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  Questions  by  Children, Students, Youth to Dr.Kalam

96.Sir, We are happy about the new Brahamos you have invented. But why don?t you sir invent things which promotes peace?
  J.Alex Miller  ,  M.Tech ,  J.Alex@ymail.com ,  KLU ,  Srivilliputtur    Posted On 26-Jun-2011
First of all strength respects strength. To protect the nation, nation should have adequate strength. Hence we need to equip ourselves with minimum deterrent capability defence. If we have strength and good leadership, then peace in the nation will prevail.
95.What are the job opportunities in Public and Private sector for us (Speech and Hearing Impaired Students)?
  Soniya ceaser  ,  IV year CSE/SHIP ,  Soniya@yahoo.com ,  KLU ,  Srivilliputtur    Posted On 26-Jun-2011
3 % reservation is allotted for the differently abled persons including speech and hearing impaired students. Certainly now the number of private industries are encouraging and appointing the speech and hearing impaired students such as Sakthi masala in Tamilnadu. Many more industries will identify the right jobs and every one of the students who are having speech and hearing impaired students.
94.Though India is continuing with corruption, hike in price and economic crisis, can it become a developed country within 2020 as you said? What are the steps to be taken by the youth towards that development?
  S.Ahamed Mohideen  ,  Civil ,  S.Ahamed@gmail.com ,  KLU ,   Posted On 26-Jun-2011
As a youth of the nation, first and foremost your action is to study well. That is your first responsibility. Regarding corruption and other issues, the reform has to start from our home. If our home is corruption free, our village and city will be corruption free, then our state will be corruption free and the nation will be corruption free. Certainly our leaders should have the wisdom to bring down the price rise and manage the economic crisis.
93.What is the biggest challenge facing India today and what should we do to contribute positively towards this challenge?
  Rithika Ramesh ,  IV-C ,  JSS International School ,  Dubai    Posted On 17-Apr-2011
The youth needs to develop an attitude : I can do it! We can do it !! India will do it!!!
92.what is the secret of success in your life?
  Megan Maria Jacob ,  V-A ,  JSS International School ,  Dubai    Posted On 17-Apr-2011
Have an aim in life, acquire knowledge through all possible sources, work hard and never accept defeat by the problem, always defeat the problem and succeed.
91.Commerce or science Stream? If we want to be a scientist in Isro, what are the procedures for it?
  Prachi  ,  VII-B ,  JSS International School ,  Dubai    Posted On 17-Apr-2011
ISRO has an institute called Indian Institute Space Sciences and Technology (IIST) at Thiruvananthapuram. The admission into this institute is by a competitive examination for students who are appearing or completed class 12 examination on lines of JEE. The students graduating from IIST are offered scientific jobs at ISRO.
90.How can we make developments in the field or science and at the same time make the process eco-friendly?
  Shikhar ,  IX-A ,  JSS International School ,  Dubai    Posted On 17-Apr-2011
We have to be sensitive in every development about the damage it can cause to the environment and find scientific methods to mitigate these causes. This way we can find eco-friendly scientific applications.
89.The recent tsunami and earthquake in Japan has cost major nuclear disaster. Will it have any impact on future nuclear development?
  Medha Nambiar  ,  V-B.  ,  JSS International School ,  Dubai    Posted On 17-Apr-2011
There will be impact. Thorium based nuclear reactors may replace the uranium based reactors. Also, the scientific community may look for other alternative renewable resources like solar, wind, and hydro.
88.From your several achievements, which one do you feel most happy and proud of? What makes the student perfect?
  Nushha Jamila  ,  V-B ,  JSS International School ,  Dubai    Posted On 17-Apr-2011
The greatest satisfaction I had was, when we developed a FRO and fitted to polio affected children and they were happily dancing.
87.How was your experience in the field of space technology?
  Nancy ,  VII-A ,  JSS International School ,  Dubai    Posted On 17-Apr-2011
It was very good. I could participate in developing the first space launch vehicle which has led to many launches and fulfillment of Prof. Vikram Sarabhai vision of the country?s ability to develop any type of satellite and launch it from Indian soil in different orbits.
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