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Jul 25 2007
Updated on Jul 25 2007
Published bywww.abdulkalam.com
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Born on 15th October 1931 at Rameswaram in Tamil Nadu, Dr. Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam, specialized in Aeronautical Engineering from Madras Institute of Technology. Dr. Kalam made significant contribution as Project Director to develop India's first indigenous Satellite Launch Vehicle (SLV-III) which successfully injected the Rohini satellite in the near earth orbit in July 1980 and made India an exclusive member of Space Club. He was responsible for the evolution of ISRO's launch vehicle programme, particularly the PSLV configuration. After working for two decades in ISRO and mastering launch vehicle technologies, Dr. Kalam took up the responsibility of developing Indigenous Guided Missiles at Defence Research and Development Organisation as the Chief Executive of Integrated Guided Missile Development Programme (IGMDP). He was responsible for the development and operationalisation of AGNI and PRITHVI Missiles and for building indigenous capability in critical technologies through networking of multiple institutions. He was the Scientific Adviser to Defence Minister and Secretary, Department of Defence Research & Development from July 1992 to December 1999. During this period he led to the weaponisation of strategic missile systems and the Pokhran-II nuclear tests in collaboration with Department of Atomic Energy, which made India a nuclear weapon State. He also gave thrust to self-reliance in defence systems by progressing multiple development tasks and mission projects such as Light Combat Aircraft.

As Chairman of Technology Information, Forecasting and Assessment Council (TIFAC) and as an eminent scientist, he led the country with the help of 500 experts to arrive at Technology Vision 2020 giving a road map for transforming India from the present developing status to a developed nation. Dr. Kalam has served as the Principal Scientific Advisor to the Government of India, in the rank of Cabinet Minister, from November 1999 to November 2001 and was responsible for evolving policies, strategies and missions for many development applications. Dr. Kalam was also the Chairman, Ex-officio, of the Scientific Advisory Committee to the Cabinet (SAC-C) and piloted India Millennium Mission 2020.

Dr. Kalam took up academic pursuit as Professor, Technology & Societal Transformation at Anna University, Chennai from November 2001 and was involved in teaching and research tasks. Above all he took up a mission to ignite the young minds for national development by meeting high school students across the country.

In his literary pursuit four of Dr. Kalam's books - "Wings of Fire", "India 2020 - A Vision for the New Millennium", "My journey" and "Ignited Minds - Unleashing the power within India" have become household names in India and among the Indian nationals abroad. These books have been translated in many Indian languages.

Dr. Kalam is one of the most distinguished scientists of India with the unique honour of receiving honorary doctorates from 40 universities and institutions. He has been awarded the coveted civilian awards - Padma Bhushan (1981) and Padma Vibhushan (1990) and the highest civilian award Bharat Ratna (1997). He is a recipient of several other awards and Fellow of many professional institutions.

Dr. Kalam became the 11th President of India on 25th July 2002. His focus is on transforming India into a developed nation by 2020.

By, Dr. APJ Abdulkalam

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Dear Sir, I have no word for you ,i have a great wish is i want to talk with you and get some inspiration .because i have a very poor family and my father is suffering in heart problem .my father want that i am become IPS in future ,Again sir i want to talk with you only 1 m because i know your time is very valuable pls.pls sir if you give a chance then i proud of in my whole life.............pls

1123   Alok Kumar GautamPosted OnNov 29 2013 12:02:00
Sir, m so inspired and impressed by ur biography

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1121   TIRANKARI MANI TRIPATHIPosted OnNov 22 2013 12:44:42
Respected Dr. Kalam I wish for your good health.

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1119   Vikas GuptaPosted OnNov 18 2013 16:02:56
Good night.Thank You.

1118   Senthil Raja KPosted OnNov 15 2013 14:16:24
I am a big fan and follower of you.Thank you very much for all your literatures and inventions. I want to speak to you once in my life time.Also I am trying to do part time PhD in pharmacy. Can any one suggest me the University and guide.

1117   JoyPosted OnNov 14 2013 02:00:03
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1116   VIJAYKUMARPosted OnNov 12 2013 12:13:08
Honourable Kalam Sir, You are the soul of inspiration for everyone in the world.Your Birthday will be a memorable day for all your devotees and followers.We wish you in advance delighted happy birthday for Kalam Sir.

1115   Prof. Gopal Chandra BayenPosted OnNov 08 2013 18:21:19
Sir,Since my past days I am a fan of you and also of your writings.I have read your poems with care and got an inner call to write something on this in Bengali Language.So I had started to write an essay and finally it has done.It has published in sharodiya Sankha of 'GOOD MORNING ASANSOL'magazine,(Asansol,West Bengal) in October,2013.The name of this essay is "A P J Abdul Kalamer Kabita: Swades Bhwana O Onnanya Prasanga". My prayer to you that you must give your bless to me.My Respect to you.

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1113   roshan vermaPosted OnNov 05 2013 08:48:03
H'ble Sir,After the visit of your kind meeting on 07/05/2012 ,our students recall you as much as they can.Long live for better India sir.Regards. -Principal,Govt.H.S.S.Sidesar ,Chhattisgarh

1112   V.Adhithyan YadavPosted OnNov 02 2013 19:09:31
Our GREAT "LIVING" Scientist, born as a middleclass kid, grown up with a Brilliant Dream of Fascinating discovery to claim INDIA as a superpower emerging NUCLEAR nation, to build LOVE FOR NATION among Young Indians, to preach PEACE living methods to world nations via scientific approach......

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1109   Nilesh MantenaPosted OnOct 29 2013 21:07:07
Dear Sir Hands up. .proud of u sir i have read ur "Wings of Fire" book. .which gave me great inspiration sir. Myself belongs to poor family. . Wanna lead a life like urs sir. . jai hind. .

1108   manmohan singh Posted OnOct 23 2013 21:49:39
good evening.sir..... I read your profile and biography and inspired your word. You are open campus for youth generation... Bye

1107   sameenaPosted OnOct 20 2013 14:29:51
Wish you a many more happy returns of the day ......belatedly.

1106   Gulshan BhatiaPosted OnOct 19 2013 19:06:43
Respected Sir, Good Evening, Sir, First of all I w'd like to thank you and salute you. we always try to learn from your great character and your quotes. Sir, is it possible to get an appointment from your valuable time, as I want my children to meet you and get some tips for their future educational and social life.

1105   Jagadish Gangadhar MahalePosted OnOct 19 2013 12:01:33
Hon SHRI ABDUL KALAM, Please accept my best wish on your Birthday dated 15th of October. I have read the Wings of Fire. I wish yuo long and healthy life. AAP JIYO HAJARO SAL SAL KE DIN HO PACHAS HAJAR.

1104   RanaprathapReddyPosted OnOct 16 2013 18:44:05
Hi sir, Belated Happy birthday ....in my life i have few aim in that one of my aim to see you .... you are like Drona for me ... when i was read you in my body <220 power supply generating ...thank you sir ............

1103   ANU KISHAN RPosted OnOct 16 2013 09:42:07
Matha Pitha Gurur Daivam To you my Guru,Drona... Ekalavya... Belated Wishes to Honourable Sir...

1102   Rajiv Kumar Posted OnOct 15 2013 14:08:56
Hon'ble Sir Happy Birthday on the Occassion!

1101   LAKSHMI KANTH MANTRIPosted OnOct 15 2013 12:33:05

1100   Bharathi MPosted OnOct 15 2013 10:35:11
Many more happy returns of the day sir... By your next birthday hope all the dreams about India (2020)come true...

1099   Mayank Malhotra & his mother Neeru MalhotraPosted OnOct 15 2013 09:49:24
Sir, First of all, I wish you Happy Birthday to you from our side. "Bar Bar din yeh aye Bar Bar dil yeh gaye tum jiyo hazaro saal yeh meri hai aarju, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO SHRI ABDUL KALAM JI, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU. I am Neeru Malhotra, mother of Mayank Malhotra, who has awarded First rank in 2008 in Senior category in DRDO Golden Jublee Function. Sir I shall be very grateful to you if you provide government job to my son Mayank Malhotra, He is very telented boy and he has recently done MCA from IP University in Bharti Vidyapeeth College and also passed the CTET Exam but till date not got the government job. You are requested to please do the needful as I am divorcee lady and my son's Phone number is 9810546941 and my number is 9910353734.

1098   Vivek GautamPosted OnOct 15 2013 08:22:26
Thank you for all your guidance, inspiration and support through the years. Loads of wishes to a great and devoted person. Happy birthday sir! Jr. Faculty FWEI, Kota Rajasthan

1097   Mokshada GautamPosted OnOct 15 2013 00:00:06
Happy birthday sir... Sir, you add so much to other?s life in your own way to do everything, that?s why you?re wished every single good thing in your birthday, a new beginning. Have an unforgettable day! Jr. Faculty FWEI, Kota RAJASTHAN

1096   Dr Evance WilliamsPosted OnOct 11 2013 05:24:47
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1093   Subrata Sen, 30-Out Post Road, P.O. Barrackpore, Kolkata-700120Posted OnSep 29 2013 19:30:28
Hon'ble Sir, You are the Role Model of the present generation. In those days of pre-independence Sri Aurobindo was the role model of the students. His historical speech to the students ignited the whole psyche of Nation . But unfortunately his Vision of New India and the World is now being ignored by our materialistic minds of the so called educated class. The politics has swallowed up our idealism, nobility and vitality. Spirituality in India has taken a back seat . In this situation we like to see you with a New Role to come up and make some model experiments in the field of education of New India. --Subrata Sen,30-Out Post Road, Barrackpore,Kolkata-700120. email:subratasen044@gmail.com

1092   Subrata Sen, 30-Out Post Road, P.O. Barrackpore, Kolkata-700120Posted OnSep 29 2013 19:08:32
Hon'ble Sir, You are the Role Model of the present generation. In those days of pre-independence Sri Aurobindo was the role model of the students. His historical speech to the students ignited the whole psyche of Nation . But unfortunately his Vision of New India and the World is now being ignored by our materialistic minds of the so called educated class. The politics has swallowed up our idealism, nobility and vitality. Spirituality in India has taken a back seat . In this situation we like to see you with a New Role to come up and make some model experiments in the field of education of New India. --Subrata Sen,30-Out Post Road, Barrackpore,Kolkata-700120. email:subratasen044@gmail.com

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1087   Prof. Gopal Chandra BayenPosted OnSep 15 2013 23:59:16
We believe that You the true Indian who has a real Indian character in mind and soul like Goutam Buddha and Swami Vivekananda. I salute, I thankful you sir, for your powerful activities for bringing our country into a developed strong nation . My prayers for your good health and long working life. You are the symbol of courage and courage.Since Independence we have not seen a true patriot,scholar and head of a nation like you.

1086   THIMMAPPAPosted OnSep 06 2013 20:54:48
Sir I'm from RGUIIT BASAR...

1085   Niki HingadPosted OnSep 02 2013 11:24:53
Dear Sir , I am an artist , exploring my wings on a metaphysical concept called - " SHUNYA", or so called ,"Zero" in the modern world. With the exhibition,due to occur in Mumbai,at Jahangir art gallery from 16th - 22nd Oct.'13, I aspire of collect views from a few exemplars of their own fields.Be it an artist ,ascetic, a musician ,an actor, a philosopher thinker or anything ... we all try to attain this realm ,though we all may have a different attribute towards it . Sir,I see you as the Einstein,in the field of intellect and academics,hence would appreciate to get your perception on this notion, called - "Shunya". (As in what acc. to you is "Shunya". How or What is that you can relate with this concept as an individual or a scholar.) I would deeply appreciate if I can get your appraisal in a few lines for the same. Your feedback will help me to reach this phenomenal abstraction to every seeker (nationally and internationally), who are in the constant quest to look for this answer. I'll eagerly await for your expression on the above subject. Regards -- Niki Hingad Artist Founder NHAF- Art foundation nikihingad@gmail.com

1084   Sarath KumarPosted OnAug 19 2013 15:13:50
A true Indian who could ignite fire in the Youngsters after Swami Vivekananda. I salute you sir, for your tireless activities for bringing our homeland into a developed nation as per vision 2020. My prayers for your health and wellbeing. JAI HIND

1083   Serene Rose Sam, XB, Somerville School Greater Noida.Posted OnAug 17 2013 18:29:18
Dear Sir, I want to dedicate and share a poem written by me on the 15 August 2013 titled "DAUGHTERS of INDIA!! I am a DAUGHTER OF THIS LAND of ?INDIA?, OWNING MY SHARE of the Ganga, Yamuna and ?BHRAHMAPUTRA? The Himalayas, Deccan and the ?VINDHYA?, Soil of the Ayurveda, Aryabhatta and ?KAMASUTRA? It makes me proud when I think of ?ZERO?, Subash Chandra Bose and Mahatma Gandhi - a true ?HERO?, Land of Urchins, lepers and destitute cared by a Mother?s ?BENEVOLENCE?, FREEDOM by Satyagraha, Peace and ?NON VIOLENCE? But now, it makes me to shudder and ?DESPISE?, When I see violence and Rapes and Values ?CAPSIZED?, A country where ALL WOMEN were treated as ?MOTHERS?, Protected and revered in the past by ?BROTHERS? BUT STILL I too, have a dream of a ?MOTHER LAND?, As the Tricolour Flag flutters in all ?HINTER LAND?, SAFFRON ? when everybody does duties as a ?DHARMA?, WHITE ? in peace and GREEN ? preserving Mother Earth in all ?KARMA? INDIA ? will bear more women of ?SUBSTANCE?, WOMEN OF SKILLS, TALENTS enough for the country?s ?SUSTENANCE?, To bring honour, dignity and esteem among all ?NATIONS?, WE, THE DAUGHTERS, PLEDGE OURSELVES IN SERVICE- FOR THIS ?NATION?!! serenerosesam@gmail.com Thanking you, Serene Rose Sam

1082   SANDEEPPosted OnAug 15 2013 22:24:19
We are here more than 600 Indian students, studying at University in USA. We will like to hear you through video conferencing. Your lecture will be really motivational and inspirational for all of us who are started or on the verge of completing higher education at University. Can I get any contact through which we can fix appointment in coming month.

1081   dr.jagdeep kaurPosted OnAug 15 2013 19:11:31
Sir,kindly accept our invitation as chief guest on our mega convocation at Rayat college of education,Railmajra,distt.S.B.S.nagar(55 kms.from chd.)Sir,we leave the finalization of date upto your convenience and availability.Its our dream to have you amongst us for this great day of our students of B.ed. and M.ed.Kindly oblige us.Waiting keenly for your reply.Thanks and regards.Dr.Jagdeep kaur,Principal,Rayat College Of Education

1080   amruth glPosted OnAug 14 2013 14:54:39
sir , im studemt of jawahar navodaya vidyalaya chamarajnagar , we are celebrating silver jubilee on 17th and 18th of this month , so if you are free on any of these days ,we want you to come to our college and inspire the students . sir please if you are free we want you to come to our college , since alumini students from all over the world are comming it would be interesting to have you as our chief guest.sir please ...

1079   JESNA VARGHESEPosted OnAug 13 2013 14:35:22
Respected Sir, I want to meet you in person. I know you are busy. but it is something important. can I get an appointment.

1078   Bharath DevendraPosted OnAug 11 2013 20:45:02
Hello..?? Sir I am just a student from a school Of The Paradise Residential School... and I am studying in 8std And "I AM PROUD TOO WRITE AN ESSAY ABOUT YOU AS A PROJECT AND I LEARNED LOTS OF THING FROM YOU SIR" which my teacher has gave me too doo.. and sir if you can help me please send me some very important saying which you have said sir to bharathlegacy@gmail.com Thanking You,

1077   selvarajPosted OnAug 11 2013 11:43:19
Iam selvaraj from dharapuram. Iam studying mechanical engineering in mahendra engineering college.I want to speak you sir, can you give me your email id sir.

1076   Praveen Kumar PandeyPosted OnAug 10 2013 15:51:22
I have read nearly all your books but i like most "ignited mind" and "vision 2020". I want to ask one thing that could it be possible that in 2020 we will see yourself as developed country. What you predicted is nearly right at time of 2002-2008. But after year 2009 it fallen down very rapidly.

1075   VardhanPosted OnAug 10 2013 13:31:23
sir I am aXAVIERITE studying in 7th in SURAT in Gujarat I came in indoor stadium to listen your speech.i was inspired and it helped me very much there is only one wish of mine that I want to at least 1 percent achieve your words

1074   john wilsonPosted OnAug 07 2013 22:00:35
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1073   SANGEETHA TPosted OnAug 02 2013 12:43:04
sir, u r always great.we are really proved to have leader like u sir.always u are the great leader for youngsters.

1072   AnbalaganPosted OnAug 02 2013 06:57:51
Dear Sir, All was awesome commend to lead our nation as well as our self also thanks a lot I also want to be a leader like follow your words learning-Creativity-Thinking-Knowledge-leader

1071   Ajay kumar thakur Posted OnAug 01 2013 16:11:08
Respected sir, touch feet compliment,lots of regard,wishes,affection to your feet. sir really u r ocean of knowledge,having innovative ideas u have glorified the nation.For the first time i came across your blogs and am writing some message to you. sir, i read your recently speech in verginia,i overjoyed myself. Sir, how to become a scientist in DRDO having acquiring B.Sc degree in 2005 and was selected for the post of Admin assistant.

1070   V TejaPosted OnJul 30 2013 16:24:00
It was very inspiring article.

1069   JOHNS JOSEPH.CPosted OnJul 29 2013 20:18:52

1068   V.BalasuppiramaniyanPosted OnJul 27 2013 21:31:19
Respected sir, I am V.Balasuppiramaniyan,studying eleventh.I am to do a project on energy.My idea is..in street lights there is wastage of electricity when no one crossing that particular.So,to reduce the use of electricity we can fix a sensor on streets which makes the lights on when only humans and vehicles cross and lights off when no one.This could save maximum electricity.My question is,Is it possible to make such a sensor and will it be cost efficient and how to make it? I request you to give an idea about this project. Thank you

1067   B.kalaiyarasanPosted OnJul 27 2013 03:59:27
u are a visible god after my mother.

1066   Vemullah MurrliiPosted OnJul 20 2013 11:16:44

1065   josey joyPosted OnJul 18 2013 21:11:21
sir,u r my inspiration and role model

1064   NeeluPosted OnJul 18 2013 08:53:00
Sir,your life as a student inspires all those Indian students who leave up their study due to financial problem,or other reasons.You Inspires us to get Education at any cost.More than any foreign country India need your help.Only Role models like you can decrease illiteracy rate of India. Please,connect to rural India also.

1063   Dr. Kudrat-E-Khuda BabuPosted OnJul 18 2013 03:33:56
Sir, You are really a great man. For the first time I saw you in Dhaka (Bangladesh) when you came for the 1st Convocation of Private University UITS (www.uits.edu.bd). I have also attended in that program as a teacher of Law Department of UITS. I learned a lot from you from that program. I also can remember the valuable speech of you which was `I can do, you can do, Bangladesh can do'. Sir, long live with name & fame in the heart of the people. I like you so much, I respect you so much & I love you so much from my hear. You are a great man in my mind. Wish you all the best. With thanks: Dr. Kudrat-E-Khuda Babu. Assistant Professor & Head. Dept. of Law, University of Information Technology & Sciences (UITS), Baridhara, Dkaka-1212, Bangladesh. Cell: +8801716472306. www.drkkb.com

1062   SandeepPosted OnJul 18 2013 03:16:42
Dear Sir, My name is Sandeep and i represent an Indian club in NZ. We have more than 1500 active student members. Every year we do "Diwali Night" at University of Waikato where more than 1500 people attend the event. The good thing is they all are students. Sometime i listen to their thoughts, problems, complications and i found that they got easily distracted with New Zealand culture and their values starts diminishing. I would like to invite you to New Zealand for Diwali Night and it would be awesome if you do the speech and enlighten these students. I really appreciate that, i dont know whats the procedure, but if you get back to me i will try to make it possible. Thank you Sir

1061   Ipsita Madhumita DasPosted OnJul 03 2013 16:25:18
Respected Sir, "Wings of Fire" was the book I did get as a gift on my 18th B'Day! The inspiration within not only enlightened me, but also motivated my mother,who forgot about some past mistakes and started life with a new and significant way.What you have said about your father's view about definition of spirituality is most memorable for me. I have changed and in future my dream is to change the youth,being a professor. So,I sincerely seek your blessings. Thank you.

1060   Ganga Bhavani TaruPosted OnJul 03 2013 10:18:01
sir i read your wings of fire.that is very wonderful book to very poor student.i inspired though that book.In that book you told to engineers which brach u want to choose.when i read that book immediately i choose good branch which one i interested.Thank you sir.I am fully confused which branch i choose but when i read oka vijetha atmakadha then i select best branch.

1059   Jayachitra.CPosted OnJul 01 2013 19:37:32
Sir, Your "wings of fire" highly inspired me. As a mother, I would teach your views and success story to my child. Jai Hind

1058   NikhilPosted OnJun 30 2013 16:43:03
AWARENESS AMONG CLASS 12TH STUDENTS LACK Sir students have no awareness about career after 12th except about Doctor or Engineer...A huge number of studentd are blinly trying there luck in MBBS and BTech Cources. The only resaon behind it is unawareness. Please sir find ways to develop creativity and faith in themselves to work for there own interets.

1057   nisyPosted OnJun 27 2013 23:57:58
the real wings of fire.....not 4 india only....4 the world...salute sir....jai hind

1056   krishna kumarPosted OnJun 26 2013 14:25:53

1055   ChetanPosted OnJun 22 2013 00:31:49
sir,first time on your profile..!! Thank u for leading india as leader. you are working on nation development. sir, i have some questions about it..! only education is enough for child's development.? is it compulsory that, your child needs only private school education than any govt. school? people are attract towards the private schools. so,what about those child, who even can't get their primary education. no one is taking care of it. please, share your views and suggestion on this, to me..!!

1054    B APPARAOPosted OnJun 21 2013 18:52:16
sir you are my roll model

1053   Gaurav khanna]Posted OnJun 19 2013 21:02:22
sir you are the roll model for me. you are the heritage for us.a source of inspiration for the whole youth.

1052   MuthumaniPosted OnJun 19 2013 15:12:41
Sir you are great. U true Indian

1051   ABANIKANTA BHADRAPosted OnJun 18 2013 01:04:02

1050   R.DINESH KUMARPosted OnJun 17 2013 22:02:50
Sir I want see directly face to face sir, Its Possible

1049   Rakesh MondalPosted OnJun 17 2013 18:43:07
Speechless sir... You are my role model..And I wish one day to be like you... Man of science. Man of vision and much more... Science starts from you sir.. Someday wish I could be also like you. wwww.rakeshmondal.info

1048   w.c.arunaachalamPosted OnJun 15 2013 09:10:14
kalam sir namasthe I m living in Chennai studying +2 currently during +1 I started one association named NEW GENERATION SOCIAL REFORMERS ASSOCIATION I didn't got legal registration till now but surely I will do that sir my greatest request is to have you with us for the youths of our association in a meet can you sir please sir if the legal registration fails it can be a private meeting sir please it is a great pleasure to have u with us sir I got the message that you are now staying in Chennai only so it is possible for you sir as u said in all the fields youth must be involved as per that guide lines I would like to promote youths towards administration,social service and myself wanted to be a doctor come good politician and wanted to become PRIMEMINISTER OF INDIA and prosper the country. I need your appointment sir please my phone no:9176879718 and my address is no.1, mottai garden, 12th lane, oldwasermenpet, chennai-21. sir I found a way to converse with you sir I m happy I m waiting for your reply sir I hope the reply will be with the assurance to participate in our meet thanking you sir thanks a lot for reading this

1047   ANKIT SHUKLAPosted OnJun 13 2013 22:57:13
Respected Sir, The mission for which you are so hard it is very near about to complete. And we all pray to god that you become the president of INDIA once more. The INDIAN YOUTH are really the fan of you.

1046   MANIKANTAN BPosted OnJun 10 2013 16:11:45
Dear Sir, I like you & your thoughts , i want to meet you sir this is my request

1045   jubinjosephPosted OnJun 09 2013 13:22:33
dear sir, i am really inspired by your words. i wish to be a scientist like u . i wish to researh on renewable resource of energy . i know that sir is a busy man but i wish to hear from sir . i stay in boarding and i can't use internet so if sir can write to me please send your advises on kallookulangara [h] pampavalley north [p.o] kottayam[dist] kerala india . pin 656810 i wish my reseach can help india develop faster jai hind

1044   anujaPosted OnJun 08 2013 11:59:00
sir, i am so much inspired by your fantastic words....... i have an intense desire to meet u soon.... i am praying 4 that..... will u give me a chance to meet you?? you are a great personality and my role model...... i am thankful for all your services and for your life which you dedicated to our mother country INDIA.....

1043   subymonbennyPosted OnJun 03 2013 18:47:28
Respected sir , My name is Suby Mon Benny .Iam very happy to write this letter to you .I am also very happy to read your profile .It is very interesting .Sir now I am studying in class 9.My dream is to become a zoologist.To achieve this goal what all can I do?I am also weak in maths .The marks are not up to grade.I want to score A1 in all subjects. Thank u sir for reading this letter.

1042   SANGEETHA.GPosted OnJun 02 2013 17:10:14
Hello sir , from the day i read 'WINGS OF FIRE' I'm searching for the best language and precious words to PRAISE you.... you and your books are my inspiration & I'm very proud to be an INDIAN and I'm very sure that INDIA will become a developed country... our dream will reach action very soon.. we love you genius

1041   SANGEETHA.GPosted OnJun 02 2013 16:50:10
Hello sir , from the day i read 'WINGS OF FIRE' I'm searching for the best language and precious words to PRAISE you.... you and your books are my inspiration & I'm very proud to be an INDIAN and I'm very sure that INDIA will become a developed country... our dream will reach action very soon..

1040   Y.MounicaPosted OnMay 31 2013 11:11:26
Sir,please come back and be our president sir. Mother India needs your help. Unless you come back to your position India 2020 may not happen and it may remain as a dream. Please sir it is our sincere request.

1039   Aleena Carolin AntonyPosted OnMay 23 2013 11:03:00
My dream is to see you directly at least once in my lifetime. Hope god fulfill it.

1038   PADMAVATHYPosted OnMay 23 2013 10:53:59
Dear Sir, I am completed PG in ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE at ANNA UNIVERSITY. Our earth is facing two important problem is ozone depletion and global warming.pollution, over exploitation and population explosion are the main fundamental causes for above said issues. To make the solution for this...the whole world have to be unique in thoughts to conserve our earth.please suggest the steps to be taken. The whole world work together for our earth means a great result will arise. so please share that very effective measures to be taken.

1037   Sakshi DhawanPosted OnMay 22 2013 22:26:49
Sir,when you visited shrirampur in vidyaneketan school that time i shaked my hand with you 2 times i was so happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. thank you sir...........................

1036   Manasvi AgarwalPosted OnMay 17 2013 21:06:53
Sir, I had read your book 'Turning Points'. I loved your vision 2020 dream. The India which you want to change is facing a lot of problems. I am a student. My focus is on education. If we look at the education sector in India we will find corruption in it. Private schools and colleges are taking our country down. The trustees are busy filling their pockets. You are a good motivational speaker. I request you to come once to Meerut Schools and give us a good speech.

1035   karthick raja selvarajPosted OnMay 02 2013 03:12:59
U r my inspiration uncle, am karthick raja selvaraj. Engineering complete paniiruken, nenga ena mathiri students parthu kannavu kannugal nu soniga , nan epa nama India army defence side pathi oru technology or oru thoughts kannava kanndu iruken. Atha yarta solanum nu Theriyala so nenga thn athuku full porupu Nan unga kida antha idea's en thoughts yelam share pananum so plz contact me r mail me with ur busy time, because for my dreams u only the responsible person who told dream about future India so contact me sir , waiting for ur duties

1034   karthick raja selvarajPosted OnMay 02 2013 02:59:16
U r my inspiration uncle, am karthick raja selvaraj. Engineering complete paniiruken, nenga ena mathiri students parthu kannavu kannugal nu soniga , nan epa nama India army defence side pathi oru technology or oru thoughts kannava kanndu iruken. Atha yarta solanum nu Theriyala so nenga thn athuku full porupu Nan unga kida antha idea's en thoughts yelam share pananum so plz contact me r mail me with ur busy time, because for my dreams u only the responsible person who told dream about future India so contact me sir , waiting for ur duties

1033   R.DINESH KUMARPosted OnMay 01 2013 23:38:18

1032   KarthickPosted OnApr 29 2013 15:34:45
your grate sir........

1031   vijay sharmaPosted OnApr 27 2013 16:46:21
we salute you Sir & your thoughts for India & Indians also appreciable, your positive thinking about solar energy motivate me & I'm working on same. Jai Hind.

1030   kamaraj.rPosted OnApr 25 2013 11:17:58
sir i am and my friend had a project for reducing power cut completely in tamilnadu so we need your help for that we should tell our project to you and to ready to establish it

1029   vinay m sanghviPosted OnApr 17 2013 16:30:49
Respected Sir,we people of barshi dist.solapur, maharastra wants to invite you on occassion of compliting 150 years of common library in our city.we wish you come as guest of honour as per your convinience in between december 2013-february 2014.pl reply and oblige.

1028   KarthikeyanPosted OnApr 06 2013 14:05:48
Respected Sir, You are the Great Inspiration to me and for all Youths, After Reading your Books, I really interested to serve For the Nation. Your contribution to INDIAN DEFENCE sector is highly Remarkable. I am a Mechanical Engineering Student and Following your path to Serve for our Defence Industry.. I want your Guidelines and Blessings to do my M.TECH in GUIDED MISSILES at DIAT-PUNE. I assure you sir, I try my best to uplift our Nation to reach Self Reliance in Missile Technology. Thankyou Sir.

1027   VijayKiranPosted OnMar 30 2013 09:49:38
Sir, I have an idea of replacing LCD's(Which counts no of Seconds)at the traffic Junction.

1026   SHANMUKHESWARPosted OnMar 17 2013 09:28:30
Jai Hind Sir I am a soldier and wish any of you like like minded instructers to visit a remotly located NIT Arunachal to educate students. Thanking you Sir

1025   Digvijay Atul DeshmukgPosted OnMar 16 2013 20:25:11
Respected sir, I really want to talk something important which I can only share with you and not with anyone else! I am writing this to u because I heard somewhere that you reply to the youths of India.... Thank you Faithful to you and the country Digvijay INDIA

1024   santosh kumar senapatiPosted OnMar 11 2013 20:40:20
Dear Sir, I congratulate you from the deep core of my heart finding you on website for the first time. I am 26 now. I m a student as well as a professional in the electrical field as an electrician. I want to help all those poor students living near my village not able to pursue engineering and become an engineer in india due to financial backwardness . they have great talent within them . if they are being helped a little , they would become the shining sun of knowledge and can help dispel the darkness of ignorance & poverty from our country. Pls. give me some suggestions on this point. Thanks & regards. santosh senapati.

1023   VikasPosted OnMar 11 2013 12:10:24
Sir i want to meet you.

1022   BUKHARIYA MHSS, DEVIPATTINAM- RAMNAD-DISTPosted OnMar 11 2013 11:13:15
Respected Sir, Subject: Silver Jubilee (2013-2014) Souvenir Message Request-Reg. Our School has been in the service of education for the past 25 years. The coming academic year (2013-2014) is the ?Silver Jubilee Year? of our School. We have decided to celebrate it in a grand gala manner. On this important occasion we want to publish a souvenir. We shall be very happy to have your esteemed message to be included in the afore-said ?Souvenir?with a passport size photo of yours Thanking You Yours truly,

1021   shaliniPosted OnMar 10 2013 13:51:59
dear sir, there are no words to speak..your sucha great person! we are down to earth can't speak to you sir...!thank u

1020   SahadevPosted OnMar 08 2013 18:11:09
Sir, Definitely we will make our india as a super power in the world by 2020 with your blessings...

1019   prateek shrivastavaPosted OnMar 08 2013 13:51:55
sir you are the next mahatma after Gandhiji,truly the father of the nation for the younger generation. jai hind.

1018   A.VenkateshPosted OnMar 06 2013 19:56:36
Sir,i will definitely meet you

1017   MinhajPosted OnMar 03 2013 09:38:35
Sir I wanna talk to you once in my lifetime.

1016   Venkata VaradhanPosted OnMar 02 2013 19:14:33
Beloved Sir, I'am going write my 12th BOARD this March So, Bless Me So That I Can Achieve My Dream To Get 1100 and above Please..??

1015   raj manoharPosted OnMar 02 2013 10:32:17
sir, i want to meet you. i just want to meet you cause ..... i may miss meeting you in my life later ...meeting you will be a giant leap for me in my life!!!!!!

1014   G.Prem KumarPosted OnJan 30 2013 11:53:04
Dear Sir We need your appointment to open our school on 04.06.2014. we are plan to build a school for special childersns (deaf & dumb, Braile, MR)in chennai via our Virtusham Trust , trust for all Bridge for love.Just now we have planned. We will update the progress of our development in the up coming days. We hope our dreams will come into reality.

1013   bilal darPosted OnJan 26 2013 23:55:22
good things wiil fall in my lap,if you give some trips,tacts,attitudes,advices.Allah give you a jannah hereafter.

1012   Rajiv E. BholePosted OnJan 26 2013 20:26:10
Hon. President Sir, Republic Day Greetings! The integrated action that Mission 2020 calls for, you say, is "Education with value system for all leading to..." When viewed with your statement that "education has always been perverted to suit the interests of those in power" in your 2008 book, it seems obvious that unless we remove the perversion of education first, it would be difficult, if not impossible, for us to accomplish the goals of Mission 2020. Also, after the 2008 US financial crisis, Allen Greenspan had said, "Unless somebody finds the way to change human nature, we will have more crises." Since then my research has centered on finding out exactly how and why education has been perverted and, to understand the physics/dynamics of the psyche/soul that we may be able to control our own human nature. And it gives me pleasure to inform you that my efforts have been successful. As such, Sir, I seek an audition where I can explain to you the details of the knowledge my research has unearthed. And I hope you can give me an appointment as early as possible. In the meanwhile you can read about the details of the method I have worked out from the last two Articles on the website of our NGO, Be Happy Foundation, which you would be able to find by searching for my name or our NGO's, along with the word "karmayog", on Google or on YouTube. You could also read the Personal Profile and Success Stories on our website to read what some important scientists think of the technique that I have developed. Thank you Sir. Satyamevajayate!

1011   c.mohanrajPosted OnJan 26 2013 08:44:37
Sir, Hello sir, I am faced some of problem sir, Please help me sir...... I am waiting for your appointment sir please conduct this my mobil no: 9751237184. Thanking you Your's Trully, C.Mohanraj

1010   Shiv Kumar PatelPosted OnJan 25 2013 12:06:21
Sir, You are a great person.You like as the power of God.When I read to your quotes I feel very happy in that moments and they give me ideas for living my life . So if I will meet to you in future then my life life become success please give me one chance I want to meet one time......

1009   S.SankarPosted OnJan 24 2013 10:49:34
Respected Sir, Your vision 2020 Missions is to be followed by every indian.

1008   Ali MihasPosted OnJan 17 2013 14:06:12
Respected sir, I used this time to Thank 'The Al Mighty' for giving a strong powerful magnet like you to guide,energize and give support to the peoples who have dreams that doesn't allow them to sleep. He blessed me a lot by giving life in the same Era that 'The Prophet APJ' is living. May The 'Al Mighty' Help and Bless us to Work in the True direction of Our Dreams....

1007   எழில்Posted OnJan 13 2013 16:01:48
அன்பின் ஐயா உங்களை போல உங்கள் இணைய தல தகவல்கள் அனைத்தும் அறுமை ஐயா

1006   JEEVRAJ KARUNAKARANPosted OnJan 09 2013 18:21:58
Hi sir, we are so previlegd to have born in this era when you are living in blood and flesh. Dear sir please do contest atlest the next presidential election and we are all proud to name our RASHTRAPATI as DR. ABDUL KALAM. THANKS JEEVRAJ

1005   vetrivelPosted OnJan 08 2013 20:58:25
Hi Sir[dad of youths], I love you sir... i am very proud to say am a Indian.. Surely India to make India a developed country by 2020.. This is our AIM We will proof sir. whatever i do that much I'll hard support you all the way sir. Good Luck for all Indians.

1004   harishPosted OnJan 06 2013 23:34:29
sir i have no words for you sir.but its my desire to talk with you once in my life......jai hind sir

1003   ShubhechchhaPosted OnJan 01 2013 22:08:41
Sir,I am a student of class 9th and i would like you to please provide me or your this page with some information about Rocket Science I am interested the subject but not getting full information, so please sir.

1002   SHIVE K TAILORPosted OnDec 31 2012 18:13:30
sir i m a teacher in Govt. High Sec.School Hurda Dist-Bhilwara [Rajasthan] i have sent you a email to invite you in our school's grand annual function which is held in feb. our school is awarded by Rajasthan state government with best school in Ajmer Division in 2008 ,2009and 2010. please give us a golden opportunity to host ypou sir

1001   D.MUTHURAJPosted OnDec 31 2012 11:37:24
sir good morning!my age 34M.my spinal cared attack syring(SYRINGOMYELIA)please help sir?when treatment in world hospital?doctor?sir u r dreme india2020 my supord fully engaster.(cell.9994282979)

1000   NITHIN THAMPI MPosted OnDec 21 2012 20:27:07
WE LOVE YOU SIR,,,,,YOU are the perfect guru who could take students to the summit of there career. i will come to meet you sir,,,,,,,,

999   RAKESH PALTHANIAPosted OnDec 19 2012 21:06:24
sir good evning u r ideal for me sir i m do m.sc(org. chemistry) i have many researching project like gravity as energy sources , cllorophyll- hb rxn etc but we need lab for this sir want to meet u sir is it possible

998   Ankur AgrawalPosted OnDec 16 2012 09:16:10
I want you to assist me in developing the following product. The product outline is as follows: Google had developed a spacs that have the functionality of displaying text on glass. Using this technique a spacs can be developed for Shudras that detects and sees excretory waste, separates gives information about living and non-living stuff. Provide a gun mechanism that will burn non-living and destruct completely and save living beings.

997   FakruddinPosted OnDec 13 2012 11:29:12
Dear Sir, First of all i am a very much thankful to you because of your inspired lectures about our nation.. My name is Fakruddin ,my age 29 years and i am working as an assistant profeesor. Every day i am always thinking about our right nation..good nation..developed nation..But it is not happening (Only some less percentage development is happening).. Where ever you go..every thing is corrupted..when we try to argue with them then definitely politicians interfere in that issue and give a strong warning to us..It is the situation that is happening in this society..How ever.. we can't left them.. It is our duty ,it is our right and it is our responsibility to oppose them.. For that i have some thoughts.. Sir if you give me the permission then i will share with you sir..So that atleast our coming generation people will be in safe.. Thank you very much sir..For listening these words Yours Faithfully Sk.Fakruddin, Assistant Professor, Department of Physics.

996   aruminathanPosted OnDec 12 2012 18:49:27
please iaaya,i find the medcine for all snake byte. my wish to give the (citha)medcine to goverment.please replay the process details to me. (phone no :9940873243 please speak in tamil)(sorry for poor english)

995   Rupesh SinhaPosted OnDec 10 2012 15:23:24
Sir, I have the highest regards for you and your contribution to the multiple realms of life. Sir, off late i have been thinking about a model of universe. As i am not a scientist or mathematician, i feel the need to talk to someone who can scientifically examine and comment upon it. I shall be highly obliged if i get an opportunity to meet you. Regards, Rupesh Sinha

994   suresh palaniPosted OnDec 09 2012 23:19:49
hai sir! how r u my nameis suresh from qatar Electrical Technician roll,,, i am enjoy u r speech in dinamalar jaithu kaathuvom program.is it super&quiet interesting . i will do my best job .. thanks u sir ............. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

993   bharathiPosted OnDec 06 2012 19:19:18
hai sir u r my roll model... i enjoy u r speech in dinamalar jaithu kaathuvom program.ist quiet interesting . i will do my best for my 12th exam...............

992   Dr. V. SathyanarayananPosted OnDec 06 2012 10:19:46
Respected Sir, Iam Dr. V. Sathyanarayanan, Diabetologist, having a Diabetic center, charging a nominal fees, saving the poor people in and around the villages of Kanchipuram. The physically challenged people are exempted from consultation fees, and lab fees daily, regardless of the number. I have conducted lot of Diabetes awareness programmes in the past, and Iam the first Doctor in India to get a Certificate from the Guinness Book of world Records, The Limca Book of Records, The World Record Association. It would be a great day in my life, if I could get an appointment with you, and show these certificates to you and get your blessings. Expecting your reply eagerly, sir. yours sincerely, Dr.V.Sathyanarayanan

991   Kumar S NPosted OnNov 30 2012 12:16:15
Dear sir, I'm Kumar S N , a student of law, at Vivekananda Law College Putur, Dakshin Kannada Karnataka. We are celebrating the silver jubilee year of our college this academic year. So we have planned for the same on 19 and 20 of January 2013. We want you to be our guest of honour at our function. How can I further contact you so as to speak about this?. Please do reply sir.

990   abduljabarPosted OnNov 13 2012 20:38:44
Oh great man of India, emerging from Tamilnadu soil, long live for many more years to develop this nation as developed one as comparing to well devleoped nations in all spheres. I wish and pray to Almighty to give you long life along with health.

989   devrajPosted OnNov 12 2012 14:04:43
Namaste Master,it is glad to send message to you. Corruption alone only destroy the growth of India,i want intellectual like you sit silently will damage the nation.please fight against it we are behind you.may God Almighty give His abundant grace to serve the nation and fulfill your dream.thank you.

988   Prof.Ramkrushna SastriPosted OnNov 12 2012 12:21:34
Namaste sir. You are a role model for the youth of India. May I be permitted to refer you as 21st century Swami Vivekananda! May the God almighty provide You long life to guide us for our country's progress and you shall witness it as the super power.

987   D P PARMAR Posted OnNov 11 2012 23:26:17
Sir, I have seen u at charanka solar park in Gujarat on 9th November and I feel very great to see you. thank u very much for being with us.

986   kamalPosted OnNov 07 2012 04:07:44
If sachin tendulker is a god of cricket then you are the GOD of independent INDIAN science and technology you always inspire me in many ways. jai hind

985   HemenPosted OnNov 06 2012 17:09:17
Lot of people says that India run by GOD And you born on this soil is a prof,Big salute to you sir for being a nice human being and inspiration to lot of Indians.

984   RashidPosted OnNov 06 2012 14:38:00
Assalamualykum, Truly you are inspiration to all

983   MD: ANOWAR HOSSAIN.Posted OnNov 03 2012 20:37:17
DEAR SIR, I HOPE EVRYTHING IS GOOD,I WANT TO SOME ISLAMIC NATERASUL, MD:ANOWAR HOSSAIN,(REZVI) (B.Sc) M/S.ANOWAR ENTERPRISE. VILLAGE-GAMARUA. POST BOX NO-3560,P/S.BARURA, COMILLA. mohammadanowarhossain@yahoo.com valentines2014@yahoo.com Published Editor : Talimussunnatu Wall Jamat, Barura Upazilla, Comilla, Asst. Secretary, Rezvia Foundation. Barura, Comilla. Advedisment Editor. Rezvia Khanka Sharif. Barura, Comilla.Bangladesh.

982   shailja sharmaPosted OnNov 03 2012 11:17:05
sir you are the greatest inspiration for me.i want to meet you.

981   AswathiPosted OnNov 02 2012 15:23:35
Dear Sir, I really don`t understand why my eyes shed tears. Only a compassionate soul can conquer the hearts of millions around him. Thank you for being there for us.

980   varunPosted OnOct 31 2012 21:30:42
We are saying you are a sea (in knowledge)...but you are saying iam swimming in the sea... It's really great sir

979   Praveen Posted OnOct 30 2012 21:51:57
hi sir! this is praveen.sir,you are the only inspiration for the youth.we are feeling honour to be the follower of the great leader.thank you sir

978   ESURU NARAYANAPosted OnOct 30 2012 21:28:35
hi sir, you are the best inspiration to the everyone....we can learning everything from you..you are the god of 21th century.. Sir i want a good new quotation please sir...

977   sunilkumar v nPosted OnOct 26 2012 18:57:43
take action against Mr. Harishbabu Madaneeni of Nano Excel. I want to send some more attahments to you. but i don't know your email address. if possible, please send your email as early as possible. Awaiting your early action, please. God bless you, sunilkumar

976   SandeepPosted OnOct 26 2012 10:36:06
hi sir, you are the best inspiration to the everyone....we can learning everything from you..you are the god of 21th century..

975   mohd usmanPosted OnOct 16 2012 16:27:49
dear sir, happy birthday

974   Dr. Avinash KaviPosted OnOct 15 2012 21:43:00
Dear Sir, Wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I salute you and Pray LORD ALMIGHTY to shower on you lots of Energy to Lead all of us and transform INDIA.

973   c.muralidharanPosted OnOct 15 2012 21:21:12
sir i proudly salute you. and i celebrate my grandpa's(you) birth day with full of joy. happy birth day sir. i pray god to give's you a long life and good health.

972   N.PrabhuPosted OnOct 15 2012 17:59:35
Dear Sir, Many More Happy Returns of the Day... Wish you sir for Healthy and Long Life....

971   P.M.AdeebPosted OnOct 15 2012 16:44:14
Respected Sir, 'May peace and blessings of Almighty God, Allah be upon you', always, Lovingly

970   B.PRADHANPosted OnOct 15 2012 15:46:42

969   Rashmitha MPosted OnOct 15 2012 12:55:19
Many More Happy Returns Of The Day...!!!!! Kalam Sir................

968   KanaguPosted OnOct 15 2012 12:47:52

967   ChezhiyanPosted OnOct 15 2012 12:27:20
Happy Birthday wishes sir. I am also one of the hardcore follower of you. You are my mentor in my life. I am proud to be indian/tamilan under your guidance and to support your vision from my end. My life time ambition is to meet you at one day. I strongly believe i will meet you at one day. I am waiting for that great day !!! Regards, Chezhiyan.

966   aravindrajPosted OnOct 15 2012 12:23:17
happy birthday sir..

965   HARI GOPIPosted OnOct 15 2012 12:19:10
eniya piranthanal valudukal Wishing U a HAPPY,JOYFUL,HEALTHY,PEACEFUL BIRTHDAY sir

964   AnitaPosted OnOct 15 2012 11:44:41
Happy Birthday sir..

963   Lakshmi T RajanPosted OnOct 15 2012 11:24:39
Sir, Vayathu illai vazhtha. Thazhmaiyudan panigiren ungal pirantha nalil. HAPPY B'DAY TO YOU SIR. Lakshmi.

962   vijay anandPosted OnOct 15 2012 11:05:11
wish u happy birth day sir

961   SrisoudhaPosted OnOct 15 2012 09:24:14
Wishing U a day as special as U are...... HaPpY BiRtH DaY Sir......... I'm a Big fan of U Sir...... Sir Your Quotes are Superb.....Those are Inspired Me......

960   kurri saiduluPosted OnOct 15 2012 09:21:16

959   Mallika UpretiPosted OnOct 15 2012 08:35:02
Respected Sir, Wish you a very happy birthday..............

958   Aditya MalpaniPosted OnOct 15 2012 00:48:30
Happy B'day Sir...We Wish For Your Long Life and Healthy Future..:)

957   Pratush Ranjan ChoudhuryPosted OnOct 14 2012 19:53:10
Many Many Happy Returns of the Day Pratush Ranjan Choudhury Class VI DPS Kalinga Cuttack Odisha

956   Pratush Ranjan ChoudhuryPosted OnOct 14 2012 19:51:15
Many Many Happy Returns of the Day Pratush Ranjan Choudhury Class VI DPS Kalinga Cuttack Odisha

955   Dr. Surajit Sahu & all MembersPosted OnOct 14 2012 19:34:25
We really proud to listen that UNO declared your birthday as world students day. Many Many Happy returns of the day.God bless you. President & All Members of Cuttack YMCA (A Organization of 120 Years)

954   Dr. Smaran Kumar NayakPosted OnOct 14 2012 19:24:40
Respected Sir, Many Many Happy Returns of the day and wish you a Happy Birthday. It is really very special day for us. Smaran, Bishakha & Adyasha

953   aishwarya.rPosted OnOct 14 2012 11:04:55
vannakam u r really amazing...u inspired myself by ur hardwork... am proud to be a tamilian because bcz of u

952   shakharPosted OnOct 10 2012 14:23:40
ur my role model.I am Very proud to say that "iam a staunch fan of Dr.kalam"

951   Kamal JainPosted OnOct 08 2012 18:20:45
Millions like me and my son are getting inspired from your work,stature,vision, thoughts and more over simplicity.

950   bilahariPosted OnOct 08 2012 14:56:33
sir, you are my role model. i am an iit student I am waiting for the day when our india becomes developed as well iam doing my duty. but corruption is growing day by day in our india without eradicating corruption how can we become developed.i just want know is there any measures with you to control poverty. I want to know what can i do to make india corruption free. So please tell us sir . how can we control corruption.

949   ParthivPosted OnOct 07 2012 21:55:16
Dear Sir, I am a 9 year old boy.I wish you all the best for your missions.Thank you Sir.

948   santanu paridaPosted OnOct 05 2012 12:02:08
Sir,u r simply great.I am afan of u.

947   Ram Pal PuriPosted OnOct 03 2012 22:51:49
I have yet to see an article written by our former President of India which does not contain a new point or points which touch the core of our problems being faced by our country. All his suggestions are worthy of implementation without delay. If ever an objective study is made in respect of our former Presidents there are only two luminaries which shine brightly the face of the nation: Dr. A. P.J. Abdul Kalam and Dr S. Radhakrishnan.

946   VirenPosted OnOct 03 2012 17:14:10
Great man with great personality. I really want to like Dr.APJ AbdulKalam

945   AishwaryaPosted OnOct 01 2012 11:11:24
I am Aishwarya,8th standard student in Chinmaya Vidyalaya,Kannur,Kerala.when i was in 4th std my our class teacher asked us "what u want to become?" most of the students told doctor ,engineer,teacher,pilot like that.i told i want to become a scientist.im very much interested in space science and i read a lot of books about space and galaxy.I used to watch sky at night.My mother supports me and bought me a lot of books to read.My mother always telling about you sir.its my ambition to become a space scientist.You are my inspiration sir. please bless me to fulfill my dream.with lots of love and respect..Aishwarya.

944   Nagarajan RanganathanPosted OnOct 01 2012 06:23:47
I was at both your lectures in Tampa yesterday at USF and at ICC. I am a teacher and a scientist to say the background. I sat there overwhelmed about your technical contributions, your accomplishments leading major scientific projects for the country in nuclear, space or other aspects of physics, your service as People's President, your attempts to reach masses both young and old, your lectures, you attempting to take oaths from millions of people to lead life with righteousness, your books, your poems, your songs, your patriotism, your role model life to young and old, so beyond caste,creed and cultures, a man of class, a man of culture, a man who loves his mother and teachers, and above all a man so much humility and humbleness I sit in my desk so overwhelmed that I can function hardly at this moment thinking, my God, I have so little time left and so much I could have done in this life to feel deserving to walk up to you and shake your hands and say thank you Sir for what you have shown to us, that is, how a man should live! and I hope if I am born again, I live like what Mr. President Kalam has shown, but nothing else.

943   ramakrishna.s.Posted OnSep 29 2012 16:03:45
weather useful to india having scientific and reserchable characters in some antique items of 200 to 400 years back,having characters of rare space metals as written in the book of sir.n.rochinman the then great scientist of the england.

942   N.VISHAHINIPosted OnSep 28 2012 19:04:52
Hai...sir. i am big fan of yours. you are the role model for me.if my friends speak about scientists i always speaks about you.i like yours quotes.i had read your autobiography and so many books about you.

941   A MahalingamPosted OnSep 28 2012 15:10:58
Dear & Respected sir, I am very much like your addresses, Quotes, Examples and motivations to the youths. I used to log in your website, atleast 1-2 times daily to read the address, Thanks alot for the immediate postings, my habit is after reading used to tell my friends and my students and sharing by mails to related groups. Yours sincerely - A Mahalingam/ Sankara Nethralaya/ Chennai

940   charndaveep singhPosted OnSep 23 2012 23:32:36
Sir,i am huge fan of yours.you are my role model and also ideal person in my life.Sir if somebody ask me what is my last wish,then i said, to meet my role model thats you sir.sir please give me time to meet you sir,please.your one book totally changed my life.again sir please i want meeet you sirr.thanks sir

939   NeenaPosted OnSep 21 2012 21:06:35
Respected Sir, Venkateshwar Global School, Sector 13, Rohini, New Delhi, has been trying to contact you for the past few months and would like to invite you as a Chief Guest for the Annual Day Function of the School on 20.10.2012. I request you to enlighten the children with your words of wisdom as Children are eagerly waiting for your visit on 20th October 2012. The contact person details are: Ms Preeti Phutela, Coordinator, Contact number :918826098013

938   NIRDOSH DONGREPosted OnSep 19 2012 14:15:53
Respected kalam sir, aapne jo dobara president nahi banne ka desicion liya wo Political base se sahi kadam tha but aapka aaj president hona INDIA ki sabse badi jarurat hai.All Indian Miss you as President Kalam Sir.

937   shahalaPosted OnSep 18 2012 20:25:30
sir, you are my role model. I want to be your pen friend, if you allow.

936   muthukumarPosted OnSep 18 2012 17:51:01
i am very very veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy big fan of you sir. now i am very proud to say Indian sir

935   sravyaPosted OnSep 18 2012 15:14:54
Honoured sir,i would like to ask you a question that, what were your first thoughts when you became the president of india?

934   Deepak potePosted OnSep 17 2012 12:58:07
Sir I want "AGNIPHANKH" BOOK I AM From Rural Area I m From Harali bk, you are already visiting to my village so sir please give me "AGNIPHANKH" book

933   RupeshPosted OnSep 08 2012 12:40:08
Sir, good morning Sir i m your very big fan i want to meet you whenever it possible.Plese God listen To me.

932   dineshkumarPosted OnSep 07 2012 19:10:44
hello sir u r normal person but u r hard work is extraordinary .........a simple word hard work makes a person like u......i love u sir and another reason is i love my india very much ......

931   chandrika sai sreePosted OnSep 06 2012 12:01:05
your highness.sir,i just saw ur site.iam ashamed that being netgen i could not log in to ur blog

930   m. sureshPosted OnSep 06 2012 10:48:14
respected apj sir first of all happy teacher's day sir after read your profile i get ispired sir you are my inspirable professor sir we admiring you sir again happy teachers day sir.

929   DibbuPosted OnSep 06 2012 10:04:17
Sir, I want your personal email id and address? Please...

928   AnupamaPosted OnSep 05 2012 18:09:06
Respected APJ sir,Wish you a very Happy Teachers Day!! Thank you so much for being my Best Teacher always.

927   venkateshPosted OnSep 03 2012 15:18:38
Dear sir, I am pleased to inform you that our college Gojan School of Business and Technology(Affiliated to Anna University, TamilNadu, India) is venturing into development of National Level Technical Symposium-LE?EMPROZ 12 in September 2012. We shall consider it a matter of great honor and privilege if your kind self could accept our invitation to be the Chief Guest at the Launch Ceremony on September, 2012.

926   AVIJIT GHOSHPosted OnSep 01 2012 23:45:50
Sir, I firmly believe you are the Great Man, whom the present generation are fortunate to get among themselves. In my own little way, I am trying to contribute thro' my official responsibility for Energy Conservation. Being a Civil Engineer by profession, I did my M.Tech. on Energy with this urge only. I pray to Almighty for your Sound Health and inspiring presence for us as also for NexGen.

925   Dileep Kumar SaxenaPosted OnAug 29 2012 14:30:38
Respected sir, most humbly I put forward that I have been working on some of the topics since last 30 years on the followings. 1. Why the pyramids were built and how the idea was conceived at the first place to build them. what is the use of pyramid and how it's science can be used best in modern life 2. What is in our body without which we are not living and with which we are living.( 2.1 . also a topic of inner genetics ) 3. How the AIDS epidemic developed & can be subsided / controlled. 4. How we can develop a Helicopter which can fly / airborne soundlessly. 5. How we can save the life from disasters of Air Craft crash. 6. What is causing the low and high tide in the sea. 7. What is the cause of Hurricane. I am consulting and in touch regularly with central_bureau@iers.org ; for the same but I need free mind to indulge and prove my point. The above are few and I want to work and prove my thinking if given a fair chance. Presently I am working in Kuwait and want to come back to India for good. I hope that my humble request will be perused to give me a chance. Thanks & Regards, Dileep Kumar Saxena 00965 97392794 e-mail drishsh@yahoo.com khojo_solutions@yahoo.co.in drishtishyamvi@yahoo.com Self Appraisal Having been educated in one of the best Universities of the country in India during my Graduation in Science and Graduation in Law and at the same time my attachment with NATIONAL CADET CORPS ( An Organization of Ministry of Defense, INDIA ) , CIVIL DEFENCE, SCOUT, AND VARIOUS SPORTS at a very good level during schooling & graduation , I have been trained and tuned to have a culture of discipline, sincerity and hard work towards the daily life routine and works. The discipline within me has made me earn a vast and varied experience during my association to give best results & devote my self for the humanity. Dileep Kumar Saxena other e-mails drishsh@yahoo.com drishtishyamvi@yahoo.com

924   vijiPosted OnAug 29 2012 09:31:05
Respected Sir, You have inspired kids and have taught them to dream and march towards it.You are a creator and i am sure you will understand my sons effort at this age.I have a sweet kid who is turning 2 in 1.5 months.He has passion to learn new things.He loves maps and can identify all shapes, colors , numbers and anything new he sees..Siddhu can identify around 140 countries in the world map and pronounce them as well.He has been doing it since 2 months and i am not aware have a proper channel other than media to showcase his talent.He can also identify 48 US states. He also knows all the english alphabets, native language (tamil) aphabets ,planets , days , months and can read few 3 letter words.He also loves numbers and is good at counting till 100. After 100, he just jumps to 1000,10000, 100000... :-).I really value this as an achievement at his age and appreciate his effort and interest in learning new things. Siddhu does what he wants and you can very well see it in the video :-). He can also write numbers and few alphabets .He says what he likes to... It wasn't easy to take this video.I submitted his profile to guiness but it was rejected saying they dont consider toddler talents. http://challengers.guinnessworldrecords.com/suggestions/938 Recently he was recognized as world record holder for young toddler in record setter website. http://recordsetter.com/world-record/youngest-person-identify-115-countries/17467#contentsection What i need from you is just your recognition for this little boy.Many talents are unrecognized at young age and go wasted.I am sure,your appreciation will definitely have an impact on his future and future of developing India.

923   K Naveen KumarPosted OnAug 27 2012 13:07:01
Respected Sir, Im a big fan of u...need ur statements and thoughts for better country evolution. Im working in Dr.Reddys Laboratories Ltd., in Vishakapatnam, Past company is Asian Paints There is a lot of pressure devoloped inn Corporate companies regarding the work and the improvwement too...but i need the innovative things to come up from Champs especially schools are polluting thier minds Naveen 8978884499

922   sneha dhamurdePosted OnAug 27 2012 10:46:14
Respected sir, after reading this profiles i got inspired,thank you......sir.

921   shipra kumariPosted OnAug 22 2012 21:56:05
Hi,i m shipra,i live in Bihar at Dehri on sone,i m P.G(M.A),i belong to middle class family,i want to meet u sir,i have draw some pantings cannected to your life story,i want to gift you all pantings in your birthday for that what can i do?

920   GowthamPosted OnAug 21 2012 19:11:33
I've not much to say Sir. I WOULD LIKE TO THANK THE GOD TOO BROUGHT YOU TO US. Nandri.

919   sujeet kumar singhPosted OnAug 21 2012 12:20:46
Respected Sir, with profound pleasure I would like to inform you that I have developed a mechanism through which electricity can be produced without any fuel consumption.this is totally different from ,solar,wind,thermal,tidal,and hydro power or any bio energy. this is 100% green and healthy. Moreover upto 1 megawatt can be produced very easily. I have experimented this mechanism and am successful to produce 12 v from the car motor dynamo without any difficulty. I have also shown this mechanism to one electric engineer (passed out from IIT Kharagpur),who has also confirmed my mechanism to be a realistic and very appreciative. Am very happy and encouraged to hear from him of the positive. You have been always my inspiration, therefore I would be very pleased if you allow me to present my working model of mechanism before you and hear your valuable words and suggestions.I would like to get the patent of this mechanism but I dont know wot is the process and also am not so rich person for affording the high cost of Infrastructure for producing 1 megawatt production. The good thing with my mechanism is that this would be the cheapest comparing with other source of producing energy for 1 megawatt electricity. I shall be very greatfull and pleased to hear from you. jai hind sujeet

918   Dr. S. PrasadPosted OnAug 13 2012 14:51:15
GLBITM/CAFÉ /2012/CG 13.08.2012 To, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam His Excellency Former ?President of India No 10, Rajaji Marg, New Delhi-110011 Subject: Invitation to inaugurate, International Conference on Applications of Fluid Engineering(CAFÉ 2012),September 20-22 ,2012. Respected Sir, It will be a great honour for us, if you kindly consent to inaugurate above International event on 20th September 2012, around 10 AM. You may appreciate our efforts in getting 84 technical papers till date. Out of those 27 are from IITs, 14 from NITs, 4 from Government Research Organisations, 19 from well established Universities/ Government Colleges. There are 15 technical papers from abroad. Participation of foreign delegates is also confirmed. Details of the conference as well as this Institute has already been sent to your secretary Mr. R.K. Prasad on 9th August 2012 by Speed-Post I shall further request you to grant such favour to us, so that delegates, students & faculty are blessed by your kind self. Thanking you Sincerely yours (Dr. S. Prasad) Founder Director, KNIT Sultanpur,U.P.(1981-92) Conference Advisor Professor & Head (R&D) GLBITM Greate Noida,U.P. 91-9313102224 Email:sprasad_niet12@rediffmail.com

917   Kumar Vibhanshu, EDC Coordinator, IIFMPosted OnAug 09 2012 02:20:50
Respected Sir, I have been trying to contact you from past 4 months, I as a Entrrepreneurship Development Cell Coordinator, Indian Institute of Forest Management would like to invite you as a Chief Guest of our National level event "Daksh", this year we decided our theme on "Livelihood" on 21.10.2012. I request you to enlighten the audience with your words of wisdom. Yours sincerely Kumar Vibhanshu EDC Coordinator Indian Institute of Forest Management

916   chandan pal Posted OnAug 05 2012 12:10:34
me ek painter hu aur pichale 12 saal se ek Nishulak Muskan children school ke naam se ek School chala raha hu jisme300 bacche Nishulak Shiksha prapt kar rahe he iske alava copy kitab bhi school ki taraf se Nishulak milti he School me12 teacher he unko bhi payment de raha hu me din bhar me jo bhi kuch kamata hu bo sab paisa in garib baccho me laga de ta hu aap apna kimati samay me se 10minute ka samay nikal kar in baccho se mile to in baccho ke chehare per muskan aa jayegi 9827371043,9977733078 visit us on facebook; chandan.pal.330

915   OM SHIVAMPosted OnAug 05 2012 00:33:20
Most Honorable /Most Respected Sir You are a great inspiration to the young India, I have read your book Wings of Fire, your inspirational words have created a fire in me to excel more and more to get my goal of my life. I had a very small interaction with you at Chennai once, you were my role model always from the very beginning ad you will be forever. Sometimes I had a question that how to develop myself in the every stage of life.Need your blessings.

914   aishaPosted OnAug 03 2012 11:12:37
hai sir,how are you.......

913   P.V.KISHORE KUMAARPosted OnAug 03 2012 00:27:07
you are the greatest man for everyone sir.

912   AnisPosted OnAug 02 2012 17:53:47
sir,only one word for u "simply the best"

911   shanti lal patel Posted OnAug 02 2012 10:52:05
sir, you are hart of india. we indian proud on you

910   sofiyaPosted OnJul 30 2012 23:22:40
Dear sir, Im sofi now its a honour to say this sir,u r realy a genious,,,,,i like u so much, i realy get amazed to knw abt u....u r so kind too and all the best for ur future activity.... sir, please pray for me...and i will also pray 4 u Thank u...

909    ROOP KISHOR PARASHARPosted OnJul 30 2012 12:19:49
hi dear sir, you are a greater then all scientist in my knowege so i want to visit to you .plse

908    AK SHUKLAPosted OnJul 28 2012 15:20:21
we are really honoured to have personality like you in our country. you are ideal for every scientist of this country.

907   AJAY KUMARPosted OnJul 27 2012 16:43:32
Respected Sir I am Ajay Kumar. You are my idol person.I always remember you. I read your many articles/books and gain lots of knowledge. Sir, mai ek bar apni ankho se aapko dekhna chahta hoo, bas yahi meri abhilasha hai. with regards.

906   josephfrancisPosted OnJul 27 2012 13:24:20
Sir,you are truly a genius who developed AGNI and my idol

905   sujit kumar patraPosted OnJul 27 2012 10:48:19
Sir , you are truly my idol....

904   Jai Prakash PachauriPosted OnJul 27 2012 00:24:48
we are lucky to have a such a great scientist in our country, who is so simple.

903   M.SakthivelPosted OnJul 25 2012 22:09:06
Dear Uncle, I feel very proudly, because i am living with the period of your life. I am very lucky. I have one desire in my life. That is, i like to take photo to you with my family.This is my life ambition. Thank u Uncle.

902   Hemal BhatiaPosted OnJul 25 2012 12:56:32
Dear sir your word and your character always inspiration of the nation kindly tell a common person how to develop our self in the every stage of life

901   Hemal BhatiaPosted OnJul 25 2012 12:48:36
Dear sir your word and your character always inspiration of the nation kindly tell a common person how to develop our self in the every stage of life

900   anand wadaskarPosted OnJul 23 2012 01:00:02
Dear sir your word and your character always inspiration of the nation kindly tell a common person how to develop our self in the every stage of life

899   venkateshPosted OnJul 21 2012 00:15:49
Good morning sir your my hero and inspiration and a role model have a long life sir......Thanks for given this posting comments availability.....

898   Baskaran SPosted OnJul 20 2012 21:45:06
Hi Sir, I am your fan. You are my role model.

897   SowmiyaMariappanPosted OnJul 18 2012 19:34:58
Good Evening sir. I am M.Sowmiya(B.E.,BioMedical)I am very much fan of you sir and its my pleasure sir, i like your simplicity sir and i am proud to say that i have seen you once. i wish and pray that you must be our next president. I like you very much sir. your poems and novels are very much inspiring to me.you are my role model sir.

896   m.dhanamjeyuluPosted OnJul 18 2012 15:40:31
hello sir iam dhana frm Andra pradesh now a days Indian politics has very dirty there is no honesty politician in Indian politics how to possible 2020 sir in my 2nd class my teacher says india is developing country in my 10th class teacher also says that now also india is developing country....what sir it is in that situation 2020 is possible? i cnt believe sir i have lot of doubts but iam poor in English that is the problem to me

895   naseehPosted OnJul 15 2012 11:11:49
sir, i read the commands from this page, i found alotof words which are giving more and more respect and love, so am using this total figuare for respecting our former president, wish you all the best, we need you one more time in Indian president chair, in your words i can say nothing is imposible, again wish you all the best

894   sheeja mol thomasPosted OnJul 14 2012 10:50:03
i am sheeja mol thomas from tamil nadu .at kaniya kumare .i like your character very much.you can build a developed notion.

893   QuraishiPosted OnJul 13 2012 15:07:29
Respected sir, is it possible to update or change the punishments for crimes,which had written by the concern constitution? more like UAE....severe punishments... by not put them in jail....and...is it possible for giving punishments based on poling method....the punishments can be chosen by every indian citizen...

892   Hardeep SinghPosted OnJul 11 2012 19:49:42
Respected Sir How are you? I pray to my good give you health only as you don?t need wealth, you are the man of vision and very good human being. I am very proud as you are our President. I want to see you again President of INDIA. But it is our bad luck that we don?t have direct election for this distinguished post. Sir I feel very proud if able to do something for my country. Thank you Regards Hardeep Singh.

891   Gururaj M panchalPosted OnJul 11 2012 13:35:31
Hello sir myself Gururaj i have just completed diploma in interior design n i m not getting what to do for my further education please give suggestion what to do next sir please.......

890   Communal AwardPosted OnJul 10 2012 23:23:15
Sir, Please endorse our Independence. In August 1932, the then Prime Minister of Britain, Ramsay Macdonald gave his 'award' known as the Communal Award. According to it, separate representation was to be provided for the Muslims, Sikhs, Indian Christians, Anglo-Indians, Europeans, and Dalits. The depressed classes were assigned a number of seats to be filled by election from special constituencies in which voters belonging to the depressed classes only could vote.

889   MUTHAMIZHAN.RPosted OnJul 08 2012 19:34:44
excuse me sir... you are a great man in the nation sir. i(me, my family, friends,relatives) really most expect for you are the president of India in this period. but unfortunately not done. thanks for given this opportunity for sent a post comments. i don't spoke so English. if any mistake please excuse me sir. thank you sir

888   rahavi selvarajan Posted OnJul 08 2012 13:45:48
hai kalam sir. i'm one your greatest fans. i really inspired u a lot. can i know ur email id sir? my aim is to become a scientist like u. me and my friends have as our role model. i need to meet u sir. u had came to our district,erode for the book festival. can u come again for the book festival that is going to be celebrated coming month. thank u sir.

887   ARVIND KULKARNIPosted OnJul 05 2012 14:44:00
Honorable Beloved sri Kalam Saab, I am lucky to be honored by you twice. On 4th Nov 2008 and 2 July 2012 in Trained Nurses Association of India's function. You have addressed the Nurses on many occasions. I would like to know where these addresses are available? your 2 July address in not included in the list of Speeches and lectures.Please oblige me Thanks A B KULKARNI FORMER PRESIDENT TRAINED NURSES ASSOCIATION OF INDIA.NEW DELHI 5/7/12

886   Vimlesh GautamPosted OnJul 01 2012 19:53:42
Dear Kalam sir, This is Vimlesh, I have seen so many social issues and the reason behind them. We have formed an organization. Named BBB Mission- Shikshanagri (http://bbbmission.org). I want to meet you and want to get some new ideas to make it more beneficial for the society ( The community of well educated and good characteristics). Its not right time to meet you but I want to meet you when our project will be executed. We want to open a residential school in dist Alirajpur (MP) in 2015 or 2016, depends on fund availability. We are not getting loan or any financial support from anyone and we don't want it from anyone. We want to make it from our own efforts. For constant flow of fund, we have founded an organization- BBB Manpower Solution (http://www.bbbmanpowersolution.com). and we are sure within the gap we will be capable to establish the building and other formalities. We have a dream of such India where the people are with full of love , compassion and harmony. They are Physical, Mentally and Spiritual educated. Complete education will be provided without any charges, even registration, fooding and lodging also will be provided free of cost. We request you to visit our website and suggest us to make it more practical and result oriented , beneficial for society. Jai Hind! Vimlesh Gautam BBB Mission- Shikshanagri

885   Ajit SharmaPosted OnJun 30 2012 15:58:57
Hello sir I am inspiring u lot thank you sir

884   Srinivasa Rao MajjiPosted OnJun 29 2012 14:51:46
we really proud to have u sir...

883   vinuPosted OnJun 29 2012 14:38:33
Dear sir, really u r a great person. u hav achieved manythings in ur life. i would like to do something good for the country and people like u. with lots of love....!!

882   veeraraj klaliyaperumalPosted OnJun 28 2012 15:21:36
great sir hats of to you you are are the only role model for all Indians

881   KULDIPPosted OnJun 28 2012 01:07:34

880   K M VELAYUDHA CHARIPosted OnJun 27 2012 22:25:38
sir, I would like to see our country corruption free. To make our country corruption free, I have few thoughts. The popular social web sites like FACE BOOK can be utilized for promoting good thaughts.(Do's and Dont's for responsible Citizen of our countrty). Important points: 1. Good Civic Sence 2. Respecting the others 3. Helping poor people (by giving work) 4. Less talk & More Work 5. Avoiding Lazyness 6. Following Punctuality 7. Avoid damaging the Public Property 8. Avoid Spitting on the public places 9. Prompt decision making 10. Hard work.

879   K.M.DivakarPosted OnJun 27 2012 16:24:01
My father K.Mahabaleshwar Bhat was your classmate in Madras Institute of Technology. We would definitely like to meet you sir. Please contact us on 080-23417192(residence) or my mobile 9844093881 or share your contact details.

878   Dr.PUNEET BHARADWAJPosted OnJun 23 2012 15:58:59
Hi sir,i m a medical graduate and adore u as my role model.i have alwaz dreamt of doing something for the nation the way u did.i want to meet u once.do give me an appointment asap plzzz.

877   Rajesh kumarPosted OnJun 23 2012 13:52:50
Dear sir, I am a B.tech graduate now i am running my own coaching institute in south delhi. I want to meet you sir, please sir give me appointment to meet with you.

876   Ambrish KelaPosted OnJun 21 2012 18:10:51
Looking forward to your trip to Indore this week.

875   Tamilselvi JayavelPosted OnJun 21 2012 17:09:32
Dear Dr. APJ Abdulkalam Sir, First I would like to thank you for being such a wonderful personality. We are proud of you. You are not only my role-model but for my entire family. My husband as well adores you a lot. we have your poster pasted in our house wall and show your photo and say a lot about you to our 2 years old son regularly. My abition is to make him a Mechatronics Engineer, working for ISRO and do his part to develop our mother India. The first gift we bought for our son(even before his birth - on the third day of our marriage) is Thirukural book. We wish along with billions of people that you should be our next president. Please reconsider our request and help India to reach your vision2020. Thanking you. with love and regards, Tamilselvi Jayavel

874   TARIQ ANWARPosted OnJun 20 2012 19:50:51
dear sir........ i am very thoughtful about those people who did not understand you to able the post of president.

873   NandakumarSundaramoorthyPosted OnJun 20 2012 17:10:08
Dear Dr Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul kalam, My inspiration SWAMI VIVEKANANDA, i havent met or seen Swamivivekananda, we are seeing you in place of swami vivekananda. I believe that in 2020 india will be a well developed country with good resource - PEOPLE. JAI HIND, nandakumarsundaramoorthy

872   R A AMROHIPosted OnJun 20 2012 15:14:52
I would like to draw your kind attention towards the Daibateace.You have been the scientist as well as president of India can help the patients of daibatease any natural plant which may control the daibatease under the limit by using some naturopathy(medicinal plants) either in Rashtrapati Bhavan or anywhere elese in Delhi. Plz provide sufficient informatat the earliest possible conveniance because my mother has been suffering from dibetiese since a long time. I shall be thankful to you for this act of kindness.

871   Raju RahatePosted OnJun 19 2012 15:36:35
Sir if not you then who can ,for the post of President. The country is mired in everything , and nothing is left untouched from filth. You could be a visionary for them to learn something from you. Your second tenure could be a repetitive example for the rulers of this great democracy to learn some ideals. Do it for the sake of last common person of this great land . Raju Rahate, Nagpur

870   mohit kushwahPosted OnJun 19 2012 11:48:02
you r youth icon......... i hope u r well..... i will dream to meet u soon as soon possible.. "you are a great man" for our generation. we always follow you... i want to meet u sir. god bless u.....sir. always keep smile.

869   Susdhakar MishraPosted OnJun 18 2012 16:49:09
I alwayz respect ur decision what ever it is but sir pleaseee dont leave us in the hands of congress atleast there should be one person to whom we can say some thing good is going in the politics we badly need you n your vision 20 sirrrr pleaseeeeeeeeeee sir

868   Elangovan PPosted OnJun 18 2012 15:32:56
sir i am of 19 years old and doing my engg. in RV college of engineering, today and before you are the one who i wish to lead our nation and make the change,i love your book "wings of fire".your Gods gift to us.we just dont wish but waiting for your presidential. your mind not only work towards tech. but all through people's heart.ill do my best to improve our nations technology sir,Its after you i started believing the quote "Nothing is impossible". Thank you sir,Jai hind!.

867   ChandrakantPosted OnJun 18 2012 14:58:40
Sir, I have an idea, to change the politics OF MY NATION INDIA. I am 24 year old. I will make India a Corruption-free country with your blessings and support. I stay in Bhadrak, Odisha.Sir, If you reply at the above mentioned email address, I will share my ideas with you. I just want a start up. I will surely do as u wished! Yours Faithfully- Chandrakant

866   Nitai KarmakarPosted OnJun 18 2012 13:39:39
Dear Sir, please please please...it is my heartly request to save our nation...just stand for president..although we know your time is very very precious..

865   GOWTHAMANPosted OnJun 18 2012 13:30:07

864   arvindPosted OnJun 18 2012 11:56:23
dear sir, we need gold... not other metals as a gold

863   VENKATESH JOSHIPosted OnJun 18 2012 11:55:37

862   bossPosted OnJun 17 2012 19:38:38
when are going to became the tamilnadu cheif minister .When this place occuppy by the edcucated person like . MANY NO.OF YOUNGSTER WILLING TO JOIN THEIR HANDS WITH YOU SIR ,PLEASE

861   prakash swainPosted OnJun 17 2012 15:20:20
dear sir, plz be the president and fight against corruption and i love u very much... regards prakash swain odisha

860   EBENEZER CHARLESPosted OnJun 17 2012 14:42:52
இந்திய ஏவுகணை உலகின் தந்தையான அப்துல்கலாம் இந்தியர்கள் அனைவருக்கும் முன் உதாரணமாக இருந்து வருகிறார். அவர் அரசியலுக்கு அப்பாற்பட்டவர். அவர் உண்மையை எதிர் நோக்குபவர். நிரம்ப அறிவு உடையவர். இத்தகைய குண நலம் கொண்ட ஒருவரையே ஜனாதிபதி பதவியில் அமர்த்த இந்தியர்கள் அனைவரும் விரும்புகிறார்கள்

859   JOHNLOUIS.APosted OnJun 17 2012 14:31:17
sir...i want u to lead our country pride ahead...pls?????????????

858   sorry to tellPosted OnJun 17 2012 12:38:10
sir,please note commands on Aug 15 2011 17:58:36. he is one of the fraud.so don't hope him. this is my request

857   LALINLAUDISPosted OnJun 16 2012 10:04:21
My most respected sir, we the young people want only u as our next president.. check in social sites.. all young people are raising their voice for you.. Kindly don't be mum.. plz come out sir. plz..plz..

856   meenaPosted OnJun 16 2012 07:44:38
Dear Respected Sir APJ Abdul Kalam, It would be our honour if you will serve and represent India once again as President. We really hope that you fill your application again. As India needs your leadership more then ever when our existing democratic structure is crumbling. Hope you contest this and don't give up to the few leaders request of not contesting second time. This is the matter of country's honour, test of honesty, hardships. No doubt that Mr. Pranab Mukherjee is a good leader but fact will remain fact that he is representing congress and will do so. Whereas we citizens believe that our president should be not from the current running govt. or from any other party. We all believe that in the past tenure of yours you fully justified your position as President and were favourite and till date are favourite and will remain too and no one else has left the deeper impression on us then you. You represent integrity, honesty, fearlessness, motivation, vision, clear thought process and you will again fully justify your position. It will be an honour for us to have you as our President. It will reinstate our belief in democracy once again.

855   samsonPosted OnJun 16 2012 00:50:32
Respected sir, we want you to be our president again. we are praying for that.

854   Dr. IrfanPosted OnJun 15 2012 23:49:20
we want Dr. Kalam is our president, once more please........ www.checkresult.in

853   Lavanya.pPosted OnJun 15 2012 14:03:34
i am inspiring you sir.i like you very much sir.if i get a chance sure ,i will meet you sis

852   naiduPosted OnJun 14 2012 20:23:13
my inspiration is doctor abdulkalam .he is one of the dynamic hero of life history.

851   sandeepPosted OnJun 14 2012 16:25:35
sir i like you and your quotes are so nice

850   RamuPosted OnJun 13 2012 14:22:32
Dear Sir, I miss the opportunity to see you in Hosur at Krishnagiri District. I am really miss you. Suppose by chance I see your face, I am really change my life style. Thank You Sir, A. Ramu, Data Entry Operator, District Project Office, Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, Krishnagiri District.

849   safeer.v.kPosted OnJun 12 2012 18:34:35
I would like to become a Mathematical Scientist. But, I have no idea about the way to Mathematical Scientist. Now, B.Sc first year(2012) Please help me Sir.

848   Bhuma Lavanya PeddiReddyPosted OnJun 12 2012 11:06:48
Kalam sir!! Let us walk in your way to make Our MotherLand a Developed nation.... Thank you Sir..

847   MPK. Mahendra VarmaPosted OnJun 11 2012 18:35:53
sir you are my god father

846   B.RahuwaranPosted OnJun 11 2012 08:51:25
Dear sir, I'm from Srilanka, my bad luck I couldn't met you when you visited here. Its my great pleasure to contact such a simple person like you, I like your simplicity & thoughts very much sir, you are the inspiration of youngsters. I never think that I can have a photograph with you sir, but at-least I want to your autograph sir. I kindly request you to send your autograph placed on your favorite book. Please sir. Its my life time achievement sir. If you accept my request please send it to given address; B. Rahuwaran, Administration Officer Tokyo Cement Company (Lanka) PLC, P.O.Box 2, Codbay, Trincomalee, 31000, Sri Lanka. May God bless you sir..

845   anand kumarPosted OnJun 10 2012 23:42:37
sir u r great person......u r my ideal person.....once in my life time i want to meet u sir......actually i want to be a doctor......i want to see once again u as a persident sir''''''''

844   Faihad M APosted OnJun 10 2012 15:51:02
Hello sir I am inspiring u lot thank you sir

843   Deepan SPosted OnJun 10 2012 12:07:14
dear Sir, I am deepan from kanyakumari and am your fan.It is my grateful opportunity to talk with you.If you came several time in kanyakumari, but i cant able to see you.I don't have any words say with you.I want take one photograph with you.But i think you always being in a busy schedule.I think it is my big greed. Thank you for this chance By Deepan S 9940979861

842   sai suryaPosted OnJun 08 2012 17:57:04
hello sir i want you to visit hyderabad and me

841   R. GANAPATHI RAOPosted OnJun 08 2012 13:31:06
Dear Kalam Sir, I have some weapon and utility idea for satellite and some ideas for 2020. How do I meet you. I am stationed at Bangalore and I heard you are also stationed at Bangalore. As the weapon idea is very destructive I wish to discuss with you personally. I am sorry it is not a mass destruction weapon like the chemical weapon. Please give me some time. I wish to bring my Daughter Sagarika also along, she is in her 3rd year of BE Medical Electronics. R. GANAPATHI RAO.

840   Pillai SN DrPosted OnJun 08 2012 05:54:40
We & many including so called intellectuals, proclaimed saviors of the downtrodden will be taken back, given or takes a chance to read this Profile/nor heard H E's humility in Speech demeanor, and cannot have any disagreement in having the title "Peoples President of India",for ever.

839   ISHITA RALLYPosted OnJun 07 2012 16:10:00
sir, I am truly inspired by your writings in IGNITED MINDS: ROLE OF YOUTH. I am studying in class 9 presently and in future I want to go for civil services exams and want to be an IAS. So please guide me what shall i do at this stage so that i would be able to succeed in my endeavour in the near future..............

838   aditya t gopiPosted OnJun 07 2012 07:47:17
sir, i admire you a lot......u r the best.........India's sole and future lies in you.....you r our motivator and spirit ......u r the one who shaped the future of India for us.........may u live for a 1000 years..............

837   G.A UMESHKUMARPosted OnJun 06 2012 12:54:31

836   manoharPosted OnJun 06 2012 11:16:59
The Nation always likes GREAT Person like YOU Sir..

835   Revannath Vasant ZirpePosted OnJun 05 2012 02:44:36
Good Morning/ Respected Kalam sir, I am Revannath ( Pursuing B.com). I am really proud to be an Indian,when seeing you sir, from here i promise my nation that i will work hard for my nation "India2020", Jai Hind, Jai Bharat... You are Really nice sir... i pray to god that bring happiness in your whole life...

834   Nagendran.RPosted OnJun 02 2012 12:35:00
Good noon sir, i am nagendran(B.Tech (C.S.E))& i am very glad to say i saw you in my college kalasalingam university.i think you came second time. i am so excited when i saw you sir. you are the roll model for all people especially engineers. i pray god you to become a president of india again. i have a question? WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT COMPUTER-NETWORKING? ITS USE,HOW IT WILL BE IN FUTURE? WHAT IS THE CURRENT POSITION IF INDIA IN NETWORKING? Await for you positive reply sir.. Have a nice day..

833   Janhavi PPosted OnJun 01 2012 01:28:36
The new RTE act and various other educational reforms which have come into picture this year are causing an uproar among the students. Such decisions should not be taken without knowing the facts at grassroot levels. It is humanely impossible to decide one common rule for a huge country like ours where the quality of education is so varied that it ranges from from cave/hutment schools in the villages to the best of international schools. The New RTE Act gives every student equal right to apply to any school in the country. Though it is an admirable idea, it has so many loopholes that it is causing more harm than good. This rule has opened up the clean central school system of the KV's open to corruption. Seats in CBSE schools are being given on the preference of the principals and based on bribes and capitation fees. It also put children of military personnel at a loss. As children of military personnel we move every 2-3 years and often have to study in very sub-standard schools. It is very difficult for some of us to score as high as students from civilian backgrounds who get steady school-lives, good teachers and coaching facilities on top of it. This new system of making 12th marks count for 50% of JEE score puts rural students and children military personnel (who change schools every 2 years and often have to study in very sub-standard schools) at a loss. Does this not encourage corrupt practices at the School /college levels where a Student's career is held to ransom at the hands of a few corrupt principals, teachers who take out vengeance on the students/ Parents because of various reasons such as not taking pvt tution from them, personal rivalry? It also opens doors to collection of huge amounts of money by schools and colleges for giving higher marks in the internals, assaulting, abuse of students by wretched teachers ......the list is endless.... The rapid changes are affecting the teen minds of the young students creating unnecessary phobias. I request you to do something as you are the only person I could think of contacting regarding this.

832   mohammedPosted OnMay 29 2012 17:14:16
good evening sir.you are my inspiration.have a long life to you sir.....

831   S.Ganesh PrabhuPosted OnMay 29 2012 14:25:19
god is great to gift a person like you to india !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

830   jaiprakash singhPosted OnMay 29 2012 13:01:34
ihave done diploma in ele. engg. 1986 from govt. polytechnic harra ki cungi azamgarh up i just want to apply for certificate then what should i do for that? kindly suggest email id where ican e mail for get my certificate

829   hari Posted OnMay 27 2012 21:17:48
sir, since my childhood i have heard about u and inspired by your books. when you worked as a president you have visited lot of colleges and schools. i used to think that at least one day u might come to our college so that we can see you but we couldnot see u. i pray god to give an oppurtunity to see u and listen to your speech directly.

828   ANURADHA VERMAPosted OnMay 27 2012 16:10:20
Respected sir,i am a final semester student of B.Tech and i have a deep urge to work with ISRO but unfortunately i haven't qualified.Sir i belongs to lower middle class family,i have not got any job.Its a big problem for my parents because my father is unemployed and i studied by taking loan.please help me out.Waiting for your respose as early as possible.

827   rakesh r bPosted OnMay 27 2012 07:40:15
respected sir you are a legend

826   Arun SPosted OnMay 26 2012 15:55:05
Respected kalam sir i am realy proud to be an indian,when seeing you sir, from here i promise my nation that i will work hard for my nation "India2020", vande matharam

825   DeepakPosted OnMay 25 2012 05:50:00
Kalam sir, You are the modern Swami Vivekanand of INDIA.

824   Vivek-R.Posted OnMay 23 2012 23:47:40
Dear Sir, I'm a Plus two completed student of science with computer application with distinction.now Im facing a big problem with my future.I have passed the entrance exam with good ranks.but Ihave no oppurtunity to continue my studies as the the bank doesn't provide me the educational loan for B.Tech.because my father doesnt get any loan.he had some business 2 years back.now he quit that.so he suffered from some debts and loans.due to that problems, my future is in trouble.and I like to study for B.tech.I dont know what to do.there is no one for help.kindly do somethinf to continue my education if you trust my problems.If it,I'll give my personal information and contact details.If I distracted you,really sorry for the trouble. Thanks, Respectfully.

823   Retesh KumarPosted OnMay 21 2012 16:16:17
Hello Sir ... I am persuing Chartered Accountancy. I really became a very Big Fan of yours when I went through your profile, your achievements & your dedication to see India as a developed country by 2020. Really, I want to be like you & to serve my Nation in it's best interests. Thanks a lot.

822   Mehek CheemaPosted OnMay 20 2012 21:33:47
Sir,I am in class 8 but am already a big fan of yours. We have been asked to make a project on a great personality and you were the first person who came to mind. While you were the President, I used to talk to my dad about you every day. I am also a nature lover just like you and my uncle worked with you throughout your Presidency and till date talks about you, every time we meet. I hope I get a chance to meet you when i become a cardio-vascular surgeon. You are the one who will always be my role model and the person I will always look up to. Thank you so much Sir for all that you have done for our nation. Your biggest fan and follower, Mehek Cheema.

821   vaibhav jainPosted OnMay 20 2012 00:08:34
(. .) vaibhav sankhla ( | ) _ how is birla school pilani for education related to science and how much better it is then the iit in Tamil Nadu????????????? please kindly tell me about it soon...... it is urgent.....

820   Udaiveer SinghPosted OnMay 19 2012 15:37:41
Sir, You are the greatest person of India........

819   Ramadoss ShanmugamPosted OnMay 18 2012 23:28:08
i am your great fan sir.god gave to good health.god bless u sir.i was completed B.E.,(EEE) Hindustan Coleege Of Engineering-Chennai RAMADOSS SHANMUGAM ABUDHABI-UAE MOBILE:00971503398032

818   Pooja SrivastavaPosted OnMay 18 2012 16:19:50
Respected Sir, I am from Rampur and very glad to know that you are coming for a visit to D.M.A. Rampur as you are the true source of inspiration to the coming generation My NEPHEW(RACHIT SAXENA CLASS X) WANTS TO BE THE PART OF THE CROWD WHICH WILL GREET YOU BUT SINCE HE IS FROM MILAK A TEHSIL OF RAMPUR HE HAS NOT BEEN GIVEN THE PASSES BY THE SCHOOL HE IS VERY MUCH DISAPPOINTED,I would be highly obliged if you could help me ,I don't want to create the scene but to help the child to avail this golden chance of being inspired by you. kindly help me Sir please please please!!!!!!!!!!.

817   Harshita RameshPosted OnMay 18 2012 14:45:22
I was very much honoured today Sir!! coz you visited our college-ALL INDIA INSTITUTE OF SPEECH AND HEARING,MYSURU!! I'm very much happy to know that work is going on to make Cochlear Implant cost less than 1K,coz many children r there who r not rehabilitated effectively only by Digital Hearing Aids..hopefully this dream will be true soon!!im appearing for my Masters in Audiology Entrance this yr and hope to serve the children and adults efficiently through my profession :D

816   Rajatbaran ChakravartyPosted OnMay 16 2012 16:42:13
Dear Sir, I have an idea for the theory of Time Machine and negative flow of time in an hypothetical coordinate system plotting with velocity of light. Kindly let me explain it to you. Rajat

815   Dr Mahesh R. Sarode, M.A History, Ph D Archaeology Pune Posted OnMay 16 2012 15:17:21
H E honourable Ex President of India Kalam Sir, sir i visited your site this is nothing but amezing for me that i am visiting & writing comment for you no words to describe my feeling i would like keep in contact with you we are working on so many issues & we expecting your help & divine guidance. I am working In Daily Divya Marathi this is Bhaskar Groups marathi edition Largest newspaper in India sir i am working there as a Feature Editor sir we are specially publish page on science & technology, enginnering as i think sir you should write in this page your guidance will enlightened the us & people this is must in world of IT, spece, etc Sir this is humble request to you that you will write for us to educate the india & masses. Thank yor sir Yours Faithfully Dr Mahesh R. Sarode, M A, Ph.D (Archaeology) (Desk In Charge Features) Daily Divya Marathi (Daily Bhaskar Groups Edition) Aurangabad Maharashtra (Note _ sir pls Dont publish this lettar on site before this bi mistak this lettar submitted (same lettar) i am not knowing this system

814   Dr Mahesh R. Sarode, M.A History, Ph D Archaeology Pune Posted OnMay 16 2012 15:12:48
H E honourable Ex President of India Kalam Sir, sir i visited your site this is nothing but amezing for me that i am visiting & writing comment for you no words to describe my feeling i would like keep in contact with you we are working on so many issues & we expecting your help & divine guidance. I am working In Daily Divya Marathi this is Bhaskar Groups marathi edition Largest newspaper in India sir i am working there as a Feature Editor sir we are specially publish page on science & technology, enginnering as i think sir you should write in this page your guidance will enlightened the us & people this is must in world of IT, spece, etc Sir this is humble request to you that you will write for us to educate the india & masses. Thank yor sir Yours Faithfully Dr Mahesh R. Sarode, M A, Ph.D (Archaeology) (Desk In Charge Features) Daily Divya Marathi (Daily Bhaskar Groups Edition) Aurangabad Maharashtra

813   G.MahendranPosted OnMay 15 2012 20:57:59
Respected Sir, Good Evening, A. P. J. ABDUL KALAM Sir, You are my great inspiration. I love you. I have read your articles, books etc. I am highly inspired by your autobiography 'The Wings of Fire'. The title itself makes a lot of sense. I love your quotations. I completed D.E.E.E. Now, My dream is started FM Radio in my native place, (Thiruvarur Dist) dream only is there, but there is no mony, I want your blessings and suggestions if possible. Thank You G.Mahendran,Mobile: 9789392097

812   abhishek sharmaPosted OnMay 15 2012 10:38:43
Nation Belongs to you Sir.

811   SRINIVASAN DHPosted OnMay 11 2012 23:26:58
Sir A. P. J. ABDUL KALAM, You are my inspiration. I love you. I have read your articles, books etc. I am highly inspired by your autobiography 'The Wings of Fire'. The title itself makes a lot of sense. I love your quotations. I completed B.tech in CSE branch with 77.35%. Now, I am preparing for civil service. I want your blessings and suggestions if possible. Thank You, Dh. Srinivasan.

810   Pramod KymarPosted OnMay 11 2012 17:02:50
R / Sir, i never ever seen person like you, i relay thank to god to born me in this time when i can see you. we all love you

809   Satish ChaturvediPosted OnMay 11 2012 15:56:21
Respected sir,tomorrow i am going to attend your program in GOVT POLYTECHNIC in AZAMGARH. i am very happy with my selection to meet you. Sir usually i am very much confused in the sense that how you have accommodate yourself in POLITICS & in science as a missile man?

808   ANJANAPosted OnMay 11 2012 12:09:50
Sir, You are my icon. Your words support me at my worse times. Thanks a lot.

807   AnupamaPosted OnMay 10 2012 16:31:44
in many worst situations of mylife.....ur thoughts & visions makes me strength ... My big dream is to Talk to you sir.....

806   vidyavageeshPosted OnMay 09 2012 12:28:02
i really appreciate moor i am always respecting you. you are one of the most greatest man in the world.we are all lucky to have you in india.

805   NishaPosted OnMay 08 2012 01:08:28
I sm still a 10yr old. Wanna talk to you(keyboard pals)

804   vivekananthanPosted OnMay 07 2012 11:24:05
sir u r great i wish u become again president of India then only become the no 1 country thank u sir.

803   ramnath_aPosted OnMay 07 2012 02:24:48
i like very much sir.....................

802   WasimPosted OnMay 04 2012 21:48:21
Sir i m bsc. 2yr studnt what opportunity for me in medical research sectori m a inspire(SHE) Scholarthanks

801   HafizurPosted OnMay 04 2012 15:54:04
Sir last week i read the book " Kalams Effect" which is written by Mr. P. M Nayar. After reading the book my respect to you is increase 100 times than earlier. I m your good friend. Sir is it possible to talk with the great personality(You)?

800   Abdul BasithPosted OnMay 03 2012 11:32:06
Sir, I live in Kerala, I am very fond of your words,My ambition is to become an engineer from IIT.Now i finished my 10th std with full A+. Sir, to fulfill my ambition I need your support... waiting ur hands,.......

799   Vijay YPosted OnMay 02 2012 18:11:49
Respected Sir, Very Good evening sir.Iam vijay from Hyderabad and working as a systems manager in Athena security Solutions company.I and my friends Mr.Ramana ( National Ex champion Taekwondo) and Mr Ayyapa formed one group and registered one social organisation " CMPF" ( Common Man Protection Force) to help poor and needy in all aspects.In Andhra Pradesh we have 1105 mandals and from each mandal we have 2 people in our group.We are concentrating from village level sir.For example if the mandal has 16 villages then 8 villages will be heading 1 person each and these 2 people will form one more commitee with 24 people each.We have central committee , operational committee and advisor committee sir.We already purchased domain www.cmpf.org and just working on the website sir.We want you to launch our social organisation along with mega blood camp with 1105 people, each one from mandal.We want to approach you for your dates availability, but we dont know how to approach you sir.Requesting you tell us the procedure to approach you sir.We hope you appreciate and bless all of us for this social cause.We are welcoming the members to our group only who are honest and not belongs to any political party.We have already done some works sir and want to continue throughout the state and later we will expand it to the nation with all your support. Sir Please excuse me for any mistakes in my message.

798   amit kesharwaniPosted OnMay 02 2012 18:03:21
dear sir i want meet you,you are my idle. I'm conform for you are next president of India (only you not any other) .

797   amit kesharwaniPosted OnMay 02 2012 18:01:58
dear sir i want meet you,you are my idle. I'm conform for you are next president of India (only you not any other) .

796   NarendranPosted OnMay 02 2012 16:00:13
Sir, you are an inspiration to me. Thank you for your speeches and thoughts

795   Himmat MehraPosted OnMay 02 2012 10:23:48
President Poll: JD(U) says ?NO? to APJ Abdul Kalam this is the story of the day, but i think that he is the best person to take the position of President, to read more on this visit my website, http://newstopnight.in/ NewsTopNight

794   Aayush ShahPosted OnMay 01 2012 15:59:40
Sir in this Presidential elections we Indians would like 'People's President' you to participate and succeed your vision of making India a major power by 2020

793   DattaPosted OnApr 30 2012 00:54:55
Sir, it is the time when we want your guidance once again. When I was school teacher I used to read your book vision-2020 in the class and make aware the students about the targets that we have to achieve by 2020. Today our beloved nation is facing the evil of corruption and it is my opinion that a it can be tackled by raising the inner voice of every Indian against the corruption. Like Gandhiji we need you once again. he raised the slogan in 1942 "Britishans, quit India". Now the time has come to raise the slogan "Corruption, Quit India". it is my thinking that once you stand against corruption. The corruption will be found only in museum in India.

792   DattaPosted OnApr 30 2012 00:53:58
Sir, it is the time when we want your guidance once again. When I was school teacher I used to read your book vision-2020 in the class and make aware the students about the targets that we have to achieve by 2020. Today our beloved nation is facing the evil of corruption and it is my opinion that a it can be tackled by raising the inner voice of every Indian against the corruption. Like Gandhiji we need you once again. he raised the slogan in 1942 "Britishans, quit India". Now the time has come to raise the slogan "Corruption, Quit India". it is my thinking that once you stand against corruption. The corruption will be found only in museum in India.

791   divya kameraPosted OnApr 28 2012 17:57:06
how to prepair my life and speritual steps

790   divya kameraPosted OnApr 28 2012 12:14:12
good morning sir...have a nice day.....

789   Murali chariPosted OnApr 28 2012 08:57:07
Sir, This is to inform you that my father Mr.Desikachari, Baroda, Guajarat expired on 26th April 2012. As he was a good friend of your goodselves, I thought it was my duty to inform you. MAY HIS SOUL REST IN PEACE. Murali D Chari

788   Prof.G.S.MurtyPosted OnApr 26 2012 21:49:44
Respected Kalam ji, Namaste, You are a well respected person known internationally for your leadership qualities both in scientific and diplomatic worlds. I and several of my colleagues wish and invite you to come forward to lead our nation once again assuming he highest office the president of India. I wish this wish become a reality, Respectful regards, Prof.G.S.Murty

787   MANOJ BHANDARIPosted OnApr 26 2012 15:55:21
dear sir i want meet you,you are my idle,i am basically belong science student

786   Padmalochan PandaPosted OnApr 24 2012 17:24:08
Revered Sir,We all want a leader like you.Plz come on and lead us.Plz plz plz......Plz don't leave your vision and guide us to achieve it also.

785   PrabudossPosted OnApr 24 2012 15:34:34
Dear sir, You the most inspired men in the world.You r the role model for every youth's not only for indian's. Thanks to god you be with us.

784   Vishal AdityaPosted OnApr 23 2012 18:41:54
I really appreciate your knowledge but there is one question that is from all countrymen "According to you who is the best leader for us to choose" :-{HHHW} 1}Honest 2}Hardworking 3}Helpful 4}Well-educated

783   satpal singh Posted OnApr 23 2012 12:47:16
Dear sir your my inspiration & role model.I am 12th science student and I am interested in aeronatical engineering but no more knowlage for this engineering branch .so i will be request plz give me some ideas,top collage list and how can do that. Plz replay for me my contact Num-8561882174.I LIKE YOU SIR..

782   satpal singh Posted OnApr 23 2012 12:33:09
Dear sir your my inspiration & role model.I am 12th science student and I am interested in aeronatical engineering but no more knowlage for this engineering branch .so i will be request plz give me some ideas,top collage list and how can do that. Plz replay for me my contact Num-8561882174.I LIKE YOU SIR..

781   HarshithaPosted OnApr 21 2012 12:06:09
Sir you are only person said India to become developed nation. We need the person like who really serves for India in better way. I really very impressed by your work,your thoughts. I am follower of you sir... U r really great as a scientist as president of India....

780   VijayPosted OnApr 20 2012 21:48:21
if a war occurs between india and China will Indian army will defeat china and whether india will become a super power and what are the chaunces of becoming it?

779   Shivshankar K.T.Posted OnApr 19 2012 14:24:59
Dear Sir After Gandiji you are the one who has influenced me so much.In fact I am writing a small article on " Transition from Mahatma to Kalam." We have learned a lot from you and there are a lot to learn from you. Sir I have a dream and that is to meet you and take blessings from you for me and my son. I am 45 years old working in Dubai and my son is in 4th standard. If you are comming to Dubai please give me a chance to meet you and I will ensure that I will not take more than 1 minute of yours and this is not for a photosession to show others that I met you but a genuine desire to meet a role model and if it happens it will be an inspiration for my son to be a good citizen of India. Wish you good health at all times and with all prayers from me and my family. With love and affection Shivshankar 0097150 6740613

778   Dr. Ushoshi GuahPosted OnApr 18 2012 12:26:45
Dear Sir, Under the mission of Integrated action for Developed India in Vision 2020 we the qualified educationalist are holding on Internationl conference on the Tehem 'Interdisciplinary Research and Development in Management, Engineering , Technology and Social Sciecne (ICMETSS)2012 Nagpur To give a light on the Institute , CICI is a maltidisciplinary, Minority(Muslim) Institue we are engaged in interdisciplinary Reseaerch and Extension work At the outside we request you to kindly send a message for Research & young Teacher who would be Participate in this Conference (Please Send your Message before 26th Arpil ) we Remain Sir Thanking you Your In the VISION 2020 Dr. Ushoshi Guha Principal Cental India College of Education M.Ed Nagpur uguha@rediffmail.com vishalingle28@gmail.com

777   Ponniah GaneshanPosted OnApr 17 2012 10:13:17
Honored Sir, I write poems in English and Tamil. A collection of my Tamil ( Velikkul Veli) has already been published. Another collection of my poems ( Agony of being a human) is to be brought out in the later part of this month. This collection of poem is dedicated to you as I respect you so much. I am afraid whether Your Honor would have time to read this letter. Your Honor may visit my blogspot. www.kalurankavithai.blogspot.com. Also my English poems are published in poem hunter. Visit www.poemhunter.com/ponniah ganeshan. I am looking forward to Your Honor's reply. With Best Regards Ponniah Ganeshan (Kallooran)

776   sai suryaPosted OnApr 16 2012 16:59:24
respected sir.i am an 8th class student.in my hindi text book we are having a lesson about you.i was very much inspired by you and i want to become a good indian citizen like you

775   gokulavasanPosted OnApr 14 2012 15:28:19
respected sir, i am gokul from,thakkolam(village),tamilnadu. i am read u r stories are very very fantastic , u r man of the master of this world and my hope is become an (successful) mechanical engineer.......... thank you....

774   PRAKHAR SINGHPosted OnApr 13 2012 20:59:00
HELLO SIR, I AM UR GREAT FAN..AND BELIEVE ME..... I AM A FIRM BELIEVER OF YOUR THOUGHTS......... I AM CLASS 10 STUDENT...AND INSPIRED FROM YOU I HAVE CREATED MY OWN WEBSITE ie. http://invoir.com/ this is my dream site......and it's mainly for teens and youths..who can upload there innovations,videos pics and blogs on this website.........i recommend you to please visit this site....coz its really gr8... AND THIS IS FOR OTHER FRIENDS ALSO WHO IS READING THIS COMMENT...TO PLEASE HAVE A VIEW ON THIS WEBSITE..... FOR ANY QUERRY CONTACT- prakhar.jba@gmail.com

773   ChandrasekarPosted OnApr 07 2012 14:04:02
மதிப்புக்குரிய ஐயா, Dr.ABJ அப்துல்கலாம் அவர்களுக்கு எனது பணிவான வணக்கங்கள் .என் பெயர் R. சந்திரசேகர் ,நான் தமிழகத்தை சேர்ந்தவன் . அதனால் தான் தமிழில் எழுதுகிறேன். அதைவிட முக்கியம் நன் உங்களுடைய கோடிகணக்கான பிரியர்களின் நானும் ஒருவன் என்று சொல்லிகொள்ள பெருமை அடைகிறேன்.சுருக்கமாக விசியத்துக்கு வருகிறேன் .நமது நாட்டில் விலைவாசி ராக்கேட்வேகதுக்கு ஏறிக்கொண்டே போகுது.இன்னொருபுறம் ஊழல்பண்ணுறவங்கள் பட்டியல் அதிகரிதுவருது .ஏழைகளை வறுமை பின் தொடர்ந்துகொண்டே வருகிறது .இதற்கெல்லாம் சரியான மாற்றம் எப்போது கிடைக்கும் ?.

772   Ramakant Mahadev Pawdal Posted OnApr 06 2012 14:50:16
Respected Sir, I am working with Motherland Social organization in Pune Maharashtra. Recently I saw the power point presentation made by you on 'Letter writen in the 2070' and i am much more impressed with such important and useful presentation. Its very important film to aware the the students from school who are the future of our nation. So Iwant to know may i use this presentation for the awareness programme in schools, where the our future will alert about the use of water. Waiting in your response. Thanking You.

771   suganyaPosted OnApr 06 2012 07:34:51
respected sir ,first of all i thank you for your contribution in the field of science and technology .your my inspiration and role model.i wanna do something for my state and nation .please tell me what i can do as a textile engineer. vazga tamiz

770   RAJOSREEPosted OnApr 05 2012 22:22:01
I,ve a great respect to you.I am pleased to read your profile and specially your respect to your mother .I WANT TO GIVE YOU SPECIAL THANKS for your contribution to plan a children science congress and progressing our aeronautic field.

769   divyaPosted OnApr 05 2012 12:20:46
thanks for this to read more about him go to this site http://infovak.com/f8

768   SHOBHIT JAINPosted OnApr 02 2012 20:59:48
sir i want the blessings from you to reach your heights.

767   shiva shankarPosted OnApr 02 2012 16:02:42
hi.sir iam a bigfan of u,, ihave inspired in my life by reading your books. and your biography.. thank u alot..

766   VIVIN VISWANATHPosted OnApr 02 2012 11:40:40
Sir, I am a great fan of yours. I had read your book 'wings of fire' when i joined in college for mechanical engineering but i really got inspired by reading that book. hence i changed my branch to aeronautical engineering. now i am in my final year. but sir, the most disappointing thing which now have arised is that the job opportunities for aeronautical engineers are very rare. even aeronautical related companies like HAL, AAI are only calling for mechanical engineers. But we are studying about 80% mechanical engineering topics only, then why aren't the companies calling us.? please help....

765   shubhrit agrawalPosted OnApr 01 2012 02:53:13
sir pls do justice and replyme sir please. its for our furure sir

764   Santosh BhosalPosted OnApr 01 2012 01:28:19
Respected sir, Without political stability in India, how can one improve our nation and how will India be self reliant and a developed nation by 2020? "I hope I'll get answer in 24hrs sir"

763   raju ghoshPosted OnMar 30 2012 23:19:02
Revered Sir, This is a great pleasure for me to write to you.I am a Junior Officer in the Co-operation department of Govt. of West Bengal.When I was selected for the post my heart was filled with joy for the reason that I got the chance to do something for the people.But my service of 1 year under this department left me disheartened because of two reasons.Firstly due to the apathy and indifferent attitude of the Government towards the Department and secondly ,due to the fact that Co-operative remained an off the track concept for the people.Sir please tell me how could I DO SOMETHING for the people.i need your blessings.

762   shubhrit agrawalPosted OnMar 30 2012 22:54:25
good evening sir. i m 12th moving student and an aspirant for iit jee next year. sir this year there is a lot of confusion regarding the new pattern which is not at all clear. sir how can we prepare if we dont know the syllabus, exam ates, type of exam, marks weightage. so i wrote a letter to our hrd minister and sent it via e mail to email address of ministry of human right development(dept. of education). sir i want everybodys help to be fair to the students. why we should suffer. sir please can you tell me your email address so that i can contact and take guidence. sir its my humble request. i want to send you the same letter

761   KanikaPosted OnMar 29 2012 19:39:05
Sir Often I hear from my elders and teachers to do hard work.But I only know the Hindi translation of hard work. Could you please let me know what is hard work according to you. It would be so king of you if you could please let me know its meaning very soon. Hoping for a positive result. Kanika

760   kumar.CPosted OnMar 29 2012 10:14:43
dear sir, i would like to meet u and want to talk to u sir please can u give me a appointment to meet u.. KUMAR.C CHAMARAJANAGARA. KARNATAKA.

759   Pooja Posted OnMar 27 2012 19:04:56
Dear Sir, I met u for the first time in Bangalore in state foundation day function i.e. Nov. 1, 2008. It was a dream come true for me. Luckily, I had an opportunity to interact with u. Sir, I am a student pursuing my doctoral degree. I have been going through a very rough phase of my life for quite some time. Recently, I read your book 'Wings of Fire'. Actually, there were some instances which had a great degree of similarity with what I am facing presently.It had a tremendous positive impact on me. Sir, I heartily thank u for sharing your life with us through the book and salute u and ur mentors for giving India a real hero. May God bless u with long and healthy life so that u may serve the country for many years ahead.

758   patel krupaPosted OnMar 26 2012 11:56:47
respected sir, this is nice profile. as in your profile you have been took many lecture in the whole INDIA...but then also gujarati people are not so much affected so please sir took much lecture in gujarat...... i wants to meet you in one time in my whole life.it is dream of my life please meet me in one time...sir]

757   Asif sayyad Posted OnMar 23 2012 12:06:33
sir i am pharmacy student and i want to become scientist like you. contribute my innovation for my contry... my india..

756   Robespierre RibeiroPosted OnMar 22 2012 18:27:25
I'm a Brazilian medical doctor (cardiologist) interested in having your Kalam-Raju tablet as a valuable rural health worker tool in Brazil. Is there an interest from you in having a representative office of your tablet in Brazil? I'll be in India for a scientific meeting on April-May. So, I would be very interested in have a look in your tablet. Is there specific technical information on the tablet that you could send me? Regards Robespierre Ribeiro PhD

755   YogeshPosted OnMar 21 2012 09:36:28
My respectable sir, I am working in a well known IT company. I am seeing here pupils are concerned about their lives only. For me its like selfish life. I want to contribute to the society, what i need to do. I planned for public service commission, but my parents told me that its risk, need to give money for job. I interested in history, some of my friends advised to take public service commission. Kindly advise me

754   Peer ThaneshPosted OnMar 17 2012 13:45:40
Respected Sir,As a citizen of India you did alot of amicable thing for India. But as a slave of Allah what you did for Him. Today or tomorrow you have to face Allah on that time your scientific development not going to help you. Sir, it's request from me please find time to do compulsory duties of Allah. W'salam Thanesh

753   Paul mathewPosted OnMar 16 2012 12:52:17
Sir i like to become you

752   DattatrayaPosted OnMar 15 2012 19:16:28
Sir,I am your biggest fan.

751   R.ASWATH BHARGAVPosted OnMar 15 2012 18:57:04
I am biggest fan .In my compatition I told about u.please mail me. thank you

750   Vasanthi.VPosted OnMar 15 2012 16:16:32
sir,i am fan of you.i have read your books like the family and the nation.it will help us remind that what is our responsibility and possibility towards our country.i used to say about for my kid who is three yrs old.

749   LIJO V JACOBPosted OnMar 11 2012 21:33:13
Sir i have read two of your books "wings of fire" and "ignited minds" and now reading the third one "the family and the nation".It was a mind blowing experience. your experience and thought will help us remind what is our responsibility towards our country.

748   yasasPosted OnMar 11 2012 06:10:20
dear sir, missile projects are hiuman desstructable and harmful. It's makes scared the whole world.What do you think about be a pioneer in such project? thank you

747   ekram ulla khanPosted OnMar 08 2012 10:49:54
sir, one of my relative is having some new innovative thinking about low cost sources of energy. hw would like to do practical on it.can u tell about where to contact person/institute who/which can help or guide regarding this. thanking you

746   PriyaPosted OnMar 07 2012 22:12:30
Hello Dr.Kalam Sir, I have sent you a mail and I badly require your help.It is a question of my health and life. Please reply my mail sir. Regards, Ms.Priya

745   R.J.JAYARAAMANPosted OnMar 06 2012 20:12:31

744   Sadique ChakolePosted OnMar 05 2012 19:36:11
Sir, I am Mechanical Engineering Student. I want to ask you k what should be our way of looking while studying any new concept.... suppose we want to study any enginnering subject. what should be our objectives and which method we should follow to study that subject....?

743   Nikita Nayan JainPosted OnMar 04 2012 10:17:36
Dear sir I Nikita Jain 4th std. Sanskar vidylaya need Maharashtra Wants to ask you how do u prepare for to make great scientists in the world. Sir I will be very happy when I got ur mail. I eagely awaiting your mail. yours lovable baby Nikita jain

742   Lalit AroraPosted OnMar 03 2012 21:05:42
Respected Sir, I am a Management student at SP Jain Institute of Management studies,Mumbai. It has been always inspirational to listen to you & read your books.Request to share your views on how we should manage ourself and become better managers,also on importance of spiritual quotient for management graduates. Kindly spare sometime for us & share your priceless thoughts. Thanks & Regards, Lalit Arora SP Jain Institute Of Management & Research Andheri(W),Mumbai 09960605396 pgpm811.lalitarora@spjimr.org

741   Swapnil PujariPosted OnMar 03 2012 14:45:42
sir's mail id- apj@abdulkalam.com

740   J.Rajik FareedPosted OnMar 02 2012 22:54:46
hello sir, could you plz give me your email id.

739   hariPosted OnMar 02 2012 16:29:06
sir,please give me some technical information to me,i have interested in invent "the bomb detection" by using signals,,,where is the bomb placed that signals are located and send the signals to our,,,so it application will be developed we can easily stop the bomb blasts....this is my idea sir,please give me some suggestions..at last if any mistakes please forgive me sir.

738   MR. VANKATESH NAGAPUREPosted OnMar 02 2012 11:11:03
HELLO SIR, please give me your email id. Thanking you

737   Srikanth SubramanianPosted OnMar 01 2012 18:42:06
Good Evening Sir, I feel this is a great opportunity for any citizen of India to write to our beloved Bharata Ratna - Shri APJ Abdul Kalam. I have read your books and you are the inspiration of my life. I am sure your 'Ignited Minds' is certainly unleashing the young talent of this country. I have heard and read about your simplicity and the way of living and I am greatly inspired. I always try to share my thoughts and the respect I have for you with the people I meet in my life, as and when the topic arises on Hard work, Dedication towards your duties, Way of living, Truthfulness, Unselfishness etc. I personally thank you for everything you have been doing for this country. Jai Hind.

736   Muhammad Anvesh KhanPosted OnMar 01 2012 00:46:56
Dear Sir, its my pleasure to drop line to a person like you, who contributed for the nation as much a citizen could, no doubt about it you worked with integrity and succeeded with integrity. children leads nation from existing to future,leaders like you are the keys for guidance & direct towards their goals to build strongest nation. i love to read your biography and learn lessons from it.

735   Debajyoti PatiPosted OnFeb 29 2012 14:45:39
Respected Sir, I am a software engineer,2011 batch from odisha,you are my inspiration in every step of my life...,i dream of meeting you once in my life ...i often say my mother that i want to meet you or at least see you...i hope my dream come true soon..., every book of you is like ticket to city of success for youth..... i admire you a lot next to my parents...thank you.Waiting for your kind reply.

734   Debajyoti PatiPosted OnFeb 29 2012 14:39:07
Respected Sir, I am a software engineer and i just want to meet with u once before i die, please sir do me a favor.how i will be meet with u .

733   Anjul Singh GautamPosted OnFeb 28 2012 11:05:59
Dear sir, I see your eyes with love, intelligence, simplicity and greatness. Sir, you have been my role model for last 10 years. Presently I am Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering at Bhopal. I want to be associated with your this great kindness. You are pride of ourselves. You are RATNA of great India.

732   Prashant BaidPosted OnFeb 27 2012 00:11:45
Hello Sir, I was first saw you with my live eyes when i was 16 in Haridwar when you came to address 15th National Jamboree of The Bharat Scouts & Guides (2005). I was too much inspired by your speech. My life took a change from there. When i failed in my 10th class examination your one point stroke in my mind "Manage Failier". After that even after my family pressure to slow down my studies i again gave my 10th, 12th through distance learning and passes good marks. I was intrested in the field of management did my BBM in Visakhapatnam and know i have got an acceptance letter from University of Bristol, UK to do my MSc. All this growth in my life i would like to give the whole credit to you. Sir i promise to always work hard and work for the betterment and growth of our great country 'INDIA'. Love you Sir. You little child Prashant

731   jana sankariPosted OnFeb 25 2012 18:57:21
Pleasant evening sir. we will be in indeed pleasure to have you as president of India once again. And this is a gain for us. You influenced the students to do good for INDIA, many was influenced by many ways, I was influenced by you to find medicine for cancer,so many days ,I was searching for a goal but now because of you my goal was set.Thank you so much sir,I have to do many things to people of INDIA to meet you, thank you sir.

730   sarikaPosted OnFeb 25 2012 17:59:14
hello sir, could you plz give me your email id.

729   Nitin KumarPosted OnFeb 25 2012 16:30:55
Sir, i want to meet you. how may i meet you.

728   M.Veilu MuthuPosted OnFeb 21 2012 15:23:59
great sir.I really proud about you.

727   ANUKOOL MISHRAPosted OnFeb 21 2012 12:42:10
dear sir,my question is that why we are still driven into the arms race along with the democratically unstable countries like Pakistan, sir how long we will spend the great amount of our economy to nuclear development in sake of minimum deterrence.do you think we can afford to such arm race in the verge of unemployment, illiteracy and health care to our nation.dear sir you can guide the blind policy makers in this regard, its my humble request for the betterment of my motherland.

726   rohit keripalePosted OnFeb 20 2012 12:52:17
great sir proud u sir

725   Chiraag BangeraPosted OnFeb 19 2012 19:18:05
Dear sir , im from bangalore and am a huge fan . im a puc student and thinking about opting for robotics engineering . i would like to know about the basic degree requirements to become a robotics engineer . i would possibly like to design and build robots myself , I'm pretty good at computers and computer programming .since In india , robotics is not offered as a subject , it would really help me if you could suggest the courses that i should take when i go to college. which colleges in banglore offer robotics and which should i opt for should i opt for ,thank you.

724   kiran sreeraj rpPosted OnFeb 19 2012 11:21:45
hello sir,iam a student of 12th class.i was very much impressed by reading your wings of fire which my father presented to me in my birthday.i was so blessed to see you when you came to santhigiri asram in thiruvananthapuram.now iam aslo a big fan of yours.my ambition is also to become a scientist like you- (aerospace)

723   maruti badgudePosted OnFeb 18 2012 19:12:53
great sir, i am proud of you.

722   SnehaPosted OnFeb 18 2012 11:24:40
Sir can i have your mail Id pls.

721   C.BALASUBRAMANIYANPosted OnFeb 17 2012 08:17:11
Hello sir, i had completed MBA I reading your books one by one. whatever I had seen about yours and also the magnanimous personality is marvelous.sir you an inspiration and a true role model for anyone & everyone for the very reason that if you are Educated and use your education to not just develop yourself but for the good of others as well. sir i need you original photo copy to be fixed in home. that is my ambition can you please send to my address =>1/25 gandhi nagar, perugamani-(POST), srirangam (TK), trichy-(DIST) THANK YOU.

720   vishwanath swayPosted OnFeb 15 2012 12:52:30
dear sir I had seen you when you did visit my college campus to innagurate R.H.kulakarni lecturer memorial hall complex,at that time I was studying in 5th sem EC in BVBCET Hubli,karnatka,when I heard like Dr.kalam is visiting our campus,from the moment I didn't sleep till I seen you,once your speech got over I did skip Mr.Narayan murthy's speech and I went to bed to sleep,right from 8th std itself I am thinking what I do to become like Drkalam,I did pay 1500 to take saraswati dikshka to become like you,every day I used to chant on your name,as Swami Vivekandaji, said "what you do think that you will be"because of this I used to chant on your name,please suggest me,don't neglect me now I am working in wiproVLSI as a project engineer

719   shreePosted OnFeb 11 2012 11:14:35
respected sir, i was reading you biography and i am inspired by that..though you had a difficult childhood,you prove that one can do anything if he has desire and a feeling that he could succeed..i would say that you are a pearl of our country..

718   Rahul UpadhyayPosted OnFeb 08 2012 09:53:39
hello sir, Sir i am a student of Indian Institute Of Information Technology Design @ Manufacturing,Jabalpur.Sir We are organizing annual technical festival of our college.Sir we students will be lucky enough,if you visit to our institute on this important occasion,and enlighten us by your knowledge and experience.Its my pleasure to invite you for the inauguration function of this event behalf of my institute . Thank you sir.. your student- Rahul Upadhyay (M.Tech Scholar)PDPM Indian Institute Of Information Technology Design & Manufacturing,Jabalpur

717   PuwaPosted OnFeb 07 2012 20:45:26
You are a compass for young generation

716   nehaPosted OnFeb 07 2012 15:41:30
Sir, You are a Real hero. You inspire a lot. Your biography is not a biography but, it is the holy book for me. Everyone read it compalsory. we all love you.

715   sebastianPosted OnFeb 06 2012 15:45:42
your leadership is our vision

714   raja swaminathanPosted OnFeb 05 2012 03:34:56
i had an opportunity to listen to your inspiring speech in european parliament. sir india needs your guidance in this hour.

713   raja swaminathanPosted OnFeb 05 2012 03:30:59
i had an opportunity to listen to your inspiring speech in european parliament. sir india needs your guidance in this hour.

712   BalakrishnanPosted OnFeb 01 2012 13:49:52
Why are you supporting Trilingual Policy in Srilanka....Tamils there dont have to learn sinhala..In India We are not learning all languages but still we dont see much of an problem..Save Tamil Language. too much of adulteration will ruin the language....Only English and Tamil would do...I had so much of respect on you but when you shook hand with a war criminal I lost all of it..

711   R.Rathish kumarPosted OnJan 31 2012 10:46:29
Dear Sir I am Rathish Kumar living in Chennai. I need a help that I need am appointment to meet M/r : Dr.APJ.Abdulkalam . I need his blessings to achieve my future. So I kindly request you give a positive result to meet him . Thank You Sir JAI HIND Regards R.Rathish Kumar +91 9003092842

710   pranay kumarPosted OnJan 31 2012 00:18:33
please give me reply sir...

709   pranay kumarPosted OnJan 30 2012 00:12:06
Respected sir, i am pranay from Hyderabad.sir i see daily many people who are suffering from poverty. there will no proper food or shelter they stay on the road side. some small kids begging on the road for there living and there is no one to help them. sir i am voluntarily want to help them but i am alone, i need your suggestion to help them. please help me sir..

708   Jogesh BharaliPosted OnJan 27 2012 15:23:24
Sir,i read your mother topic and i really could not control my emotions.Your mother was really very nice.Sir,i want to be lime you.

707   Shanmugavel MahendranPosted OnJan 27 2012 15:01:43
Dear Our heartful & respectful APJ Sir, i m living with my family in Singapore. I am keenly supports ur dream of India becomes a developed nation in 2020. As an Indian, how can I help for it. Pls advise. Pls let me know how to contact u to share ur further thoughts to develop our country. Expecting ur favorable reply. Thanks by S.MAHENDRAN

706   sonu palPosted OnJan 27 2012 10:09:51
sir you are great....i have no word what i say. sir i want asked one question.? sir aapne vivah kyon nhi kiya? sir plz tell me...god bless u sir.

705   sonu palPosted OnJan 27 2012 10:07:46
sir you are great....i have no word what i say. sir i want asked one question.? sir aapne vivah kyon nhi kiya? sir plz tell me...god bless u sir.

704   Janu Ballav GoswamiPosted OnJan 26 2012 18:40:55
Sir, I am studying Msc in Finance in Cardiff university,United kingdom.You are the real role model for all Indians.We love you sir.

703   Shaileshwara SivakumarPosted OnJan 26 2012 12:30:27
Dear Sir, My name is Shailesh, i am 8 years old,i live in Canada my mom talks about you lots when we are small, still she always tells your biography,i would like to do project about you and presented to my school.Please let me know how can i contact you through email, i hope you read this and reply me through my mom email ID. I will wait for your reply soon. Thank you in advance.

702   totappa.amarappa.tattitaliPosted OnJan 25 2012 21:35:12
Respected, sir,if you rememeber .i had submitted . some documents in the year o7 to you if you mind you can,Generate G-SN12TM2LKS/ C.B.U.JOBS to unemployed.youths & prevent farmers sucide deaths & projects help humanity [or] Nation economic growth. So you refered to Gandhinagar Sachivalaya ref no LEP/10-2007/ 2487/G dt-27-feb-2007 i approched concered dept but retired .so projects are pending.&developed slow walk & imbalancd gait . Now- i have made Book -JOBS TO ALL INDIA. BY G-12/C.B.U. PROJECTS i] System .Help to generate thousands of/lakhs jobs in india,to students/ unemployed/poor / farmers& Gold in Garbage project . jobs Helps disease cured leprosy/T.B/Widows/handicaped & generate food to animals/birds.ect & Same time generate work & manpower energy helps for development[or]lead quality life & 2] 4yrs Contribued money for Project by GOVT [or] DONOR[or] COMMUNITY Get Back on 4th yr 41-50% [or]83-100 % 0n 12th yr.& 3] involved person in project get,PURCHAGING POWER For Roti+ kapada+ makan +socal security.& other involved get economic benefits. *** Need govt law to operate in community. SIR please send your address so i can send cpy of book. please read & comment as now days this kind of system.needed ***As GOD Developed STABILISED SYSTEM TO CONTROL LIFE ON BY BIRTH-DEATH - REBIRTH - MOXA & Given every thing free to survive all Given in CYCLICALFORM *** .But ,HUMAN Followed INSTABILISED SYSTEM made money as media ,sysem for exchange in unknown place with unknown person but now days man ended in endless corruption & manipulation some time used money as power & used in anti-social work. is harmful to survival. ***so in my project i made money CYCLICAL helps all for works please send your address [or] letter meet you personally to bring cange in india. please. thaking you sir yours sincerly dr. t.a/tattitali mbbs.dph/

701   sagarPosted OnJan 23 2012 14:07:56
respected sir, i am sagar from computer engineering.and the ppr subject u r topic is done for the seminar.

700   vigneshPosted OnJan 21 2012 18:36:53
hello sir, how are you? I'm vignesh studying final year mechanical engineering. I'm very much interested in the defence. so i kindly request you to tell me the what are the books which must be really useful to study the trajectory of a missile. waiting for your reply.

699   divinePosted OnJan 21 2012 14:56:02
work ahead, and may your day be long

698   JAYARAMAN TPosted OnJan 21 2012 12:07:09
Hello Sir, I'm JAYARAMAN T pursuing MS Bioinformatics here in Pondicherry University and recently i got an idea for my project Using sensors to know about Medical defects! And if get some respond back from you sure it'll be a good feed for me .. Thanking you

697   DharshanPosted OnJan 20 2012 21:16:41
Dear Sir, Can i get ur email id to receive ur golden thoughts

696   megalaiPosted OnJan 20 2012 13:13:16
hi Sir, we r proud to have you in india

695   rakeshPosted OnJan 19 2012 20:51:40
hi sir..........iam ah big fan of u sir...u r ideas u r thoughts they r awesome sir...

694   AbhishekPosted OnJan 19 2012 01:55:53
sir please dont mind me, i would like to ask you that indian army is one of the best and largest in the world.yet it is not acting,i am not saying to control cross border terrorism but atleast the militants in chattisgarh,assam etc,it could act STRICTLY and it can finish them from their very roots. but the question is WHY OUR DEFENCE is silent? army personals have been given so many privileges and our government is spending huge amount in defence for what?? please dont take it otherwise but i am very keen for your reply. waiting for your response.

693   VIVEK RAMBHAU CHAMORSHIKARPosted OnJan 18 2012 11:23:51
sir actually some problem, what is the full form of apj abdul kalam.. some says avul and some says adbul.. which is the write??????

692   vidhyaPosted OnJan 17 2012 22:03:25
hello sir, I am doing my ME VLSI (final year), and i want to be a scientist in government sectors like in ISRO or in any government research center related to my degree. so would you please provide me some guidance regarding it. thank you

691   yazhiniyanPosted OnJan 17 2012 20:35:18
sir, i'm a student of bsc physics soon to become a space researcher.sir,i would like to ask you something. Are nuclear power plants the best way to produce electricity ? there are many other ways that are less harmful but why don't we give importance to other resources like sunlight or wind energy .if you could reply me it would be my greatest pleasure.thank you sir

690   uday singhPosted OnJan 17 2012 16:20:02
kalam sir jaisa sayad hi dusra is duniya mai ho ......../ ye aik prerdha srot ke sath- sath aik aadarsh bhi hai .. mai proud karta hu. mai indian hu.

689   kannanPosted OnJan 15 2012 18:45:30
I am arun ,studying BE mechanical from kovilpatti .i have some idea to plant the trees within short period .we use student power(colleges,schools) to plant the trees ,it will covers villages,towns etc .we must give awareness about agriculture and environment impacts to farmers and peoples .step by step easily controlled by this idea .Nowadays engineering college increase.student will give full supported to kalam .it will possible (Nothing is impossible )SAVE OUR NATURE FOR OUR FUTURE YOUNGSTERS.

688   kannanPosted OnJan 15 2012 18:44:56
I am arun ,studying BE mechanical from kovilpatti .i have some idea to plant the trees within short period .we use student power(colleges,schools) to plant the trees ,it will covers villages,towns etc .we must give awareness about agriculture and environment impacts to farmers and peoples .step by step easily controlled by this idea .Nowadays engineering college increase.student will give full supported to kalam .it will possible (Nothing is impossible )SAVE OUR NATURE FOR OUR FUTURE YOUNGSTERS. EMail arunkannan_90@yahoo.com

687   Dr. Madhu Gupta Posted OnJan 14 2012 11:33:53
Sir we are renewable research center at jhunjhunu rajasthan we are organizing International conference on renewable resources & Management we would like to invite as chief guest pl tell how we can contact you regards

686   Nisha PandePosted OnJan 14 2012 11:04:17
Respected Sir, I am a student of engineering .my trade is I.T.i study at pune in a institution named D.Y.Patil c.o.e,akurdi. Sir , I have a aim to become something different . But not in the field of dance , music or something like this .different in the sense something unique,something unusual,something great ,something nice,something good FOR OUR NATION.. Is joining politics the only way to do this Sir.If it is so i am even ready to do this. I have no political background neither any of my anccesters were in miltary but i want to do something for my nation something Differnt for that I am ready to sacrifice anything .WHAT SHOULD I DO NOW SIR .Please guide me Sir. With due respects, citizen of india.

685   monalishaPosted OnJan 13 2012 20:02:04
sir, i'm a student reading in 12th standard in Bhubaneswar. i want to be an astronaut or a space scientist but i'm not getting the correct career but i secure 90 % in my academics. so i would be grateful if u help me.

684   RINKU RAGOPosted OnJan 13 2012 12:46:57
respected sir,i always follow you n your thoughts. i would like to a person like you ...... i have only one request to you please give me a chance to meet you...... n your autograph also

683   Naageshwer GalipallyPosted OnJan 11 2012 01:29:04
Dear Sir,You are the source inspiration of billion beats,the vision 2020 will be accomplished by the given time,but my humle request that please take the intiative to introduce Value Based Education in primary schools across the country so that the mindset of children can be moulded as per the value system,your profile is an illustration in building nation In the Service of motherland Naageshwer Galipally Founder Swarna Bharathi 2020 Foundation for Great India by 2020 a Leadership Development Movement for Transformed India

682   sadhika shuklaPosted OnJan 09 2012 22:26:17
hello sir!!!!You are truly my role model.I was highly touched by seeing your 2070 presentation and thereaftr decided to do sumthng for the mother earth.I am right now a ca student..and would take up advertising and promotion further to work in this direction.SIR I NEED YOUR HELP IN THIS REGARD,I WUD LYK TO SHARE WITH U SOME IDEA...kindly plez reply on the above id.SIR PLEZ DO REPLY.I AM EAGERLY WAITING FOR YOUR FEEDBACK.

681   chanduPosted OnJan 09 2012 20:28:31

680   rohit kumawatPosted OnJan 08 2012 12:07:51
sir,i want to make scentist so what can i do at presen i m b-tec student

679   SUMEDHA JOSHIPosted OnJan 07 2012 21:14:33

678   k.p shriramPosted OnJan 07 2012 20:54:51
I AM VERY IMPRESSED FOR YOU SIR!I am studying fifth standard my aim is scientist my roll model is you. I am poor family my father is working in army.my dream my life fully scientist.,scientist.today am studying well,how can improve a scientist level?

677   SrinivasPosted OnJan 07 2012 18:03:21
Supervb sir, i like vision 20 -20 . And my hearty Happy new year ..

676   RajPosted OnJan 03 2012 01:04:07
Dr. Kalam is an inspiration and a true role model for anyone and everyone for the very reason that if you are Educated and use your education to not just develop yourself but for the good of others as well. Education CAN and will change not you but also our Country as well and change the status from developing Country to a DEVELOPED COUNTRY (INDIA)

675   Umesh GawaiPosted OnDec 27 2011 02:35:27
Hello sir, i have completed my B.E in Electronics and telecommunication I read your books. whatever I had seen about yours and also the magnanimous personality i.e Dr.sarabhai and Dr.satish dhawan is marvelous2. Now I don't have a world to say If you got a time may i got you suggestion about what shall i do to become a space research Engg./ scientist.

674   nishaPosted OnDec 24 2011 20:31:47
i like kalam + his thoughts. i like qall the youth to read this..............

673   ANURAG KUMAR PANDEYPosted OnDec 23 2011 15:49:57
My Ideal Person .Like This Article.

672   VIJAY BHASKARPosted OnDec 23 2011 13:29:47
Good morning sir,I am researching on a brilliant ecofreindly science.so i need your help sir.pls sir.since i beleive in out of physical science so i am researching on pure and true science.my number is 9934826574.thank you sir

671   Dibyatanay JoardarPosted OnDec 22 2011 23:47:45
Prof Kalam I am B-Tech student and I am keen in developing "Waste to Energy" technology in India.I am going through Municipalities in India but all I am getting negative reply.Can you suggest me a proper way to go go ahead.So that I can make a clean India. Thanking you

670   abiramiPosted OnDec 21 2011 20:10:07
Dear Sir I am doing my 3rd yr IT course.for a long time i wish to contact you.I am really interested in science.I scored 99% in biology.I want u to initiate me in science in invention.I want to invent a New Technology in science.I Wish to meet u in person.Please respond to my question.I am waiting eagerly.I need your guidance. plz sir.. send reply...

669   Dilip MaliPosted OnDec 21 2011 15:42:56
Jai Siyaram..Sir Mame Ram Ka Naam kyu Liya Pata Hai Kyu Ki Hindhustan Ko Ek Ram Ki Jarurat Hai Or Vo Hai Aap Mandir Me Bhagwan Ram Ki Photo Hoti Hai Kyu Ki Uno Ne Asa Kaam Ka Dikhaya Hai Hindustan Ke Liye Bhi Aapne Asa Hi Kaam Kar Dikhaya Hai Uske Liye Hi Aaj Mere Ghar Ke Mandir Me Aapki Photo Jab Aap Rastpati Ki Sapat Lete The Tab Hamne Socha Tha Ki Yaha Aap kuch Alag Hi Karoge Or Vahi Kiya Me To Kehta Hu Abhi Aap Ki Jarurat Hai.Hindustan Ki Halat Ko Dekh Kar. Jai Bharat . Jai Garvi Gujarat

668   puneet kumarPosted OnDec 21 2011 10:40:07
sir, i m a engineering student. u r my ideal persion. i respect to u for ur vission & mission. i want to join your federation.

667   ramyaPosted OnDec 19 2011 18:23:32
this site allows us to know about kalam sir.i am really inspired by kalam sir.i hope that he makes many new inventions india and for a green earth.

666   sathish kumarPosted OnDec 18 2011 10:43:07
Dear sir, my name is sathish. I am studying 12th std in jai gopal garodia hindu vidyalaya in Chennai. i am very confused in choosing my higher studies. my aim is to join in DRDO or ISRO to serve my nation and i am not interested in IT profession and any other private concerns. in those agencies which qualification is considered first. please guide me..... regards, sathish

665   venkateshPosted OnDec 01 2011 20:46:03
sir,i like u very much.my ambition is to become a great scientist like you...my tamil language sir likes u very much....he wants to talk eith u.but he yet not recieved ur contact number..

664   AnilkumarPosted OnNov 29 2011 22:49:43
Sir, My Son, Sidharth is studying in 8th standard and his ambition is to become a scientist in astro physics. Can you please advise me about this field, and the courses in which I can send him to fulfill his aim.

663   ShubhagataPosted OnNov 29 2011 18:55:51
Respected sir, Your books are very inspiring and really nice! Really love your thoughts and Proud to think that there are still people left who really are as practical and as inspiring as you!! My family and I really adore u and ur thoughts.

662   Srikant SwainPosted OnNov 24 2011 15:12:30
Hello sir, I am a Bsc chemistry student and want to work for DRDO.please suggest me further studies so that i can fulfill my aim.i am also interested in joining defense service through CDSE. kindly show me the way because i want to give some feed back to my nation. jay hind

661   amit tanwarPosted OnNov 23 2011 06:38:26
respected sir... i am an engineering student studyng in mumbai... my father is serving in indian army... i just want to know from your side on ANNA HAZARES MOVEMENT..

660   d shanthiPosted OnNov 22 2011 17:35:27
please sir i bend down your knees. I request you with a broken heart. with all your thought to preserve nature it is very necessary to protect the dying and very lot suffering creature like dog cat monkey cow etc., Everyday i can view the struggling and suffering dump creature stray dog with hunger thirsty pain wounding harming and diseases.Even the god sent human depended suffering in the shelter also. please rescue all the suffering creature through any celebrity like you represented actor vivek.please sir that i cannot but only could cry all day long for the innocent creature. God not only send so called sixth sense creature in this world but also all other creature depending the some magnanimous humankind . Please help for this purpose sir that you could alone do. this planet is not only for the human kind as they assuming to be but every humankind life to be fulfilled only if they take care of any single creature. until then the innovations, invention, computer, high technology, space research are so humback while the negligence of land animals if follows pathetically. Please sir rescue them dying as the stray creature, suffering in the hands of shelter and strugglind in the abode of the masters. Iam really really shedding tears for the dump innocent creature D. SHANTHI ENTOMOLOGIST HEALTH DEPARTMENT CHENNAI CORPORATION.

659   anandharajPosted OnNov 21 2011 20:51:22
respected sir, its a great moment to interact in this site. i feel very happy on seeing the pages of this website and this will be a memorable moment for me. i am happy to say that i am one among ur hundred crore followers. i sincerely follow that today's children are tomorrow's leaders. hence, as far as i can, i am trying to inculcate goodness and humanity apart from education to those children i am interacting with. our sincere and hearty prayers for ur healthy long living.

658   Vikash KumarPosted OnNov 18 2011 18:13:41
MY RESPECTED SIR, I'm vikash kumar,a +2 pass out student,preparing for engineering entrance last chance to exam in iitjee.Dream to reopen my own school,yes sir there was a school opened by my respected father but due to some problem got closed.That was not a school but "real siksha kendra".I'm preparing for eng.entrance but concentrated towards my school. pleas guide me sir.Regards vikash kumar

657   PT Abdul Rahman Posted OnNov 18 2011 15:11:06
Respected Sir, you have created a world of knowldege that will keep generation by generation inspiring. having said i must say.. that you are a man of century... May Allah Almighty bestow you His Blessing to give you long life for the next generations too thanks and regards

656   PADMALOCHAN JENAPosted OnNov 18 2011 13:28:57

655   Prashant KumarPosted OnNov 17 2011 18:54:26
Sir mera ek question hai ki aironotical engeenirig karne k bad isro m job mil sakta hai.

654   vinod Posted OnNov 14 2011 20:34:58

653   kaudilyaPosted OnNov 14 2011 20:11:26

652   RajalakshmichakravarthyPosted OnNov 11 2011 23:14:09
Hello Sir, It was my dream to see you, listen you live and talk to a person like you who has been an great motivational god father to all humans since my school days. First time i took my baby in my hand in 2007 first thing i prayed god was to help me grow my kid in such a way that he would grow up and become a person who would do some great contributions to the mankind that he would be remembered for ages(like you who is immortal)always inspiring the further generations showing right path motivating in a right way and for this you have always been an live example for me to show him. He is 5 years old now and Today when he saw you live in IIM Ahmedabad he was very happy to see you, hear you, he wanted to talk to you but we were not so lucky enough. thank you for everything Sir.

651   V.SrinivasanPosted OnNov 08 2011 16:53:42
Though we could not contribute as much as you to this nation. I proud to be born and lived in the age When Dr Kalam lived and contributed as a son of India.

650   SudhakarPosted OnNov 07 2011 12:56:12
Dear Sir, I want to be like you sir...

649   HemanathPosted OnNov 06 2011 16:26:12
Man of the decade..I admire u, respect you and you are my Role model... I never miss to listen any of your interviews.. you always inspire me and as Indian I am proud to have you in India and India proud of you sir. Thanks Hemanath.D

648   AskarPosted OnNov 03 2011 15:26:27
Really u r greatest man in the world sir, I am Big fan...your really inspiration for all youths, i like to serve the peoples...sir....! i will do.....

647   V.P.SHARFUNNISA W/O T.V.ABDUL RASHEED(LATE)Posted OnNov 03 2011 12:36:13
TO, HIS Excellency Hon?ble Mr. Majesty HIS HIGHNESS Dr. Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam, SUB: Save Widow and Orphan Children please help us REF: THE TIMES OF INDIA NOTIFICATIONS dt/08.02.2011/RC.G4/31/2010, dt/28-12-10. I?m widow and above 60years aged and my husband has died before 23 years. And I have 2 Step sons we ore Ten people, and it is unfortunate to say that my property to kilachur at pallikonda Vellore district in Tamil Nadu Survey No.521/47 near Highway (4ways) is to be taken for further expending the 6 ways (Highways). as per NHAI Notification paper on 08.01.2011 in the times India. My property has been already acquired 14cm for 4ways Highways) for Road expansion in 2004 and before my land there is a chamber and has government own place 26 feets. It sad that I?m depends on my property and all my children are marriage ages and my all Daughters and Sons have crossed above 33 years and all are still unmarried. I have given to some part to my step sons and some part I sold to clear my borrows which happen to educations my children and Health problems and remaining amount I built a shop same place in pallikonda at Vellore district in Tamil nadu Survey No.521/47. After hearing this news of Land acquirement for Road expansion for 6ways (Highways). I got sheeked and have a disheartened and have chest pains and that property value market value of 600 square feet is above Rs.20 Lakhs. But the Government pay us to less then Rs. 2 lakhs approximately, Destiny has already tested by lost of my husband lets no ordeal more. So please recommend to Hon?ble our president of India. because we are poor people please help us. Looking forward to your reply. Humble Request that: 1) Kindly your Excellency request behalf of us to Central Government to let our property there and so we can live on and use it. 2) If not possible Instead of 600 Square feet please allot us the claim in the Government Land. 3) If not possible please increase the Rate more than Rs.3000/- per Square feet. Hope you will do the best and help the Widow mother and her orphan Children. From V.P. Sharfunnissa #2. First Jamedar Garden Street. New Mohallah. Pallidonda-635 809. Vellore District. Tamil Nadu.INDIA Copy for Information to: 1. Her Excellency Mrs. Pratibha Singh patil, President of India Rashrapati bhavan Delhi 110004 India. 2. Hon? able Dr. Manmohan Singh, The Hon?able Prime Minisiter of India, 7, Race Coourse Road New Delhi. 8.His Excellency Hon?ble Mr. Rehaman Khan Deputy Chair Persen Rajya sabha Government of IndiaNew Delhi. 9. His Excellency Shri. Surjit Barnala. Govemor of Tamil Nadu, Raj Bhavan, Chennal-600022. 10.His Excellency Hon?ble Shri Hans Raj Bhardwaj,HIS EXCELLENCY THE GOVERNOR OF KARNATAKA Raj Bhavan Road Bangalore - 560 001 11. Hon?ble Her Excellency Mrs. Sonia Gandhi All India Congress Committee, 7 Akbar Road New Delhi. 12. Hon?ble Mr. Rahul Gandhi, General Secretary. All India Congress Committee, 7 Akbar Road New Delhi. 13. The District Collector, Collector Office Road New By pass. Vellore, Tamil Nadu. 14. Competent Authority & Special District Revenue Officer, (NHAI) collector office Road New By pass Vellore.9 Tamil Nadu. V.P. SHARFUNNISA W/O T.V. ABDUL RASHEED (late) E-MAIL ADDRESS: abdul _razack1430@rediffmail.com Yours Truly V.P.Sharfunnisa

646   V.RishiPosted OnNov 02 2011 18:43:38
Is kudangulam nuclear power plant safer. Sir the Kohinoor diamond belongs to india it is now in the british museum.What is your opinion to bring that to India Legally U said india will become vallarasu in 2020.Im the citizen of India what is my role in making this possible? Do u support anna hazare?

645   Nitin MurkutePosted OnOct 31 2011 15:58:26
Respect Sir,I am a big fan of you and also i am highly influenced by your view toward's INDIA's development.So, I pray to God to have you as Next President of INDIA again after Honorable Mrs. Pratibhatai Patil because INDIA needs you............ Thanks & Regards, Nitin Murkute

644   nirma kumarPosted OnOct 28 2011 19:34:01
hllo sir, first thanks for what u had done for us , according to me u is only alive leader who is always thinking about the welfare of people,sir what we can done to retain our tamil language and tamil culture which degrates now a days. and i want to lesson your speech directly sir ,if you have any programs in chennai please address that in this website sir

643   chandanPosted OnOct 28 2011 06:12:55
Respected Sir, I am very much influenced with you and your innovating ideas, especially Vision 2020, which is a foretale of Developed India. My Heartest Wishes to You along with Your famiy on the Eve of Dipawli...take care sir!

642   rameshPosted OnOct 25 2011 16:09:26
Hello sir i am big fan of you, i want to talk with you,how can i sir..,

641   IrudayarajPosted OnOct 25 2011 14:49:59
Respected sir, when you get free time please give suggestion. Nowadays amny of the agricultural lands are getting converted for building constructions. Instead of that why our govt construct residentials for the purson who apply for approval. Like housing boards if we construct atleast we can save the land and can be used for agriculture or atleast the owner has to plant minimumof 50 trees in that land. will this work sir?.

640   nehaPosted OnOct 23 2011 08:54:57
sir, i am a student of 9class and want to be become like you .

639   Dr.YoginiPosted OnOct 21 2011 19:18:35
hello respected sir i read your profile,mother,teacher after reading all i inspire myself to teach my child keenly & tell her about you n your life,your work after each year as she growing i know if i do like this she improve herself along with me,as she is only 3yr old

638   saritaPosted OnOct 21 2011 01:34:31
hello i m engineering student & jobless but want to jion politics pls help by guidlines

637   irudayarajPosted OnOct 20 2011 07:28:06
Respected sir, Very good morning to you and thanks to almighty to send mail to the one who inspired me a lot. sir, I am one of the old student of the college where have done your UG. sir now I am in a good position in the pharmaceuticals industry. I want to serve our nation especially in the bio tech & medical segment. Yes I am doing a project in my own for " all medical facility to all the Indians". Even if they live in a corner they can get good health care treatment. In this I require some help from electrnonics very particularly for observations. I require you guidance. Will you give an appointment to meet you sir?.

636   Dinesh suvarnaPosted OnOct 18 2011 17:38:47
Happy Birthday

635   Dr. B.E.RangaswamyPosted OnOct 17 2011 15:07:40
His Excellency, "WORLD STUDENTS DAY". Its really a very great honor given to the great Indian Personality Dr. Kalamji. The students will enjoy the day meaningfully with the thoughts and works of You. Definitely U.N.O done the most wonderful job that will ever happened. We Davanagereians (Place in Karnataka) proudly celebrated on 17th morning with how to work for success ofthe country to fulfill the vision 2020.

634   S.GOPALAKRISHNANPosted OnOct 16 2011 17:16:21
Wishing you "A HAPPY 80th BIRTH DAY" sir !.

633   Dr.Shruthi NadigaPosted OnOct 16 2011 10:04:14
Wish you many many happy returns of the day sir!!!

632   Mithilesh VidyarthiPosted OnOct 16 2011 00:05:49
Happy Birthday to YOU!

631   anusuya sivalingamPosted OnOct 15 2011 22:37:52
HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIR.I PRAY ALMIGHTY TO GIFT US YOUR GUIDANCE FOR LONG MORE YEARS TO INSPIRE YOUTHS.SIR i will be pleased to know the two books you have referred in erode book exihibition before two years as your inspiration.thank you sir

630   T. M. SeshagopalanPosted OnOct 15 2011 22:37:47
sir, i wish u a happy birthday

629   KinkinPosted OnOct 15 2011 22:24:59
Wish you a very very happy b'day sir. From your biggest fan-Kinkin

628   S. RavindranPosted OnOct 15 2011 21:37:15
A fantastic birthday to you and wish you many more happy years ahead. Keep us inspiring and keep this web page active like this always.

627   DHAYANIDHI.RPosted OnOct 15 2011 21:22:40
Wishing u a many more Happy returns of the day dear APJ.ABDULKALAM sir, I pray god to give u success both in your life and in your career. All the best for ur future. I pray for you long good health........

626   Sandhya BasuvarajPosted OnOct 15 2011 20:55:06
Respected Sir, I am studying 10th in Vidya Vikasini Matriculation School, Thudiyalur, Coimbatore. On this auspicious day when every Indian is proud to say that are living in the same era where you are. I sincerely wish you a happy birth day.

625   Ritu DangiPosted OnOct 15 2011 20:28:08
Wish u a very Happy B'day sir!!! U are our inspiration, our energy...We salute u!!!! Our dreams and wings get fire from u..

624   Sandeep NPosted OnOct 15 2011 20:22:35
Dear Sir, I have always been inspired by you.I am a 22 year old Mechanical engineer doing my post graduation. I aspire to hold a Phd and contribute something to my country. My address to you is that one fraction of our youth is progressing and adding tremendously to all our dreams, but a major fraction is heading completely into disastrous path, I just don't know what are their values. We often dream of developed India, and think India is developing. But IT sectors, Cars, Fashion, Mobiles really don't mean development. More than the politicians it is the people including me who have to change, it is our thinking and honesty that needs to be introspected.Gandhian principles still remain only in books, I'm a typical example of one of those who try to be honest n truthful and always end up being criticized not just by others but by own family. Selfishness is more than ever before everywhere. I'm a resident of Bangalore and is shameful to witness the developments in the last few years. Being the silicon city of India we don't even have proper Roads to commute in our city. Development strongly depends on how soon educated minds come into power.Even for a simple job, we are expected to be trained but highly responsible positions are given away to people who just don't deserve them. The laws need to be amended soon for I fear the culprits will continue to misuse them.Focus should shift from money to education, from power and position to humanity. I'm one of those many who wish to live in a developed India. Painfully Thank you.

623   NadarajanPosted OnOct 15 2011 19:52:17
Dear Sir, we wish you many more happy returns of the day. May you be blessed with energy and longevity to continue to inspire and lead the youth of India and beyond.

622   shivam TrivediPosted OnOct 15 2011 19:10:28
hi sir i am your big fan me and my family wish to a very very happy Barth day to you " your are a cheerful people are like sunlight. they shine in to the corners of the heart n offer bright mornings n fresh hope" Shivam Trivedi ( Nano Scientist) Gujrat Ahmedabad.

621   chandra mohan Posted OnOct 15 2011 18:48:54

620   pragyaPosted OnOct 15 2011 18:29:29
wish you very happy birthday! aap hamare adarsh hain sir!!! agar main kabhi aapse mil saki to meri life ka sabse bada achievement hoga!

619   Eldhose GeorgePosted OnOct 15 2011 17:49:32
Many More Happy Returns of the Day to our dear loving former President

618   I.ArunachalamPosted OnOct 15 2011 17:49:14
Warm B`day wishes to you. May my prayers for your Wealth, Health and Happiness will reach the God on this great occasion. Happy Birthday Sir...

617   Zoher DoctorPosted OnOct 15 2011 17:34:31
Wish you a Very Happy Birthday. I will always remember this day as its my birthday too. www.zoherdoctor.in

616   Satya Prakash TiwariPosted OnOct 15 2011 15:49:30
janamdin ki hardik shubhkamnaye. Aapka- Bharat ka ek Jimmedar nagrik

615   bijayantPosted OnOct 15 2011 14:24:47
many many happy returns of the day sir...I salute you for your effort to make India a developed nation

614   Varun JadhavPosted OnOct 15 2011 14:00:33
MAny MAny happy returns of the day sir....

613   sanjayPosted OnOct 15 2011 12:39:21
many many happy returns of the day sir. wish i could meet you one day in my life.

612   Jayam AppavooPosted OnOct 15 2011 12:23:58
Many More Happy Returns of the Day Sir...

611   KesavanPosted OnOct 15 2011 12:22:36
Happy birthday sir...

610   D S D SolankiPosted OnOct 15 2011 11:50:19
...Many Happy Returns of the Day to our dear loving former President A P J Abdul Kalam from Tigersolanki

609   SonaliPosted OnOct 15 2011 10:52:24
Wish you many many happy returns of the day.I don't have words to express my feelings and respect for you.

608   KAVYASHREEPosted OnOct 15 2011 10:16:01
happy birthdaY sir.i and my brpther rhythm is ur very very big fan .my brother likes u so much he is in class 4 he want to talk to u

607   MANEESH KUMARPosted OnOct 15 2011 10:13:11

606   svasanthPosted OnOct 15 2011 09:18:34

605   AkashPosted OnOct 15 2011 08:35:14
wish you many many happy returns of the day sir..i am a great fan of ...your thoughts and life story has inspired me a lot....thank u sir...

604   Syed Faizur Rahman Sufi Posted OnOct 15 2011 07:48:16
Wish u a many many happy return's of the day sir.

603   PADMANAPAN M Posted OnOct 15 2011 07:34:04
Sir vanakkam, vazhga valamudan.

602   Rohit SainiPosted OnOct 15 2011 01:54:03
Sir, many many happy returns of the day.. Happy Birthday :)

601   akashdeepPosted OnOct 15 2011 01:38:12
You were crying when u were born while evrybody was laughing there As u live 2 blow a thousand candles, live ur life humbly so that u would b the one laughing when u die and everybody else would be crying. Happy Birthday

600   V P AlalasundaramPosted OnOct 15 2011 00:50:06
இனிய பிறந்த நாள் வாழ்த்துக்கள். தாங்கள் நலமோடு எல்லா வளங்களும் பெற்று நீடூடி பல்லாண்டு வாழ எல்லாம் வல்ல இறைவனை வேண்டுகிறேன் வி பி ஆலாலசுந்தரம் கோவை 641 025

599   Vignesh sPosted OnOct 15 2011 00:15:11
Wish u great happy birthday sir

598   nishanthiPosted OnOct 14 2011 23:53:19
wish you many more happy happy birthday sir

597   Rajan P.N.Posted OnOct 14 2011 19:43:30

596   Dr. B.E.RangaswamyPosted OnOct 14 2011 16:49:35
His Excellency, Your the source of inspiration for the young generation. I hails from the town named Davangere in Karnataka. As a science student and teacher I work with the Science Organizations which impart Science education among the rural students from past 10 years. For each programme we organized, your words are the source of inspiration. His Excellency, large number of young students wanted to see you to get inspired by your words. We look forward to organize a programme for School Childrens on your convenient day. His excellency, please provide us the opportunity. With NAMASAKARAS RANGASWAMY

595   shubhamPosted OnOct 14 2011 16:43:52
sir, wish you a very happy bithday!

594   Rajpal Posted OnOct 14 2011 14:51:38
Sir, wish you very happy birthday. Tommarrow we will celebrate the day with all our students and staff.

593   Malarkodi BaluPosted OnOct 13 2011 22:05:46
sir, i feel this time become precious by messaging you, i've saw you for 2 times but am one among the crowd who missed the chance to post my query.. anyway i hope i'll get still more wondering opportunity to talk to you... waiting for that good day... to set my career, i like to build me as an good entrepreneur and to set my life as good, i like to become as a social-worker.. where i like to create an identification mark of mine as being social-worker... related to this i wanna ask question... but when...?

592   sunitaPosted OnOct 13 2011 18:27:03
Dear Sir I'm the greatest fan of yours .I adore u and love you simplicity.Sir pl accept my proposal of becoming the chief guest of my school in gwalior

591   Dipali JawalePosted OnOct 12 2011 02:30:15
Respected Sir, You are just unbelievable............, i can't explain you in few words........ I am great fan of you..... Today's young generation need your guidance, because day by day the future of us more and more complicated as well as confusing. My wish is to meet you atleast once in my life.... Thank you Regards Dipali

590   Pradeep Kumar GuptaPosted OnOct 11 2011 17:54:09
Sir you are my inspiration and my goal is to be someone like you but it may be I cannot be like you too great. bless me to fulfil my dream.

589   Nazrul IslamPosted OnOct 08 2011 14:16:15
Dear Sir, I am from Bangladesh being a great fan of you, willing to meet you and have a live inspiration from you to lead a life guided by you. Thanks.

588   aiswaryaPosted OnOct 06 2011 22:50:08
sir,i am a great fan of you it's very interesting

587   Dr K.U. AshokPosted OnOct 06 2011 10:01:19
Your Excellency Requesting to Visit as a Chief Guest for the Inaguration function of the "Discovery of Kodagu Samskruthika Academy" held on 17th October in Town Hall, at Bangalore. Your Excellency

586   ArumugamPosted OnOct 04 2011 15:04:09
impossible is nothing

585   Raju singhPosted OnOct 04 2011 12:57:06
Sir I am a big fan of you You are a great man . I am praying god to give you more blessings . one day i meet you sir ....

584   Alka SharmaPosted OnOct 04 2011 12:03:24
Sir i have tried to send you mail from the option provided in your home page. but it shows that your mail id is not working.

583   Alka SharmaPosted OnOct 04 2011 12:00:36
Respected Sir I am a Student of Agribusiness management in Institute of Agribusiness Management, Bikaner. Our Institute is organizing annual function in third week of January, 2012. It will be our honor to have you as chief guest. I request you to consider it. Thank You

582   MD Imdadullah ShariefPosted OnSep 29 2011 23:41:18
wanakkam aiya This is imdad from Tamil Nadu(vellore).right from my childhood i heard many things about you.because of u i'm doing my aeronautical engineering , i'm proud for that ,every thing I heard about you made me to get into that field.I'm very much interested in aircraft designing, and I have made some.i want to send those pictures to you. My childhood dream was to become first astronaut for India, I will work hard for that. i have read your" Wings Of Fire" just some pages, I don't have guts to read beyond that.when I will achieve some thing great in my life I will complete that. I feel blessed to be living in a time where a hero like you is there to assist me Thank you Imdadullah sharief

581   arvind singhPosted OnSep 29 2011 22:34:28
sir,i m b.tech 4year student.sir maine "what is the region of earth magnetism???" per kafi salo se kaam kiya hai. ab maine bhi apne kuch result nikale hai.mujko janna hai ke mere rusult sahi hai ya galat? mai inko kis ke pas bheju? jase mujko pata chal sake ke maine jo result nikale hai unmai kaha kami hai? plz sir help me

580   N.C. Ajay VishwathPosted OnSep 29 2011 07:56:29
Good morning sir, Now I hv just joined B.Tech (Aerospace) 1st year in SRM University, Chennai. My ambition is to achieve something in space technology & to become scientist. I need ur advice in this area what i hv to do further now and in future.

579   s.senthamilPosted OnSep 27 2011 09:56:52
Good Morning sir, i am on the way "in your way" but i need steeps how to developed INDIA in 2020. its my first goal.

578   Dibyendu BhattacharyaPosted OnSep 27 2011 00:51:13
Sir, you are everything to me. When I was falling apart you were my only inspiration. I don't know whether you can hear or not but please don't leave me, don't leave us, don't leave India. We need you Sir.

577   Akhil AggarwalPosted OnSep 24 2011 22:22:29
Whenever i think India was in ur hand for 5 years, it gives me a great contentment & happiness. I have read some of your books. Hope the God will grant me the "extreme desire" to service our society and nation, as he has given to you.

576   AnamPosted OnSep 23 2011 00:28:01
Respected sir, really you are the person who has taken the Nation beyond imagination in the field of science $ technology.

575   AnushaPosted OnSep 20 2011 20:18:46
Respected Mt. X President, Excellent article and We all young citizens of India want you back in this government and to make India superpower by 2020. We all will be your follower. Please help us and guide to develop this country in many wats. Jai India.

574   prachi choubeyPosted OnSep 18 2011 23:30:15
Respected sir,i read your book "agni ki udaan" in my school days. It inspired me a lot. I used to talk about the book often with my sister and this had a great impact on her. To see you was a dream for us and since you have visited my younger sister's school 'St. Norbert Hr. Sec. School', Jabalpur(M.P.), for inauguration of college of same institution, on 12 July 2011, she is insisting me to find your email id so that she can interact with you. Please send me your email id or any other contact information, i would be highly obliged. Thank you.

573   M AliPosted OnSep 16 2011 16:01:57
I am very happy to see this webpage. Thanks my ideal Mr. A P J Abdul Kalam Azad

572   johnpaulPosted OnSep 16 2011 13:55:04
Dear sir, your message was thought provoking in poonamallee seminary. thanks a lot.especially the answer for the corruption. But i can't understand why we still lack in growth of the poor tribal people. is it the mistake of the govt.or the high caste.

571   Paresh Kant TripathiPosted OnSep 15 2011 16:47:40
Dear Sir, i am a representative of International project "Pole to Pole" acknowledged by UN. The project created in Ukraine but it looks a part of your vision for India in 2020. I have sent detailed information at e-mail mentioned in this site. I request you to acknowledge the project and guide us to get success.

570   poonam chand meenaPosted OnSep 15 2011 11:50:29
Respected sir , Thankx a lot for inspiring me . I will be 2nd kalam .

569   sanjay kumarPosted OnSep 15 2011 03:56:32
jai hind sir, i am great fan of you and your thought. And you books are motivating for young generation. i want to meet you once . i am student of geography information science and technology.and i want to do more to more for our countary. please sir tell me any way for working in space centre in my field if it . Thankyou sir

568   Satheesh.CPosted OnSep 14 2011 17:33:45
Hi sir,I am big fan of u...I want to see u and spoke to u once before my death...I'm inspired of your thought

567   EkambaramPosted OnSep 13 2011 16:06:25
Respected Sir I am an ex employee of Aeronautical Development Establishment During your period as President of India i had sent a suggestion to overcome collusion of trains which was forwarded by ur secretaries to Railway minister so for no reply from the railway ministry. Now i need ur help sir how a person can become unconsious without his knowledge for few seconds (Research purpose) urs ekambaram

566   Anil ChoudharyPosted OnSep 06 2011 19:19:15
Dear Sir, Gud evng.....Myself Anil, I'm a student & a big fan of u....I was only eleven when u test the nuclear in Pokhran......Since then, i've became ur fan..U r my Role Model. I think that we r lucky coz we have a teacher & scientist lyk u. Ur simplicity effected me. I wanna meet u atleast once & wanna talk to u face to face........With Good Wishes...Ur wellwisher-Anil

565   imran khanPosted OnSep 04 2011 18:11:47
nice .........

564   Kamalesh KarmakarPosted OnSep 04 2011 15:18:09
Respected Sir, Thank you, for your inspiration. Thank you for making me what I am today. You made a wonderful difference in my life. Being an Indian, I want to stay here and continue my research. What ever I do I will always think of my country. I am happy being a teacher in a engineering college. Happy Teachers' Day in advance. Thanks a lot.

563   Avishek DuttaPosted OnSep 01 2011 21:48:51
dear sir, I,a student of class 12 want to ask you that why our capable students are going abroad for research and can we not send man in space? thanking you, Avishek Dutta

562   nikhil agrahariPosted OnSep 01 2011 16:09:41
hello sir my name is nikhil .I want to share my idea with you and also want to know how a bike can run by electricity . Please give the answer. THANK you sir.

561   SUDHAKAR MANIANPosted OnAug 31 2011 19:40:44
Dear Sir, I want the Postal address of Kalamji Because my sister want to study MBBS in the merit, currently she is doing her 12th Standard. If you Please tell me the address or Phone number It will great helpful for me to contact Kalamji.

560   M.A. JINNAAHPosted OnAug 31 2011 12:47:59

559   Prasad K.Posted OnAug 30 2011 22:00:49
Dear Sir, "Ramzaan-Idd" ki Mubarak Baatein!!

558   anuj mathurPosted OnAug 30 2011 15:14:53
Dear Sir,please guide me something new technology in telecom which is benefit for our India.

557   ASWINTH & ARUNPosted OnAug 27 2011 13:51:21
Dear sir., India's total debt is $305.9 billion.. India' total black money is $1500 billion.. What would be the Indian government action..? How can we develop India..?

556   ASWINTH & ARUNPosted OnAug 27 2011 13:50:41
Dear sir., India's total debt is $305.9 billion.. India' total black money is $1500 billion.. What would be the Indian government action..? How can we develop India..?

555   snehaPosted OnAug 26 2011 16:52:08
Hi sir! Gud mng... my dear sir! wat's ur opinion about anti-corruption & it's really so great to see unity in our india which has been brought back by one of our Great leader ANNA HAZARE...

554   A.Chandra SekharPosted OnAug 26 2011 09:59:46
Dear Sir i am one of your fan.I am working as a professor in the department of Engineering Mathematics.We are planning to organize a workshop for our first year students on 22-12-2011 in view of the Srinivasa Ramanujan birth anniversary.We are fortunate enough if you can deliver a message related to importance of mathematics in engineering.Awaiting a positive reply from your side.

553   geetha logamathavan Posted OnAug 26 2011 06:01:23
hai sir Good morning, this Geetha Logamathavan i am persuing my B.ed in hindustan college . fisrt of all i would like to say big thanks to god because you are such a good human being that god gives for us in this nation . and i have one big dream is when i going to my end of life before that atleast only one time i would like meet you sir and spend time with you just 10 minutes sir. and please come back sir as like before and make our India to stand higher position in all fields. please give some reply sir . Thank you sir . Jai hind

552   geetha logamathavan Posted OnAug 26 2011 05:55:29
hai sir Good morning,this Geetha Logamathavan i am persuing my B.ed. Fisrt of all i would like to say big thanks to god because you are such a good human being that god gives for us in this nation . And i have one big dream is when i going to my end of life before that atleast only one time i would like meet you sir and spend time with you just 10 minutes sir. And please sir come back as like before and make our India to stand in higher position in all fields. jai hind

551   balkrishnaPosted OnAug 25 2011 17:58:05
Sir,what is your opinion about corruption in india

550   Muthukumar GPosted OnAug 25 2011 12:36:10
Dear Sir, What is your opinion about Anna Hazare's anti-corruption protest? Please guide us to build our Beautiful 2020 India.

549   vinodPosted OnAug 24 2011 00:53:25
Respected Sir, I'm a student of Engineering (Electronics & Communication) final year student. All my fellow mates are planning for high pay company, going to abroad, leading a descent life. But those all are not at all worried about the current society. even i have the same plans, but i feel bad to turn my back on this society (Country too) which has thought me so many things. So i decided to serve my country for this time, so i have some thing to tell u sir, so please do reply me. I do not want to lead a luxurious life out of this country rather than help n serve my nation so that it can lead a luxurious life as all others. Corruption is not the only error in this country, there are more far problems associated with it so we all need to debug it. So please do reply me sir via mail.

548   SelvarajPosted OnAug 23 2011 20:56:12
my got kalaam sir india is going an very wrong root please help please come

547   Vinay ChaudharyPosted OnAug 23 2011 20:03:15
Dear Abdul Kalam Sir, I am a big fan of you and your books. Your books and your opinions motivates the youth of India thats why we respect you a lot. You are the ideal of the young generation of India. Now as you must be aware what is going in our country, by this email i want to make an appeal from you "Please let us know your views about Lokpal Bill and about Shri Anna Hazare." If you think that it is beneficial for the success of our country then please support Sh. Anna Hazare, now it's time to speak openly Please come out with your ideas and guide us..

546   JAI SIVAPosted OnAug 22 2011 23:50:24
Dear sir i have a female baby 4 years old name of bavithira narancy. I like to create my child by your way please guide me sir

545   Anto GeorgePosted OnAug 19 2011 21:27:58
sir,I know only something about you.I want to be like you;you are so great.Thanks god for giving my life spend with this living genious;

544   miniPosted OnAug 19 2011 12:35:13
sir reply me

543   gayathriPosted OnAug 18 2011 20:28:32
sir which department in the field of science we have to develop in todays world.pls reply sir

542   Divya SisodiaPosted OnAug 17 2011 14:46:59
Sir just one time reply me.Please,please ,please-------------∞. I want to discus many thing with you ,relative to physics and development of India,i want to become best scientist of world and want to become smallest one to win noble prize in physic

541   Divya SisodiaPosted OnAug 17 2011 14:25:26
Sir,i am 12 class girl .I want to show you my research on magnetism and want to show you my essay upon ,future human space flight.This essay has been won ,in creativity category in "IAA art Contest 2010" held by NASA

540   ABHISHEK RANJAN DUBEYPosted OnAug 17 2011 01:23:56
Dear Respected Sir, one thing i want to dissucess you,IAC,ARE CREATE A VITAL ROLE AGAINST CORRUPTION in INDIA???ANNA HAZARE,movement are the right way FOR BETTER INDIA,CORRUPTION FREE INDIA...

539   BK MenonPosted OnAug 16 2011 16:08:41
Dear Sir I need to send a personal invitation to you.How do I do that. Best Regards BK Menon

538   nathanPosted OnAug 16 2011 14:58:44
dear clean citizen my only wish is that kalam ayya should utilize such a great opportunity for eradicating corruption and u should take a lead also anna has taken 15 th august..but we missed u on 15th..but i hope we are veay eager to see u on 15 th october ... please sir join with us as a great citizen of india

537   SenthilPosted OnAug 15 2011 21:18:42
Sir, I have immense respect for you and your work. Being from the same place as you are I am really proud of you. My humble request is, to request you to please join forces with people who are fighting against corruption right now like Anna Hazare et al. This will greatly help our country towards your/our dream of 2020.

536   sathish kumar.cPosted OnAug 15 2011 17:58:36
RESPECTED SIR, I am sathish kumar from pudukkottai district in tamilnadu. i am working as a government teacher. i want to serve my nation with your guidelines. i mostly welcome your announcement to against ANTI CORRUPTION FORCE. please give me chance to serve our nation with our people.now i am being a resource person. so i must use this post to connect our teachers of against CORRUPTION.i am a Founder and the Managing trustee of SIGARAM EDUCATIONAL &SOCIAL WELFARE TRUST ( Regd. No. 139/2011) .I have own school the name of SIGARAM at keeramangalam in pudukkottai district. Now i am being to ready group of team with consists teachers, college students, all department staffs and businessmen.this team will ready to fight against CORRUPTION. so i am begging you, please sir, you start ANTI CORRUPTION FORCE on shortly. My Address c.sathish kumar teacher police station opposite keeramanagalam Alangudi tk Pudukkottai dt 614 624 MOBILE: 09894968503 09488710121 1 Attached files|116KB

535   AKSHAYA KUMARPosted OnAug 15 2011 11:07:29
Dear sir, First of all happy independence day. Sir, I have gone through all your books and I learnt that commitment to hard labor should be maintained in adverse conditions as well and success provides solace in loneliness. I also learnt that if we will try to accomplish the herculean task of making India developed in a mission mode with unity and commitment then we can easily achieve the feat and a big shot is a small shot who keeps shooting. Hats off! to u sir. You have inspired me a lot and you are my role-model. I am in engineering final year and I desperately want to meet my role-model. Once you came to R.A.U. Pusa (Bihar) for a convocation but i wasn't allowed to meet you. Kindly help me out and please do reply

534   Sathya narayananPosted OnAug 14 2011 21:38:27
HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY GURU, I am a great fan of you.(I dream t to "fly" and achieved it with hard work)- said by you in a meeting. Well i dream to "fly" along with "natural adventures". I have completed diploma(Ece)and after that i done a 12th for Flying(CPL). But it's costlier(CPL), Is there any other way to achieve my dream ?. And for natural adventure, it's mountaineering. I dream to scale all the toughest mountains in the world. I need help to achieve my dream,Could you please help me (by any means) guru ?. Awaiting your help my unseen guru!

533   Mumtaz KuttyPosted OnAug 14 2011 14:31:34
Dr. Kalam: I just read you recent book "indomitable spirit". It brought home all the reasons, why I'm in India after being in US for more than 28 years. I've wanted to make a difference. I've been blessed with an intellect and a capacity to earn. I hoped to use this to educate children, to give them the same opportunities I was lucky enough to have. I started a business in India doing skills training and now have started in colloboration with Claremont Graduate University to provide interactive learning that had the opportunity to experience at CGU during my MS-IST degree and my PhD. The professors from America come and teach here the same methods and content as they do in Los Angeles. This is the first program of its kind in Chennai. I hoped to make this a sustainable program to then grow a different caliber of leaders in India. We have the sharpest brains in the world, yet, the opportunities afforded in terms of the quality of teaching is only available in pockets. Bringing about leadership through programs like this will help India its own world class leadership so necessary to make the changes you mention in your book. I'm inspired. I hope to one day meet you. I met someone who knows you, Arun Nelliam. Perhaps through him, I will have this opportunity. If you have guidance for me, or anything I can do to assist your cause, that is also mine... please let me know. Ramadan Kareem, Mumtaz

532   BhavanaPosted OnAug 12 2011 18:03:21
Uncle...Gd evng..!wil u plz give me the required information..how i hav to work..and need to prepare to get placed in ISRO as a scientist.I am studying engg 3rd yr,Computer Science in JNTU Anantapur.And i have sum thoughts..which i want to share with you uncle. I need your guidance to mould my thoughts into a succesful research..! Thank you..

531   ASHOK CHAND PAHADIYAPosted OnAug 10 2011 21:23:43
Respected sir; Nowadays I am going under some confusion ; Sir I want a solution from you. Sir recently I did my B Tech in IT stream from NIT Raipur C.G ,Sir you came in this college in 2006, Sir now I joined the HCL technologies IT Company as a software engineer , But Sir my dream is to become a lecturer , So I want to go for further studies like M Tech from IIT , Sir please reply this mail , your reply will turn my future; I will be waiting sir Warm Regards Ashok Chand Pahadiya

530   santoshPosted OnAug 10 2011 16:19:05

529   santoshPosted OnAug 10 2011 16:17:23

528   nithyaPosted OnAug 09 2011 21:04:58
salute to the great citizen of india... sir i want your autograph.. that is one of the most precious gift in my whole life.if you read this comment i am sure that i will get that precious gift

527   BoopathiPosted OnAug 08 2011 10:46:34
Dear sir, I like to speak with you about our country politics if u like means reply to my e-mail id.

526   Nanda.DPosted OnAug 07 2011 23:33:33
Dera sir, I am Nanda.d of 1oth std.I have met you when I was in 8th std.Those are the greatest moments of my life.I have read many of your books, sir.Your each word inspires we children to move forward with a great vission to live a life of great mission.My ultimate aim is to serve India and my people. Thanking you, Nanda.D

525   Niraimathi AnandPosted OnAug 07 2011 23:22:23
Every article of yours is interesting, surprising and motivating. Your Presidentship was our pride and strength. Before my marriage, I wished to meet to you, but not possible. Now I have a kid, he is two and a half years old, I strongly want you to be his role model. His story time involves your life. I need to meet you for your blessings and a photograph with my son to have a close inspiration. I hope you could understand my wish as a mother. Please grant me this wish, Sir. I am at Chennai, at your convenience if you could meet us, I will be happy for my son. I pray for your good health and more contributions.

524   Raghuraman BalakrishnanPosted OnAug 07 2011 21:41:17
Respected Sir, I did my bachelors in mechanical engg during the year 2007. After that I joined in a Sheetmetal Fabrication company (Bangalore)as a Trainee & later I promoted as a New Product Development Engg. At present I am working as a Mechanical Design engineer in Renewable Energy of R&D Section. I want to do higher studies (Part time), Please guide me which course will be suitable for my career. Along with kindly let me know If i want to became a pilot what i have to do (my age is 25). Sir, I am awaiting for your reply. Happy Friendship day sir.

523   Jitendra ChopraPosted OnAug 07 2011 18:35:35
we are going to start an institution for non-violent and spiritual personality development at Madurai-Tamilnadu.already we established administration office here in madurai.we celebrated the inaugural function on 24th july,2011. now we are going to purchase 100 accers land for develop the institution and register in charitable trust soon.maybe in November or December month we are going to held foundation ceremony and we requesting you to participate the function as a chief guest.if you can participate than just reply us as soon as so we will decide the date for foundation ceremony.all details available about my project and inaugural function at face book (jitendra chopra - samaadhi)

522   mrs.franklin samPosted OnAug 07 2011 16:30:51
sir i am from tirunelveli.i am a chemistry student(rank holder in P.G. III RANK IN M.K. UNIVERSITY)unfortunately i couldnt continue research.now i am working as a teacher educator in government sector. i am highly inspired on reading your messages , agni siragugal etc. if possible when u come to our area or nearby i wish to take photograph with u with my family.will u allow me.is it possible?

521   MathumithaPosted OnAug 06 2011 20:45:27
Dear Sir, My salutations to you.I'm a school student studying 9th Std in Kamlavati HSS, Sahupuram in Tuticorin Dist. My wish is to become an Indian Astronaut and travel in space in a indigenous made rocket.I came to Subbiah Vidyalayam school for the Interactive Session with you. But unfortunately I was unable to clear my doubts on Space Technology. 1) Is it really possible to construct a space elevator ? 2) What material is used in constructing Aditya, a mission to sun, in order to avoid it from melting under high temperature of the sun ? 3) What is called a Solar Coronagraph which is going to be sent in Aditya mission ?

520   vadher yogeshPosted OnAug 05 2011 16:14:57
respected sir,i am student of engineering. now i am shocked where india go.i am decided that i give upsc exam & i can do best of every thing for my india.i know it is not easy but for our india i do everything without entering politicks.

519   Hemant RamanPosted OnAug 05 2011 12:21:42
Respected Sir, i am a student of LLb (delhi university). i request to you i want meet to you. plaese send me your's positive reply. thank you so much please sir i hope to you can't break it, once time only . plz plz plz

518   senthil muruganPosted OnAug 05 2011 08:55:49
Hello sir, we salute you. Am from tirunelveli. our government is going give free laptops for our students. If possible, please meet our chief minister and ask them to install LINUX operating system on all laptops. That will enhance our skills and save more money for our government too.. jaihind.

517   Sameer M. PanditraoPosted OnAug 04 2011 09:30:43
Respected Sir, I am President of Rotary Club of Satara Camp. During my tenure I want to work on today's youth. So on 12th of jan 2012 jayanti of Late. Hon. Swami Vivekanand, we had kept lecture for youth. We request you to join us as Chief Guest for the program. We await for your positive Reply. With Warm Regards, Rtn. Sameer M. Panditrao, Satara Maharashtra State

516   NancyVimalavathy. TPosted OnAug 01 2011 21:20:28
Dear Sir, Greetings in the name of Jesus. Im NancyVimalavathy.T from Karaikal, Puducherry. Im an Engineering Graduate. My father Mr.G.Thiagarajan is an Engineer and DC of Karaikal Leo Club and he is planing for a Leo Meet (including 40 colleges) in Karaikal and he is very sure to streamline the youth (Leo) in a correct path to suceed in their life. He was thinking about the Chief Guest then i suggested him to invite you to the Leo Meet after hearing this he was so happy and he wants you to be the Chief Guest and it is YOUR very most important DUTY to guide those college students so please sir my dad will contact you for sure with the correct protocol and why im sending you this mail is i love my dad and he is the best man in the whole world so please sir come to our own Karaikal and share your thoughts and streamline us. Regards, NancyVimalavathy.T

515   D D PachoriPosted OnJul 31 2011 23:46:40
I start with a salute & deep regards to such a personality who is working on building India by a vision 2020. I feel very proudy when I think about Sh. Kalam Sahab because they are igniting the youth base by visiting & meeting to the school kids because they know where the potential is. Many best wishes to you sir for your vision & mission. I belong to Morena a place near to Gwalior and whenever you think that I can come in best use of nation please revert back on my email id. May be or may not be I'll meet to you or not but I pray from the God for the well being of Royal leaders like You who has devoted their entire life to the nation. Jai Hind...Jai Bharat...Jai Kalam...aur deshwasiyon ko mera sadar pranam D D PACHORI

514   Jc.R.RavikumarPosted OnJul 31 2011 18:06:49
Respected sir You are the inspiration for the million youths. I hope it would be achieved for sure within 2020 with your guidance and the support from the youths. The current scenario of our nation can be changed only by the younger generation. I am Prop Of Dreams Printers lets Support and given blessing for my. thank u

513   jerusha Posted OnJul 30 2011 18:10:31
dear sir , i am a great fan of you. i am in eleventh standard and i am really excited to meet you on august 1st at kjk institute. i am waiting for your reply !!!

512   patel krupa mPosted OnJul 29 2011 14:19:35
Respected Sir, I am doing engineering now at spce visnagar in gujarat. I just want to fulfill your dream "vision 2020". My dream is also to make INDIA as NO-1 country in this world. so.........please......lead us..........

511   N K MaityPosted OnJul 29 2011 14:02:32
Respected Sir We, Vijnana Bharati, are coorganising together with Presidency and Calcutta University 'Acharya P C Ray National Young Scientists' Conference' on 17th and 18th Dec,2011 at Presidency University, Kolkata. Pl inaugurate it and communicate your dream and inspire the young scientists. Regards N K Maity

510   jijeesh georgePosted OnJul 29 2011 13:36:09
respected sir, i am from trivandrum.;. I have read many of your interviews and your answers in the Tamil weekly 'Ananda Vikatan'. I request you if time permits, you can continue this kind of interaction / touch with the younger generations through these columns. Really it is so motivating, inspiring and will facilitate moulding the younger generations mind. Awaiting a golden opportunity to meet you in person. Warm regards and respects.

509   JeniPosted OnJul 29 2011 10:24:31
Dear sir, i'm one of ur fans who studying in gandhigram university,dindigul. we are proud to be a tamilan with u. I want to be a student for u sir.I need a guidence from u for my future. i'm in the final year of physics(ug). Even i'm a physicist i have a big interest in computer and network field but i dont have any good ideas in what course i want to study for best future so,pls guide me. I'm very happy to share my thoughts with u.CONTINUE ur journey with the great YOUTHS. We are waiting to meet u and to join with u as ur soldiers.....Thank u sir......

508   shajudeenPosted OnJul 28 2011 21:57:01
hai sir i am waiting for your meet.am a 12th student.my nu 9600868861

507   diptiPosted OnJul 25 2011 22:21:40
Hello sir, I am student of Mtech Nanosciecnce and Nanotechnology, Delhi University.I need some guidance regarding future of my course, I mean whether I should look for Jobs or go for a PhD especially in India.As I am interested in working on Application of quantum dots in medicine/biology, I request you to suggest me the institutes in India which are working on this subject. Waiting for your reply. Thankyou.

506   V S RAMANANPosted OnJul 24 2011 19:31:47
Respected Sir, I belong to Tamil Nadu, now residing in Mumbai. I have read many of your interviews and your answers in the Tamil weekly 'Ananda Vikatan'. I request you if time permits, you can continue this kind of interaction / touch with the younger generations through these columns. Really it is so motivating, inspiring and will facilitate moulding the younger generations mind. Awaiting a golden opportunity to meet you in person. Warm regards and respects.

505   VenkataPosted OnJul 24 2011 06:26:37
Dear Sir Great man of India. Not sure whether I will get a chance to meet you.

504   PAWAN KUMAR TRIPATHIPosted OnJul 24 2011 00:25:29
sir wishing you a warm regards sir you are great and inspiration for all of us we met you directly in your visit at shambhunath institute of engineering and technology allahabad in 2008. since then i decided felt our liability towards nation and its people i will continue work for your mission 2020, with a warm regards pawan tripathi Asst, professor dated 25/07/2011

503   sandilyanPosted OnJul 21 2011 19:28:20
Sir, you are great citizen of India. i proud of you. you are always inspiration for me. Abdulkalam arivil vinnil rocket paranthathu... Eppothu ulla arivil lancham olinthathu... Entrum ungal valiyel nangal...

502   ASHWINI GARGPosted OnJul 16 2011 13:35:24
Respected sir, I am a teacher of Physics. I met you at Delhi when my daughter received Silver Medal of Shankar's International Children Competition by your hand. Sir, UGC has sponcered me to organise a National Level Seminar on Value Based Education in National Context in the month of Oct. 2011 and my college family wishes you to be the Chief Guest of Inaugral Ceremony. I request you to give us a suitable date of your kind avaibility and oblige. With deep regards. Ashwini Garg Head, Deptt. of Physics, Govt. P.G. College, Kishangarh (Ajmer-Rajasthan) +919251400345, +919460214555

501   hariomchoubeyPosted OnJul 16 2011 01:03:39
sir i am a jornalist you ver in jabalpur i heard your speeach that day i reaily inspaired by u. a quastion in my mind but i cant asked that day it was that u r the icon of india but india is going difrent way so why r u not going to creat a revoluation?

500   RamachandranPosted OnJul 15 2011 23:44:59
hellow sir how are u? i want to see with u? what can i do

499   Neelam MadanPosted OnJul 15 2011 20:23:33
You are great inspiration to all citizens of India Sir. I would like to join your foundation but I am working, is it possible to join and work with you Sir. What do I need to do to join you SIR. Could you please let me know at neelamm@niit.com and my phone # is 9811555172

498   RITU TOMARPosted OnJul 14 2011 18:20:12

497   YogeshwariPosted OnJul 13 2011 22:50:23
Honourable Sir.. I am Yogeshwari doing my post gradutae MSW(Mater of Social Work(Human resources).My hometown is Madurai. My only wish is to see u one time and interact with u. My grandma too waiting for u to meet. So many times I tried to meet u wherever u came like Madurai, Ramnad etc.. Will u give me the chance sir? Waiting for ur reply sir. Please accept my request.

496   bala murugan subramanyamPosted OnJul 12 2011 23:00:52
respected sir, its very honour for india to have a innovative genious like you...sir ihav alredy met you in rajbhavan on june 12 2004, now im doing btech in electronics branch.but at the tym of meeting you iwas studing 9th so,at that tym ididnt hav a discussion abt technology . bt sir my dream is to meet u again just wanted to thanku for giving us a brighter world...so,plz sir give me one opurtunity to meet u..plz sir

495   S.PriyadharsiniPosted OnJul 11 2011 18:07:11
Hai sir, Iam priyadharsini. i am studying 2nd year EEE in private engineering college. I pray for your health and our beautiful nation everyday.

494   Kanika GuptaPosted OnJul 11 2011 16:13:11
Dear Sir, I've been reading your autobiography, "Wings of Fire". Sir its truly inspirational. Sir in course of reading it I've come to believe that God shows you the path that helps you fulfill your dreams. Sir but as for now I've just complete my B.Tech in Electronics and Communication and my aggregate is 67%. Sir I know its not up to the mark. This has become a great impediment in my future plans Sir. I have always dreamed of becoming a scientist and too in Atomic physics. Sir but now I find my dream becoming fainter with evry passing second. Sir I gave the GRE to go and study abroad but my parents won't be able to afford my studies in abroad. Sir now I really don't know what to do. Sir I know you are a very busy man, but I sincerely hope that you'll find some time to read my request and suggest me what should I do further. Sir you are a scientist yourself and I'm sure you understand whats it like to dream about your aim every night since the age of 9. But now I think I'm about to lose my dream because even my parents think that I don't have the brains to become a scientist and moreover I'm a girl and they think that my further education won't be of much use as they want me to get married with the next two years/ Sir I'm begging you please show me the way that will help me come closer to my dream sir.

493   VidyaPosted OnJul 09 2011 01:17:12
Sir, can you please give me your E-mail ID or else can you E-mail me? Please!? I know that you are a very busy person but I do not know why, I just want to talk to you. You are a wise, intelligent and whenever I see you, you remind me of my grandfather (in a really good way, as I love him and respect him.)

492   Ritu KashyapPosted OnJul 08 2011 17:31:30
Respected Sir (Honourable Dr.A.P.J. Kalam Saheb) Left with no other option, I have to approach you for the sake of my 7-year old daughter, Roshita Kashyap . You give your blessings and praised Roshita for her IQ and performance during your visit to Netherlands in 2007. I am enclosing the photograph of the same. Roshita has been studying at Ashgabat International School till June-2011. She brilliantly represented India in UN & other international cultural and other programmes. For her outstanding performance, she was promoted one stage higher school class. Roshita received award from H.E. Mr. Barack Obama, the President of USA, for her Outstanding Academic Achievement in 2011. She achieved many school level awards like ?Most Thorough Thinker?, ?Fast learner?, etc. After Netherlands, my husband posted to Indian Embassy in Turkmenistan. Roshita was doing well at American School in Turkmenistan, but I had to come back to India last month after forced abortion due to infection for want of adequate medical facilities in Turkmenistan. My husband could not accompany us due to official exigencies. I don?t have any house or relatives in Delhi to support as both my parents died in recent past. Despite my fragile medical condition, I tried my best and requested many schools in Delhi, but no one even call my daughter to test her talent. I shall be extremely grateful, if you kindly write letters to following school for giving a chance to Roshita for admission in their school (on her merits and talent) 1.Ms. Anuradha Amos, Principal, St. Thomas School, N.Delhi - stsschool@gmail.com 2.Sister Janet, Prin., Convent of Jesus & Mary School, N.Delhi - contact@cjmdelhi.com 3.Mrs.Abha Sahgal, Sanskriti School, N.D. - school@sanskritischool.com I afraid Roshita may not become victim of circumstances. I am sure your kind help will certainly protect the career of a meritorious child. Anxiously waiting for reply. Ritu Kashyap Ph. 09953795236

491   pooja vermaPosted OnJul 07 2011 17:39:14
respected sir,l knw many ppl u met n talk bt by d error of my destiny,v nevr cnfrnt a god like u.ur biograhy shaken my heart.d day dre ws nt enough tech. u bcm missile man n today cnditn of mine was alter.nyws sir u r god....may allah bless u./i want 2 meet u 1nce............

490   VishalPosted OnJul 07 2011 17:08:42
Respected sir You are the inspiration for the million youths. The current scenario of our nation can be changed only by the younger generation. I hope it would be acheived for sure within 2020 with your guidance and the support from the youths. Lets transform India. Jai Hind.

489   Mukesh Kranti kariPosted OnJul 07 2011 16:06:51
ओउम पूर्व राष्ट्रपति महोदय जी , डॉ.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam जी, श्रीमान जी , में एक भारत वासी हूँ और मेरे मन में ये भारत की दसा देख कर बड़ी पीड़ा हिती है में परम पूजे स्वामी रामदेव जी के भारत स्वाभिमान से जुदा हुआ हूँ में १२१ करोर भारतयों की तरफ से आपसे आवाहन करता हूँ की आप भी भारत स्वाभिमान से जुरे और भारत को विस्व की महाशक्ति बनाये . ॐ -- Regards MUKESH KRANTI KARI (BHARAT SWABHIMAN YUVA PARBHARI SIWANI MANDI ) CONT -9215959500

488   Ravi Shankar DwivediPosted OnJul 06 2011 18:12:05
You Gave A blazing Way To alive. you are My Ideal. You are Great. You Teach us dreaming and to go on that way to accomplishment of our dream.

487   S.PRAKASHPosted OnJul 04 2011 09:37:33
Greetings sir, Sir you are the one and only milestone for our developing India.As being the student we are very much interested to produce corruption free India.We would like to do good things for our nation. We need your guidens always.. We are very proud to have you sir...thank u.

486   Yuvraj sinhPosted OnJul 03 2011 21:44:57
Respected sir, We are glad to read this, With regards,

485   SiVaRaJaPosted OnJul 03 2011 18:05:06
ilaignar'kalaagiya engalai vazhi nadathi sella oru thalaivanaai, aasiriyarai, nanbanaai, narseyalgalai seiya ookuvitha maanpubigu thiru A.P.J. ABDULKALAM avargalai mandiyittu thalai vanangugiren........

484   kannu sehraPosted OnJul 03 2011 15:29:42
sir im glad to read this

483   Manivannan.Posted OnJul 02 2011 20:56:02
Sir, Youth of India are behind you Sir. For India to reach the goal by 2020 as you rightly visualised, don't you feel a Corrupt free society, at all levels is a must. Is it not the time that we fight for that. Should you not guide youth on those olines.

482   M.IrfanPosted OnJul 01 2011 01:33:41
Sir, you are great citizen of India. i proud of you. you are always inspiration for me.

481   PrincipalPosted OnJun 29 2011 18:51:10
Sir it is very nice to read about you. Sir , Iam working as principal in jawahar navodaya vidyalaya, davanagere dist, Karnataka since 2010. our students are from rural down trodden society but they are very talented. These children need more exposure in science. So I request you to visit our school once so that these rural students will be benefitted Definitely they can make our nation strong . sir Kindly make a visit to us Thanking you Principal JNV Davanagere

480   PrincipalPosted OnJun 29 2011 18:43:35
Sir it is very nice to read about you. Sir , Iam working as principal in jawahar navodaya vidyalaya, davanagere dist, Karnataka since 2010. our students are from rural down trodden society but they are very talented. These children need more exposure in science. So I request you to visit our school once so that these rural students will be benefitted Definitely they can make our nation strong . sir Kindly make a visit to us Thanking you Principal JNV Davanagere

479   A.C.Bhavan Agoram Posted OnJun 28 2011 14:08:09
Respected sir: I love INDIA, And i want to join in your foundation . Sir, I really felt happy about you , because No other Former Presidents of INDIA ,Have start a helpful foundation like you. I take you a role model in my life,sir......

478   khader batchaPosted OnJun 27 2011 10:54:45
Honorable Sir,I want to be a part in this "illagar iyakam". My besh wishes to all you who wants to change the Indian nation to a brightful future.

477   SURESH.MPosted OnJun 26 2011 19:18:42
gd mrng sir!. am suresh, u r a good citizen of india, so i will keep ur knowledge & behaviour, aim in nation development sir. because they i will clean the india sir surely then am a citizen. my blessing for do will success sir.

476   vigneswara krishnanPosted OnJun 26 2011 17:07:44
requested sir i show my full interests to join your site to demolish the corruption in our country sir....

475   vigneswara krishnanPosted OnJun 26 2011 16:41:13
Hello sir i'm vignesh and i kindly wants some tips from u sir.This year i have finished my 12th exams and i had secured 85.5% sir and i had a dream of joining aeronautical engineering but due to my compulsion of my parents i have just joined mechanical engineering.But my only doubt is after finishing my UG course can i join aeronautical engineering in future and can i gain more sir please tell some tips for me sir. with kind requests from, vigneswara krishnan.

474   L.SankaranarayananPosted OnJun 25 2011 23:34:26
Sir, Though you are going to visit our school, (G.S.Hindu Hr.Sec.School,Srivilliputtur)we teachers are very eager to see you vis-a-vis but we are not allowed inside the hall and we are permitted to see you through TV see you in a separte room. Teachers are always students throughout our life. Why don't you give us a glimpse and give your blessings to us? Hoping to be favoured

473   tushar goswamiPosted OnJun 25 2011 01:06:25
dear sir, I realy want to thank you for inspiring me and thousand of other students to be a part of national development.Your inspirational thoughts have always motivated me.Being an engineering student, i aim to become a member of DRDO,and realy want to contribute to 'MISSION 2020'.

472   H.S.SHRIKARPosted OnJun 23 2011 20:25:25
Dear sir, What I think is, To become a super power in 2020,we need to turn from defensive to offensive. This stands for both internal affairs & external affairs.We have to hardly resist our nation from CORRUPTION,BRIBERY,ATTROCITIES TO WOMEN,HITLERISM,etc.It hurts me a lot that already some parts of KASHMIR is occupied by other nation.Its the duty of every citizen to save the nation...VANDAE MATHARAM....

471   satheesh.CPosted OnJun 22 2011 21:16:58
Hi sir ,u shall raise your voice for corruption in India then only we shall build our country as developed country....... we are waiting for your words regarding corruption..........

470   ramesh sadulaPosted OnJun 22 2011 10:31:06
sir! you will elect as our country;s president once again

469   Mr. Baiju ThomasPosted OnJun 18 2011 13:27:46
Honourable Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam, Sub: Message For the Tenth Annual Magazzine of the Greenhills Public School Sulthan Bathery, Wayanad, Kerala Sir, The Greenhills public school is a senior secondary school affiliated to the C.B.S.E. New Delhi. It is an innovative educational institution which aims at creating a new generation with values and virtues. We celebrated our Tenth annuersary last year. We are publishing a souvenier " THE GREENLET-2010-11" for the golden memories of our ten successful years. we would like to publish your inspiring message delivered on the occasion of the inauguration of "ARIVIDAM"; the complete educational portal in malayalam at Kalpetta Wayanad. I, Mr.Baiju Thomas the chief editor of the magazine humbly request you to bless us with the prmission to publish the speech and also by giving us a valuable message to the magazine. Thanking you in anticipation. Hopefully waiting for your reply.

468   UMESH TIWARIPosted OnJun 18 2011 11:46:44
HONORABLE sir I have completed my B TECH in Electrical & electronics engg in this year 2011.i am GATE 2011 qualified.my academic records are not attractive but my IDEA QUOTIENT IS very high.my ideas are related to particle physics ,electrical engg, black holes & even to the development of a smallest size nuclear bomb(of few inches).all of it might sound like bizarre!!!but it's true .I wanna make my future in FREE research but due to lack of guidance,need of pursuing job for livelihood all are obstacles of my path.how i can see my ideas as a reality, because definitely i can't work on some of them,neither i can give my time of several years to realize them .I love my ideas but i can't give them to anyone without any credit.i will like to work in physics& on those ideas which can be realized working lonely within 1 or 2 years.What i should to do? how i can make my career in free research(working on own ideas only)? PLEASE HELP ME Thank you. sinserely UMESH

467   Thivya BharathiPosted OnJun 17 2011 20:45:40
Dear sir... Good evening.... We are eagerly waiting for the chance to join in "Ilaignar iyakkam".... Please let us know the procedure sir.....

466   SanthoshPosted OnJun 17 2011 20:45:19
Dear Sir,I want to be a part in this "illagar iyakam". My besh wishes to all you who wants to change the Indian nation to a brightful future.

465   athira.p.sPosted OnJun 17 2011 17:16:48
Sir, I am Athira from ernakulam.I am studying in 12th standard in G.G.H.S.SCHOOL ERNAKULAM.We the students have a big dream in life.That is, to see you sir.

464   SudharsanPosted OnJun 17 2011 08:54:40
Sir, Our support will be there for each and every step u take against the corruption... Sir So please join the movement and let us change the history sir...

463   DHARIGA GANESANPosted OnJun 16 2011 15:13:40
Respected sir,am Dhariga doing my b.sc maths degree i like you very much and you are my role model. You are my inspiration i am interested to join in your "ilaignar iyakkam".So please send me the procedure of joining ilaignar iyakkam.

462   RajamaniPosted OnJun 14 2011 13:32:03
Dear sir,You should come and join in this moment for against corruption. This is correct time sir. If you join ,All the people in our nation will follow your footpath

461   Ca. Minesh JainPosted OnJun 14 2011 07:54:10
Sir, Please provide your postal address and let us know how to contact you and how to have your presence in any program or event.

460   P.AjaykrishnaaPosted OnJun 13 2011 15:22:40
Dear sir, My simple question?. From Our countries, Having many issues about corruption, political people creating issues, many knowledged people can't get loan and can't start them business to grow and can't support to un employed people. and still many areas can't grow for corruption issues. then some people only growing, who can above to give money to who can approve them requirement. Final my request, we want to stop bad politicians and Bad Govt employed people to getting money to approve for certification. So How can we stop?

459   RaviPosted OnJun 12 2011 19:53:49
Very Very Respected Sir, I am glad to join in this duty through your guidance to lead corruption Less India. Sincere Thanks Ravi.

458   CR SUDHAKARANPosted OnJun 12 2011 16:53:01
தங்களின் இளைஞர் இயக்கத்தில் நானும் ஒரு எறும்பாக இருந்து பணியாற்ற விரும்புகிறேன்.. தயவு செய்து என்னை சேர்த்து கொள்வீர்களா.

457   Thivya BharathiPosted OnJun 11 2011 21:03:06
Dear sir... Good evening.... We are eagerly waiting for the chance to join in "Ilaignar iyakkam".... Please let us know the procedure sir.....

456   krithikaPosted OnJun 11 2011 10:27:50
sir.....i m glad to be a part of "illagnar iyakam"....i am also interested to make our country free from crouption....so kindly give the solution for "how to join in that"....and a kind request from this indian citizen is you can also join in this evolution aganist corruption....every one in this india will be behiend you if u start a new evolution......

455   KARTHIKPosted OnJun 10 2011 18:50:35

454   BalaPosted OnJun 10 2011 18:45:22
Dear sir,You should come and join in this moment for against corruption ..This is correct time sir..Please..If you join ,All the people in our nation will follow your footpath...

453   VelmuruganchelliahPosted OnJun 10 2011 16:46:59
Very Very Respected Sir, We need our United State of India without corruption., I am glad to join in this duty through your guidance to lead corruption Less India. Sincere Thanks from Madurai.

452   CA Jahabar SadiqPosted OnJun 10 2011 16:43:47
Respected Sir, I am very proud to be INDIAN because of you sir. Now, India is one of the developed country in the WORLD.We pray ALLAH to give you long and healthy life.

451   Ms.Shaiji JosePosted OnJun 10 2011 15:05:23
Good Afternoon Sir, My name is Ms. Shaiji Jose I am working in Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd., Bangalore. I want to invite you for a special Lecture in our Management Academy. I wish to contact you Sir. My office no. is 22328106. It will be our privilege to have you in our academy for an interaction with our HAL executives. Shaiji

450   sivakumarPosted OnJun 10 2011 10:18:55
Respected sir We need our nation without corruption., I am glad to join in this duty through your guidance to lead corruptionless India with sincere thanks

449   manjuPosted OnJun 09 2011 20:23:11
The profile was very interesting sir.

448   POONGUNRAN.Posted OnJun 09 2011 17:38:41
Respected Sir , Please guide us . We shall transform INDIA in to a super power . Our sincere regards , A.Poongunran and family ,Coimbatore .

447   sivanathanPosted OnJun 09 2011 14:32:48
Hello sir, I am glad to contact you here by i want to join your group which is being against the corruption.Through that i can lead my family as non corruption family which leads to my country as without corruption................

446   SULTHANPosted OnJun 09 2011 11:04:57
Brothers and Sisters, am happy to interact with you through our Majesty website and lot of thanks to them. And am an Electronics Engineer from Chennai. We peoples think about Kalam sir?s achievement and dedication and his hard work to the nation. But we never think there is lot of peoples like Kalam in our nation as they are unknown to the society and now it is the time to ignite our mind and cope up for the nations development. Each and every one of us came became like Kalam but the thing is we need to ignite our thoughts and do in a right way. Joining in social group is good but we should to bring the moral policies in our life until that our goals will not be achieved. It may be in any field like Science, Politics, Anti-Corruption movement etc. we need a clear vision towards the future. As of now we taking Corruption as major issue, I accept but there are many issues which unknown to every one; for example:- Socio-Economic Issues, India?s Foreign Policy, Demerits of Foreign Direct Investment(FDI), Domestic Tariff Authority(DTA) etc. likewise we are having a lot to solve. INDIA 2020 is not just a word but it?s the dream of every youth. But still we stumbling at the Anti corruption-stage itself and we having lot to do for a nation?s development. Because of Youth compared to past decade India developed a lot in Science and Technology in the world standard but this alone wont make a nation as developed. Social and Economic condition of a nation is very very important, because of FDI and India?s trade policy local trade?s are affected much. Although we earn money but finally we peoples only crushed and lea