradise! My prayers for you! Smitha Nizar

763   renu rathorePosted OnAug 23 2013 22:16:51
really i inspired from your life.......i wants to become a scientist as like you sir.........i like you n kalapna chawela ji........heads both of u........sir please help me for vision 2020.

762   Anuj Pratap SinghPosted OnAug 23 2013 12:34:00
Sir,The Lines you have written for your Mother are great ,and these are from soul,I respect these lines.

761   NehaPosted OnAug 21 2013 00:59:39
sir this article i.e on your mother is hart touching. I like this and also i realise my mother is very important for me. you are my ideal and I salute you

760   MadhuPosted OnAug 20 2013 12:59:56
Sir It's really heart touching sir.....But I want to see you sir......Please give me some mental strength......

759   Jayant Y AnkushkarPosted OnAug 14 2013 17:16:27
Sir,I had an opportunity to hear you in person yesterday at RAOTM event @ Gurgaon and was inspired by your speech especially on your views on being ethical first and then the other things...Today when I read your page on your mother,it was very touching experience....I am proud of you

758   DeekshaPosted OnAug 13 2013 22:53:28
this is really an inspiring article, Sir. thank you. while reading your article i understood how important is my mother's role is in my life and what all she does for me and often i have taken it for granted. I am really grateful to my Amma. and Salute to you' Sir.

757   Lakshmi narayan SahuPosted OnAug 12 2013 06:58:41

756   PAVITHRA VPosted OnAug 08 2013 20:31:17
Respected sir,your very inspirational person for youth...Wholeheartedly i thank god for giving such a dynamic personality to the world...PROUD TO BE INDIAN...

755   DeepikaPosted OnAug 02 2013 16:47:16
It is heart touching sir..Mothers are actually the best creature, they are our first god..My mom is also sacrificing a lot for which i don't have words..You are great man sir...You are truly an inspiration for all the youngsters like me..You are my role model sir..I want to see you sir that will be biggest achievement for me..

754   Rajendra SalviPosted OnJul 30 2013 13:49:31
The Greatman

753   sudharPosted OnJul 28 2013 16:32:26
Sir.i want to see you sir.

752   Susan KurianPosted OnJul 26 2013 10:50:45
Dear sir ,Its very much inspiring .Made me think of my mother and how should I be as a mother.

751   NishaPosted OnJul 22 2013 20:52:11
A single word which defines the uniqueness of Love , which will never be equal to any of the relationship existing on Earth- the divine love of Mother!!!!

750   Veena S ChakravarthiPosted OnJul 21 2013 10:46:08
Sir, Total Respect. I remembered my mother!.. and so is mothers!!

749   Dilip MuthukurussimanaPosted OnJul 19 2013 00:05:43
Respected Sir(words are having limitation when talking to you)!!! With tears in eyes only anybody can read this in complete! YES... We Indians are really proud to have a Great and Humble person like you in our country to proudly call ourselves as an Indian!!! Just an anecdote here: ------------------------ I am having this in my email signature: DREAM is not what you see during sleep. It is that which won?t let you to sleep! - The Great APJ Abdul Kalam (Rocket Scientist & Former President Of India) And seeing this one of my US counterpart was shocked. He was asking whether we had a rocket scientist as our President. I took a deep breath and proudly told him "YEAH, we had a very humble person who decorated the 'President of India' chair for 5 years!!!" Actually for that person's luck, I stopped in some few sentences. :) To others - here another interesting incident: -------------------------------------------------- I had got inspired (like any other person do!) by reading his auto-biography "Wings of Fire" and had sent an email some where during 2002-2003 time frame. 2 days after I was checking my rediff mailbox and there was an unread mail. I got shocked after reading it as the From field of the mail was containing this: The President Of India!!! Man you are getting a mail from The President Of India!!! And Sir had written 2-3 lines too there and then signed off "APJ Abdul Kalam". Actually that sign itself was much more than to me (if not the from name!). I am damn sure that in first place, no other person other than our Great Sir, will sit and read the mails(leave about reading, nobody will publish their email ids itself!!). Moreover, nobody will sit down and reply to it, if at all they read! And to my bad, some how I had forgot to save it and that mail got deleted by rediff (those days, there were strict limitation on size!).

748   vinod yadavPosted OnJul 18 2013 11:59:50
Respected sir No one is like you and no one will be like you in future also. a greatest great human being and intellectual. thanks a lot for becoming an inspirational symbol for we Indians. we are proud to be Indian because of you sir.

747   lakshmiPosted OnJul 17 2013 16:13:16
Its very touchable emotional feelings. Great remembrance. God's substitute is Mother. So your mother knows your value earlier itself. Hats off sir. Myself and my dear friend Rajeshwari both finished our MBA HR at the age of 40 only while we attend exam in first year and second year MBA we luckily saw your photos and we smiled each other whenever we saw your photo we really felt happy/ lucky sir

746   KhalidPosted OnJul 14 2013 11:38:40
A very very inspiring read indeed.

745   K Venkatesh RamuluPosted OnJul 12 2013 11:52:16
Sir, Mother is living God on the earth. She takes all pain for us.

744   bhavaniPosted OnJul 11 2013 14:20:15
respected sir,god gives wonderful gift to everyone that is "MOTHER"

743   LakshmiPosted OnJul 10 2013 09:47:20
dear sir, you are the inspiration to all.. really we inspired by you... heartily touching sir.... really your mother is tooo great and you are the great son of her....

742   anujaPosted OnJul 09 2013 19:45:09
salute you sir.....don't know how to express my respect and love towards you!!!Ashiamma Jainulabiddin:one of the luckiest mothers..

741   BHAVNA RATHODPosted OnJul 08 2013 11:25:10
Dear Sir, I am ardent fan of your's. Now a days I am reading your book wings on fire & highly impressed & feel proud that we have you with us as a teacher. loved the article about mother & share same feeling for my mother also. I love my parents from the depth of my heart.

740   Sachin SharmaPosted OnJul 05 2013 13:57:41
Respected Sir, Hats off to u sir i m really speech less u r such a grate person

739   Thungayya SaliyaPosted OnJun 29 2013 09:36:35
Dear Sir, Truly nice article. I had the same experience with my mother and my sister. I always share this experience in my session as how a woman sacrifices and need of empowering them

738   RAJENDRANPosted OnJun 27 2013 22:44:17
sir heartily touched.........

737   Hafsath ckPosted OnJun 27 2013 08:29:51
its really hearty sir,

736   sunit nairPosted OnJun 21 2013 07:58:42
words are not suficient to commentabout mother. only ones deeds can be a comment.

735   Gaurav khannaPosted OnJun 19 2013 20:57:32
salute to all the mothers they are the only creature in the world who could sacrifice all their things for us. Dr.kalam's mother is one such example. she was the real source of inspiration who have created such a great personality.

734   ABANIKANTA BHADRAPosted OnJun 17 2013 20:57:54
My sincere request to all mothers of the country to prepare their child like responsible Abdul Kalam. Who knows this responsible care can make each child an other Abdul Kalam for our beloved INDIA?

733   Rakesh MondalPosted OnJun 17 2013 18:17:57
It was really inspiring sir.. Your work and Reputation Follows you round the world. Proud to have you sir. I am great follower of your thoughts, and of-course my role model, I follow you as Idol for getting inspired for my works. www.rakeshmondal.info

732   surya kumariPosted OnJun 13 2013 15:23:27
awesome pa... ungala maari ini yaarum illae, unga thaayae polavum yaarum illae... unga 10 paerla naanum orithiya porandhhiruka koodadha? love u so so much pa... appa, you are really sema....

731   mamathaPosted OnJun 05 2013 11:59:13
i want to say that your hard work, patience,made you a nobel man which you taught from your parents.This is really lovely that we got you.u r the inspiration person for us sir.

730   Suresh SiripireddyPosted OnJun 02 2013 01:34:39
You Are the inspiration for millions of people, and we are inspired by you..... You are the only Great Son of the land..

729   Nirmala RajasekarPosted OnMay 31 2013 00:15:36
In the famous Bhajan 'Vaishnav Jan' poet Narsing Mehta says 'Dhan Dhan Janani Theni re' -'Hail to the mother who gave birth to you O Good Samaritan' - Shri Kalam avargal- We are fortunate to live in these times when you grace the World and lead from the front.

728   Atul GuptaPosted OnMay 30 2013 22:27:07
Honrable Dr. Kalam, I am moved with this loving story and thanks for sharing with us. These days we don't see real motivating stories for new generation. With warm regards, Atul Gupta

727   Arun Kumar SaxenaPosted OnMay 26 2013 10:07:49
Respected Sir, Feelings/Love can not define in words. But this life is a Saraiya (Resting station). Every body has to keep moving for the permanent Resting station.

726   rajPosted OnMay 24 2013 13:14:35
dear sir i cant control my tears. how u passed all the things in ur life? sir u feel god in the world the separate us from our loved ones

725   VamathevanPosted OnMay 21 2013 17:06:57
Sir, Tears filled in the eyes ........... you real life running front of eyes... feel to hug you sir....

724   SUDHEER KUMARPosted OnMay 15 2013 11:57:35
Sir, while reading the story of My mother I cant stop my tears which continuosly falling...superb really hatsoff to u and u r mother...because she is the one who gave a rare jewel and diamond and great personality to our India...one biggggggggggg salute to her from bottom of my heart...sir

723   Raman Kumar RanjanPosted OnMay 11 2013 11:18:27
Grand Sulute..........

722   BhagyashriPosted OnMay 07 2013 17:40:14
sir, u r a grate person with full of qualities & goodness i havn't any word to explain my feeling for u but u r ideal person for me. u r thoughts can change everything so please try to destroy badness in nation. Heartly Thankful for everything!!!!!!

721   sanjaya ku sahooPosted OnApr 15 2013 14:18:26
sir Respectfully you are not only son of your father and mother your are a god gift for your family .you taught us how a poor student can do everything like you . Thank You sir

720   Md ZiauddinPosted OnApr 10 2013 19:20:37
Sir, I m very small to pass a comment on u, because u r too great to be commented by people like us. But one thing is for sure, in this country where there is corruption, injustice and loot everywhere, u r only reason to be hopeful that people like u r still there who will take our country to great height again someday. One more request, I would like to have those books written by u autographed by you if possible, and if Allah will be kind on me one day I would like to personally meet you and take ur blessings. Thanking You, Md. Ziauddin

719   RizwanPosted OnApr 09 2013 04:20:36
This the story from nothing to something without anything but still everything... Mother...

718   ArpitPosted OnApr 04 2013 17:44:13
jai Hind

717   V PRIYAPosted OnMar 23 2013 22:58:28
Respected sir I am one among lakhs of admirers of u. This small admirer is to appear for the CA Inter exams this may 2013. I kindly seek ur blessings for my exam as well as my future.Thanking u sir!

716   Komal ThakurPosted OnMar 19 2013 13:26:26
Dear & Respected Sir, salam alaikum! I am your fan like this word.... I want to salute your mom & u... Hats off for u, ur mother & the exceptional sons of India how write their fortune themself. Warm regards, Komal

715   vishalPosted OnMar 08 2013 14:33:41
I will become a new kalam i hope so kalam sir you will give me your blesses for my future........

714   BIJU MATHEWPosted OnMar 02 2013 20:08:59
Respected Sir, really you are a great son of that loving mother and you will again meet her on last judgement day.

713   Venkata VaradhanPosted OnMar 02 2013 19:11:47
Beloved Sir, I'am going write my 12th BOARD this March So, Bless Me So That I Can Achieve My Dream To Get 1100 and above Please..??

712   RaginiPosted OnMar 02 2013 11:46:13
respected sir, I am very happy by your quotes,. But why dont you give the speeches to the middleaged and the old people..

711   RavaliPosted OnJan 29 2013 23:40:23
Hello Sir, I am really inspired by your real life incident. I couldnot stop tears coming from my eyes while reading the incident of your mother feeding you and giving you strength. Please give students/youth of today some more experiences where you believed in yourself and not went following superstitions. Thanks, Ravali

710   Anil Kumar GangaPosted OnJan 29 2013 19:56:51
Dear Sir, you are my inspiration. Whenever i feel depression or negative then i prefer to read this website, so that i get recharged with your Articles. Hats Off Sir.

709   BASANT NAYAKPosted OnJan 29 2013 15:24:17
dear sir , i inspired by you from study your life history.Really you are a great man. You are a god for every students life and you are light of every student, when i boring my study i think about you because i got energy for study. many many thanks to you sir

708   Anil samletiPosted OnJan 23 2013 21:10:30
Dear sir, I use to think your thoughts in my difficult situation.Your inspiration always gives me new energy & motivation to do great thing in life. Thanking you sir

707   Jayasankar Prasad APosted OnJan 22 2013 21:51:05
Dear Sir: Read the story of your Mother.Moving tale.I wept thinking of my own mother who passed away when I was two years of age.Your hard work and dedication against odds are now an inspiration.Thank you :)

706   vishwaPosted OnJan 21 2013 10:51:26
Really impressive one who hate their parents...

705   v.Arthi priyaPosted OnJan 12 2013 17:30:28
Dear sir,i am pursuing final B.Sc[TFD] IN VIVEKANANDHA COLLEGE FOR WOMEN. u r a good role model for every citizen in our country. we are very thankfull to you for coming to our college and its a great opportunity to see u today.once again thank you for coming to our college.you inspired us by giving your thoughts and it leads us to grow up in life.

704   kalpesh choudharyPosted OnDec 30 2012 09:39:31
Dear Sir, मैं इस वेबसाइट में मोजूद एक गंभीर गलती की तरफ आपका ध्यान आकर्षित करना चाहता हूँ. इसके home page & other pagees पर जो भारत का नक्शा दर्शाया गया है उसमे जम्मूकश्मीर और अरुणाचल प्रदेश के कुछ भागों को नहीं दिखाया गया. यह गलती ससुधारने की कृपा करें. कल्पेश चौधरी mobile: 9928362854

703   Sundara Pandian BPosted OnDec 28 2012 06:46:52
My dear sir, You are my role model. I use to think your thoughts in my difficult situation. I want to see you and talk more with you. Surely one day I will meet you with new ideas. Life is very tricky sir, it's all depends on the surroundings. How much positive things are developed in our country, as much double negative things are also developed. So our future India need more support to do any job. Sir, I always thinks about the future. Sometimes I fell down, on that time I remember you and our mahatma.

702   Umesh HosallaiahPosted OnDec 26 2012 16:30:16

701   Bijaysen SahuPosted OnDec 25 2012 17:46:37
Respected sir,you are The real a great hero of the nation. I always inspired by u.Your inspiration always gives me new energy & motivation to do great thing in life. Not only for that 14 year girl of Hydrabad but also for Indians, I will dedicate my labour in best to make India as developed country. Thank u so much Sir. Bijaysen

700   ENUGULA HARISHPosted OnDec 18 2012 13:49:47
hai sir,your my life hero. Sir your thoughts can change our "INDIA" future...

699   Shivani JoshiPosted OnDec 10 2012 16:39:08
Pls available ur web site ion Hindi also, it will help crores of Hindi students who are willing to know and about you and your mission. Pls see our Hindi see www.hindimedia.in

698   Pawan BoradPosted OnDec 09 2012 23:28:23
Hi sir,u r really a great hero of the nation. I always inspired by u.Your inspiration always gives me new energy & motivation to do great thing in life. Thank u so much Sir. Regards, Pawan Borad Mumbai

697   Halim KhanPosted OnDec 09 2012 01:05:17
Hi, sir you are my idol person,realy i'm inspired by you.You are great man every person learn from you..My life inspired by you..Lov u sir. Thanks

696   Rakesh KumarPosted OnDec 05 2012 18:23:39
sir I read the article,and this is very heart touching Your narration is really heart touching and reminded me of my mother who is still surviving. because it has given me sense of feeling how important is mother in everyone's life.n you are my idol & i have ur five tips..for success..1.Great Aim 2. Continusely aquire Knowledge 3.I will do Hardwork 4.i will passive & succeed 5.I can do it ... Thanks sir From;Rakesh Kumar

695   Mohammed IrshadPosted OnDec 05 2012 09:34:30
You are lucky person who got the great mother. May Allah give her special place in Heaven.Aamin.

694   neethuPosted OnNov 30 2012 23:24:50
I'm really moved by this article .. A 10 yr old bot relentlessly working day and night to support the family and the compassion of a helpless mother... A technocrat you are; still leading an austere life... carrying a great vision of making our homeland the best or NO:1 in the world..May your dream blooms into a beautiful accomplishment

693   purna chandra pandaPosted OnNov 25 2012 11:10:25
your word's are not inspiring, it's totally inspiring........

692   mohammedsharif hangalPosted OnNov 15 2012 10:02:32

691   pratyushaPosted OnNov 10 2012 13:21:32
Sir,you are a Great man.You are inspiration for me as well as my friends.Thank you for writing such a great and beautiful poem on Mother.It always creative to read writings and poems.You had also came to our school.:) Hope we meet and talk someday.:) Thank you sir

690   varun kumarPosted OnNov 10 2012 02:50:43
hello sir ,i am very excited to meet u.

689   sunil bhardwajPosted OnNov 07 2012 14:41:50
Mother..most beautiful relationship.. A teacher,doctor,philosopher,guide,provider, caretaker,well wishers,best friend. she is super human.I love my mother.

688   kamalPosted OnNov 07 2012 03:55:13
hi sir i want to say that, like your vision 2020 your mother had been a vision of you as a successful man. you are a lucky man having mother like her.its very typical to become a man like you. you are a real role model not only of every INDIAN but the all world..... i love your simplicity, which is rare in this world nowdays. jai hind....

687   Prem RajPosted OnNov 03 2012 01:49:01
Mother..most beautiful relationship.. A teacher,doctor,philosopher,guide,provider, caretaker,well wishers,best friend. she is super human.I love my mother.

686   r.shubhashiniPosted OnOct 29 2012 19:40:52
i am realy proud of you sir am loving my ambition your for my role modol

685   santoshPosted OnOct 28 2012 13:30:59
I cried :'(

684   arzun kumar paulPosted OnOct 18 2012 18:55:37
my model i want to say that your hard work, patience,made you a nobel man which you taught from your parents.This is really lovly that we got you.

683   A.V.balaPosted OnOct 17 2012 17:38:46
Respected Sir, I was a huge fan of your book "wings of Fire". Because it was my first book that I read in life.My inspiration was yourself.After reading that i got an idea,about how a student should learn by them self and bring am inovative ideas.

682   vishnu prakashPosted OnOct 17 2012 17:18:33
sir, you are great. we want you as India's president. my ambition is to be a collector. i will become a good man like you sir. you are my role model.

681   AMUL LOKANATHANPosted OnOct 15 2012 23:52:11
happy birthday sir .very moved by your love for your mother.really blessed to be your mother,and your are gifted to be her son,sir.i was moved and touched to know your mother'slove on your birthday was a sweet coincidence

680   P.lakshmi srinivasPosted OnOct 15 2012 22:52:25
many many happy returns of the day you should make he youth of india as strong as you are...........

679   ShreemanthPosted OnOct 15 2012 20:29:14
Dear Sir, Your story is inspirational and i'm heartfelt. Thanks a lot. Wish you a very happy birthday.

678   Y.Evangeline lydiaPosted OnOct 15 2012 18:43:32
Wish you a many more happy returns of the day sir.I am proud to be an INDIAN.I am almost moved to tears after hearing your story,such a wonderful mom you have sir..

677   VijayPosted OnOct 15 2012 14:44:43
Very Very Happy Birthday Sir.

676   M.CHANDANAPosted OnOct 15 2012 09:55:01
wish you many more happy returns of the sir.

675   vishnupriya pPosted OnOct 12 2012 20:10:57
Sir, I was inspired by reading your autobiography the winges of fire, and ignited mindes. Iam looking forward to read your book India 2020: the vision of a million. From these books I had understood the value you had given to your mother which is necessary to be accepted by the youth of the country.

674   ANNAMALAI.NPosted OnOct 09 2012 20:35:49
very nice moments you share abt your mother really tears in my eye to read the passage.iam also having such as like you sir

673   SADIQ MARUFPosted OnOct 09 2012 19:00:23
Sir, You have made us proud...Thank you

672   vasanthPosted OnOct 09 2012 09:21:00
thanks for ur invention for india u have made us proud in the world

671   Vibhu SinghPosted OnOct 07 2012 01:11:55
Respected sir, You and your mother both are excellent.If your mother given you a good thoughts so you given good result to our mother.you Real Hero of india.

670   bhavnaPosted OnOct 05 2012 09:52:18
sir i am a huge fan of you.it is a dream for me to meet you atlest once. you have been my rolemodel throughout.

669   Ganesh Reddy ValladriPosted OnOct 03 2012 20:30:15
Sir, I am a big fan of your's. Sir, my parents are working hard for me and my bro. We willbe with them till our end. I am studying in RGUKT IIIT Basar. Plese sir, if you have any free time plese visit our campus, we need your guidelines. Thank you sir.

668   K.SoujanyaPosted OnOct 01 2012 20:05:39
Sir,i am big fan of your's and i like u so much and i wann meet u once.

667   AishwaryaPosted OnSep 30 2012 14:38:20
Sir, I am a big fan of you.we both have something in common,i have a same mother like you- kind and supporting.I am really inspired by reading your life story and the quotes u have written of your mother is very heart touching..

666   sakthiPosted OnSep 29 2012 16:33:16
I am inspired by you sir since my childhood. Great mom..

665   Lata P KishnaniPosted OnSep 27 2012 21:04:20
Your mum favoured you not because of anything but because she could see the amount of heart you put in all the work you did and the love she showered on you was her way of telling you that she appreciated your hard work and she prayed for your success. Mothers have that special insight. Even as a teacher, we are able to detect that spark in our students n with mothers, it comes with that invisible bond.

664   Bunty RautPosted OnSep 27 2012 09:07:45
Respected sir, with tears dropping eyes nothing to say...

663   Hari Krishna.MPosted OnSep 26 2012 19:40:01
Respected sir, with tears dropping eyes .... nothing to say , my heartful respects to such a great divine mother.

662   Rajesh GargPosted OnSep 24 2012 22:07:29
Sir, I love this simple but powerful poem, because it has given me sense of feeling how important is mother in everyone's life. My daughter asked me the meaning of "we will meet us again on the great judgement day". I explained her that the poet is telling to her mother that he will meet to her in the heaven. Is it correct sir? One more question--> Why you refused to become president again?

661   laxmanPosted OnSep 24 2012 11:38:12
Yes,abdulkalam sir had such a wonderfull mother. But we do have such a wonderfull mother, then why don't we became kalam?

660   Smruti KulkarniPosted OnSep 23 2012 15:44:37
Hello Sir, Truely said ....GOD Can't be everywhere so HE made MOTHER to take care of every one.... Best Regards, Smruti.

659   vijay srinivaasPosted OnSep 22 2012 18:42:24
god has given the right person for our country.that is you.you the eminent person to lead us.

658   padma prasannaPosted OnSep 22 2012 13:32:33
Respected sir, Now I got to know that the great extraordinary fabulous courageous inspirational motivational spiritual moral Person the one and only ...Mr.APJ ABDUL KALAM sir's STRENGTH is sir's mother. AMMA how great you are!I salute to u forever...for giving such a wonderful person to the world..

657   angad boradePosted OnSep 22 2012 10:01:54
Respected sir, Good morning, your my fave rate person in my life.

656   padmaPosted OnSep 18 2012 21:05:42
sir , i didn't say anything my eyes are already drops the tears while am studying i couldn't explain it in the words there is no cost in this world for mother love ...

655   muthukumarPosted OnSep 18 2012 17:53:14
no words to explain my Expressions sir. you are really great person sir

654   Siddhesh P NarvekarPosted OnSep 15 2012 10:30:11
Dear Sir, I dont have enough words to salute u........

653   MythiliPosted OnSep 11 2012 22:35:11
Sir, tears trickled down my eyes while reading about your Mother. That great soul which gave India, a GEM called Dr.Kalam. Sir, you are a teacher to us all in every sense....showing us how to love our mother too. My humble pranams at your feet, Sir. We all love you and respect you a lot, Sir.

652   Naresh KumarPosted OnSep 11 2012 15:40:39
Realy it touched to heart.

651   RAJAGOPAL SPosted OnSep 10 2012 18:07:23
sir, you are a motivated person which i have seen forever.i would like to ask how would you hold the stress during school and college days.pls reply me sir.your mother has been appointed by god to you.

650   MANOJ KUMAR&MOHAN(RGUKTians)Posted OnSep 10 2012 14:29:27
Very Very Thanks to Kalam sir's mother for giving birth to such a wonderful & Fabulous person in to this world especially in INDIA. We are very proud to be Indians.

649   JyothishPosted OnSep 07 2012 14:22:02
No words... Heartfelt Salute to you sir,

648   Murtaza Raza KhanPosted OnSep 05 2012 13:50:15
Dear Sir Mother Is Geart "M" is for the million things she gave me, "O" means only that she's growing old, "T" is for the tears she shed to save me, "H" is for her heart of purest gold, "E" is for her eyes, with love-light shining, "R" means right, and right she'll always be.

647   SamiPosted OnSep 04 2012 16:48:59
Hello Sir, I read about your mother The God was lived with you in your Mothers form very much Impressed & very proud of your mother , Thanks

646   JayashreePosted OnAug 31 2012 15:13:36
Respected Sir, Your story is truly inspiring and heart felt. One should realize the efforts of "The Mother" who at times portrays as a friend, philosopher and also adapts to many roles during the process of life in safeguarding her children. I really love my parents who stood beside me during my low & hight times of my life. Hats Off to my loving parents.

645   KarunagaranPosted OnAug 31 2012 13:53:47
Dear Respectable Sir, I read the article, You are simply Great sir. You are real hero. You have struggled a Lot in your childhood & even in middle of all those problems, You have achieved so many things. You are a special Gift for our nation. My only wish is I want to meet you only once in my life time & want to spend at least 30 mins want to speak with you.God Bless you sir for many more years. Jai Hind

644   Radhika.NPosted OnAug 29 2012 13:17:12
Sir..ur mother is very great...handsap 2 ur mother

643   NajeeraPosted OnAug 29 2012 09:08:21
Dear Respectable Sir, Hope you have a picture of your mother, if yes , please post it. i would like to see your mother too. Best Regards, Najeera

642   subeshPosted OnAug 25 2012 22:31:33
Hi, The poem gives a deep feeling and caring towards the mother who ever read those lines.....mother is precious than any thing in this world....Yes the person who gave a chance to see the beautiful earth through birth.....Mother.....!!!!!!

641   yashPosted OnAug 25 2012 13:41:19
Dear Sir we are proud of you you are great prsident of india

640   RamaswamyPosted OnAug 23 2012 20:40:35
When I was four and half years old, I lost my mother. I am also very poor family. now my age is 75. I suffered a lot. But I came up gradually and I gave good education to my both sons. I know very well about your feeling. That is why you know the feeling of poor people. I pray god to give long life to you.

639   RamaswamyPosted OnAug 23 2012 20:25:10
When I was four and half years old, I lost my mother. I am also very poor family. now my age is 75. I suffered a lot. But I came up gradually and I gave good education to my both sons. I know very well about your feeling. That is why you know the feeling of poor people. I pray god to give long life to you.

638   paragPosted OnAug 20 2012 10:05:33
Indeed true mothers love is immortal. Im deeply impressed by your story. I have also read your latest book turning points, it is truly inspiring. May your(our) mission 2020 suceed

637   swati vishnoiPosted OnAug 18 2012 18:44:10
I salute you sir,and very thankful to you for sharing such a great thoughts between us. Jai Hind Jai Bharat..........

636   aakansha agrawalPosted OnAug 16 2012 23:13:25
sir i am your great fan and i am totally mad behind science please if you ever get a chance please visit nashik

635   Aabha Posted OnAug 16 2012 21:01:43
Sir, Your mother is a very wonderful person and you must be very lucky to get her as your mother.

634   SudharsonPosted OnAug 14 2012 10:56:05
Sir i am proud to be from your place(Ramanathapuram).sir bluss us like students to succed in our life.

633   subhakanta mohapatraPosted OnAug 06 2012 17:46:11
sir,I wish that you will be again the president of India because nobody can be like you.you are the best person who did the hard work from childhood and now also you are still like that sir,in my eye you are best.

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631   balajiPosted OnAug 02 2012 11:10:19
Respected sir, I was moved to tears reading your post on Mother. It takes me to my life with my mother. God's wishes we never starved for food or life but still remember she will not eat her food unless until I take mine. Its my routine to call her ever day during my tour in Europe etc and convey her about my lunch dinner etc so that she can take hers in India. Yes you are correct mother's always appear like angels ( No goddess to be specific ) in our eyes always. I was also gifted like you to live with her always and she slept in my lap just before the day of her death. ( Indian Sastrams are very clear in this aspect)

630   Harikrishnan KMPosted OnJul 31 2012 15:53:31
Respected sir, I am a b.tech student. i have gone through your writings... i am totally inspired by your thoughts and quotes.. actually, we r very lucky to live in your life period... your thoughts and expectations on India's young blood are very inspiring and self motivating. OUR NATION REALLY NEEDS A PRESIDENT LIKE YOU,SIR..

629   KashiPosted OnJul 30 2012 09:57:29
Dear Kalam sir, You will be remembered by the world as long as the world exists.... definitely there are many who have turned different because of you..

628   A.NareshPosted OnJul 29 2012 08:57:18
sir, I like you very much and i want you achieve the positions like you

627   sharmilaPosted OnJul 27 2012 12:44:26
Sir. Really Your life is very great. i want to achieve like u. After reading Yours story I'am really cried. Becoz U and others born in india. But Your life is different. no one reach your position. u are very great. We cant count numbers like millionn milion times i saluted u.

626   ARIF PATHANPosted OnJul 26 2012 16:15:17

625   M.PeriakaruppanPosted OnJul 25 2012 17:57:59
It is wonderful. When I read the articles my eyes is full of watering. You are the roll model for me. You are the best man in the society. You have wonderful mother sir. Then What can I say.

624   VijayPosted OnJul 24 2012 19:41:06
Your heaven lies under the feet of your mother. Your narrative reminds me of this phrase. Mother word is enough in itself, she bears everything to nourish us. Two persons Mother and Father are those whom we owe our whole life. Their unconditional love, inspiration will always be remembered. I think no word can define your mother's love because you are the out come of her devotion. I love my parents more than my life.

623   Riyaz Ahmad WangnooPosted OnJul 23 2012 14:33:56
speechless sir !! you are the role model can't say for anybody but atleast for me, may almighty ALLAH rests her soul in peace. ALLAH HAFIZ

622   s.viswajananyaPosted OnJul 20 2012 21:25:11
i was very happy and feeling proud to have a great relation.the poem was heart outpouring.

621   subodhPosted OnJul 19 2012 16:52:34
When i read this poem my eyes is watring almost. I love my mother. She is one of the best FRIEND/TEACHER in my Life.

620   Ashok NPosted OnJul 17 2012 13:06:14
While i reading this tears comes from my eye. you are a hero of INDIA. MY MOTHER is beautiful. Excellent words:) Love it

619   laxman wadgirePosted OnJul 16 2012 21:33:22
Sir, I am continuous with you through your books and your websites. Your thoughts inspired me.

618   Monika GBPosted OnJul 15 2012 22:28:52
Respected sir,after reading your "MY MOTHER" I was really inspired .My mother also looks like an angel to my eyes.

617   Neil BhattacherjeePosted OnJul 15 2012 22:20:00
Sir, You continue to be an inspiration for all of us, who go by the articles/books/other sources describing the events attached with you. I do believe that your interactions with children in every part of our country/ places you visit and a discussion there of with them, will bring a focus on Mass to realize the essentials in bringing positive changes in the development sector for the benefit of our country. Thank you.

616   Gaurav GuptaPosted OnJul 15 2012 16:06:06
Respected Sir, We are proud of you you are a a great President of India.

615   Shanmuga VelayuthamPosted OnJul 14 2012 20:21:28
Respected Dr.Kalam, Your life is a lesson, motivation and vision for all Indians. It was amazing to see your speach at Project Management National Conference 2011 at Hotel Ashoka in Bangalore, whether you are 10 year old or eighty year old, you remain as the same visinory young boy of Rameshwaram. Your simplicity is what every one needs to follow to See India as a Developed Nation by 2020. I am reading your latest book "Turning Points" and I believe it will be a Turning Point for many. Thanks and Salute to you sir!

614   AbhilashPosted OnJul 14 2012 14:40:02
Dear kalam we are proud of you you are great prsident of india

613   Sajna RajeevPosted OnJul 14 2012 10:51:57
Respected Sir, The above article is truly inspiring and admiring. Yes Mothers do play a very keen role in ones life. Looking back I do remember all the hardship and pain my mother took in bringing us up. As I am also in the second year of motherhood, I wish god give me the strength to provide all the inspiration and support to my daughter and be a women of substance.

612   Nidhi InfotechPosted OnJul 08 2012 17:49:37
Sir, You have been an apostle, an ideal for all Indians as well as many others in the world. Following your footsteps is like an honour we give to ourselves. Your story will be sung by every Indian and through all generations. Thanks for being our ideal and showing us the light of life. Thanks & Regards Roger Nidhi Infotech

611   T RAJESH KUMAR DORAPosted OnJul 06 2012 18:45:32
dear sir after reading this article the respect for you is doubled, because evry few succeful people give the whole credits to thier mother.And yours one is best of them.Hands off to you.One day i will also write an article like you on "my mother".

610   Rupendra KumarPosted OnJul 04 2012 08:54:16

609   PRABHAKAR.SJPosted OnJul 02 2012 10:30:16
Dear sir, thanks for sharing your real life experience with world, it is true that no one can love in the world as MOTHER, it is our duty to take care of parents, our life value knows only to mother "IT TAKES NINE MONTHS TO GIVE BIRTH TO A CHILD, BUT 9 SECONDS IS ENOUGH TO GIVE OUT OUR LIFE" FIRST IS MOTHER REST & ALL FURTHER"

608   mayur dandePosted OnJun 30 2012 10:13:09
Sir, i am mayur, a 27 years old young professor from a small town- shegaon from buldana district of maharashtra.i used to read a lot when i was a student. i have read all of your books. Yours life inspires me always, sir.i am trying to do my best as a teacher. There's a lot that can be done- as if this birth is too short.and material pleasures many times, are the reasons because of which there is a chance of getting derailed.but THE CREATOR is kind enough to lead the path.i don't know why but honestly i feel to share much with you.The idealism which i seek is obvious in you,sir.My college belongs to one of the most beloved spiritual places in maharashtra- a place of the saint SHRI GAJANAN MAHARAJ.The college administration, will power, and functioning is having a strong spiritual touch.i have been wishing to contact, talk and share with you since i was a college boy.i take this an opportunity and dare to invite you to please come to my organization.i know in my heart your affection towards students and teachers.your visit will be a source of tremendous inspiration for all of us.As stated before, you will love the spiritual touch here to my place.You will also love to experience various 45 social, spiritual efforts being sought by us.I REQUEST..DO COME, SIR..PLEASE..PLEASE. WAITING FOR YOU..LOVE YOU,SIR.-mayur

607   Krishna KumarPosted OnJun 29 2012 21:56:00
I have been missing my mom since last four years just because of my education. I promise you, I won't leave my parents after my studies. You are really great and always inspirational to us.

606   snehalPosted OnJun 29 2012 13:26:05
Sir, so beautifully you have expressed your feeling for your mother, Mother love cannot be expressed but in small story & poem makes us feel & tell our mother that we love her.

605   sadiqPosted OnJun 27 2012 20:58:47
Dear sir.. I love ur child story & i like to, you come to one more time in president of india pls sir

604   BoopalanPosted OnJun 27 2012 12:24:11
Dear Sir, you worked so hard in your childhood itself with a great support of your mother. I get tears in my eyes by reading this. you are the great personality, thats why whole india loves you sir. eventhough i am little,I wish you all the best sir.

603   N.S.KamalrajPosted OnJun 24 2012 20:48:55
Dear Sir, Vanakkam. Amma,Amma,Amma.....

602   HARI PRAJAPAT Posted OnJun 24 2012 13:44:11
dear sir your story will be result oriented for me towards mother ,nation & my goal. l heartily miss you your obediently HARI PRAJAPAT jodhpur Raj

601   chandruPosted OnJun 24 2012 12:33:35
i want to sahre my life with u sir. i am sivachandran living in paris my native is podicherry.bye sir have a nice day

600   yoonusPosted OnJun 23 2012 07:59:26
dera Kalamji, I read the heart touching writings about your mother,now I am remembering the word from Prophet Muhammed Sallah "Your Heaven lies under the feet of your mother".

599   B.E. Wilson Posted OnJun 22 2012 15:36:24
Sir, I am really moved by reading this article. How much you love your mother. It taught me a lesson to love my mother. Moreover it taught me the responsibility of a good mother. Many people blaming their environment for their failure. But the consistent spirituality and hard work will overcome any hurdles in our life.

598   TriveniPosted OnJun 21 2012 14:22:34
Assalam walikum Appa. I'm triveni,writting from b'lore. When you spoke about your mother, I could feel how much of love you have for her, the same way appa this nation needs you like a mother, who can take care of our nation like a mother. Appa not everyone on this earth can think and have a vision like you, because we all of us are so so busy in life that, we dont find time to thick of our nation and that really very sad. It's not that I say we young people are not going to work towards the betterment of the nation. But we need a mother, a teacher like you to guid us...Appa I don't have anymore words.....all that I can say is the we need you back as our PRESIDENT again. Kudha hafis appa.

597   Bharatiya Vamsi KrishnaPosted OnJun 20 2012 20:24:53
Mother is an angel.In mother 'm' is made 'o' is of 't' is true 'h' is heart 'e' is everyday 'r' rises for you.Totally "made of true heart everyday rises for you".

596   vijay kumarPosted OnJun 20 2012 14:16:08
sir we want to see u again as our president,but this worst politics made u left out, but ur our leader forever

595   Kapil Dev DhakalPosted OnJun 20 2012 09:30:21
Dear sir, how nice to read about your mother, inspiring, loving ... Though I am from another country (Nepal) it is my inner wish to see you as a president of India second term. but i got the news from media you are not competing through election i think it is the well judgement. you don't have to gain nothing by the post because you are already hero of all people.

594   VANDANAPosted OnJun 19 2012 23:11:43
Sir you are a legend no to be born again in this politically disturbed or diseased world. You are GOD my role model sir.....

593   SANGEETA MISHRAPosted OnJun 19 2012 20:35:07
respected sir, its a matter of great proud to born in a country like india where heroes like you have taken birth.and i render my hearty respect for divine lady who has given india a kohinoor in the form of you. sir, you have devoted your life for the betterment of india and with the dream to take it to the pinnacle of success.you have always been a site of inspiration and spirit for all of us. JAI HIND.

592   Shruti C VermaPosted OnJun 19 2012 18:14:04
Dear Sir, Greetings... Your Mother was really very Inspiring lady , She taught you to Fight till last, Go For it Attitude Love for nation Do something for others...... and the list is very long Now i have an Question ??? Why you are not Participating in President Election ???? We are sure if you will be the president things will definitely change I dont know what is going on Politically... but I Just know that you are one who can Bring some change to this present Scenario. We want you Sir as Our next President as we dont trust others , We trust We.... Dont Quit Sir Please Fight for us as you will be our Representative Regards Shruti C Verma

591   kavitaPosted OnJun 19 2012 14:34:32
Hello Sir,I am really inspired from this real story.Really your mother was a great women and because of her We got a great person in the form of you.

590   shankar meghwalPosted OnJun 19 2012 14:03:55
you are great, all is country proud on you sir, this country is great.

589   vasanth pugalPosted OnJun 19 2012 12:01:30
It is very sad news for the true devotees of our country.Kalam Sir, you are always our president for ever.This is the time for the people like nithi who got elected in madurai aathinam..not for the good leaders like you Sir. The good leaders were already went out from the politics.

588   M.sivaram ReddyPosted OnJun 19 2012 11:03:57
Thank u sir for u're great simpleclothing,patients,noblethoughts,When I read the above passage about mother.I inspired well and I also love my mother well.

587   atul juyalPosted OnJun 19 2012 10:10:23
Hay, pavitra,shwait aatma - aapko pranam. sir,my conscience feeling want me to tell you - that today when entire society(praja) is suffering from one problem or other& all citizens of our country be it of any religion - Hindu, Muslim,Sikh,Christian trust you because your soul is so pure that almighty also blessed you in attaning this inherent values.You are a Blessed humanbeing in this earth.Sir,don't worry about number game ,as you are a humble person respected by all in the society,so almighty also wants you to take the charge of becoming President of India - your one request(appeal) to all parties that do support me i am contesting as citizens of this country wants me,will definitely help you in becoming our Rashtrapita.Sir, go in to deeper, your inner consicense will tell you to take the baton after reading this words - this is also your Manaavta Dharma .

586   Mubashir AhmedPosted OnJun 18 2012 23:11:42
Sir, We all know that these political parties dont want to make the people like you the president again. They need dummy persons to be elected.

585   Debasish DewanjeePosted OnJun 18 2012 15:29:53
I am just speechless and my both eyes are fulled with tears of mothers' love and nursing, a selfish-less love only person can give in this whole living world is the 'MOTHER'.

584   RevathiPosted OnJun 18 2012 14:27:14
Respected Sir,India need a powerful President like you! You are the only one suitable for that role. Please representate my motherland to this world.

583   Menaka GuptaPosted OnJun 18 2012 14:10:05
Dear sir,you are the inspiration of every indian,the hero for every youth,the dream of every one,we all want you to be the president once again...

582   ManivannanPosted OnJun 18 2012 04:18:02
Dear Dr Abdul Kalam: India again needs your valuable services and please do contest the election as a candidate of NDA and steer towards a developed nation in the world. Millions of Indians are eagerly waiting for your positive decision. Best regards, Manivannan A

581   Nandakumar.PPosted OnJun 17 2012 13:57:27
Dear Sir, we are very much happy to have such a personal like you in India. You are my role model, and you will be. When i brought a mobile, from that day itself i am keeping a wallpaper in display, that is nothing but Great AbdulKalam's photo.We wish you long long healthy life.

580   Nagu MuruganathanPosted OnJun 16 2012 19:38:26
Respected Sir, India need a powerful President like you! You are the only one suitable for that role. Please representate my motherland to this world.

579   Siva teja Posted OnJun 16 2012 14:40:26
Sir, i'm also one of the drop in the ocean of young INDIA. We are all inspired of you. The nation feels very happy when you become the president of INDIA. It is very honour to us.

578   Mahaboob ShariffPosted OnJun 15 2012 12:47:47
Sir, Best wishes we are really so happy to know that you are going to be president of India for the 2nd time. and our growth continues.

577   Rajesh Kumar JhaPosted OnJun 15 2012 11:12:09
Sir,we are really so happy to learn that you are going to be president of India for the 2nd time

576   Dhrubajyoti BorahPosted OnJun 15 2012 10:53:58
Sir,we are really so happy to learn that you are going to be president of India for the 2nd time

575   Parth VidyarthiPosted OnJun 14 2012 23:24:50
Hello Sir It was the heart touching story..... I simply say that it would be very helpfull to us that u will again become the President of India. Thanks....

574   Sakthidaasan JayaramanPosted OnJun 14 2012 21:20:38
Heart touching incidents sir. I feel my mom hear. Whatever it may be Mother love is the best love in this world. Our first god is mother only. no other is there.

573   jothi.mPosted OnJun 14 2012 14:45:13
A very responsible son for a responsible mother.we just couldn't believe that a great scientist and a great past president from a very simple family.That too very wonder to see you, still a very simple person.A great example in front of us,but still very hard to be like u.But we try to the level of our best. LONG LIVE OUR GREAT IMPRESSION AND INSPIRATION.

572   DEEPAKPosted OnJun 13 2012 16:11:00
how thank to you to share the memorable story? MY mother is not with me but i'm always look him in mirror, and I promise that one day her dream will come to your described paths.

571   GajendranPosted OnJun 13 2012 16:09:44
1.Government wants to encourage people to segregate plastic covers, bottles, products by giving free saplings, vases, pots. 2. Government wants to order the corporation staff to collect only plastic covers, bottles, products thrice in a week. In order to differentiate the person who collect plastic wastage they have to give separate uniform to them. Vehicle to collect plastic wastage also to be differentiated. It makes public to give awareness and responsible among them. 3. Corporation staff has to measure the plastic wastage and note it down in a separate note book. Assume, If the person giving 20kgs of plastic wastage the corporation staff has to give vases, if the person giving 2kgs of plastic wastage the corporation staff has to give saplings. So this make Government to get reasonable profit to issue saplings, vases, pots. 4. Government wants to order to appoint a person in govt companies, pvt company, mnc companies, hospitals, temples, trust, schools, colleges to collect plastic wastage from their premises and give it to the corporation staff thrice a week. 5. School and college student should participate to collect plastic wastage after their semester. It should be compulsory. Students should not participate to collect waste management do not get certificate from their respective university. It makes the student to know the importance of segregation of wastages. 6.Government has to introduce a new subject for students. That subject should be about consequences of plastic wastage. Documentary films about plastic wastage should be telecast among students. It makes them to understand the threat of plastic wastage before nature. If the above thing is happen, people make the environment very green and it also reduce pollution and also get fresh air.

570   swethaPosted OnJun 13 2012 11:11:15
Really sir no one in this world love us as our mother.I love my mom a lot.

569   kamarjit singhPosted OnJun 13 2012 11:08:50
Hats off.....Hats off........Hats off.........Hats off.....to this person

568   Bhuma Lavanya PeddiReddyPosted OnJun 12 2012 10:50:22
kalam sir!! I was spell bound.... "MOTHER is a MOTHER still the Holiest Thing alive".... This is true for ever and ever....

567   SAHOO VIJAY PRAVAKARPosted OnJun 10 2012 21:04:55
sir , when i was 12 my mother passed away , but i didnt what the mother love is . surely after reading this my eyes were full of tears,and felt that i am the unluckiest child of this world . since after reading this i will never the "MOTHER"is a sweetest thing who even is ready to starve for his child, asa no one in this world can do.

566   D.RamakrishnanPosted OnJun 06 2012 04:08:38
Dear Sir, I am overwhelmed with joy and reverence when read your "Mother", a page in your life story. You are a Rishi of yore. I wish and hope many people are there in our country still, like you, who feel for their mother and Motherland to serve. If only, all of you come together and lead the country, our land will be at the forefront. Thank you, and pray God Almighty to give you long life and strength to guide the Nation. Love.

565   sravya vemulaPosted OnJun 05 2012 17:35:49
sir you are the great inspiration for today youth we really admire you and the incident u shared is really a heart touching one .even "i do love my mother & father very much". you made your mother to feel proud for having such a great son,I really want to make my parents feel proud too ,so please say me some how to build my confidence which is lagging in me since you are the lively person who achieved your dreams inspite of many obstacles.I also want to know how to take carrer decision? "which incident made your mind to become a scientist?"I really ,really want to become like you as a responsible daughter to my parents as well to our country. sorry sir for writing anything wrong .

564   sravya vemulaPosted OnJun 05 2012 17:31:28
sir you are the great inspiration for today youth we really admire you and the incident u shared is really a heart touching one .even "i do love my mother & father very much". you made your mother to feel proud for having such a great son,I really want to make my parents feel proud too ,so please say me some how to build my confidence which is lagging in me since you are the lively person who achieved your dreams inspite of many obstacles.I also want to know how to take carrer decision? "which incident made your mind to become a scientist?"I really ,really want to become like you as a responsible daughter to my parents as well to our country. sorry sir for writing anything wrong .

563   Amutha SakthivelPosted OnJun 05 2012 12:26:06
Dear Sir, Impressed to C ur respect,love,rememberance of your mother. One should love their mother on the first place to reach the sigaram like u. But u know, in this world how many poor mothers are left without being understood by their drunkard husbands and children(sons)?!!!!! I strongly pray and humbly request you to (if possible) initiate a way to wash our country, atleast Tamil Nadu without the stain of liquor. The country will grow fast I believe. Thanks - Amutha

562   SoniaPosted OnJun 04 2012 15:06:40
Dear Sir You are the best. I want to talk you. I will meet you soon at Delhi Airport. With high regards Sonia

561   parthajeet gogoiPosted OnMay 31 2012 21:32:50
sir i want to tell you something that why our inventors list is gradually decreasing in our country ,why the people were not thinking about their coming future , why the cricket is giving more impotance and hocky is giving less importance ,as hocky is our national game.why rich people become more richer and poor people become more pooorer.why poor people were dieing of starvation. why their is no electricity,proper sanitation facilities,dinking facilities,construction of economy,education facilities,job facilities etc were not in village,remote areas,and for poor people .why a new scientist is not invented soon for a better development of our country .why peoples were so muck corupted.i think that you might take some actions. thankyou..........

560   parthajeet gogoiPosted OnMay 31 2012 21:28:58
sir i want to tell you something that why our inventors list is gradually decreasing in our country ,why the people were not thinking about their coming future , why the cricket is giving more impotance and hocky is giving less importance ,as hocky is our national game.why rich people become more richer and poor people become more pooorer.why poor people were dieing of starvation. why their is no electricity,proper sanitation facilities,dinking facilities,construction of economy,education facilities,job facilities etc were not in village,remote areas,and for poor people .why a new scientist is not invented soon for a better development of our country .why peoples were so muck corupted.i think that you might take some actions. thankyou..........

559   jalpa Posted OnMay 30 2012 14:49:04
That's the reasons why god also respect the mother.

558   Purav BhavsarPosted OnMay 30 2012 14:18:03
Respected Sir, I am getting emotional as well as my hairs on hand getting up while reading your story. I feel like parents are the best gift given by GOD....I am thanking GOD for giving me a great family I love them.........

557   AshokPosted OnMay 29 2012 00:27:23
Thank you Respected Sir, for sharing your childhood and striving moments.

556   Birendra YadavPosted OnMay 28 2012 15:37:17
I was very emotional when read " My Mother " story of Respected Mr. Kalam . I have no word to say because I want to every Indian follow up.

555   manojPosted OnMay 27 2012 11:52:27
Respected Sir, U Great & I Many Things know in Ur Thought & I Read ur Books Fire Wings I love u & I Love My india I Imprees For Ur Thought Sir I Like U

554   vyshnaviPosted OnMay 25 2012 15:59:09
sir, your experiences and your hardwork are giving me great inspiration to become a successful person in my life.

553   chandruPosted OnMay 24 2012 18:34:19
sir you are next janathipathy post pls pls pls you so iam biggast regst pls no for other reson

552   suresh babuPosted OnMay 23 2012 09:49:37
dear sir, thanks for sharing a wonderfull inspiration story

551   SugathanPosted OnMay 23 2012 00:11:03
Sir Your child hood experiences giving so much inspiration to the younger generation.

550   varalakshmi balusupatiPosted OnMay 22 2012 13:22:09
It was a very sensitive issue that giving all for u without leaving for her anything,after reading i was totally moved by your mother's sacrifice.sir she already know that her son would pay for these sacrifices. sir it was a great tribute that you have written it in "WINGS OF FIRE"

549   RavikumarPosted OnMay 19 2012 16:19:05
Hats off..... That's the reason i keep my mother along with me always she is 76 yrs old. Iam at present in kaladaikurichi village. Please do visit our village, ur always welcome to my small cottage for a cup of poor tea......

548   ALLAH BUKSHPosted OnMay 17 2012 17:59:59
Assalamu Alaikum sir Iam ALLH BUKSH BE KILAKARAI After reading this completely, really i am cried.....All mothers are great......i don't have word to say how your great. You are very great sir.

547   sucharitha saravananPosted OnMay 17 2012 14:17:17
hats of to yoy sir.i now understand that it is because of your mother and your hardwork you are in this position

546   KALAMSEKARANPosted OnMay 15 2012 10:55:04
I am Gnanasekaran. My nick name kalamsekaran. My shop Name is Kalam Creative Center. I am Very Fan in Abdul Kalam. I am Join This Web site. Pls Connet.

545   ravi yadavPosted OnMay 13 2012 10:51:54
sir ; mere pas likhane ke liye words nahi hai. but we lern more by this.

544   Md NematullahPosted OnMay 12 2012 16:04:08
i love you sir. i have learn lots of thing in your quotes

543   Sk Ajaruddin AlliPosted OnMay 10 2012 08:53:02
Great paragraph sir!!! I learned many thing from this!!! Hat's off to you sir!!!

542   myilsamiPosted OnMay 09 2012 22:25:57
We Welcome your messages.It is essential to all.

541   Mahesh LaadPosted OnMay 09 2012 11:31:21
Dear Sir, I was reading this article and really good one. I am proud of you. I had been to Rameshwaram and seen the places and can realise the situation around 70 years back. I believe your parents have played very important role in your life and you are here because of them. I wish each individuals should get such type of parents. We salute you. Mahesh Laad & Family

540   kanaka durgaPosted OnMay 03 2012 21:20:28
hi sir god was gifted you with your great mom it was really wonderfull Mother it is a word that we can not express in few words lots of love and care .....

539   SushantPosted OnMay 03 2012 12:11:55
Hi Sir, " I hope all is well with you...!!! your and your thing is Genius power... India is very lucky for you in world.... you are the best person sir... thanks Sushant

538   subhasishPosted OnMay 02 2012 02:48:08
Sir, I see you at BOKARO.Tears come out of my eyes, do not why,I ll never forget your advices and oaths to children for bright future .Please bless us,thanks.

537   khalid dawePosted OnMay 01 2012 13:10:18
next president of India

536   vilasPosted OnApr 30 2012 17:54:26
Inspiring sir...

535   ThambiduraiPosted OnApr 30 2012 17:25:47

534   Divya MistryPosted OnApr 30 2012 16:21:21
Hats off you and your mother sir. I wish to meet you with my son. Regards, DIVYA

533   GaneshPosted OnApr 29 2012 23:24:26
Dr.Kalam Sir, Your greatness is your simplicity and open heartedness. When you with your difficult background could do so much in your life for this country why not people like us with affluent background think much more than you? It is you as a STAR LEADER inspires crores & crores of youths in this little world. With your continued guidance & inspiration we will make our country a superpower by 2020. We need you as our PRESIDENT AGAIN SIR!(for this country to regain its momentum of inspiration). endrendrum ungal ninaivudan - Ganesh

532   Kiran Kumar Posted OnApr 28 2012 12:30:20
Inspiring sir...

531   SenthilkumarPosted OnApr 27 2012 19:46:29
Sir really nice and remembering my mom's love too.. Hats of you

530   SANDHYA PPosted OnApr 27 2012 13:34:44
Honourable sir, just now I read your article its really touchable lines.I am proud to be an Indian.You are a role model for me, Let more and more youths in India read this and be inspired. No words from my heart to express my feelings. You are a great son of a great godess like mother.

529   sanjuPosted OnApr 26 2012 16:09:53
Sir you are the one and only man who touch with your family but more than touch with the people of this nation

528   sharieffPosted OnApr 24 2012 16:52:09
Assalam O alikum O rahmath Allahi O barkatahu Dear Sir, Really you are role model to all the people in the world. Sir your mother is very pious and heavenly. while readings this articles I started remembering & recollecting my past with my remember my mother also very pious and heavenly may Allah keep them in peace and in prestige part of heaven. Allah Hafiz.

527   shameel muhammadPosted OnApr 23 2012 22:17:56
this is a inspired story (experience) for me. i am going to change my life saying from my heart...... thank you very much sir, i proud as an indian ,because of some people like you they born in india and they are working for india.... praying to god for increasing your life time and health............assalamu alaikum....

526   shafiPosted OnApr 23 2012 18:02:09
A man asked the Prophet (PBUH),"Who is most worthy of my love and respect?" The Prophet (PBUH)replied, "Your mother." The man asked, "And then who?" The Prophet (PBUH) again answered, "Your mother." The man asked one more time and received the same answer. When the man asked the question a fourth time, the Prophet (PBUH) answered, "Your father."

525   VinothPosted OnApr 23 2012 15:48:49
Hi Sir, You are the role model for all Indian youths. Although u faced a lot of difficulties in your childhood, finally u achieved a great success because of your self esteem, courage and continuous hardworking. Really i don't have any words to say about you.

524   Satish KumarPosted OnApr 23 2012 14:42:49
Sir, You have ultimate life story. I really admire you & your work for Indian people. Thank You very Much Sir. Regards, Satish

523   Surendra Kumar DudiPosted OnApr 22 2012 15:00:49
fabulous sir, very inspiring and i think you had a tough childhood can I ask a question, what were you used to think about your future, society and country during you study 9 to 11 PM in night with karosine lamp? and how will you keep motivating yourself at the age of 10?

522   Ashok GuptaPosted OnApr 20 2012 00:17:45
outstanding, sir

521   Rajat SharmaPosted OnApr 19 2012 15:17:44
Sir one word for you, Respect!! We aspire to be like you one day!! Regards, Rajat

520   deepak johnPosted OnApr 17 2012 19:27:08
hi dear sir....!! its true sir......that no one can take place of mom in the world. once again you repeat my childhood days. sir, i proud my self and my country that, i have great persion like you. i'm an optometrist , i'm your BIG fan sir.. once i want to meet you........i'm searching that time...sure i'll get. thanyou sir....

519   Rakesh chouhanPosted OnApr 14 2012 20:41:06
dear sir, its very nice,you r realy geate dear sir, u have rightly given d true picture of every mother on this planet. mothers are really d angel for their children, always praying for betterment of their children. i too have d same experience as u & i suppose every one of us has gone through d same type of experience. ur tribute to ur mother is great. salute to d great mother.

518   maniPosted OnApr 13 2012 13:24:23
Sir, I am an Army Officer, who is highly motivated by you. I give your example to my men and students of various schools, for motivation. I could read all your books and highly impressed. You are doing a yeoman service for the entire nation. May God bless you.

517   SandeepPosted OnApr 12 2012 17:46:28
Thank you Respected Sir, for sharing your childhood and striving moments.

516   Gerald ManuelpillaiPosted OnApr 12 2012 13:26:50
True and unconditional <3 U know when u feel it...

515   SanthoshPosted OnApr 10 2012 13:04:02
No words for all kind of experiences in your whole life time.I always inspired you to do something to my Nation,its not possible but am trying to help in my surroundings.

514   urviPosted OnApr 07 2012 13:34:52
Having parents with us is the heaven on earth, makes us feel that we are blessed by the Almighty.Their shelter on us gives us strength to overcome any adversity of life...

513   firdousPosted OnApr 06 2012 11:43:12
hi, sir r u really read my mail ? aap apni ammi se bahut lov karte hai i knew it but abhi jab main ne " MY MOTHER " READ KIYA TAB MUJHE BEHAD KHUSHI HUI U R REALLY GREAT main ne aapki 1 book study ki thi [ WINGS OF FIRE ] USME BHI AAP NE APNI AMMI K BARE ME LIKHA HAI mujhe use read karke bhut khushi hui plzzzzzzz aap mere mail ka reply dijiga Q ki hume aap se bhut sare questions puchne hai plzzzzzzz sir or main life mein apna aim pura karne k bad aap se face to face dher sari baat karna chahte hai plzzzzz aap mujhe ye opportunity dena plzzzzzzzz sir ok thanks jai hind ,jai bharat

512   Swapnil TiwariPosted OnApr 04 2012 12:56:35
Respected sir I want to ask a question to u that I want to become a scientist engineer but my parents want that I should be an IAS. So plz direct me in this case. Even I want to became an IITian but at present I am pursuing BE from a private institution. Do u think that friends are necessary for life other than books that u told in the holkar science college. Thanks.......

511   Debasri DasPosted OnApr 04 2012 11:28:42
My respected sir, At-first you take my 'NA-MASKER'. Sir you are my God,I hard about you from my childhood. Sir I have a kind heated requested to you that I want to meet with you. please sir I am awaiting for your reply. Debasri Das.Chandannagore, West-Bengal.contact no-9831774452.

510   Nagesh DigalaPosted OnApr 03 2012 19:36:11
you are my inspiration for ever, great salute to you sir....

509   AslamPosted OnApr 02 2012 20:25:12
Mothers are real angels,

508   Priyanka ChaturvediPosted OnMar 30 2012 12:17:53
You are really great sir...I am highly inspired by your work, soberness, sincerity and positive and down to earth attitude..Hats off to you :) :)

507   Shambavi Elangovan, Premalatha, Preethi,Priya Dharshini, Raj sree, Sunantha, Saranya From Bannari Amman Institute of technology, Sathy, ErodePosted OnMar 24 2012 15:41:33
It's really very interesting to read, and the way you described your Mother's love is Quite fantastic!!! That is really heart touching! Even I love my mother a lot! We are really very proud of you sir

506   siddharthPosted OnMar 24 2012 13:25:07
what a wonderful thought! I was amazed by reading books of you sir..u are my inspiration hope i will be aeronautical engineer like you. great and heart touching story

505   Sharda jainPosted OnMar 22 2012 21:40:26
Very touthing expression of child ,who is now an old man.

504   RAHUL JEJURKARPosted OnMar 21 2012 18:48:39

503   Dr.ABDUL MUNEERPosted OnMar 21 2012 11:02:49
Great Story, I would like to suggest you to start a mission on moral teaching

502   M.Sampath kumarPosted OnMar 20 2012 15:06:30
Sir u r really GOD OF EDUCATION....

501   Abhishek KPosted OnMar 20 2012 11:34:49
Sir, i am inspired form the artile which was have shared with us about your mother. I loved the commitment you took towards the life even though it was a very difficult time in your life. And more over you have been a role models for many number of persons who have acheived & are acheiving & who will be acheiving. I love you so much sir. And also i would like to thank on behalf of all for giving a opprotunity for sharing our comments & posting that here.

500   bhavanaPosted OnMar 19 2012 10:54:27
sir its really amazing....am very thankful to u fr givin such a wonderful article about mother, i love my mom...thank god fr givin such a lovely & caring mother fr me

499   shreeram.sPosted OnMar 19 2012 10:52:32
sir, i am ur follower for the long time. after swami vivekananda, your words inspired me a lot. after reading this article, i became emotional. the words were very touching. India needs great leader like you. thanks once again. with regards, shreeram.s

498   aesha bhansaliPosted OnMar 18 2012 21:51:43
what can be said about this ? Sir, if u r reading it then i want to tell you that i too am studying physics and want to research further.But there are depressing moments in life and at that time i got to read your books and this site.... greatly inspired ! thanks!

497   M.MOHAMED.MUSTHAFAPosted OnMar 18 2012 13:05:36
he is not a ordinary man. he is GOD OF DREAM IN INDIAN STUDENTS

496   Sampath shettyPosted OnMar 16 2012 13:34:22
sir you are amazing.....i believe that people who are successful in there life there 50% success is because of their surrounded people unless you get good people you c'nt realise your strength it's eternal soul which push us towards our success.....and when this comes in that list mother is the base of all "dua" I want to thank your mother for giving us our inspiration.....thank you sir for sharing.

495   Sampath shettyPosted OnMar 16 2012 13:26:37
sir you are amazing.....i believe that people who are successful in there life there 50% success is because of their surrounded people unless you get good people you c'nt realise your strength it's eternal soul which push us towards our success.....and when this comes in that list mother is the base of all "dua" I want to thank your mother for giving us our inspiration.....thank you sir for sharing.

494   IMRAN HABIBPosted OnMar 14 2012 16:18:42
assalamualaykum sear sir... i m very thankful to you.. when i read this my eyes become dipped in my tears with lov of the greatest boon of dod"mother". thanx for inspiring us... allahafiz.

493   santhilalPosted OnMar 12 2012 22:33:29
Respected Dear sir, Mother the divine, the power,and the Light. This is the first time I got the chance to go through this link. when I read this, I was thinking about my mother who went to the heaven in my Hand and got the support from Mr.Ponraj sir to brought the body from Delhi to my Home in Kumily,Kerala. when you where surviving as the President .so, Thanking once again to the superior power who is leading the life of all.

492   V CHANDARASHEKHARPosted OnMar 12 2012 13:23:46
Dear Sir, I chandrashekhar B.Tech from Hyderabad ,Andhrapradesh. Congratulations Sir for Discovery on satellites and missiles in India. Your are "GREAT PERSONALITY" . This is my 1st visit to this website. I inspired and experienced by story "MY MOTHER" I Salute Mother. Your inspirations speeches are great . I Thank full to your Encouragement Sir. Thanking you Sir your's faithfully Chandrashekhar B.TECH

491   rajagopalPosted OnMar 11 2012 10:41:57
sir you are great

490   R.MaheswaranPosted OnMar 08 2012 14:13:23
I am very happy to see your programmer ans speeches after 2007. You are very enthusiastic and energetic at this age. I am very much love you .God will bless you good health and life

489   srikanth peddankulaPosted OnMar 08 2012 02:47:51
Sir, you are really great,,, no one can share their personnel life experience excepet you... Definately, i will become a great person like you sir, thank you.. sir:-)

488   KalaimaniPosted OnMar 07 2012 12:29:04
Dear DR.Kalam, we are Proud of you and proud that you were the President of India.i really touched with your artical sir

487   sunanda mohantyPosted OnMar 06 2012 22:39:29
sir,today i knew the love of my mother nd secrfice,thank u

486   sampath Posted OnMar 06 2012 17:28:27
Respected sir , me really a fan from now because ur inspiring stories are very much usefull for present generation ... so for my request please say some words for love failure boys

485   ashuPosted OnMar 02 2012 16:51:58
Namaste Sir, when i reading this article,really cried out i saw my mother in front of me she always caring for me as i go for my education so far, Really I thank full to God as he gave me Godlike mother. Sir, u r such a great person, i inspired when i thinking of u.

484   JayasankarPosted OnMar 01 2012 21:08:45
Dear Abdul Kalamji, I have for a long time one very very important question i want to ask. Why you did not sanction the Hanging of Afzal Guru? what made you not to implement his death sentence?. Had he killed few MP's then he would have been Hanged. Correct?.Sorry for asking this question. 1.why

483   VIDYA SAGARPosted OnFeb 29 2012 15:08:13
Mother is the bless of God

482   mahavir joshiPosted OnFeb 29 2012 09:45:26
mothers are the love of god as he will be not every time with you so god gave a name mother who can take care of you in every moment of life.

481   VIKAS MOREPosted OnFeb 25 2012 15:33:10
I cried out, while reading this article and realised that my Mother is still loving me, even though she is staying far away from me in the Heaven.

480   NileshPosted OnFeb 24 2012 13:18:28
It is very nice,i like it,needs to gain from it

479   MujaabPosted OnFeb 23 2012 22:19:45
Assalamualikum , your life story is intresting

478   er. ajayPosted OnFeb 23 2012 00:22:52

477   M.Veilu MuthuPosted OnFeb 21 2012 14:48:31
sir,I give a great salute for you.Only for you.Because,One who understand the feelings,knowldege,potential of studenet.He is abdulkalam.

476   shabnam.sPosted OnFeb 18 2012 19:22:50
Sir,u r my real hero.when i was demotivated by something in life,theni will remember you and my dad.i have tried to meet u at many times but am unlucky and so i cant meet you.pls sir give ur appointment order.i would like to meet you very soon.....Insha Allah...!

475   shabnam.sPosted OnFeb 18 2012 19:15:26
Sir,u r my real hero.when i was demotivated by something in life,theni will remember you and my dad.i have tried to meet u at many times but am unlucky and so i cant meet you.pls sir give ur appointment order.i would like to meet you very soon.....Insha Allah...!

474   pravinkumar raut Posted OnFeb 13 2012 14:11:23
sir really i want meet you.................... every time,please sir give me one chance to meet you anyhow... it will be very awesome thing for me your obedient pravinkumar raut

473   jeevanandanPosted OnFeb 12 2012 07:48:13
hi sir i want to meet u pls give me the appoinment

472   preethiPosted OnFeb 09 2012 19:52:30
sir,you are my hero. iam studying 9Th in kendriya vidyalaya no:2 madurai.sir you are my inspiration.

471   sobikaPosted OnFeb 08 2012 16:46:35
sir i'm sobika varatharasan.i would like to see you sir.but i like to spech with you sir.i am studdied at chundikuli girls's college jaffna srilanka.sir if you don\t mind please send your home address.thank you

470   Dhanabalan.csPosted OnFeb 07 2012 17:43:31
God is nowhere , It is the form of our mother . love her....

469   T.SenthilkumarPosted OnFeb 07 2012 15:14:44
sir, solute to you...........

468   arshita rai kashyapPosted OnFeb 06 2012 12:28:29
sir,noone can take place of mother & father.now in this days i am missing my mummy & paa...badly,& after reading your story..i just remember those day when i was busy in my exams..she was always concern about my health...thnq sir & "your mother was really an angel of GOD who got a capable son like you..."

467   pavankumarPosted OnFeb 05 2012 18:29:46
you are great sir.)

466   Sujata RaoranePosted OnFeb 03 2012 12:59:28
sir you are amazing.....i believe that people who are successful in there life there 50% success is because of their surrounded people unless you get good people you c'nt realise your strength it's eternal soul which push us towards our success.....and when this comes in that list mother is the base of all "dua" I want to thank your mother for giving us our inspiration.....thank you sir for sharing.

465   Mohd. irshad alamPosted OnFeb 03 2012 09:39:03
Dear sir, you are my ideal and your mother story is same as my mother.

464   PramodiniPosted OnJan 31 2012 17:00:03
Mother and her love always brings tears to eyes... It made me speechless. Salutations to that Mother who has given a great son to this country....

463   R.Rathish kumarPosted OnJan 31 2012 10:44:58
Dear Sir I am Rathish Kumar living in Chennai. I need a help that I need am appointment to meet M/r : Dr.APJ.Abdulkalam . I need his blessings to achieve my future. So I kindly request you give a positive result to meet him . Thank You Sir JAI HIND Regards R.Rathish Kumar +91 9003092842

462   K PuratchiveeranPosted OnJan 31 2012 10:11:35
As a child many of them could have got more love from mother...But No child is like you. You are the one among few child in the world.

461   K PuratchiveeranPosted OnJan 31 2012 09:00:54
Dear Guruji, I could really feel your age of 10 through your letter.I still could control my tears... Now I have grown up and doing not bad. But they way i brought up and struggled untill 20 yrs...I cant forget till my last breath. That was my first inspiration to grow more...also in future.. Thank you so much for sharing and making us to think better. :)

460   nitesh patelPosted OnJan 28 2012 20:49:06
respected sir, your every words inspire our heart and give flame to our mind towards country service. sir u wrote this quotes on mother is highly deep dedication for every mother and also give lesson to respect our mother. thanks sir

459   Renuka PhadnisPosted OnJan 28 2012 11:00:54
hello sir.. whatever u wrote fr ur mother.. thoz lines r really so touching..u r jus lyk an inspiration fr every indian..v ol love u so much sir...

458   harishPosted OnJan 28 2012 09:08:42
sir,I wish that your mothers love and the love you have on her brought you up.

457   shakila MahalakshmiPosted OnJan 26 2012 18:08:12
Dear abdul kalam sir, I am your big fan.. Really touching lines about mother.. I love my mother as i love my country.. Iwish to meet you sir.. Hope to see u at sometimes.. May God bless you sir..

456   Sachin GadadePosted OnJan 26 2012 14:42:58
Hats of you sir...Whatever you wrote, it always touching my heart.

455   PranathiPosted OnJan 25 2012 18:38:51
i shed tears as i go through every letter of the poem you have written sir YOU ARE THE ULTIMATE SIR.

454   YasoPosted OnJan 25 2012 14:52:47
Dear Great Dr. I shed tears while reading this article?why because I have no idea.. It exactly reminds me my childhood as I?m the last in family and the situation was similar. உங்களுக்கு என் கோடான கோடி வந்தனங்கள். Karan

453   Ajit A ArotePosted OnJan 24 2012 02:17:49
Salute to the great mother & To You sir

452   Rahul KumarPosted OnJan 23 2012 15:37:07
Great salute to u sir. Despite all these struggle, you reached to this position.Really you are real hero for the young India.

451   Ram rathodPosted OnJan 20 2012 21:34:39
Respected Sir , You are greatest sir, we are produce to u & so much miss I want to meet you, this is my grate day when i meet u

450   SOUMYA V NAIRPosted OnJan 20 2012 18:19:17
WE ALL MISS YOU SIR.You are like a moon in the sky.and we all are in search for your inspiring light..please come to us....we all love you...

449   SOUMYA V NAIRPosted OnJan 20 2012 18:16:43
WE ALL MISS YOU SIR.You are like a moon in the sky.and we all are in search for your inspiring light..please come to us....we all love you...

448   Juned khanPosted OnJan 19 2012 12:49:10
After I read this words i couldn't my tears. Such a wonder words which brings our mother right i front of our face and wave a hand on our head. And on that A mother praying 5 times and I am sure they were praying to see this Master piece THE MASTER Dr.Abdul Kalam. Whose name is 1st thinked how to repect the ame before taking and then taken the name... Hats off.....

447   TrijanyaPosted OnJan 15 2012 17:02:01
Sir,this book really is a fabulous one.This gave me inspirations on working hard to achieve our goals

446   TrijanyaPosted OnJan 15 2012 16:58:37
Sir,this article really is a fabulous one.This gave me inspirations on working hard to achieve our goals

445   Ankur AgrawalPosted OnJan 15 2012 00:07:35
Sir, You has always been source of inspiration to lots of Indians and me. I salute you for being President of India. Regards, Ankur Agrawal

444   ajay rautPosted OnJan 12 2012 12:32:51
You are great son of greatest Mother..

443   Naageshwer GalipallyPosted OnJan 11 2012 10:37:39
M=Memorable O=Outstanding T=Tranforming H=Historical E=Evergreen R=Royale In the service of Motherland Naageshwer Galipally Founder Swarna Bharathi 2020 Foundation IGNITING MINDS - INFUSING VALUES in building the Great India by 2020 a Leadership Development Movement for Transformed India email:greatindia2020@india.com

442   Naageshwer GalipallyPosted OnJan 11 2012 01:00:49
the fact relies "MAATHRU DEVO BAVA",master really you are the source inspiration,we touch your feet and walk n talk in the path of truthfulness In the service of motherland yours faithfully Naageshwer Galipally Founder Swarna Bharathi 2020 Foundation for Great India by 2020 a Leadership Development Movement for Tranformed India

441   keerthanaPosted OnJan 09 2012 07:05:36
im keerthana i have participated in national children's science held at Jaipur. i wish to have your autograph . im very inspired to hear the information of your mother.

440   lokeshPosted OnJan 07 2012 23:55:13
sir how can we approach u sir we have some ideas to implement sir . so kindly help if any one knows how to appraoch kalam sir

439   shakti swarup mishraPosted OnJan 06 2012 18:13:36
sir, you are the only president who was earning by selling news papers

438   Neha DasPosted OnJan 05 2012 21:46:47
Honourable sir, I am proud to be an Indian.You are a role model for me. Neha

437   Shahbaz Akhter LaraibPosted OnJan 03 2012 18:44:52
Assalamoalaikum...Iam very happy to know adout your chilhood and about your mother

436   Angad D SinghPosted OnJan 02 2012 22:21:59
sir i must say those were touching word

435   ManojPosted OnJan 01 2012 15:22:49

434   Joseph CPosted OnDec 30 2011 16:24:16
Respected sir, I like the way you expressed your love for your mother. Let more and more youths in India read this and be inspired.

433   sundararajaPosted OnDec 30 2011 11:48:44
என் அம்மாவை என்னுள் தட்டிய தகவல்கள்.

432   p.yogarajPosted OnDec 29 2011 12:10:20
Respected sir, I am very proud to say Indian, sir your role model of every Indians

431   gopalPosted OnDec 22 2011 22:29:52
Sir, Your childhood days & your words about your mother are touching & inspiring us. If possible we want to know more about her and your father.

430   R.GovindarajPosted OnDec 21 2011 19:02:13
Proud to be a Tamilian Sir

429   aabidha begumPosted OnDec 21 2011 17:26:42
respected sir, assalau alaikkum(varah). i'm studying engineering 3rd year in PSG college of technology coimbatore. i'm doing project in medicated textile. objective of my project is TO PRODUCE THE HERB TREATED CLOTH TO CURE THE CANCER sir.. for that i'm searching the book HOLY QURAN AND MEDICINE. Hope you was read this type of books . please tell where this books is available sir and dua for my success in my project.. sir my native is pallaptti near karur. hope you know my place.. there 99% of population is muslims only.. there they wont allow girls to do higher studies. so i'm facing lots of problem to coninue my engineering. please dua for me sir. i have searched your mail id , i can't get it so only i messaged you in post comments sir, sorry sir.. i'm waiting for your reply. thanking you sir

428   sk nairPosted OnDec 17 2011 12:53:06
sir, the way in which you have narrated your childhood is excellent. any one will read it with lot of curiosity. but the person who had undergone such situations like me will not be able to read it because of the flood of tears in their eyes.

427   Archana SinghPosted OnNov 27 2011 17:55:14
gud evng....sir...!!aap kaise itne bare desh ko chala lete hai?

426   sangeethaPosted OnNov 25 2011 16:21:09
Sir u always remain as a great inspirer for me. I always write your quotes on the first page of my annual diary and read it as often as i can to make my dream a reality.

425   Akshita GandhiPosted OnNov 21 2011 23:11:51
Dear sir, I am a student of class 6 and I had a topic on which we had to write about you I was so happy when we got this topic as I love your books,poems,quotes. I loved this paragraph as it was so beautifully written. I wish to thank you for teaching us so much by your speech and loving words Yours sincerely, Akshita Gandhi

424   bhuvanaPosted OnNov 19 2011 19:08:51

423   arindam kumawatPosted OnNov 17 2011 15:18:12
No words from my heart to express mother. in whole India among 110 crores people you are the vision of INDIA

422   visu iyerPosted OnNov 14 2011 20:02:25
I salute mother Sir..!! My mother too like this, Me too like you the last child in the family; but first to get the degrees and diplomas.. Me too from from Ramanathapuram, a student of Raja's High School. Me too at simplicity and modest..!! I truly and really proud of you Sir .. and consider you as my role model..!!

421   RiyazPosted OnNov 14 2011 13:24:46
May Allah grant her a high place in Jannah, Aameen

420   ganeshakumaran.vPosted OnNov 12 2011 22:34:10
All proud belongs to god,but after this story stated it is true that for Mr.kalam sir All proud belongs to her mother(GOD)who had invented why cant it be like this sir?

419   Somen KumarPosted OnNov 11 2011 11:30:36
You have always inspired us. Everything connected to you is holy for us. Thank you for sharing your emotions with us.

418   BineshPosted OnNov 10 2011 18:17:19
excellent. "mother" is the powerful word in the world. we are proud of u sir.... "Vaaztha Vayathillai.... athanal vanankukiren"

417   Pavatha PPosted OnNov 10 2011 12:56:16
The power project is important for Tamilnadu's future.

416   Bibekananda Mohanty Posted OnNov 09 2011 16:39:27
No words from my heart to express my feelings. You are only a diamond piece in whole India among 110 crores people

415   Rakesh MurthyPosted OnNov 08 2011 17:01:17
Sir, i have a great respect to your words.Whenever i look at you or hear your speeches i get inspired by your teachings. My question to you is that Mission 2020 shall be accomplished ?? what are the expectations in Indian economy?

414   Ramadoss RaghavendranPosted OnNov 08 2011 11:15:26
Sir, I read your Wings of Fire in the year 2000 and came to know that you were one of the classmates of famous writer Sujatha. I felt very happy for that both my inspirations were friends.My friend and i have a wish to meet you once. We don't know where you are staying now. Anyhow we will meet you and get wishes from you.

413   r.rajendranPosted OnNov 07 2011 12:07:00

412   faisalPosted OnNov 04 2011 02:08:22
u r a great person...may allah forgive all ur sin and enter u in jannah

411   Shivi Yadav Posted OnNov 01 2011 18:09:40
Sir, thanks to your mother,i love u

410   milanta ross Posted OnNov 01 2011 15:34:33
i love you sir

409   shanima shamsPosted OnNov 01 2011 15:29:21
i am very happy to know adout your chilhood and about your mother ,about your books,about your poems. Your doing a very good courage to childrens and you are who love country and i am very pourd of you Sir

408   Sainath DighePosted OnOct 30 2011 21:50:20
Dear Sir, I would like to tell u, this speach is too excllent, i really fascinated for this speaches, and i realize for my responsibility... thank you so much...

407   abhinav patelPosted OnOct 30 2011 12:38:56
sir,each and every stage of your life is a inspirable moments for us for young generation.its true sir after study this story my eyes get watered.ur great sir .

406   valarkuzhaliPosted OnOct 27 2011 22:32:32
Hi Sir, U are the inspired person for the Youths.... Proud to be an Indian... :)

405   charan azmeraPosted OnOct 27 2011 15:50:55
Sir i wants to meet you.I inspire with your words creativity leads to thinking,thinking provides knowledge,knowledge makes you great....... Sir, Iam studeing at NUZVID-IIIT(RGUKT).Are you remember one day u r visited our college.

404   DHARMENDRA SINGH HINDUSTANIPosted OnOct 25 2011 18:20:26
Dear sir,i am bsc pcm 58.5% in 2008,inter 58.5% in2004.dob is 15.11.1988.now in pgdcp in amu.i want to btech aeronautical now and .plz tell best institute.what is max age of scientist in isro?how can ibecome astronaut?i m a rural farmer student without my father since2010,april7.

403   sapnasinghPosted OnOct 23 2011 17:44:32
really sir,mother is the 2nd place after GOD. you are the best son of the world.

402   RengarajanPosted OnOct 15 2011 22:20:48
Happy Birthday to man of this Century. I don't find better word to describe you Sir.. Greatest individual eternal to this mankind. Wish you Happy Birthday..

401   vishwambharPosted OnOct 15 2011 17:04:14
happy birthday to you

400   pritamPosted OnOct 15 2011 16:48:02
Hello sir, Happy Birthday !! R u really see our msg? Once I lost a golden opportunity to meet u when u visited my school ''Sainik school Kapurthala'' in 2003 : : Sir, after all u r my ideal ''Jai Hind''

399   pritamPosted OnOct 15 2011 16:47:34
Hello sir, Happy Birthday !! R u really see our msg? Once I lost a golden opportunity to meet u when u visited my school ''Sainik school Kapurthala'' in 2003 : : Sir, after all u r my ideal ''Jai Hind''

398   AishwaryaPosted OnOct 15 2011 16:35:18
Dear sir, many many happy returns of the day. You are my inspiration. It is your dedication that impressed me and I have chosen to become an astronaut.

397   Velavan N P BPosted OnOct 15 2011 15:27:31
Father, "Many many more Happy Returns of the Day". God be with you always and bless with Good Health and the wisdom of wealth. I want to meet you with my family for once in my lifetime. Pl allow us. With warm regards Velavan N P B Mob: 91766 70766

396   Divya GuptaPosted OnOct 15 2011 15:16:42
Happy Birthday Sir..May god bless u

395   jacinthPosted OnOct 15 2011 13:58:35
hi sir.., happy birthday.......... today i met you........... u r soo cool and you inspired me alot...... i'l be myself......... thanks for the inspirative thought............. we planted tree on the foothills of siruvani......... you are amazing............ love you..

394   imtiazPosted OnOct 14 2011 20:36:56
Advance Happy Returns of the Day (Former and hope so coming president of India)

393   rajat kumarPosted OnOct 14 2011 20:34:07
after reading this paragraph,the caption 'embodiment of love'is truely justified.And no SON and DAUGHTER fail to realize the importance of MAA in their life.In my opinion MOTHER is sorce of WISDOME,LOVE .i can say SHEis everything for me.i forgot every sorrow when i am in HER lap.

392   vandanaPosted OnOct 13 2011 23:55:12
u deserve to the president of india once again... hats off to u .. i like u.. u r my ideal .. we need people like u in india .

391   rakeshPosted OnOct 13 2011 19:47:40
you are a great son of a great godess like mother.

390   vijayPosted OnSep 29 2011 22:31:53
I Like you

389   sasikalaPosted OnSep 29 2011 11:56:45
i want meet

388   nehaPosted OnSep 28 2011 10:45:36
I heat you sir.

387   nehaPosted OnSep 28 2011 10:44:11
I heat you .

386   MariePosted OnSep 21 2011 12:52:26
Dear Sir, Your narration moved me deeply and recreated a new love for my mother and respect for every mother I will meet henceforth. I am thankful for the technology already present that helped me interact with a humble person like you. Great meeting you Sir. I remain, inspired.

385   MariePosted OnSep 21 2011 12:52:09
Dear Sir, Your narration moved me deeply and recreated a new love for my mother and respect for every mother I will meet henceforth. I am thankful for the technology already present that helped me interact with a humble person like you. Great meeting you Sir. I remain, inspired.

384   prashant taparePosted OnSep 21 2011 12:17:19
sir i am impressed by your permonance.

383   rahul singhPosted OnSep 20 2011 18:21:20
Respected Sir, i have seen you only on tv . You are my inspiration in life.

382   sandeep gahlawatPosted OnSep 19 2011 21:20:07
I want to meet Kalam Sir. That is only my wish in life.

381   R.Suresh KumarPosted OnSep 19 2011 18:26:36
Dear Sir, It is a great example for every one to turn back their life, the most peaceful period in the life. By this, one will realize and admire himself and think / thank God for letting him to this level. The new generation people should definitely know the old stories of their generation, so that they will try to follow a path of perfection.

380   Rajasekar NPosted OnSep 18 2011 12:34:13
The Role of a mother is so vital for a child, who feels emotionally closer and gets enriched by the positive reciprocation from her. Her attitude greatly influences to a very high degree. Dr.Abdul Kalam born materialistically poor but born rich having mother with such a maternal attitude and therefore being blessed and living a full life. We salute you & your Mom Sir!

379   BhartPosted OnSep 16 2011 02:27:26
Respected sir,I had seen you only on television,i want to see such a great personality in reality also.Please God fulfill my dreams as soon as possible.

378   Matam SreedharPosted OnSep 13 2011 09:34:09
Sir, this is sreedhar you are the my inspiration and idealperson. i have one question for you 'what is your aim? than your are the were in my place what u thik? send me your answer sir

377   johnnyPosted OnSep 12 2011 15:43:52
respected Sir, Very interesting to know about your childhood. Please post your Mother's picture.Give us a chance to see that Great Woman who gave this world a Great Man! Thank You.

376   Pazhanivel SPosted OnSep 11 2011 23:48:47
i read your story really i cried....... why the same reason you have distributed news paper but i have distributed milk. now i am working as mechanical Engineer in abudhabi.

375   Jai GaneshPosted OnSep 11 2011 17:37:18
Sir, Very interesting to know about your childhood. Please post your Mother's picture.Give us a chance to see that Great Woman who gave this world a Great Man! Thank You.

374   ashutosh jhaPosted OnSep 10 2011 01:00:03
sir , these lines of poem made me cry and help me to remeber my mother,i have seen u 2 times but only from your car , i had always been standing on road to see u, u went to my school and colg but i was out because i was not having good marks toopers can onlu meet u!! hope 2 see u soon student from cmd modinagr ashutosh jha(09-11)

373   HAFIS MUHAMMED FAISALPosted OnSep 08 2011 17:16:53
I am Hafis Muhammed Faisal TP -- Msc chemistry student in CUSAT (Cochin university of science and technology . I read your story about your mother .it was interesting and A key to think about our mothers . they spent their time and health to their kids .But it was a think to worry that "how much they get back the love in all meanin " KNOWLEDGE IS POWER . I AM A INDIAN .TRYING TO BE A POWERFUL INDIAN . MISSION 2020.

372   sandhyaPosted OnSep 06 2011 18:11:40
respected sir, i always love u and respect ur family. mujhe aap ke family life padhke bahat achhalaga. main aap ko bahat respect karti hoon.

371   sandeep bishnoiPosted OnSep 06 2011 16:43:02
Dear sir,she was a great lady

370   dilvarsing vasavePosted OnSep 06 2011 15:02:29
Respected sir, this is very nice and inspire words. Sir, We are always inspired by you.

369   Kabeer ShaikhPosted OnSep 05 2011 13:42:34
Respected Sir, I inspired after knowing you.Now my family economic condition is not as good as enough for continuing my study. For that I sometimes loose my attraction in the study. So, please suggest me about that.Thank you.

368   Anish DasPosted OnSep 01 2011 15:10:28
Respected Sir, I inspired after knowing you.Now my family economic condition is not as good as enough for continuing my study. For that I sometimes loose my attraction in the study. So, please suggest me about that.Thank you.

367   Gangaram vorrePosted OnAug 31 2011 02:06:34
Respected sir, u r my inspiration.i am teling to every one about you for inspreation

366   M rameshPosted OnAug 30 2011 23:37:16
Nice sir!!!!!!!!!!!!! U R the real president!!!!! i am the follower of you sir!!!!!!!!!!!!

365   Ajay SinghPosted OnAug 30 2011 13:50:55
really heart touching one..Kalam Sir...I think the heart of the mother is so that though she loves her every child equally she rewards...them as she feels fit and most of the time this judgement is correct...I recall several incidents...when our home used to be brimming with endless relatives..and mom would be busy cooking for endless hours and at the end it would so happen that she was left with nothing to eat even after whole day's endless work...n if in that exhausted state she requested me or my younger brother to prepare a chapati or two we used to refuse coz we would be watching tv or stuff....now when I am in a prominant law school and miss her like anything I recall my ingratitude and feel miserable thinking about the same...and this is what spurs me to move ahead and work hard and harder to give her what she has always deserved a little bit more care and little bit more comforts and all these have been denied to her ever since she entered her inlaws home and the moment from which I became a part of her world..

364   sravaniPosted OnAug 28 2011 19:07:50
Respected sir, u r my inspiration .I wish u to come in politics.People like GANDHIJI,ANNA HAZARE,U etc; only possible to make INDIA as a developed country.It's present generation opinion.

363   AmbrishPosted OnAug 27 2011 03:13:19
For me, you are one of the most respectable person. Still feel sad seeing condition of our nation (especially the root - political system). If people like you, anna, kiran bedi comes in power (political and technical), you will change the picture of the country in few months itself and India will be far better than the developed nations! I pray to God to show me that day. I knew I am not that strong to bring this change but I do pray for people like you to bring in power. Amen and Tons of Regards and Wishes, Ambrish

362   munesh kumarPosted OnAug 27 2011 02:50:42
sir, i m a student of civil engineering.sir i have taken a project to use a electronic device in civil engg. but when i talk about my idea to my friends they laugh on me. sir i have shortage of money too but no 1 helping me in my institution. this is the condition in almost all the institution. sir what to do in these condition. m too nervous.

361   sucheetaPosted OnAug 21 2011 21:09:04
it is said that there can be a bad father,but never a bad mother. ur article stired my emotions and introspect the noble role a mother plays in moulding children .i am a teacher and would be highly obliged if you cd talk to my students on relevance of values in a age where there are no role models except you.one man has made a difference and proved that truth,sinplicity , values, hardwork makes a man. I salute to you sir. wish and hope youwill accept our invitation t. till then we wait for your positive response.please let the spark ignite and spread to thouasand abdul kallam;s. salaam.

360   bhakkirPosted OnAug 20 2011 19:59:48
sir, i am bhakkir. i am studying engineering,.. i need your appoinment for our college function ,so how to contact you , please sir reply my to my mail id.. mobile no:9500581822

359   Praveen TripathiPosted OnAug 20 2011 17:18:24
respected sir, i am pass 12th class with 64% marks which is not good . i am not able to think about my future , i am feeling very dipress. sir, i want to know that ,when you face this type of situation and what you do for overcome this situation please reply me sir.

358   miniPosted OnAug 19 2011 12:33:57
PLease reply me sir

357   Rahul kumar vermaPosted OnAug 14 2011 10:45:44
Respected Sir, I am a student of bhagawant university where a friend of you Mr.S k shalwan is voice chanceller. Sir i am affraid about approval of AICTE as collage has no approval. It may be dangerous about us. Please tell me something. Thanking you in anticipation.

356   vignesh muruganandhamPosted OnAug 13 2011 11:57:04
Respected Sir, i am vignesh from trichy...my age is 18 ..you are my good inspiration ... Sir i have a solution against terrorism...i.e., cctv....if it is launched..there is no worry about terrorists..wat can we do to launch this as a rules sir....if it is launche there is also no murders,cheats, this is a only solution..to protect india....from terrorist...this is y optimystic thought sir...please help me to launch...i do knw any pessimistic causes from this launch....please advice me sir

355   RavneetPosted OnAug 11 2011 10:34:31
Respected Sir, I feel humbled by your experience. We are all cocooned our lives that we forget how blessed we are to have our mothers who are gods personified. I take my mother's existence as granted which is wrong as every mother has sacrificed for her children. When ever I read about you and see you on tv I am reminded of journey which is undertaken with steadfastness, preservarance and with hope in heart. We are lucky to see you in our life time. Regards Ravneet

354   Sujit Kumar GiriPosted OnAug 10 2011 14:09:39
My Ideal Sir, u r a man of my dream. When I had gone through yours profile in site, specially about the mother, touched me deeply. Sir, It is true that all mother can feel the pain of her children. We must have sort of words when praise the word 'Mother'. The god takes care of us as 'Mother'. I love my Mother.

353   neeraj sharmaPosted OnAug 08 2011 05:37:11
sir, i want to touch your feet.u attracted me badly dont know how when i was in 7th std. when i read your books like-wings of fire,mere path pradarshak,karishmaai kalam by p.m.nyar got senty but highly encouraged. now i m crazy about u to know as much as i can. waiting for your precious word......... your`s student neerj

352   Ahamed SulaimanPosted OnAug 07 2011 12:37:50
Dear Abdul Kalam , Asalamu Alaikum Insha Allah this para will lead every one to respect their parants particularly Mother .This is very important Massege for Our Nation & World . Allah enough to give Paradise to your Mother. long Live our secular INDIAN Nation with out any corruption .RAMADAN GREETINGS...... to All

351   KalaiarasiPosted OnAug 07 2011 10:59:09
truly filled with tears when i read this post. The mother, who made a Kalam like you, is truly great. My salute to ur mom.

350   LakshmananPosted OnAug 07 2011 08:16:59
The moment i read the lines upto Chapathi incident, i could not continue reading...my eyes become water falls...i love you Dr. Kalam, as I love my mother.

349   Telgaonkar ArchanaPosted OnAug 06 2011 16:32:55
Respected sir, you r my ideal person really sir the poem is heart touching. i want to touch your feet it's my dream & i know dreams are come true....

348   Ajay PatelPosted OnAug 06 2011 11:18:41
you r my great ideal person. hand salute sir........

347   DhilipPosted OnAug 05 2011 21:37:27
Sir iam really proud of you and your family sir.life is essential for man. man is essential for world.so we are connected one by one.

346   sujathaPosted OnAug 05 2011 16:39:49
Amma is a great word in the world. When I read poetry about our favorite Thiru. kalam's mother, i felt drops in my eyes and weight in my heart.

345   nidhi joshiPosted OnAug 03 2011 19:05:38
i love you baba........when i was reading wings of fire,i cried many times.really baba i love you.i want to touch your feet once.may god fulfill my wish. AMEN

344   kaizer goriPosted OnAug 02 2011 21:14:01
sir, it was a touching story

343   swethaPosted OnAug 01 2011 15:23:30
sir, i adore u.i love ur commitment to the society . and i am happy to say dat my mother is my inspiration in all that i do .she is the spark in me, the fire that wanted me to move on.i wish i could one day make my mother proud of me,just the way u did. n that will be the greatest gift a child can give her mom. respect u ,sir

342   manajit silPosted OnJul 28 2011 23:45:19
respeted sir, mother means for me,the world's most peaceful place where i sleep without any tension,she is like a tree who give me shadow,saves me from the unkwn sound of unhealthy.she cries if i get any little pain,she is teacher.she learn me how to stuggle for existance.she is symbol of hardwork,"if in human body, bone breaks they gets great pain but whenevr is labour pain,it is the 20 time more than the broken bone's pain...so for allover view,i nvr irrespct my sweet mom...i love u maa

341   MANJESH.KPosted OnJul 28 2011 21:43:36

340   SubratPosted OnJul 28 2011 14:54:02
Dear Sir, This is the 1st site I am seeing, where there is no negative comments. I always try to follow you. You are such a nice person such a great person I can't express.

339   Ramesh SPosted OnJul 27 2011 16:57:42
Respected Sir, Really our younger generation thankful to your mother, for the wonderful gift that she gave to us. Please save our country from corruption and bad politicians. Indian common man are starving for food but these politicians are not bothering about our country and common man. We to start a new freedom fight to save our nation against our own bad leaders.

338   tavva naga swathiPosted OnJul 27 2011 15:35:08
Yes sir i accept with u,because truely i believe that mother herself is god on earth.

337   ASHOK KALARUPosted OnJul 25 2011 14:48:43
Sir, I am hats off to your mother. I want to c this India and the world without any difficults and problems......India will become happy.....i am praying to god.....

336   Jiby GeorgePosted OnJul 24 2011 05:13:51
How can I type my comment while flowing tears through my eyes after reading this?

335   Mohammed Junaid ImranPosted OnJul 23 2011 13:24:36
Aslkum Mr. Abdul Kalam sahab, I'm Touched.. Alhamdulillah..We, who ever has parents are very lucky..bcoz they are the esp gift from Almighty. That is why ALLAH has given a esp place for Mother. The Paradise lay in the feet of Mother and Father is the Door to enter Paradise. So, lets be a true child to our parents and do our duties towards them and give them all happiness. Cheers, MJI

334   AijazPosted OnJul 23 2011 13:01:13
Dear Sir, Thanks for sharing it remind us to look ater our mothers... Thank you so much

333   RITIPSHA SATPATHYPosted OnJul 22 2011 18:46:24
dear sir, am a girl of age 13 yrs..in my literature book your poem "my mother" was there.wen were reading this poem in my school,my teacher said that Abdulkalam sir is very loving person who always loves children & replies them. so i am writing to you sir,hope you will reply me..u having a compassinate soul sir

332   Parth DavePosted OnJul 21 2011 13:58:11
truly mother is one the best creation of god which i also cannot describe through words.

331   Nitin MahajanPosted OnJul 21 2011 13:22:19
really you are a great sir............i have no word for these line...........awesome sir awesome..........

330   Shreya DeyPosted OnJul 20 2011 22:01:44
Sir,this is a very heart touching poem imporsonating the divine love and care of mother,this has made me realise how much important is mother for us... I love you "Ma" you are the most precious gift for me..

329   Beena MishraPosted OnJul 19 2011 17:30:49
Very heart touching lines, I might not forget covered under the title "Embodiment of Love". Your words really defined the meaning of MOTHER.

328   Heenakshi Posted OnJul 18 2011 22:40:10
I almost broke into tears. This was the most heart touching incident that i have ever read....the feeling of love towards my mother has intensified all credit goes to u DR APJ ABDUL KALAM .... thank you so much for enlightening me with such an inspiration .

327   muraliPosted OnJul 18 2011 17:21:17
it's very inspired sir.......

326   santhoshPosted OnJul 18 2011 17:17:59
very touching story, i remembered my mother. thank you sir

325   titiksha jainPosted OnJul 18 2011 15:58:32
This shows bad time never lasts longer and strong efforts and hard work always give sweet fruits....

324   ImranPosted OnJul 15 2011 23:54:27
Excellent sir..It reminded me of my mom..may be i am staying faraway from her since so many years, but after reading this it felt like as if my mom is here with me to care every time.

323   Neelam MadanPosted OnJul 15 2011 20:11:56
Very very touching Sir.

322   atit shahPosted OnJul 14 2011 22:04:32
tears in my eyes while reading this article. sir we indians are very lucky because of you with us

321   domnic anthonyPosted OnJul 12 2011 18:17:31
very touching sir

320   ABHISHEK JAINPosted OnJul 10 2011 09:34:06
I am very small to speak these word but app ek bahut bade adarsh hai mere hi nahi balki is bharatvarsh k us yuvha pidhi ke liye bhi jo app k jaise mission 2020 ko apne dhyan mai rakhe hue hai

319   Saroj MohapatraPosted OnJul 09 2011 15:39:57
Dear sir, I have no words to express my feelings but I wish every child should read this. Kind Regards Saroj

318   SureshPosted OnJul 09 2011 13:45:52
Amma .. a single word says it all.. Sir, respect you & assure to give all possible for a better humanity & better India..

317   kaviarasuPosted OnJul 08 2011 22:19:09
Dear sir, your childhood is very amazing surely we will achieve our dream in 2020

316   ARUN PANDIYANPosted OnJul 08 2011 13:34:57
Dear sir, its a wonderful article about mom. your's words will be true on 2020 but we must rise our hands and act against corruption...

315   SA NairPosted OnJul 05 2011 14:09:10
We cannot see God. So he created Mother

314   v.gowtham rajPosted OnJul 03 2011 12:39:14
dear young leader, At 2020,(I want my country as the powerful nation of the world not one of the powerful nation) for this cast students are the potential energy we follow your principles it gives a light to reach our destination within 2015. regards, your student GOWTHAM RAJ

313   Rathna RajeshPosted OnJun 30 2011 11:12:33
I am so much inspired with all articles of yours.

312   P.PadmajaPosted OnJun 30 2011 09:00:21
Sir I am really inspiring your way of life style. Your really a good hard worker sir......

311   Er. Aladu Jitendra Kumar PatroPosted OnJun 30 2011 02:17:11
Two days back I got this Devine site through google. Today i.e. 30th of june11 at 01:14am, after reading da topic MY MOTHER, I m recalling my crucial past with my beloved Father who is no more. I don't know that I m allowed or not 2 present da view of an Orfan. My DOB and CAR numer:1771. I am belongs 2 a joint family, my Father had 6 brothers & 4 sisters. I was a lucky boy that first SUN of elder of da family born in KABISURYA NAGAR OF HOLY ODISHA. My early life was joyfull, passed matric by retaining 1st class then +2Sc. then Diploma in Elect Engg. After completing da course I got no job upto Yr2000 which my Father enxiously wants because I am da 1st matriculate of our Big ALADU family and there were no Employ in our family. I get married on Dec2000 and I got my 1st daughter Teekkhshna on june2002 without income source! Because of our family prestige da situation not allowed 2 do any thing in our Village where Kavisurya Baladev Rath born. I left my door and went 2 da Capital Bhubaneswar 2 earn. I struggled a lot going door to door for selling of induction coockers. I was in empty stomach for twodays before I got my first earning! In da mean time my Father got illed thinking because of my future. He had been suffered a lot for me, he was bed retained for 7yrs n got so many types of pain due to paralysis, now I realise da patience of my beloved Mother. Now my Father is no more but till death his faith was on me that's why I m riding whith Swift-Dzire Car. See da Power of Faith! Now I m going to write my Autobiografy without pyracy for da people of Bellow Proverty Line(BPL). I conform that I will be an example for BPLs. I promice to do my lavel best 2 do Good for da Society n for my Nation where Bapujee, Kalamjee and so many Divine people r comming! I confirm about Kalamjee's VISION-2020! Da phylosofers, astrologers n many of all corners r telling that India will rule da Universe! I don't want 2 put any ? mark regarding da matter! dR. perFECT007! WILL 2 SOLVE!

310   yeshwant singhPosted OnJun 28 2011 20:51:56
our india is proud on u

309   RameshkumarPosted OnJun 27 2011 13:05:16
எத்தனை எளிமையான மனிதர்! இளைஞர்களின் மீதுதான் எவ்வளவு நம்பிக்கை! செந்திக்குமார நாடார் கல்லூரியின் வரலாற்றில் ம்ற்றுமொரு பொன்னாள், முன்னாள் குடியரசுத்தலைவரின் வருகை..வருகை தாமதமானாலும், குறையவில்லை மாணவர்களின் ஆர்வம்.. தங்களின் வருகை எம் கல்லூரி மாணவர்களுக்கு ஒரு புதிய தொடக்கத்தை ஏற்படுத்தித் தந்திருக்கிறது. தாயின்மீது தாங்கள் கொண்டிருக்கும் மாசற்ற பற்றே தங்களை உலகம் போற்றும் உத்தமராக மாற்றியிருக்கிறது...

308   M.S.Jothi RajPosted OnJun 27 2011 10:55:14
நேற்று எங்கள் ஊரில்(விருதுநகர்) நான் படித்த கல்லூரிக்கு(VHNSNC ) நீங்கள் வந்ததை பெருமையாக கருதுகிறேன்...எங்கள் ஊரின் சார்பாக நன்றியை தெரிவித்து கொள்கிறேன்.. உங்களின் உரை அருமையாக இருந்தது.. உங்களின் 'what can i give ?' இயக்கம் பற்றி கேள்விப்பட்டு இருக்கிறேன்..அந்த இயக்கத்தில் உறுப்பினராவது எப்படி?

307   லெ.சங்கரநாராயணன்Posted OnJun 25 2011 22:06:45
தாயின் பெருமை உரைத்த தாங்கள் எங்கள் பள்ளிக்கு நாளை (கு.ச.இந்து மேல்நிலைப் பள்ளி ஸ்ரீவில்லிபுத்துர்க்கு வருகை தருவதைக் காண ஆவலாய் உள்ளோம்

306   Dr.ThasneemPosted OnJun 24 2011 12:54:50
Truth always has its own value.your true expression of your mother is wonderful.this world would have been a difficult place to live if God has not given us mothers.they are so selfless and always giving.thank u for being a source of inspiration not only in the field of science but also with respect to relationships.

305   J.khajaPosted OnJun 23 2011 17:53:14
assalamu alaikkum insha allah thangalukku iraivn immailum marumailum arul seivanaaga

304   Mrs.Evageline Jennifer SundarPosted OnJun 23 2011 17:39:55
Dear Sir, Thanks for giving such a nice poem about mother and love. I feel proud to be a good Daughter of my Mom.

303   AkilaPosted OnJun 23 2011 15:27:53
Nice sir!!!!!!!!!!!!! U R the real president!!!!! i am the follower of you sir!!!!!!!!!!!!! U look as my grandfather in personality as well as character and calmness!!! But now he s not with me!!! So ilook him in ur face sir!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

302   maniPosted OnJun 22 2011 14:12:07
dear sir, its very nice,you r realy geate. youmy Rollmadal sir

301   maniPosted OnJun 22 2011 14:09:04
dear sir, its very nice,you r realy geate.your are my Rollmadal Sir

300   saravananPosted OnJun 19 2011 14:33:04
Dear Sir, Thanks for giving such a nice poem about mother and love. I feel proud to be a good son of my Mom.

299   MARKSIM KARKIPosted OnJun 19 2011 10:45:48
One of the inspirational and emotional article about mother and love. Hands off to you and your mother Dr.Kalam sir. Really heart melting..

298   MustafaPosted OnJun 19 2011 05:47:28
Simply I couldnt stop my tears after reading the poem 'Mother'. What a amazing!!!. May God bless you.

297   chittaranjan TripathyPosted OnJun 18 2011 15:19:28
Mother love is the fuel that enables a normal human being to do the impossible.The best example is you sir.

296    shree nolifer shiekhPosted OnJun 18 2011 13:11:24
your mother was so caring &loving ours also but what you have ralised how to strike in tough conditons to achive success nice we always follow u

295    shree nolifer shiekhPosted OnJun 18 2011 13:09:38
your mother was so caring &loving ours also but what you have ralised how to strike in tough conditons to achive success nice we always follow u

294   yuvarajPosted OnJun 17 2011 12:31:38
Respected sir, Really mother's are great.

293   sampathPosted OnJun 15 2011 19:58:19
Mother god's greatest gift given to a baby.Without mother we aren't there in this world.Love you mother.This is really a great poetry from the hands of indian greatest awarded scientist.Dedicated for the mother of mothers i.e; motherland INDIA

292   கிளியனூர் இஸ்மத்Posted OnJun 15 2011 18:19:46
*தாயின் காலடியில் சொர்க்கம் ஆனால் அந்த சொர்க்கத்திற்கு ஆசைப்பட்டு நீங்கள் தாயை நேசிக்கவில்லை... *தாய்க்கு நிகர் தாய்தான் நீங்கள் நேசிக்கும் தாய் நாட்டைப் போல... *நீங்கள் பிறந்த நாட்டில் நாங்கள் இந்தியர்களாக இருப்பதில் பெருமையடைகிறோம்..

291   SeshadriPosted OnJun 15 2011 17:12:31

290   C.G.CHAKRAPANI,CHENNAIPosted OnJun 15 2011 16:00:04
ears started rolling down from my eyes while reading this. It inspires everyone in all respects. Through your narration it is once again established that there is substitute for MOTHER. Sir you are so blessed to have such good hearts around you eventhough poverty was looming around you. Because their good wishes you became you rich to own innumerable hearts and to guide our country to the right path as torch bearer. May God bless you in all respects. I prostate to you to have such a nice person in our country. If I am allowed I would like to meet you in person whenever you, sir, come to Chennai next. Let us all work together for the betterment of our Mother India

289   C G CHAKRAPANIPosted OnJun 15 2011 15:51:07
Tears started rolling down from my ears while studing this. It inspires everyone in all respects. Sir you are so blessed to have such good hearts around you eventhough poverty was looming around you. Because their good wishes you became you rich to own innumerable hearts and to guide our country to the right path as torch bearer. My God bless you in all respects. I prostate to you to have such a nice person in our country. If I am allowed I would like to meet you in person whenever you, sir, come to Chennai next Yours sincerely, C.G.CHAKRAPANI, AO BSNL, CHENNAI TELEPHONES. 09444979790

288   ELAYARAJA@SINGAPOREPosted OnJun 15 2011 09:17:25
en uyirinum melana en kadavulukku vanakkam..ungal kudumbathai polave en kudumbamum & en ammavum,anal inru avargal illai.last 10 years i know about u.ungaloda sevai intha nattirku thevai.en thainattai ungalal mattume vallarasaga matra mudiyum.en thai nattu uravugalai varumayilirundu kappom varir thozhakale.ayyavin vazhiyil.JAIHIND.

287   arunbabuPosted OnJun 14 2011 02:42:00
Dear Dr.sir its very true relationship between mother&son.,you are really very lucky person bcoz she's ur mother!!!!!!!!

286   A.S.MEERA HUSSAINPosted OnJun 14 2011 01:16:16
I really like your true love for your mother. "Suvanathin paathayai ungal thaayin paathangaluku adiyil thedi kollungal - Prophet muhammad"

285   GoverdhanPosted OnJun 11 2011 18:03:02
honourable sir, there is no substitue for mother love in this world. true love............. every jeevan is enjoying mothers love. Mother nothing but God. Love... goverdhan

284   RajeshPosted OnJun 10 2011 20:01:19
dearsir....onemoon,onesun,and onuronlyonemanarmy...urgreatleaderofmycountry.urgod is gift.thanking u sir...

283   Ghaja HussainPosted OnJun 10 2011 16:33:07
Dear Honourable sir, Its true love between a mother & Son. I too should also wants too be & be.

282   VennilaPosted OnJun 10 2011 16:28:20
Dear sir, I love my mother so much similarly you. I have no words to say about your article. It is very painful... I can feel it.

281   venkatesanPosted OnJun 10 2011 12:19:04
very nice story for everybody.

280   siddeshwarPosted OnJun 09 2011 15:59:06
dear sir,u r really great in the planet....... i am really proud of u

279   V.SUCITHRAPosted OnJun 09 2011 11:50:53
Amma that word is a Very POWERFUL...and Precious Love....

278   R.T.ShankarPosted OnJun 09 2011 08:02:38
Symbol of Man, I can't Tell more than this Because now iam Crying. R.T.Shankar, Advocate, Pondicherry.

277   VELU ARASUPosted OnJun 09 2011 01:42:25
It's really painful phase of snuggle for survival.I'm my earlier days also happened one day like. I am very proud of your vision and mission and action. I pray for you and hope you can see the India, that your dram fulfilled. EFFORTS NEVER FAILS!!!

276   Raman KalraPosted OnJun 08 2011 23:40:44
your story is truly inspirational sir, I had read about your childhood in my 7th standard English book and I have now just finished my MBA, really long time but I still remember your struggle and it motivates people like me in India to work effortlessly and with dedication to become someone extra ordinary like you. Hats off to you APJ Sir

275   murugeswari.gPosted OnJun 08 2011 22:58:02
dear sir,really i'll proud of u.u know one thing,i'll change my life style after studied ur words.thank u so much to our guide...

274   nancyphilipPosted OnJun 08 2011 19:20:47
Dear sir its nice to read...I need ur help sir....I wish to become a IAS officer but i don't know from where to start so could you please help me for my study material...i pray to god to make you to mail me...please sir i hope you may read this... Thanks you, Nancy Philip

273   Aarthi.KPosted OnJun 08 2011 14:22:30
Really I was inspired by the Story 'Mother'. Amma enkinra oru sollal nam agilathaiyum kanalam.

272   manjakkollai saravananPosted OnJun 08 2011 13:35:52
i am proud of you

271   Sankar GPosted OnJun 07 2011 23:57:08
Dear Sir, It is very nice to read. I am proud of you being a indian we have got you as a Mentor for all Young Indians.

270   SwamiPosted OnJun 07 2011 23:33:05
The article about your mother is really great sir.I shed into tears after reading your article..no words to say...

269   vidhaishPosted OnJun 07 2011 23:04:58
This reminds that every seed has its power to grow, given a good environment conditions. "I wish all parents follow the same for their children and improve the whole wide world for Great generations to come!!!

268   jaffarPosted OnJun 07 2011 22:57:57
இன்று தான் இங்கே வந்தேன். தாயை பற்றிய பதிப்பு, மிகவும் அருமை. தாயை எந்த அளவுக்கு தாங்கள் நேசித்திருக்கிறீர்கள் என்பதை படிக்கும் போதே மனது என்னமோ செய்கிறது. தாங்கள் பல்லண்டு வாழ இறைவனை வேண்டுகிறேன்.asalamu alikum

267   SIVAKUMAR KANNANPosted OnJun 07 2011 22:41:58
Dear sir, Thanks lots, its really think my mother also. Mother always great, for all. Sivakumar,Kannamangalam

266   A.Senraya PerumalPosted OnJun 07 2011 21:56:59
we are all selfish in some way and forget all humans are our relatives in one way. But you make several to realise the fact of human mind and motivated directly or indirectly in several youths to serve for the human race. We all pray for your long life and need your guidance ever in our life.

265   Prabu RPosted OnJun 07 2011 19:52:25
Hi Sir, You are the best role model for all the students not only for Indians, for all the nations. You proved , Whoever lovingly his mother,he always love his Nation too.

264   RagupathyPosted OnJun 07 2011 19:46:54
I really embraced and had a memories of my mother, Mother is a living god. I got more respect on you after reading your experience and came to know about how did you struggle to achieve this path.Today most of our youngsters getting good life style and their studies was done in advanced manner, but you have studied in most difficult situation of your family and achieved this path and becoma a President of India.Really I am proud of you and me being a citizen of India. God bless you!

263   jani eraldPosted OnJun 07 2011 19:08:25
mother is always great when i was reading your store i think about my mother

262   Bro.Benjamin RajuPosted OnJun 07 2011 18:36:56
Dear Hon'ble Sir,Your Good Thought,& Good Aim is Lead to Truthful Indian,

261   U.KannanPosted OnJun 07 2011 16:15:12
Sorry for writing tamil in my previous post. U.Kannan Dubai

260   U.KannanPosted OnJun 07 2011 16:02:56
அய்யா..... என் வணக்கங்கள் பல... இன்று தான் இங்கே வந்தேன். தாயை பற்றிய பதிப்பு, மிகவும் அருமை. தாயை எந்த அளவுக்கு தாங்கள் நேசித்திருக்கிறீர்கள் என்பதை படிக்கும் போதே மனது என்னமோ செய்கிறது. தாங்கள் பல்லண்டு வாழ இறைவனை வேண்டுகிறேன்.

259   J.geethaPosted OnJun 07 2011 15:54:38
Respected sir, I got tears in my eyes which has no end, you had the love of universe through your mother,you are blessed, let the path of the great mother make the path for us to be a good mother we need your advice and blessings to make our children a good citizen of india..... thank you sir.

258   SivamuruganPosted OnJun 07 2011 15:30:54
Dear Sir, You are only one person in India inspiring all of us in all the way, you are second mother of all Indians. God bless you always sir.

257   Yousuf AmeenPosted OnJun 07 2011 15:28:12
Respected Sir, I am very happy when seeing this site sir, and also you are very enthusiastic person. Especially special thanks to god for giving you, you are always my lovable and respectable person. Thank you

256   PradeepkumarPosted OnJun 07 2011 15:03:37
Respected Sir...! I am very happy for reading your MOTHER poem. YOU are my rolemodel sir...!

255   SEKAR VENKATACHALAMPosted OnJun 07 2011 14:25:38

254   Vishnampettai santhanam SrinivasanPosted OnJun 07 2011 14:10:03
Respected Sir, I Love you very much. My only ambition in this world is to be with you always as a assistant

253   Chandrasekar.KPosted OnJun 07 2011 12:26:51
Sir , Unga amma pathi padichahum enaku ipa than enga amma oda aruma theriuthu...

252   stalinPosted OnJun 07 2011 12:15:57
Dear sir, i am fan of your words .

251   S.VARATHARAJAPosted OnJun 07 2011 12:15:42
Respected sir, After reading this completely, really i am cried.....All mothers are great......i don't have word to say how your great. You are very great sir. You are my role model. by VARATHARAJA.S

250   Dr. S. Mohamed AliPosted OnJun 07 2011 12:12:47
Respected President, touching and inspiring story. No wonder your mother acted sensibly and performed her duty in a respected way and became a role model not only for to-be mothers and shown the world through her actions "how one should treat the hard worker worker by giving timely rewards (in your case you were given only chapathi or extra rice)and motivation. To my understanding, she lived as true Muslim women as described and cited in "Holy Quran" and what Rasoolallah said. There are few persons only can foresee or perceive certain things which are going to happen in this world after sometime (few years later). I think your mother correctly predicted that you're special one and go to greater heights that is the reason she took care of you and paid attention in every matters (include for sending Maths tution). There are two reasons for me (still) to address you as "President" though you have joined now the formers list: 1). I believe most Indians still think and forever think "you are their president always because you lived for them and inspired them through your acts. 2). I worked in USA and learnt that Americans always call their former President also "President" only other than the current one. It is good practice and it should be followed Universally. I agree that our Parliament system is different from theirs. Whatever the way "you are our beloved President forever".

249   muthukumaranPosted OnJun 07 2011 11:59:34
Respected sir, You are very great sir , you are my role model muthukumaran,Dubai

248   KannadasanPosted OnJun 07 2011 11:49:31
Respected sir, After reading this completely, really i am cried.....All mothers are great......i don't have word to say how your great.

247   Vijayakumar ChidambaramPosted OnJun 07 2011 11:30:05
yengalin paasamum mathipum mariyaathayum niraintha ayyavuku vanakam, ammaavai patriya thangalin kuripukal manathai migavum nekila seyyumpadiyaaga yirunthathu. mikka makilchi. thangalin ninaivukal nichayamaga yellOrukkum avarkal thaayai ninaivootiyE theerum. amma yendra vaarthaiku anbu, paasam, parivu, yirakam, karunai, thiyaakam yendru pala arthankalai sollikonde pogalaam. avatrin mottha urvamaaka thangalin amma yirunthathaalthaan yengaluku ungalaipondra oru manitharul maanikam, arivin vidivelli, murpoku sinthanaiyin naayakan, uyarntha aasaan, naatuku kidaitha perum kodai kidaithulleergal. neenga yirukum kalathil naanum yirukiren yendru kidaithathe yenaku kidaitha peru pEru. atharkaaga kadavukum yenathu nandrigal. neengal nandraaga pallaandu vaazha yiraivanai vendukiren. mikka nandri. vanakam.

246   Anwar SadikPosted OnJun 07 2011 10:32:08
Dear Sir! Assalamu Allaikum Really she is very awesome! Great!! Defenetly Allah provide Jannathul Firdouse to your mother...!

245   Elangovan.DPosted OnJun 07 2011 10:18:41
Dear respected sir, your great sir your excellent sir your greatest person in our India. I think we are lucky person sir, because I really inspired after reading the story of your mother. Our parents are equal to god. In my life I face some problems but they are not painful to me. When I was facing the problems my mother will understand that what the problem is about. She understands me very well. I am working in Anna University College of Engineering Villuppuram. i love my nation and our mom. Barat Matha. ?Jai hind?!!!!

244   ARSAD KHANPosted OnJun 01 2011 17:26:32

243   ANIL BISHNOIPosted OnMay 28 2011 13:35:22
Dear sir,i respect u as my creative guru ji because i very inspire to your nation building lines like"Creativity leads to thinking,,,,,,Thinking provides Knowledge,,,,,,knowledge makes u Great."guru ji i heartly pray to GOD for your complesion 2020 mission and long long life for you.Guru ji we needs to remove all kinds of negativity regarding curruption,terrorism,Unemployeement etc........"Inspiration plus education{knowledge} is tha goal of true Education"should be in every Hindusthani............ANIL BISHNOI.

242   ParvathyPosted OnMay 26 2011 13:54:10
Dear Sir, Proud of you sir, and I am so happy that we are blessed to have a person like you as our President. Please bless us for becoming responsible citizens and contribute to our Mother India..

241   Mrs.Evageline Jennifer SundarPosted OnMay 26 2011 13:46:47
Respected Sir, I am very much interested to eradicate the poverty alleviation, corruption, and social reforms. what can i do. kindly give your valuable advise.

240   $arry..........Posted OnMay 26 2011 13:11:18
Dear Sir, From paper boy to President of India, Wow. Now I understand how this was possible - because of your love and respect for your mother which transpired into Love & affection for India. Indeed and bydeed you are truly a Great Personality. You are my idol. I really inspire you.....

239   haribansh kumar agrawalPosted OnMay 25 2011 00:38:29
i do not have words to say. but i can say only one thing that you was my idol. we were very lucky to have a president like you.

238   vineethPosted OnMay 24 2011 19:56:42
Dear sir i am a child of agressivenes and did not know the value of mother after reading your heart melting story towards respect to your mother i really salute you for your idealogies and you are an inspirational teacher to me.

237   satish KumarPosted OnMay 24 2011 17:22:38
Dear Sir. I have never seen human like you. you will be there in my pray all ways. May god bless you Sir Thnks Satish kumar.G

236   adeelah naushinePosted OnMay 20 2011 07:28:53
Dear Sir, Indeed you are an epitome of a hardworking person from a very young age till now. I am greatly inspired to make my parents proud of me as am the only one who is blessed in my family to achieve the dream of my father by studying abroad... I wish I could meet you one day Sir. Thank-you for being someone that give strength to others in what you do...May Allah Bless you..

235   DevigaPosted OnMay 19 2011 18:31:37
Dear Sir, I was so lucky today and it is a unforgetful day in my lifetime to meet you and give a handshake. It's like a dream come true.. After reading your article about mother, i am so touched.. May God bless you forever..

234   Durgesh Kumar ShuklaPosted OnMay 17 2011 17:02:24
respected sir, i was really inspired of your thoughts abt mother, father and specially for human being...sir u are my mentor....i wrote a book whose name is wings of dream which is inspired by your book(wings of fire). now a days i m writing a book (dream velly).sir i want to meet you. but don't know how to reach n meet ....sir i m little bit weak in english so don't mind sir. jai hind jai bharat.

233   SangeethaPosted OnMay 16 2011 17:36:05
Respected Sir, Hw r u, you are one of the human being I admire the most in this world & we are all proud that live in the century while you are there for us to guide & encourage. The words & encouragement that you give to the younger generation was not done by any other representative of aby field so far. Thank u for being so........ I wanted to meet you, which is one my dreams. If u replied me for this i will be so happy that atleast I have received some blessing through the internet from your end. Sir pls take care of your health. You need for us for a very long time................

232   John AlexPosted OnMay 12 2011 17:49:27
Resp Sir, I was very inspired by your thoughts on the purity of a mothers luv, I was one of the 12 children my mother a very pious lady brought up,when ever she took me to church she would pray and prode me to look at God, and she would say look God is looking at you, I would search & search but found none, but when I looked at her I knew she was seeing God,and I could see God through her eyes,it struck me that you also felt the same when your dear Mother was saying the Namaz and you looked at her Qualities of a Mother first to get up last to go to sleep is a sweeper,a cook,a dhobi,a teacher,a beautician,a nurse,a scavenger, a tailor,a banker,an interior decorator,all rolled in one, she was more pious,sympathetic,& compassionate on the whole no other form of love can be more pure than a mothers love, I am happy and successful because of my Mother and I share the same passion that you have thanks for the nice poem, Sir! I will always look upto you and people like you I pray that give you long life & happiness

231   SnehaPosted OnMay 09 2011 15:54:24
SIR VANAKAM!!!I am very much moved by ur inspirational quotes,a mother is the one who can understand us and mould us, i am really thankful to god has he as given me a wonderful mother as you, my service to mother and mother INDIA as been surely increased after reading ur quotes.Thank YOU SIR....

230   sajithPosted OnMay 08 2011 08:21:19
sir, we are proud of you. your quotes, thoughts, dreams may lead my/our country to a developed one. THANK YOU VERY MUCH. I TOO WILL HELP IN IT FROM MY FEILD, Sir.

229   SANJITH SPosted OnMay 07 2011 14:17:33
Sir, I was very much impressed with your talk regarding technologies etc. But while i read the writings about your mother i have no words to express........ God Bless You.......Long Live........Until your Dreams get success.

228   Arvind Kumar popatPosted OnMay 05 2011 17:26:30
Dear sir, everyone has his/her ideal personality in life. for me you & my father is ideal persons. i am really very big fan of you . your thoughts and simplicity always inspire me. this my greatest wish if someday i can meet you .

227   Javed TanweerPosted OnMay 04 2011 15:24:53
Allhu Akbar May Allah be given her Jannah

226   Suresh BarathyPosted OnMay 03 2011 11:02:43
Dear Beloved sir, I am a person more inspired by two personalities Poet Vairamuthu and Dr. A.P.J.A.Kalam. You enlightened and inspired me alot. Always when I am reading your books it brings spirit on our nation and mother. Long live Dr.A.P.J.A. Kalam. Jai Hind!

225   manikandanPosted OnMay 02 2011 01:54:22
respected sir, i am always affectionate with my mother after reading this...the affection on my mother is increased further and hats off to you sir... we are feeling great to have a person like you among us.

224   soumya vermaPosted OnMay 01 2011 11:28:54
Respected Sir I am great fan of yours..It is heart touching and incredible.please keep writing sir.thanks for such a wonderful material.

223   RajkumarPosted OnMay 01 2011 09:04:34
Dear Sir, After reading this completely, my eyes are tears..... All mothers are great......

222   Muhd Tahir AhmadPosted OnApr 29 2011 11:10:57
Allahu Akbar!! very touchy and inspiring.... One of the best lessons for all of us.

221   Ashish SharmaPosted OnApr 23 2011 05:25:53
Dear Sir, Such lovely words with deep feelings can only be from a most honored mind like you. I am deeply touched with your words. Thank you for all you have done for us as a nation.

220   Suresh Kumar. RPosted OnApr 20 2011 18:33:12
Respected Sir, I cannot tell you how inspired I am of your life and your teaching. I always wanted to be a simple person in my life with values which I imbibed from my Father and my Teachers, most of the times I am successful but sometimes with the wind of life I have to travel, but never given up the values or the goodness of simple life. I got a 6 year old son, When he was 3 year old I dreamt of giving the first character of knowledge to him from your hand and looked around ways to reach you, but failed. But I want to tell my son to be inspired by you and grow up as a responsible citizen and a good human being. I am a fan of you, your living and your thoughts. All the best in your endeavours and may God give you full strength to you. Suresh

219   K ManikannanPosted OnApr 20 2011 13:37:07
Good Evening sir, I impressed so much to read about a mother. I remember my mother if she is live I too feel good to hug my mother bad on faith their is no chance still i seeing mother in each and every mothers. I Feel all mother are great, i pray god mother should live still the son and dauther live for ever. God is Great He Created a mother each and every person to share their childrens feeling I Thanking to God for ever. Thanking you sir,K Manikannan

218   SHIVAM SENPosted OnApr 19 2011 16:36:21

217   sujeetPosted OnApr 19 2011 13:55:35
sir, you face struggle, hearing this i become sorrow, then i loss my sorrows and become too much happy that if anyone want to be great then he should be work hard.

216   sujeetPosted OnApr 19 2011 13:46:51
This shows that people becomes great by his works. You struggle too much also sir, but by struggle you becomes one of the greatest person of my India. I am proud of you. Student shoud be inspired by you. If student is poor they do not lose his courages, he should keep on his study. which teaches me a lesson, I am also a fan of you sir.

215   chandiraPosted OnApr 18 2011 16:52:02
sir,i am poor girl,and my father is physically challenged.i am doing my degree(BE,ECE)in chennai.sir i want to achive in my profession.i want good guide.i want to do somthing for our nation.sir PLAESE HELP TO ME SIR.

214   aakansha mahaveriyaPosted OnApr 17 2011 20:03:25
Gud evening Sir...... After reading that all i m so inspired by u..........n Sir u r my ideal....

213   NajmuddinPosted OnApr 15 2011 13:14:05
nice post sir, each and every son will like this. may allah give her place in jannat el firdose... Najam

212   Santosh TalghattiPosted OnApr 14 2011 15:43:13
Pandurang Hari.. PraNaam sir, glad to see your words about your mother. Hats off!! to her who gave birth to divine universal son who not only enlightend the world but self. Your memories with her and your poem displyas the inner love and in-deepth affection towards the divne appearance 'Mother'.......Thanks for this post..I also pray to your mother to shower the grace on us to be like you for universal upliftment. Santosh Talghatti Santosh Talghatti, 09657067210

211   M.BHARATH KUMARPosted OnApr 12 2011 11:00:32
Dear respected sir i dont have a words to speak on this movement.but one thing say that it's excellent.....it is also very small word for ur respectable thing on ur mother......excellent .excellent .excellent .excellent....

210   afzal husenPosted OnApr 09 2011 12:26:40
Dear respected great sir, assalamualaikum u, ur mother, ur family & ur works is not only great but they are infinite times great & proudness for all of indians .thanks sir

209   CHEPURI RAJUPosted OnApr 07 2011 20:51:19
Good Evening sir, I impressed so much to read about a mother. I remember my mother if she is live I too feel good to hug my mother bad on faith their is no chance still i seeing mother in each and every mothers. I Feel all mother are great, i pray god mother should live still the son and dauther live for ever. God is Great He Created a mother each and every person to share their childrens feeling I Thanking to God for ever. Thanking you sir, ch. raju

208   N,R,SHEKARPosted OnApr 03 2011 15:37:49
ur great sir

207   RiyathPosted OnApr 02 2011 20:17:08
Dear Respected Sir, You article on mother is Awesome.The presentation on mother love to children narrated nicely. it is real feeling of love and affection to the mother .Just i have shared my view about your article sir. With Warm regards, Riyath

206   ViswanathPosted OnMar 28 2011 20:11:49
Respected Sir, You article on mother is Awesome.The presentation on mother love to children narrated nicely.But it is real feeling of love and affection to the mother .Am not that much lucky like you Sir,I lost my mother at smaller age.I don't Know the affection between the son and mother,going through the your article on my mother i knew it sir.Really this article tell me am a unlucky person in the world missing of mother love and affection.Just i have shared my view about your article sir. With Warm regards, Viswanath G

205   R.G.Navamani.Posted OnMar 25 2011 15:57:48
This article motivated me to love my Mother still more......

204   IqbalPosted OnMar 24 2011 15:28:38
Very nice

203   preetiPosted OnMar 19 2011 12:49:17
I pray the almighty God to fulfill your divine wish.Whenever I read you I feel I am blessed to have my parents with me.

202   sadanand maliPosted OnMar 18 2011 01:46:01
sir, im impressed to know about ur inspring Mother. May god shower her with his blessings.

201   Garima Posted OnMar 17 2011 15:51:48
Dear Sir I feel lucky to read about your mother. She must be for sure a lady of great kindness and humble nature. I feel proud that you are one of us and still have so good qualities in you. I feel proud and want to do something for India and make a mark and write a page of mine. I heard you on 10 March, 2011 in ITM, Gurgaon. Please guide us the same way the way you are doing since years. Regards, Garima

200   SambhanthanPosted OnMar 15 2011 12:53:57
Really Impressive Sir. Tears came out of my eyes when reading this, An inspiring piece for students like me.. I would really like to read the moment when you met your mother after the successful launch of Missile. It would definitely have been a heart touching incident and I am really eager to read and enjoy that Sir. Thanks, Humbly, Sambhanthan

199   SambhanthanPosted OnMar 15 2011 12:16:08
Dear Sir, I was touched by the incident you have narrated here. I could also feel, how you would have overwhelmed to note the compassion and care your mother has showered on you. It is really inspiring. Not for a very rich child with all the required facilities, but for a child from middle class family, who strives to achieve excellence in life. I kindly request you to post the feelings of your mother when your missile was successfully launched. "Eentra polzuthil perithuvakkum than maganai Chanron enak ketta thaay" It would be really inspiring and heart touching for all us to read that moment narrated by your good self. Humbly yous, Sambhanthan (From Sri Lanka)

198   Ritesh K. SharmaPosted OnMar 13 2011 14:45:47
Good Afternoon Sir, i Dont know whether this comment is reached to you or not? but i want to say that your mother is like god come in the form of love and she gave her blessing to you, this is really speechless.... i am pursuing M.Pharmacy and want join you, i have heared that you reply all comment and letter and post.... if this is correct then pls reply me.... your address i want to post letter. thank you very much sir, Ritesh K. Sharma

197   yunusPosted OnMar 08 2011 13:08:39
sir I am a teacher in a higher secondary school in kerala. I always read your site and delivering the message to to my beloved students. They are all inspired a lot. thank you very much sir. sir I would be happy so much if you sent me a replay mail to my id. with love A teacher

196   Arun Kumar KansotiaPosted OnMar 07 2011 01:46:40
sir you very mind it ,i am very love to my parents sir,i am very proud to indian.my aim i wil see u,and speak with you sir. And Sir Me Aapse Milna Chata Hu.. but abhi sochta hu kaise milu...........

195   Gaurav NemadePosted OnFeb 27 2011 10:49:10
Sir I heard that u r coming in Dombivli And i m Selected to meet u .i Cant believe that i am going to meet an ex-president of india. i m bringing an autograph book pls give me ur autograph. urs faithfully Gaurav Nemade

194   preamPosted OnFeb 24 2011 21:08:33
really nice sir,i am very love to my parents sir,i am very proud to indian.my aim i wil see u,and speak with you sir.

193   Krishnakumar SPosted OnFeb 22 2011 15:44:45
Respected Sir, This article was well written. This is an example for "Hard Work - Never Fail" and "Love of Mother is Larger than Ocean"

192   RM. RamasamyPosted OnFeb 19 2011 18:27:39
Most Respected Sir I am really very proud of only one thing that i am also living in the period which you are living.

191   EmmanuelPosted OnFeb 19 2011 18:09:07
Respected Dr.Avuul Pakeer Jainulabdin Abdul Kalam sir,u r so great.I don't know how to express your name,because that much great u r...I really loved your poem which u written about the mother.. dear sir, I am a student who is doing b.com course in kottayam in kerala...I heard your speech at that moment and u told us to come in this site and communicate.sir,i really loves to communicate with u in my e mail..... thank you bharat matha ki jai

190   YASHAVANT HARNEPosted OnFeb 19 2011 15:42:23
Respected sir, you are great and representative of god, unfortunately, in our country there is no lack of intelligent, shrewd,rich and powerful people but person like you difficult to find.

189   AnithaPosted OnFeb 17 2011 13:58:11
Respected sir,my nameis anitha you are my roll module sir i am studying cs its a professional course ...i want to be become a good company-secretary dis is my aim ... surely i ll help to my society ...my sis huge fan of you... v are very eager to meet ...

188   sureshPosted OnFeb 16 2011 16:35:53
sir please remove that rating box.It is true love.who love his mother.we don't have any right's to rate that..

187   NarmadhaPosted OnFeb 16 2011 11:57:04
Dear Sir, How are you? I am narmadha, doing Phd chemistry. you are legend, i dont know how to express my kind, love and respect on you. I would like you to suggest me some ideas for my future. I wish to achieve in my field, so please, sir I am need of your guidance. Thank You Sir

186   Mohd.Mustaqueem KhanPosted OnFeb 12 2011 07:01:19
Respected Sir, Yesterday first time i heard u live in GIC,Basti,UP.Your inspiring speech has left a very good change in my personality.I'm a teacher by proffesion & I promise you to give my best to all my pupils.Thanks for giving your valuable time to Basti.May Allah give you life of thousand years,Its our nation's pride that we have a Man,Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam,who lead the torch and ready to show the path to everyone.Once again a Great Salute and Big thanks from citizens of Basti,for giving us a life changing day...

185   umesh chandra mauryaPosted OnFeb 11 2011 15:41:40
hi......respected sir..... how r u?/??? sir i am bds student ..sir i am very happy to see u first time in real in basti (GIC)uttar pradesh...sir please suggest me abot my medical profession..sir the thing which u tell i accept as order..in the last i want to thank u again to visit in basti.

184   umesh chandra mauryaPosted OnFeb 11 2011 15:35:54
hi......respected sir..... how r u?/??? sir i am bds student ..sir i am very happy to see u first time in real in basti (GIC)uttar pradesh...sir please suggest me abot my medical profession..sir the thing which u tell i accept as order..in the last i want to thank u again to visit in basti.

183   Na prabakaranPosted OnFeb 10 2011 17:23:13
how r u ....sir .i like u more sir.. i am working as a thermal power plant engineer in rajasthan. i love my nation and our mom. barat matha. eni ellam jeyame

182   raviraj.rPosted OnFeb 08 2011 19:32:58
respected sir it was great pleasure to me see u in belgaum (karanataka)sir especally for me sir because it was great moment for me sir that whene i answered for ur question that who are three important person's in life............. sir after listening ur speech i'am more confident on my aim sir......

181   Ramya.PPosted OnFeb 08 2011 12:43:24
Respected sir actually i lost my mother but i realy saw my mother behind of that poem

180   PRIYNKAPosted OnFeb 07 2011 10:36:23
respected sir, bharatwasi aur hamara yeh mahaan desh aapki mother ke hamesha aabhari rahenge jinhone hame aap k jaisa honhar deshbhakt diya,,, aaj unko aap pe kitna garv hota hoga....u r a true son of 2 mother one is yr mother and other is BHARATMATA... we proud of u sir JAI HIND JAI BHARAT

179   Jayesh WalkePosted OnFeb 06 2011 23:02:19
Respected Sir, I have heard you today in Festival os Ideas in Goa. Its my Pleasure to hear you live. Really a lot can we give without spending money. In these days with such speedy and Competitive life most of us fails to maintain our family relations, all matters is only money which we need to spend every where these day. But your story motivates to think about our elders.

178   lakshmi prithaPosted OnFeb 06 2011 19:26:35
Dear sir,I was moved while reading about your mother.Really nothing can replace mother's love.Hope your mother played major role for all your success,as we are having you to encourage ourself now.

177   rajesh chhedaPosted OnFeb 06 2011 19:20:36
i just heard you at the Festival of Ideas in Goa, and alongwith my 14 year old son, we were absolutely mesmerized by your eloquence and your humility. Yes, you have certainly done your great mother proud and your spontaneous answers were simply awesome. I have taken the pledge to do something good for the nation. with deep respects, rajesh

176   k.prasanthiPosted OnFeb 06 2011 09:31:12
sir, Namaste.It is my great pleasure to have a chance of writing this comment.Mother is god for us.Every word which is written by you is for all mothers.my mother loves me,and she has a lot of faith on me.I pray to god that my mother should always be happy.You are my great inspiration.I promise to definitely help my country INDIA.

175   k.prasanthiPosted OnFeb 06 2011 09:29:37
sir, Namaste.It is my great pleasure to have a chance of writing this comment.Mother is god for us.Every word which is written by you is for all mothers.my mother loves me,and she has a lot of faith on me.I pray to god that my mother should always be happy.You are my great inspiration.I promise to definitely help my country INDIA.

174   Muktinath VishwakarmaPosted OnJan 26 2011 10:01:26
Sir, I am a student living in Nagpur. I am studying the full story of Your mother which is written by You. Which is a great stories. Sir, You are great becouse Your mother ware great. You had lot of Inspiration from her. But, You are my source of inspiration.. Sir, If it is possible then communicate with me through my e-mail id... Thnks sir for a such a beautiful story...

173   chandan jaiswalPosted OnJan 22 2011 17:24:19
My almighty..when i was writing this tiny massege..i was crying..i know two things in this world one is you and other is the sun!!..plz give me your bless almighty!..i dnt know if my life ends i will only miss your feet..that i will never touch. keep blessing me almighty i dont have trust in God i know you and the Sun.

172   bhavaniPosted OnJan 21 2011 19:04:18
it is so touching to read Dr kalam's portrayal of his mother. what an inspiring story.

171   rushali bhawaniPosted OnJan 13 2011 23:57:17
mother is just like heaven for every child and with this poem one person can realise that mother is the only soul in this world which becomes the helping hand in all phases of life.

170   Dinesh Singh RawatPosted OnJan 13 2011 23:31:57
Mother is a like open sky , which is endless, free and abundance. Its depends upon u how you feel and sense her, Sir, you felt and sensed @ 10 that's great and heart touching. Regards

169   Vasanthi SubramanianPosted OnJan 06 2011 16:55:58
Dear Sir, Please guide our children to live without TV, which spoils most of their time and make them tired and sleep late at night and wake late in the morning Affectionately Vasanthi

168   DhanyaPosted OnJan 03 2011 14:19:48
Sir, You Words are valuable inspiration for students ,youth etc of the Great Country India...But there are many chidren living in streets they do not get even primary education and read your words.

167   artika bansalPosted OnDec 29 2010 21:06:06
sir i m ur great fan. your poem is full of inspiration.sir i m a student of 8th class and this poem is given in our book.the first time when i read this poem,i found it really inseparable.sir this poem have made me understood that experiences are the way to become great and mother holds a great position in making a person successful

166   Maheh BiradarPosted OnDec 26 2010 07:08:24
Respected Sir, first i will wish you for visiting the Tadteganoor village (Small village of Gulbarga Dist.in Karnataka)0n 25/12/2010. I am 27 years of age and your are my IDOL. I am also from rural student (near to Tadteganoor village) I have completed my B.E (Instrumentation) I am working in pvt company as Asst.Engineer for last 2.5 years.But I am very much interested in agriculture,dairy & plantation.can i quit the job and involve in agriculture,dairy & plantation? My Mother - most inspiring - touching and I was constantly weeping as I read about your mother. To having known and also reading that such a great personality is all humility. Sir,write regular emails to you for advise in life. yours Mahesh Biradar

165   TejalPosted OnDec 22 2010 14:33:31
Hello Sir, It's heart touching!!It is really nice to read your articles, books, poems. Hope, we will always get motivation and inspiration from you. We are lucky to have you as Scientist, President, Citizen of India!

164   ramesh narain kurpadPosted OnDec 18 2010 18:49:17
Dr.Avuul Pakeer Jainulabdin Abdul Kalam, Respected Sir, I am 62 years of age and your are my IDOL. My Mother - most inspiring - touching and I was constantly weeping as I read about your mother. To having known and also reading that such a great personality is all humility. Grew up distributing newspapers, but went on to become father of our nuclear weapon and finally the most popular PRESIDENT in the world. Sir, you say - your mother is divine and angelic - how true - she knew - you are going to perform many many great deeds in this world and hence the extra chappati's. Now isn't that somebody divine who would know in advance and do such an act. ? Sir, I would be much more indebted to you if I could keep my continuous dialogue with you and write regular emails to you for advise in life. yours reverently, ramesh narain kurpad

163   anjali and yashaswiPosted OnDec 16 2010 18:56:42
sir,i am a student of class 5.i honour u and want to greet u personally with my younger sister.my father translated and explained very emotional fact of your tin age struggle.i know nobody can take place of his own mother, but i am promising u that i will sure pray to god for u and mother.again i will never hurt my parents and elders.perhaps you are not knowing, your presense is always inspiring us to do right thing.once again pranam and jai hind.

162   IsbelPosted OnDec 16 2010 08:36:52
dear sir i am a great fan of u i really get motivated hearing ur story if i try i ill be able to reach my goal isn't it sir

161   SUSANTA KUMAR RAJGANDHAPosted OnDec 14 2010 01:46:17
Respected,Dear Sir, You r the dimond of our country,if it will be harmed then our mother(country) will become handicapped with out any legs so not a single person in this world,not only in this world but in this whole universe want their mother to be handicapped,so please be with us for ever and ever and support us to stand straight .Sir within this single word mother(MAA)the whole universe is contained.This three lettered word MAA possess the universal strength.The whole world is empty without mother.Mother is the only person who created the lords(God)and mother is the only person who created you and we got a dimond.Sir many people say that God is invisble but they are totally wrong.I can prove that God is vissible.When ever i come out from my home for some important work i use to close my eyes to pray God but as i have not seen them the image of my parents(my father and mother) comes in front of my eyes and from that time onwards i understood that God is always with us and every time i bow my head in front of them and start the work.Sir i too belong to a very poor family but still because of my parents i have reached upto MSc level in NIT,Rourkela.I have met you in our college in 2009 in 7th convocation.Sir finally i bow my head in front of a mother to give such a great man to our nation in form of a gift.THANK YOU SIR.JAI HIND.

160   Dr. OKM AbdurahmanPosted OnDec 12 2010 00:14:01
assalamu alaikum Resp sir, Some where I could read from your lines as: You could read more because of your mother, She loved you more than other children and she was giving you more kerosene oil to read at night. This memorial is much important in this era where elders are expelled from own homes to senile homes. sir, thanks a lot for your motivation to the students including me to dream..........

159   naveen bommu Posted OnDec 11 2010 15:02:17
hello sir i have seen the the love and sweetness in ur words and try to write more books.

158   shailendra kumarPosted OnDec 11 2010 11:23:34
Hello sir .....really it was a big sorrow of your life......... struggle and scarifice both are part of our life....... i m crazy about u........sir

157   Dr.Rajashree ShindePosted OnDec 08 2010 12:57:23
I read "My Mother" full story.Very touchy. Entered my heart directly.Many people write on Mother's,each one express their love,affection, hardtimes,support to family, prominent role in the family etc, but this story is different.It has expressed sacrifice,devotion and dedication.

156   meenamuruganPosted OnDec 06 2010 12:09:28
it's so realistic . i feel my childhood time !!

155   Navin SundarPosted OnDec 06 2010 04:07:53
Respected Sir, Your devotion and respect for your mother has had a profound influence on your readers. There arent many who venerate and really understand the sacrifices made by their parents. Your love and affection for your mother is indeed a perennial source of inspiration for all the youth of our country.

154   AnushaPosted OnDec 04 2010 06:50:07
Respected Sir, First of all salute to your mom for giving us such a great person. I am looking forward to work hard to reduce poverty in India. Let Education bloom and give everybody a knowledge of thinking. India is for unity and not to separate anybody seeing caste creed or religion. Everyone is equal. Please I would like to request you that, you should advise everyone out their to stop differentiating people through religious aspect. Thank you very much.

153   Nafiz NazerPosted OnNov 22 2010 17:54:55
respected sir, i am a great fan of you.your life history really motivated and encouraged me .

152   Abdul latheefPosted OnNov 22 2010 16:18:49
respected sir, i read this,

151   BalajiPosted OnNov 22 2010 02:11:27
M is for the million things she gave me, O means only that she?s growing old, T is for the tears she shed to save me, H is for her heart of purest gold, E is for her eyes, with love-light shining, R means right, and right she?ll always be.

150   anithaPosted OnNov 19 2010 15:00:31
i lost mother love at my ten years , but i imagine my mother love in your words sir because i am also now mother

149   PRADEEP DASPosted OnNov 18 2010 20:39:35

148   Anupama sharmaPosted OnNov 18 2010 16:19:42
Respected sir, I'm a biggest fan of U n U r my inspiration..... U r a man of qualities... who overcame all hurdles n obstacles of life... salute to u...

147   GunaseelanPosted OnNov 18 2010 00:19:31
Dear Sir, What should i say when we are speaking about "Mother". Its truely someone special, someone great and someone who is selfless when it comes to her child. A truely sensational and touching incident that you have quoted. And the greatest part is the inspiration you have mentioned about. Jai Hind. Let peace and harmony flourish.

146   PulkitPosted OnNov 17 2010 15:33:45
Respected Sir , How are you?I am a very big fan of yours.I have listen your audio autobiography named 'Parvaz'.I am feeling very bad because if you remember you came to Bhopal for 'Eklavya' mission there I saw you and I tried to shake hand with you and get your autograph but I can't.

145   bipin yadavPosted OnNov 14 2010 16:27:01
sir,you are great. you are inspiration. sir i want to ask a question?

144   abbasPosted OnNov 13 2010 19:41:15
sir it was really hearth touching of the incident of your life of chapaties. simply mothers are great. it is said when gods work was overload he created mother but it is very much true.

143   pralay kumar Posted OnNov 12 2010 17:40:52
dear sir, i think still now every mother loves her child though we cannot love our mother like u so we are lacking of strength and confidence. actually we are well euippede with degrees but not well educated.we need to teach our sisters the actual education which can produce a mother like your mother and a child like you. thanking you sir , and for all of my friends : keep ur drem alive,god will sure make us together

142   S.GanesanPosted OnNov 12 2010 13:15:04
Respected Sir, I am very much interested to eradicate the poverty, corruption, and social reforms. what can i do. kindly give your valuable advise.

141   S.GanesanPosted OnNov 12 2010 12:03:31
Respected Sir, I am very much interested to eradicate the poverty alleviation, corruption, and social reforms. what can i do. kindly give your valuable advise.

140   M.GunasekaranPosted OnNov 12 2010 11:53:01
Respected Sir' I was highly elated with your enchanting and eminent speech and advises. I assure you that i will follow your advises wherever possible in my life, and i will do small helps to the needy people as you said yesterday. Thanking you

139   PAUL JOBEPosted OnNov 11 2010 15:47:38
No words to express my sincere appreciation!!!!!!!!! Dr. Abdul Kalam is a real leader, a leader who knows what's life from '0' in literal sense, and so his words shall be valued more than pearls......, I simply love you Kalam Sir...

138   Santosh Mani TripathiPosted OnNov 09 2010 16:15:06
sir as we all know u r a great writer who with the help of his literary & oratory skill had conquered the heart of not only indians but too of everybody i enjoyed ur poem & writings with great pleasure.

137   vinay guptaPosted OnNov 04 2010 18:15:46
sir, im class 12 commerce student,,, of dps bokaro... i hve gone to ur poem my mother... sir this will change my love towards my mother.....mothers r vey emotinal . caring ,,,thnks u sr... n very happy diwali to u sir

136   Sree Harsha UddandamPosted OnNov 03 2010 22:15:17
Esteemed Sir, Children mainly get inspired by their parents first and then their teachers. But you have been my motivational source since a long time now. My father works in RCI( your child). I have attended couple of your speeches and it was really shocking to see you with great energy. I love my mom as you did sir, the difference is I can't write a beautiful poem to express as you did. But the poem is really a master piece of all times. I have read you books lot of times. It would be great if you write more inspirational books like Wings of Fire. Thank you Sir and Jai Hind!!

135   logiPosted OnNov 02 2010 14:42:15