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Address at the Doctors Day Celebrations By Resident Doctors Associatio...  

"What I will be remembered for?"  

[New Delhi , 01-Jul-2015]


Address Students of Sri Lanka   

Ignited Minds of the youth and the great challenges   

[BMICH, Colombo , 26-Jun-2015]


Keynote Address at International Symposium on Energy Challenges In the ...  

SAARC Energy Independence Platform: Livable Planet Earth  

[Colombo, Sri Lanka , 26-Jun-2015]


Address at the National Conclave on Construction,   

Sustainable Construction leads to National Development  

[New Delhi , 23-Jun-2015]

  Address at the Inauguration of AASHRAY - Incube F...  

  Address at the youth meet at Swaminarayan Sanstha...  

  Inaugural Address at The Clove Dental Leadership ...  

  Address at the BrahMos Annual Day Celebrations  

Press Release
 I had a great experience

I had a great experience during my visit to South Africa in the year 2004. I met ...

  CapeTown is famous for its Table Mountain; it has got three peaks called Table Peak,Devil Peak, and...
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Address to the Principals and Teachers of Delhi Government Schools  

Evolution of Righteous Youth  

[New Delhi , 02-Jul-2015]

Where there is righteousness in the heart
There is beauty in the character.

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Website of
11th President of India
Dr.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

(25th July 2002 to 25th July 2007)

  Address at Texas Instruments Innovation Challenge...  

  Inaugural Address at The National Oncology Nursin...  

Poems & Poetry

  Address & Interaction with the students of Baldwi...  

  Inaugural Address at PsyCog 2015 Frontiers in Ps...  

  Address at the Malti Gyanpeeth Puraskar 2015  

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 Indomitable Spirit
 I was swimming in the sea,
Waves came one after the other
I was swimming and swimming to reach my destination.
But one wave, a powerful wave, overpowered me;
It took me along in its own direction,
I was pulled long and along.
When I was about to lose amidst the sea wave power,
One thought flashed to me, yes, that is courage
Courage to reach my goal, courage to defeat the powerful force and succeed;
With courage in my mind, indomitable spirit engulfed me,
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 My Garden Smiles
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  Today's Polling
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Ayodhya as the Humanitys Healing Center
Ayodhya as the Humanitys Healing Center

Ayodhya is a divine land which is enriched with the faith of two religions, both of which have been the cornerstone of human civilization. It represents the cradle of human history ...

Media Interaction |
Questionnaire for Interview with Dr Kalam by Wasbir Husain for Newslive TV
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Dr.Kalam's Billion Beats
Questions  by  Children, Students, Youth to Dr.Kalam
What is the biggest challenge facing India today and what should we do to contribute positively towards this challenge?  Rithika Ramesh, JSS International School, Dubai.
The youth needs to develop an attitude : I can do it! We can do it !! India will do it!!!
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Five points Oath for Jawans
Oath for Pharma professionals
Five Points Oath for Doctors
Five Points Oath for IITians

Dream, Dream and Dream
Dream transforms into thoughts
Thoughts results into action.

A Little Dream - [a Documentary Film]

a life
Dr.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

Directed By
  in lead role
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Dr.Y.S.Rajan is well recognized authority on Technology Development and ...

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